Online MA (Master of Arts) – Detailed Guide, Fees 2022
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Online MA (Master of Arts) – Detailed Guide, Fees 2022

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Online Master of Arts (MA) is a 2-year postgraduate program that is pursued by people who have completed their Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree. An online MA degree is the same as any regular MA degree, with the same subjects, syllabus, and curriculum, the only difference being that all of this happens virtually. There is a good variety of dynamic subjects offered in an online MA. It gives you the opportunity to study a subject in-depth. 

Given below are the different online MA Specialisations and all the other necessary details about online the MA degree.   

Online MA Specialisations 

There are more than a dozen subjects in which you can specialise for an online MA degree. However, there are a few prominent specializations of online MA which are in demand and have great future scopes and these are:

Online MA Specialisations

EconomicsLiberal Arts
EnglishPolitical Science
Foreign Languages (German/French/Spanish/Chinese etc)Psychology
HistoryPublic Policy and Administration
Journalism and Mass CommunicationSociology

Online MA Eligibility 

Online MA is a professional postgraduate degree that requires applicants to have the necessary qualifications to be eligible to take admission in the course. The eligibility criteria for admission to an online MA are as follows: 

Online MA Eligibility

  • You must have a 3-year Bachelor’s degree in Arts preferably in the subject you want to specialize in for your MA degree. 
  • You must score a minimum percentile (different for different colleges) in your graduation and from a recognized institute/university. 

Online MA Admission Process 

Admission for online MA can be done online comfortably from home. There are some basic steps that you need to follow for admission to an online MA in any university and these are: 

Online MA Admission Process 

Step 1- Go to the official website of the college you want to take admission to. The most important thing to note here is that universities have different websites dedicated to online courses. Hence, you must visit the official online university website. 

Step 2- Now sign up as a new user to register yourself with the university. 

Step 3- Fill up the application form and pay the application fees.

Step 4- Upload the required academic, personal, and professional documents. 

Step 5- Pay the program fee. You will have the option to pay it either online or via Demand Draft. Now you have to wait for your fee to be processed. Once done, you will be notified about your admission confirmation and other relevant details like your enrolment number through email.

Online MA Colleges and Fees

We have made a list of the 10 best online universities in India that offer online MA in different specialisations. Refer to the table below for the same and the total fee and duration of each program. 

University Specialisations Offered Total Fee (in INR)Duration 
IGNOU MA in English 6,0002-4 years
MA in Rural Development 5,900
MA in Journalism & Mass Communication12,500
MA in Translation Studies 4,800
MA in Hindi 6,000
MA in Gandhi and Peace Studies 4,500
Amity Online University MA in Journalism & Mass Communication1,76,000 (semester-wise payment)

1,68,000 (year-wise payment)
1,64,000 (one-time payment) 

2 years 
Aligarh Muslim University (AMU)MA in English10,5002-5 years 
MA in Economics
MA in Hindi
MA in History
MA in Political Science
MA in Urdu
LPU OnlineMA in English 76,000 (semester-wise payment)

70,000 (one-time payment)

2 years 
MA in Economics
MA in Political Science
MA in History
MA in Sociology
Chandigarh University MA in English 54,8002 years 
MA in Psychology
Jamia Millia Islamia MA in Education12,0002 years
MA in Public Administration10,000
Jain Online MA in English 70,0002 years
MA in Journalism and Mass Communication
Manipal Online MA in Journalism and Mass Communication1,30,0002 years
Hindustan MA in English70,0002-4 years
Lingayas VidyapeethMA in English 20,0002 years 
MA in Hindi
MA in Political Science
MA in Sociology

Online MA Syllabus 

Online MA is a subject-specific postgraduate program. The syllabus for each specialisation is different. We have mentioned the topics included in the syllabus for online MA in the different specialisations. There are sub-topics within these topics as well which may be different for different colleges. So given below is the main topic-wise syllabus for the different online MA specialisations.

1. Online MA in English

Literary Theory & CriticismNew Literatures in English
Aspects of LanguageIndian Writing in English Translation
Comparative Literature: Theory and PracticeWritings From The Margins
British LiteratureIndian Folk Literature
Australian LiteratureAmerican Literature

2. Online MA in Economics

Micro EconomicsComputer Applications in Economics
Macro EconomicsHistory of Economic Thought
Statistical MethodsInternational Economics
Industrial Economics

3. Online MA in Hindi

Aadikaleen KavyaHindi Nirgun Kavya
Aalochak Ramchilas SharmaHindi Reeti Kavya
Bhartiya KavyashastraHindi Sagun Kavya
Hindi Bhasha evam LippiLok Sahitya
Hindi NatakSamanya Bhasha Vigyan

4. Online MA in History

India, 700-1200The Delhi Sultanate (1191-1290)
India, 1290-1398
The Eighteenth Century India Polities, Colonial Expansion & Consolidation to 1789
The Vedic AgeModern World (1789-1871)
Pre-History of Indus CivilisationModern World (1871-1918)
Post Mauryan India (200 BC-300 AD)National Movement till 1914

5. Online MA in Political Science

International RelationsPolitical Thought (Ancient & Medieval)
International LawPolitical Thought (Modern)
International PoliticsComparative Politics
Principles of Public AdministrationPolitical Sociology
Foreign Policy of IndiaPublic Administration (Specifically Indian)

Online MA Duration 

An online MA is a postgraduate degree of 2 years comprising 4 semesters. However, since it is an online program, many universities give you the benefit and flexibility of completing the degree within 4 years of time. In such a scenario, students are allowed to pass their exams within a timeframe of maximum 4 years. 

Online MA Career Scope 

There are various sectors that offer job opportunities to online MA graduates. The scope is diverse due to the diverse specialisations offered by an online MA degree. 

Depending upon the specialisation of your online MA program, following are the job roles offered to online MA graduates:

TeacherCommunication Officer
Content WriterArchaeologist
ReporterAdministrative Officer
ConsultantSocial Worker

If you wish to go for a job right after your online MA then you can consider the above options. However, there are other career scopes as well after online MA. You can take the Civil Services entrance exams for a career in Civil Services or other government sectors or even politics.  


We have tried to compile each and every detail regarding the online MA degree. If you still have any doubts regarding the same, you can visit the website of College Vidya. Here you can even apply to an online university. You will find details of more than 50 online and distance universities. We hope this blog was helpful and that now you will make an informed decision about your career.


⭐What are the online MA specialisations?

There are more than a dozen subjects in which you can specialise for an online MA degree. However, there are a few prominent specialisations of online MA which are in demand and have great future scopes, and these are:

  • Economics 
  • English 
  • Foreign Languages (German/French/Spanish/Chinese etc)
  • History 
  • Journalism and Mass Communication 
  • Liberal Arts 
  • Political Science 
  • Psychology 
  • Public Policy and Administration 
  • Sociology

⭐What is the eligibility for an online MA?

You must have a 3-year Bachelor’s degree in Arts preferably in the subject you want to specialise in for your MA degree.

⭐Which colleges offer online MA?

There are many colleges in the country that offer online MA degrees and the best ones are- IGNOU, Jamia Millia Islamia, Aligarh Muslim University, Amity University Online, LPU (Online), and Jain Online University.

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