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M Tech Civil Engineering Distance Course – Colleges, Admission, Fees, Eligibility, Placements, Approvals

Dec 11, 2023 14.9K Reads

by Pavan Vadapali


The course of M.tech in Civil Engineering is one of the most popular engineering courses in the PG course of M.tech. Civil Engineering is a branch that is related to the construction of different infrastructures. This is a 2 yearly course that is available for students who want to learn and make their careers in the civil branch of engineering. Basically, it is all about creating insights of big infrastructures including dams, bridges, roads, highways, etc.

Civil engineering is not only a job but it is more of a responsibility of a candidate who is pursuing the course and aspires to be a civil engineer in the mainstream field. The main course of distance M.tech in Civil engineering is to build the base for top-class and professional engineers who can work in the civil department to do effective research in the same field.

However, Distance M.Tech in Civil Engineering is not a valid course because in distance learning there are no classes or lectures. The students have to study on their own. The university only provides with the study material which is sent to the student's address. The students just have to come to college for examination. M.Tech is a technical engineering course which requires both theoretical and practical learning from experienced mentors.

So, government regulatory bodies UGC and AICTE do not allow M.Tech courses in distance mode for any specialisation. Instead of distance M.Tech, the government allows part-time M.Tech which is hybrid in which there are both online and offline classes in the evenings or weekends. This part-time course is for those individuals who can not attend regular classes and working professionals who can't leave their jobs. 

This blog is all about the whole details about the civil engineering master’s course in a part-time mode that is chosen by the students mostly after completing B.Tech course in the same branch.

Later, in this blog, you will get to know all the basic and important details about the part-time M.tech course in the civil engineering branch like the eligibility criteria, subjects, course duration, fees structure, top colleges, syllabus, salary, and job prospects are also provided later in this blog. So, let’s get started with the M.tech civil engineering and how it is going to benefit your career.

What is Distance M.tech in Civil Engineering?

M.Tech in Civil Engineering is a postgraduate (PG) degree course in Engineering. The course is highly beneficial in terms of job prospects. This is the main reason why almost every B.tech degree holder wants to choose M.tech civil as this master’s degree has been in the trend now. The course of M.tech distance in Civil engineering is a 2-year program that provides you a master’s degree in the stream that trains you how to create the site plans of building infrastructures like dams, bridges, highways, buildings, etc. 

As already mentioned above, distance M.Tech is not a valid course as it is not allowed by UGC and AICTE. In place of distance M.Tech, there is part-time M.Tech which is also known as M.Tech for working professionals because it has been designed specifically for them. However, people without jobs can also pursue the course if they have successfully completed their B.Tech in Civil Engineering. Since, the course is conducted on weekends and in the evenings, it is also called M.Tech Evening or M.Tech Weekend course as well.  

Course Details of M.tech Civil Engineering

In the table given below, we are going to mention all the necessary details that every student who wants to pursue the civil engineering M.tech should know before taking admission in this course. By going through the course of the M.tech civil engineering program, you will be able to realize if this program suits you or you fulfill the eligibility and many more.

Here, you can have a glimpse of the major information about distance M.tech civil and choose the best for you. So, have a look at this table:-

Key Details of MTech Civil Engineering Course

MTech Full-Form Master of Technology
Course Duration 2-Years
Specialization Civil Engineering
Eligibility 50%-60% marks in BTech/BE course
Average Course Fee INR 1-2 Lakhs
Average Salary Offered INR 7-8 Lakhs per annum
Job Profiles Executive Engineer, Civil Engineer, Construction Manager, Inventory Manager, Construction Project Manager, Plant Engineer, Professor, Consultant, Researcher, etc.
Top Recruiters Volvo, Honda, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Larsen & Toubro, FMC Design, etcetera, Quantum, GAIL, P&G, ISRO

Distance M.Tech Civil Eligibility Criteria

In the field of education, there are different courses available and every program has its own specifications. If we talk about the M.tech part-time course, the specialization of civil engineering is mostly chosen at the master’s level. Most students are enrolled for this course in the admission process and carry out this course for their higher studies.

If you want to take admission to the M.Tech civil engineering course and are unsure about the eligibility requirements, we give you the entire admission criteria on the basis of which the candidate admissions are given. You can have a look at the major eligibility criteria for the course given below:-

  • Candidates who have passed their B.tech/B.E degrees with an average of 50% marks from a recognized university are eligible for M.tech civil engineering.
  • Candidates are required to pass their bachelor’s degree in the same specialization to take admission in the M.tech for the same branch.
  • Students who want to get more knowledge in the civil engineering field in various specializations should definitely apply for M.tech masters in civil engineering courses.

Duration of Distance M.Tech in Civil Engineering

In reference to the students’ salary and job perspective, the master’s degree in technology is one of the most efficient courses. Candidates have already completed their Bachelors by spending their immediate four years on that course before accepting admission to the M.tech program.

