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MBA Without A GMAT In A Top Business School Possible?

Mar 8, 2024 1.1K Reads

Doing an MBA from abroad is a dream of many students and many of them are unable to achieve it. Some of them because of their surroundings and a few because of affordability. However, pursuing an Online Global MBA will be a better choice for you. As an MBA program from an abroad university, the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) is a basic requirement and provides a convenient and flexible option for those looking to improve their business knowledge. An online global MBA doesn’t require a GMAT Exam and it provides all the facilities and opportunities of a global MBA. However, there are other certificates required for the online Global MBA rather than the GMAT scorecard and for that, you need to read the blog carefully for a better understanding. Also Read | Can I Do an MBA In 1 Year?

Why is the GMAT Exam Required?

The GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test) is an important instrument for students who want to pursue graduate-level study in business administration from global colleges. This standardized test assesses a person's abilities in critical thinking, problem-solving, analytical writing, and mathematical reasoning. 

Essentially, it assesses one's capacity to comprehend and process complicated material, make wise judgments, and communicate clearly. Students can take the GMAT to get admission to prominent business schools throughout the world. A competitive GMAT score increases your chances of getting into a preferred online MBA 

Is online MBA a better option?

For a variety of reasons, enrolling in an online global MBA program without the GMAT exam will be a more precise choice than doing the degree with the GMAT exam. However, some of the basic points are mentioned below for a better understanding of yours.

Online Global MBA without GMAT Exam holds the same equivalent value as traditional Global MBA, only if you completed the degree from WES approved university

  • Online Global MBA allows you to complete your degree from broad along with your other commitments.
  • Online Global MBA with exam also saves a lot of hard work and time of yours.
  • Online Global MBA is more affordable in comparison to Global MBA.
  • This online degree provides a lot more job opportunities and promotion options as well.

Online Global MBA without GMAT Score:

Here are some advantages and disadvantages of pursuing an online global MBA without a GMAT below:



This program requires no GMAT score

Some companies don’t give the actual value of a Global MBA without a GMAT 

Allowing you to concentrate on other areas of your application.

It requires strong academic credibility

Helps in focusing more on the professional sector

Competition is higher and seats are limited

Other Documents for an Online MBA Abroad without the GMAT

While GMAT and non-GMAT-required colleges overseas have similar entrance standards, there are significant disparities in the particular requirements. Although elements like as high academic achievement and English ability are consistent, colleges that do not require the GMAT frequently consider other aspects.

GPA Requirements:

Many overseas online MBA programs dismiss the GMAT scorecard requirement for applicants with strong academic records from previous qualifying degrees. A GPA of 3.0 or better on a 4.0 scale may qualify you for such exemptions.

Aptitude Tests:

   Certain colleges administer their entrance exams that, if you complete them, can exempt you from taking the GMAT—a standardized test necessary for many business programs. While these exams follow a format similar to the GMAT, they are typically less challenging and attract fewer applicants.

Other Test Scores:

   MBA admissions often demand strong scores on English language proficiency tests (90–100 TOEFL or 6.5 IELTS) or GRE tests. Emphasizing your English proficiency and quantitative skills through these exams can significantly strengthen your application.

Well-Crafted SOP:

   A well-articulated Statement of Purpose (SOP) can effectively showcase your strengths and potential, emphasizing qualities like teamwork, intellectual depth, and a clear set of professional goals. It should illustrate your impact and potential to lead and collaborate effectively, thereby increasing your chances in the competitive admissions process.

Work Experience:

  Top business schools highly value professional work experience. To be competitive, aspiring MBA students should aim for 3–5 years of experience. Service-oriented roles, in particular, can greatly enrich your learning experience abroad.

Letters of Recommendation (LORs):

   For compelling recommendation letters, seek them from individuals who directly supervised your work. Recommendations from higher management positions carry additional weight. Ideally, aim for two to three such letters from past employers.

Additional Degrees:

   Possessing a relevant graduate degree can enhance your chances of admission to an online  MBA program abroad, even without taking the GMAT. Many universities grant GMAT waivers for applicants with strong academic backgrounds in related fields, providing international students with opportunities to pursue top online MBA programs without the standardized test requirement.

Online MBA Colleges without GMAT Exam

If you're looking for ways to pursue an Online MBA from abroad without taking the GMAT, you'll be glad to find numerous feasible options that can help you along your academic journey. One alternative is to choose programs that value work experience and professional achievements above standardized exam results. Furthermore, some universities provide GMAT exemptions based on an applicant's academic history or achievements, allowing you to avoid the exam while still being admitted to the program. 

Here is the list of the colleges that offer an Online MBA without the GMAT entrance exam:

Deakin Business University

Liverpool John Moores University

Golden Gate University

IIM Raipur

IIM Ranchi 

IU International University

Another option is to look at Online MBA programs from abroad that emphasize a comprehensive review of your application, focusing on elements such as your résumé, essays, and letters of reference, reducing the importance of GMAT scores. By investigating these options, you may begin your Online MBA study from recognized global universities without the GMAT acting as a roadblock to your educational goals.

Why should Working Professionals opt for an Online Global MBA?

The Online Global MBA is quite beneficial for those who work and have employment. It enables individuals to pursue a master's degree in business administration via the Internet. Individuals with employment benefit from being able to study at their own pace and select when to attend sessions. It enables working professionals to balance employment and study. The online format allows individuals to access course materials and lectures from anywhere, making it more convenient. Here are some of the benefits for the working professionals of pursuing an Online Global MBA:

  • Online Global MBA provides the flexibility of learning while working
  • The online degree also helps individuals enhance their skills and earn the degree.
  • Pursuing an Online global MBA gives the degree from prestigious colleges across the degree.
  • The online degree has a great number of ROI for individuals who are working

Additionally, it allows people with hectic schedules to improve their business skills and expertise without having to quit their work. As a result, the Online Global MBA provides an excellent chance for working professionals to enhance their careers and build knowledge in business management without compromising their professional obligations.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Many online MBA programs have abolished the GMAT requirement to make entry more accessible.

To appeal to working professionals, these programs prioritize relevant job experience and academic achievements above standardized exam results.

Yes, many companies see the advantages of online MBA programs that do not need the GMAT and instead emphasize practical skills and experience.

Yes, as many renowned colleges provide extensive curricula and maintain excellent academic standards without the GMAT requirement.

They frequently use elements such as job experience, academic records, reference letters, and personal statements to evaluate yours holistically.

Yes, it promotes a more varied student body by drawing professionals from various backgrounds and experiences.

Certainly, since companies prioritize talents, achievements, and practical experience above standardized test results, your online MBA without GMAT remains a useful asset in the job market.

The length of time required for a GMAT preparation varies depending on your present level of preparedness. Even if you start with basic Math and English abilities, it shouldn't take more than 6 months to prepare for the GMAT. Simply verify that you grasp the test format and review past GMAT questions. Remember to study the GMAT OG (Official Guide) and don't skip practice exams

Whether or not you share your GMAT score with a business school, your profile will have a substantial impact on the selection process. It is critical to pay attention when writing your Statement of Purpose (SoP), Resume, Admission Essays, Scholarship Essays, and other documents. Additionally, prepare for interviews. While the GMAT score is essential, it is only one part of your overall application, not the whole application. As a result, pupils should focus on improving their entire profile.

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