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Python Project Ideas (Beginners, Intermediate & Advanced Level 2023)

Jan 30, 2023 5.6K Reads

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Python is a Computer Programming Language that needs to be learned practically. You may have read all about the language and might have watched numerous videos, however, unless you actually practice what you have learned, you will struggle to solve real-world problems when the time comes. 

We asked a group of software engineers, “What advice would you like to give your younger self when you were learning Python?”

One remark that was common in all the answers was- create as many Python projects as possible!  

All of these engineers emphasized the fact that you learn more while actually practicing the language than by just reading and watching videos. And constant learning is very important in this field if you wish to increase your success rate. And to do this, the best way is to build more and more Python projects.

Your First Python Project 

If you already have some experience in programming and coding, then you can straight away start building your first Python project. All you need is a good idea to start with. It is completely okay if you start with something basic. After all, the motive is to practice hands-on and learn. 

However, if you are a fresher who is just starting out without any experience in programming, then it is important to first understand the basics. Yes, practicing is more important than just studying but what are you going to practice when you are unaware of the basic fundamentals and concepts?

So, the learning should be a blend of both knowledge and practice. Beginners can build their basics using various online courses. There are numerous short-term online courses for Python Basics that will help you build a foundation in Python programming.

Once you have completed such a course, you will be absolutely ready to build your very first Python project. Some of the courses even help you kickstart as they help you build your first project. 

25 Unique & Exciting Python Project Ideas Explained 

Following are some cool and unique ideas that you can work on and build projects on. We have categorized these ideas based on their level of difficulty from beginner to advanced.

These are just broad general ideas and topics. You can come up with a particular idea by referring to these.  To come up with an idea, you will have to do your own research and dig deeper, which is actually the fun and rewarding part as you learn and explore a lot when you do things on your own. 

Another advantage of coming up with your own idea for the project is that it is most likely going to be unique which will help your portfolio stand out. It will also be helpful in the long run as researching the project is a natural learning process for coding and working as a programmer.  So here are some unique ideas for a Python project for your reference. 

Beginner-Level Python Project Ideas

Beginner Level Python Project Ideas

1. Countdown Calculator

You can familiarise yourself with the DateTime module of Python by building a countdown calculator. You simply have to write code that takes in two dates as input and calculates the amount of time between them. You can add more customizations and features to the code to make the project more interesting. 

2. Quiz Game/ Number Guessing Game

You can build an interactive quiz game. For example, a personality quiz, where you ask the user a few questions and use their answers to analyze and then categorize them into a particular personality trait. You can make a number guessing game as well with your own customization to make it fun and quirky. 

3. Encoding Generator

You can build a code that can encode an input text by replacing each letter of the message with another one in a particular order. 

4. Sorting Method

Python has the sort() function that can sort a list alphabetically or numerically. You can try to build your own sort method without using sort() for practice. 

5. Units Converter

You can write code to convert units like centimeters to inches or feet or other measurement units and back. Or converting Fahrenheit to Celcius and vice-versa.

6. Build an Alarm Clock

This could be a little difficult but worth trying! You can try building different alarms, snooze functions, or other features.  

7. Currency Converter

Just like a unit converter, you can build a currency converter for all the major currencies in the world.  

Intermediate-Level Python Project Ideas 

Intermediate Level Python Project Ideas

1. Build Simple Automation Apps

You can build simple apps to automate your day-to-day small jobs or automation apps for your personal habits. These jobs or personal habits should be something that is repetitive in a way so that it is easy for you to code.  

2. Code-Decode Generator

Earlier we discussed building a code generator at the beginner level which encodes an input text. You can level up the project by writing code for decoding messages that are encoded. You can add your own upgraded features like generating passwords or different types of codes. 

3. Clock Website

You can upgrade the countdown calculator discussed at the beginner level by building a clock website with different time zones and then calculating the time lengths for each time zone. You can level up by getting as close to real-time as possible. 

4. Recreate Popular Games

You can build popular games like Tic-Tac-Toe the same as played in the real world with a UI for users to click on open squares. You can level up and make the game even more interesting by creating an AI against which the users can play in real-time. You can also recreate board games like Checkers, Risk, Settlers of Catan, etc. 

