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M Tech Mechanical Engineering Distance Course – Colleges, Admission, Fees, Eligibility, Placements, Approvals

Dec 11, 2023 14.1K Reads

What is Distance MTech in Mechanical Engineering

After graduating B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering, MTech in Mechanical Engineering is a postgraduate degree. MTech in Mechanical Engineering is the course that deals with the advanced level of Mechanical Engineering aspects such as Design, Material Science, Automobile, IC Engines, Production, etc.

Thus, MTech in Mechanical Engineering is the umbrella under which above all the topics are dealt. MTech is the study of a single subject of Mechanical Engineering for two years. So, MTech Mechanical Engineering is the advanced study of a single subject, dealing with every aspect in detail and researching the new technological advancements in it.

Distance MTech is not a valid course, because in distance mode of learning there are no classes conducted. Students just get the learning material at their home addresses and they only need to go to college once for examination. This is not possible with a technical course like M.Tech, so UGC and AICTE do not approve of distance M.Tech. 

In place of Distance M.Tech, there is part Time MTech in Mechanical Engineering course designed for working professionals keeping in mind their work schedules. It is also a 2-year course divided into 4 semesters but the only difference is the class timings and schedules. The course is delivered in a hybrid mode of online theoretical classes and offline practical laboratory sessions. The online lectures are recorded and available to students at anytime even if they have missed the class. The classes are conducted on weekends and holidays so that working professionals can easily manage their jobs and studies together. 

MTech course is specially designed keeping in mind to produce engineers with the research mindset. The industries require new technologies to produce the best of futuristic products and MTech pass outs are responsible for making these research-based developments.

After graduating from part-time MTech in Mechanical Engineering, there are a huge number of opportunities that are exposed to the student. Every Industry needs MTech graduates to develop new products as it is the most important factor for the companies to survive in the market. Thus, the students after completing MTech are well paid and have a good position in the company.

Is Distance Mechanical Engineering Valid??

No, Distance Mechanical Engineering is not a valid course. The honorable Supreme Court discarded every technical course including B.Tech and MTech to be invalid in distance learning mode.

This decision came keeping in the view that these courses have high importance in advanced level labs for the proper understanding of course. Thus, AICTE also declared Distance BTech and MTech invalid, and the universities providing these courses invalid too.

College Vidya is not promoting Distance MTech in Mechanical Engineering. College Vidya researched and found that the queries about Distance MTech in Mechanical Engineering are quite high, so decided to write on it. This blog is to just build awareness about the course.

After banning the Distance MTech courses, AICTE came up with the solution of part-time MTech for working professionals. Part-Time MTech provides opportunities for working professionals who cannot attend a full-time course. Part MTech provides the same knowledge as the regular one. The only difference is the timings and schedules of the class.

Highlights of Distance MTech Mechanical Engineering

These are some of the key highlights of MTech Mechanical Engineering. Look at the table below:-

Course level Post-graduation
Duration 2 years
Examination Type Semester
Eligibility Qualifying B.E or B.Tech. in either field of Automobile/Manufacturing/Mechanical/Mechatronics/Production with an aggregate of 50% marks
Admission process Direct Admission
Course Fee INR 50,000 to 2 Lac
Average salary Approx. Up to INR 6-10 Lacs per annum
Top Recruiting Companies Consulting Firms, Power Plants, Automobile Industry, Steel Plants, Aeronautical Industries, Petroleum Industry
Job Positions Mechanical & Agriculture Engineer, Project Manager, Manufacturing Manager, Senior Engineer, etc.

Eligibility for Distance M.Tech Mechanical Engineering

There are some of the eligibility criteria that a student must meet if he wants to opt for MTech in Mechanical Engineering. The eligibility criteria for part-time MTech Mechanical Engineering is a little bit easy as compared to the regular MTech in Mechanical Engineering.

For part-time MTech in Mechanical Engineering, these are the eligibility criteria that a student must fulfill:-

  • The student must be a B.Tech/ BE pass out in the Mechanical or the related branches with a minimum of 50% marks.
  • The university or institute must have the recognition of AICTE and UGC.
  •  Some universities also accept the GATE scores for entrance into the MTech programs.
  • There is no age restriction. 
  • For some universities, it is compulsory for candidates to have work experience. 

Feea of Distance MTech Mechanical Engineering Program

The tuition fee of MTech Mechanical Engineering Programs differs from university to university. When compared to the regular course, the fee of the Part-time Mechanical Engineering program is generally low. On average the fee of part-time MTech for Mechanical Engineering lies between the range of Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 2 Lakh for the complete course which is quite less in comparison to fees of regular M.Tech course.

At the portal of College Vidya, you have the power to compare the fees of various universities that provide MTech for working professionals.

Top Specialization in Distance MTech Mechanical Engineering

As you know in Mechanical Engineering there are various specializations in which you can pursue Mechanical Engineering. Some of the major specializations are listed here in which you pursue a specialized engineering study:-

Mechanical Systems and Design Engg Mechanics
Thermal Science and Fluid Mechanics Manufacturing Engineering
Materials and Manufacturing CAD / CAM and Robotics
Production Engineering Material Science
Industrial Engineering  

Why Pursue Part-Time MTech

Many students start their professional careers right after they pass out from BTech. Part-time MTech provides the perfect program that will help the students get a higher degree in the Engineering domain along with continuing the professional career. Here are some of the benefits of the part-time MTech program in Mechanical Engineering.