Now, coming to the duration of the part-time M.tech course in the Civil Engineering Branch, it is a 2 yearly master’s degree like any other PG course. The curriculum of the course is divided into 4 semesters of 6 months each. Candidates should utilize the full duration of this course in order to get properly trained with this civil stream. In some universities, the duration can extend one semester, making the course for 2.5 years. This extension is to offer complete flexibility so that working professionals can manage studies and job together. 

Syllabus of Distance M.Tech Civil Engineering

In the syllabus of the part-time M.tech course, you will see that it includes many different topics at the advanced level that makes it quite a fascinating program of civil engineering. In part-time M.tech in civil engineering, you will be able to study different stimulating subjects that are required for masters in the field of engineering during the M.tech civil programs.

As we all know, for the M.tech program, there are numerous specializations listed and they have different syllabuses for each of them. Here we mention the M.tech civil engineering in part-time mode syllabus to offer an idea of the course structure of a master’s in an engineering program. Here, have a look at the semester-wise syllabus of the M.tech civil engineering course:-

Semester I Semester II
Advanced Concrete Technology Contract and Specification in Construction
Building Services Construction Engineering and Management
Application of Computer in Construction Construction Project Management
Construction Economy and Finance Thesis paper
Building Acoustics and Noise Control Open Elective II
Open Elective I Project
Seminar Seminar
Semester III Semester IV
Open Elective III Evaluation of project and Viva
Project Seminar
Open Elective IV Training and Internship
Evaluation of Project Modern Construction Materials
Maintenance and Rehabilitation of Constructed Facilities Quality and Safety Management

Benefits of M.Tech Civil Engineering Distance Education

There are many benefits of pursuing the M.tech course in civil engineering mode offered in part-time education mode. Here, you can go through the benefits of the M.tech civil engineering course in part-time mode given below:-

  • In part-time education courses, students are not required to go to colleges regularly to attend classes, and therefore, they can utilize their time by gaining some field experience.
  • Usually, the admission process of the M.tech part-time civil engineering course is held online which gives the advantage to save time and money on transport costs.
  • You can submit the application form for the part-time courses available online on the internet.
  • The fee of the part-time M.tech course is affordable and less as compared to the regular M.tech courses.
  • After completing the course of M.tech in civil engineering, you will be able to apply for various jobs in big organizations on the profile of a civil engineer.

Top Colleges for M.Tech Civil Engineering

There are several colleges in India that provide the best master’s level courses in the engineering sector. If they study higher courses in the field of technology and the IT industry, candidates have a tremendous opportunity for their future. However, among the hundreds of choices available in the field, it is very hard to determine which college is best for us.

In India, you can find hundreds of colleges that offer the course of M.tech civil engineering but only a few offer part-time M.Tech course in Civil Engineering. Also, in the case of part-time M.Tech, it is quite important to choose an approved college because otherwise your degree might be invalid. So, your college must be approved by UGC and AICTE for part-time technical courses. So, here is a list of government approved colleges for part-time M.Tech in Civil Engineering. 

Have a look on the listed colleges and universities here:-

Is M.Tech Civil Engineering in Distance Education valid?

As already discussed, answer to this question is No. The course of M.tech in civil engineering cannot be offered in distance education as per the rules of the University Grants Commission Distance Education Board (UGC-DEB).

All the technical courses like B.tech and M.tech degrees are not offered in distance education because they require regular classes as well as the practical training of the branches of these courses. Correspondence/Distance M.Tech is invalid as per the AICTE norms & conditions.

Career Opportunities after M.Tech Civil Engineering

The best time for you to take an outstanding job and move forward in your career is after you have passed the master’s degree in civil engineering and completed the higher studies of the M.tech civil engineering program.

Therefore, if you are really looking forward to going along with your career, then you need to search for the best available jobs on the market.

Candidates are expected to find the right job that fits their profile and will be effective in their plans for the future. Here, you can look at some of the best job options available in the civil engineering field:-

​Executive Engineer
​Plant Engineer
​Construction Manager
​Inventory Manager
​Construction Project Manager
​Project Engineer
​​Graduate Executive Trainee
​​Civil Engineering Specialist
​Executive Manager
​Civil Engineer


With this, we conclude this blog here and we have tried to put all the necessary information regarding the M.tech distance course in civil engineering specialization.

Hopefully, you will find this blog helpful and will get all the important and required information given above in this article. Now, it is your time to know all the details and then decide the best for you.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

The M.tech course is available for 2 years duration divided into 4 semesters.

No, the course of distance M.tech is not approved by AICTE.

Candidates need to pass their B.tech degree in the same specialization from a recognized university.

The average fees of the M.tech program are between Rs.1-2 lakhs for the complete program.

Yes, you can get various kinds of jobs like Civil engineer, Executive Engineer, Civil Engineer, Construction Manager, Inventory Manager, Construction Project Manager.

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