5. Web Browser

You can create your own web browser with an easy UI. You can keep it simple at first by accepting URLs and loading webpages, and then slowly keep adding features like bookmarks, a back button, or any other cool feature that you can’t find in other browsers

6. Typing Speed Tester

You can calculate the speed at which a user types. You can add more features to this app like you can score them for their accuracy and you can even create different levels of difficulty, and anything else to make it engaging and interesting.

7. Number Guessing Game

You can build a fun game where the user has to guess numbers based on the hints that you provide. You can give the user a limited number of guesses and each time the user gives a wrong answer, the game will pop another unique hint. 

8. Voice Assistant

Just like Alexa, OKGoogle, and Siri, you can create your own voice assistant. Python is one of the best languages for scriptwriters and you can easily use it to create a voice assistant and customize it based on the particular user needs to start with. 

9. Chatbot

Chatbots are becoming increasingly popular! You can create one yourself for a particular site like Reddit. This famous social media app deals with questions and answers. This app now allows bots to be linked to automate comments. 

10. Password Generator

You can create an app that creates a unique and strong password each time you use it. You can add features to this app with different customizations like variable lengths, use of some particular characters/special characters, lower/upper case requirements, etc. 

Advanced Level Python Project Ideas 

Advanced Level Python Project Ideas

1. Robot Programming

This might require some investment due to the hardware involved. However, there are a lot of affordable options if you wish to go for it, which you must if you still haven’t as it is not just to enrich your knowledge but also a really fun and exciting project as well.  

2. Prediction App for Stock Market

This is not a unique project as you’ll find many such apps, however, it is one of the best projects to hone your Python programming skills. This project will need you to find a source for stock market data and some machine learning skills. 

3. Image Recognition App

It is quite a popular project among Python programmers. If you are not comfortable directly with image recognition, then you can start with handwriting recognition and then level up the game!

4. Sentiment Analysis Model

Many such models already exist but you can make a unique model with different features and customizations. And even if you can’t come up with a different idea, then this model is a really great one to practice your skills and upscale yourselves.  

5. Price Prediction Model

You can choose a particular product or brand or industry and build a model to predict the changes in their price. 

6. Create a Content Aggregator

You can build an app or a website that can collect and gather relevant content from several sites all in one place. Along with Python, you will use the popular Django framework for this project. 

7. Plagiarism Checking Tool

There are lots of such tools already available, however, writers still find a way to get away with it. You can create a tool with more advanced settings and features. It could be quite challenging to do that, but hey, that is the fun part, right? 

8. Music Player

Just like Spotify, JioMusic, and YTMusic, you can create your own music player with features that you think are useful but missing in the music players that are currently ruling the market. 

100 Python Project Ideas List 

If you are still unsure of an idea for your first Python Project, then here is a list of 100 Python project ideas for you to pick from. The following list includes all levels of project ideas- for beginners, intermediate, and advanced levels. All these ideas are for projects combining Python and Machine Learning and hence are the latest, trendy, and industry-oriented.  All these following ideas have been listed keeping in mind the current trends so that you can include these projects in your professional portfolio.    