Flexible Program: Part-time MTech is a flexible program as the class schedules and timings are adjusted according to the working hours of the students. Students don’t have to choose between the job and the MTech classes.

Fee Structure: The course fee of Part-time MTech is way less than that of the regular degree program. The fee structure is highly affordable for students who are not financially strong.

Equal Value: As the part-time MTech has an equal value as the regular MTech of Full Time MTech course, the students can pursue the MTech part-time course and consume their spare time in getting the experience or joining some career related activities which will enhance their career.

Syllabus of Distance MTech in Mechanical Engineering

The syllabus and the structure of part-time MTech in Mechanical Engineering course are similar to the regular MTech course. You will get the same quality of education during both methods of engineering.

The main subjects of MTech mechanical engineering are Instrumentation and Measurement, Mechatronics and Product Design, Metal Forming Analysis, Mechanical Vibrations, Design of Mechanisms, Principles of Machine Design, etc. The whole syllabus of MTech mechanical engineering is given below for reference:-

Semester – I Semester – II Semester – III Semester – IV
Subjects of Study Theory of Elasticity Mechanical Vibrations Dissertation
Instrumentation and Measurement Principles of Machine Design Mechanical Behaviour of Materials
Numerical Analysis and Optimization Design of Mechanisms General Elective III
Computational Lab General Elective I Design Practice Lab II
Mechatronics and Product Design CAD/CAM Lab Minor Project
Metal Forming Analysis General Elective II Materials Behaviour and Vibration Lab
Experimental Stress Analysis Lab Seminar
Experimental Stress Analysis Design Practice Lab I
Mechanical Measurement Lab
List of Electives Subjects
Elective – I Elective – II Elective – III
Computer-Aided Design Fracture Mechanics Robotic Engineering
Design of Bearings and Shaft Finite Element Methods Total Quality Management
Design of Pressure Vessels Design and Metallurgy of Welded Joints Tribology
Design of Pollution Control Equipment Materials Management Computer-Aided Vehicle Design

Career Prospects of M.Tech. in Mechanical Engineering

There is a huge demand for Mechanical Engineers in the industry and market as they are versatile and flexible enough to work in different job profiles like they can be a project manager, logistics and automobile engineer, consultant in transportation, navigation officer, assistant professor in colleges, and there are many fields where they can be fit without facing any problem.

Oil refineries, automobile, electronics firms, mining, thermal power industry, armed forces, air conditioning, shipping industries, aviation industries are some of the sectors in which a mechanical engineer may apply after getting the degree of distance MTech in mechanical engineering in hand. The postgraduate degree holders can also apply for government jobs to have a secure career.

Engineering graduates are given abundant job opportunities with good salary packages in the following sectors:-



​Maintenance etc

Some top recruiters for Part-Time MTech mechanical production degree holders:-

​Royal Enfield
​Mahindra & Mahindra
​Hero Motocorp
​Ultra Tech Cement
​JK Tyres
​Ashok Leyland
​Titan Industries
​Asahi India Glass
​Blue Star
​Ford Motors
​Larsen & Toubro
​Hindustan Motors
​Maruti Suzuki
​​Continental Tyres

Distance MTech Mechanical Production Engineer – Salary

The MTech Mechanical production Engineer is entitled to get a decent salary package along with various benefits in India. The Mechanical Production Engineer earns a starting salary of up to 4lakhs per year on an average depending upon their posts.

The salary of Mechanical production Engineers will grow as the aspirants continue to gain experience and after getting an experience they become more professional which increases the salary packages automatically as the salary of a professional engineer is much higher.

The need for Mechanical production Engineers raises the salary status of Mechanical production Engineers on a daily basis so it is hard to say the exact digit of the salary that they will get.

Best University for Distance Mechanical Production Engineering

Many universities in India are providing part-time MTech in Mechanical production Engineering course and it becomes hard for the students to find the best college to pursue the MTech mechanical production course.

Most of the students got confused while taking admission in colleges:-

  1. Lingayas University Engineering
  2. S.V. University Engineering
  3. BITS Pilani WILP
  4. Apex University
  5. Mewar University
  6. Mangalayatan University​


So, we have provided all the details about the part-time MTech in the mechanical production course. This blog is to help you to get admission in a part-time engineering program. This blog is also to inform you that the distance M.Tech is not a valid course in India.  

You can pursue the MTech for working professionals, Part-time MTech, or Evening MTech course of any specializations instead of distance learning as all these courses are valid and hold value in the competitive job market as per UGC and AICTE.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Distance MTech is not a valid course, instead, there is a part-time M.Tech in Mechanical Engineering which is a postgraduate degree in engineering. MTech in Mechanical Engineering is the course that deals with the advanced level of Mechanical Engineering aspects such as Design, Material Science, Automobile, IC Engines, Production, etc.

The duration of the MTech in Mechanical production engineering course is 2 years that is further divided into 4 semesters.

No, Distance Mechanical Engineering is not a valid course. The honorable Supreme Court discarded every technical course including BTech and MTech to be invalid.

List of the universities providing part-time MTech in Mechanical production engineering course is given below:-

  1. Shri Venkateshwara University (SVU)
  2. Lingaya's Vidyapeeth
  3. BITS Pilani WILP
  4. Apex University
  5. Mewar University
  6. Mangalayatan University

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