100 Python Project Ideas 

Age Detection   Sentiment Analysis for Alexa  Sentiment Analysis for products of a particular site (eg- Amazon) Recommendation System for a particular site (eg- Netflix)
Keyboard Autocorrect  Automatic Recognition System for Vehicle Licence Plates Automatic Time Series Forecasting  Robot Barbie 
Collaborative Filtering Recommender System Finder for Similar Images  Classification Algorithms for Digital Transformation used in Banking CNN for Image Colorization
Image Cartooning  Catching Illegal Fishing  Census Income Dataset  Spam Filter (or other classification projects)
Classification using Neural Networks  Object Detection in Images Prediction for Coupon Purchase  Covid-19 Detection using relevant datasets
Prediction Model for Currency Exchange Rate  Prediction Analysis for Customer Churn  Text Detection in Images  Deepfake Videos Detection 
Cat and Dog Classification  Price Prediction for Dogecoin Prediction for Driver Demand for various delivery apps Emoji/Avatar creator 
Fake news detection model (end-to-end) Spam detection model (end-to-end) Enron Investigation Project  Text Classification using Transformers (RoBERTa and XLNet Models)
Detection for Fake Currency  Fake News Detection Web Crawler  Cyber Fraud Detection 
Gender Classification  Gender Detection  Prediction for Gold Price   Sentiment Analysis for Google Play Store 
Handwriting Recognition  Detection for Hate Speech  Heart Disease Prediction  Sentiment Analysis for Hotel Reviews 
House/Property Price Prediction   Human Activity Recognition (HAR) Inventory Management System  Language Classification 
Prediction for Loan Eligibility  Market Basket Analysis Model  MLOps Project  Classification of the MNIST Handwritten Digit 
Classification of Mobile Prices  Movie Recommendation System  Music Recommendation System  Stock Price Prediction Netflix 
Network Security Analysis  Prediction Model for Next Word  Chatbot based on NLP  Object Detection 
Demand Forecast for Uber Cab Request OpenAI (by Elon Musk) Gym  OpenCV Project (Basic Concepts of Computer Vision) OpenCV Project (Advanced Concepts of Computer Vision) 
Image to Pencil Sketch Project Plant Species Detection  Pneumonia Detection  Credit Risk/ Credit Default Prediction 
Tinder/Bumble Match Prediction  Sentiment Analysis for Elections  Interest Levels of Rentals Prediction  Instagram Photo Downloader 
Weather Prediction Model  Text to Image Generator  (like DALL-E) Face Mask Detection in Real Time Gender Detection in Real Time 
Sentiment Analysis in Real Time  Resume Parser Creation using NLP SpaCy (Python’s Library) Sales Forecasting for any industry  Sarcasm Detection 
Classification of Skin Cancer  Classification of Social Media Ads  Prediction of Social Media Followers  Sentiment Analysis for Social Media 
Emotion Recognition in Speech  Predictor for Stock Prices  Ted Talks Recommendation Model  Topic Modelling 
Ultrasound Nerve Segmentation  Solar System Visualisation  Analysis of WhatsApp Group chats Video Downloader 
Scientific Calculator  Spam Filter for Email Website Blocker  Random Password Generator 
Speed Typing Test  Voice Recognition in Real Time  Vehicle Detection from a video (Traffic) Social Distancing Detection Project (A part of Object Detection) 

I Hope, this blog helped you in finding the right Python project for you. If you are completely new to this programming language, then you must first build your basics. For this, you can pursue an online course in Python Programming.

There are many online learning platforms like Coursera and Udemy where you will be able to find affordable online courses.  The projects mentioned in this blog were for all categories, from beginners to intermediate and to advanced levels.

The 100 Python projects list in this blog includes project ideas that require Machine Learning. This is because Python alone will not take you far in your career. You need to adapt to what’s in demand in the industry. Therefore, if you are not much comfortable with Machine Learning, then you can pursue a short-term online certificate course or Diploma in AI & Machine Learning to get your programming game strong.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Some of the easiest Python projects are- 

  • Number guessing
  • Tic-Tac-Toe 
  • Calculator 
  • Mad Libs Generator 
  • Alarm Clock 
  • Dice Roll Generator 
  • Currency Converter
  • Encoding Generator 
  • Rock Paper Scissors 
  • Binary Search Algorithm

Some of the projects for Python are- 

  • Voice Assistant 
  • Music Player 
  • Web browser 
  • Reddit Bot 
  • Clock Website (with Countdown Calculator) 
  • Games with AI 
  • Password Generator 
  • Simple Automation Apps 
  • Number Guessing  
  • Scientific Calculator

Some of the big projects that use Python are- 

  • Weather Forecasting 
  • Rocket Trajectory Prediction 
  • In Medical Science for Disease Detection
  • NLP-based Chatbots 
  • Robotics 
  • Real-Time Object Detection
  • Real-Time Sentiment Analysis 
  • Real-Time Age & Gender Detection

Python is a popular and quite useful programming language and so, yes, you can make money with your Python programming skills. You can get a job as a Developer or you can work freelance as well or you can create your own Start Up. There are many other ways you can make money using Python skills, like you can give online tutorials, start a YouTube channel or Blog and monetize them.

It takes around 2-6 months to completely understand and learn the concepts and fundamentals of Python. However, you can learn enough in a single day to write a program.

Yes, you can definitely get a job of a Developer after learning Python.

Based on the number of hours you put in, then yes you might be able to learn a lot of Python programming in 2 to 3 days. However, 3 days are not enough to learn the language if you do not have a background in programming at all as you will not be able to learn each and every concept and fundamentals.

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