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What Is Online Education? How Does It Work? – Guide

Jan 22, 2024 76.9K Reads

What Is Online Education?

Online education is a procedure of gaining skills and knowledge through electronic devices like computers, mobiles, laptops, etc using the internet. Online education makes it possible for tutors or mentors to reach all the students more flexibly and teach them the relevant skills more efficiently. The students who can not attend traditional regular classes now can also learn anything from anywhere using the internet.

The Covid-19 pandemic affects all the sectors of livelihood. Due to the lockdown, students were not able to attend a traditional classroom that falls a negative impact on their studies. So the educational government of India decided to start online classes for the students so that their studies can be continued.

This will create a demand for online educational methods and the importance of online education came to know during this time. Many colleges, schools, and educational institutes come forward to provide online courses to the students. Courses that will help the students to enhance their skills and get knowledge from their home through the internet.

Online education becomes a great source of education that is available 24/7 for the students. Through the incredible invention of devices (like mobile phones) or technology and the availability of the internet, it will become more flexible for students to learn anything from anywhere at any time. This kind of learning flexibility can not be attained during traditional classroom learning as the students will become four bound during the face to face learning.

online university is best

Online education comprises audio, text, video, animations, chats with tutors or mentors, and virtual training that is given by the teachers to the students. These are the methods of conveying the skills and knowledge to the students so that they can become professionals in their fields.

There are many internet sources through which the teachers and students get connected. Some of them are social media platforms, google meet, WhatsApp, zoom, etc. By using these sources the teachers can connect to a large number of students at a time. These sources make it easier for the teachers to teach a huge no. of groups at a single period of time. Let’s have a look at the other factors of online education.

Online Education Courses

There is no doubt to say that these days online education is becoming more popular among students. There are many people who prefer to learn due to its simple accessibility and flexibility of learning at their own pace.

There are lots of courses which are available online but some of them are more attractive courses that are attracting the students and giving them opportunities to gain the skills and prepare them to work in the job market. In the table below all the courses, which are available online are mentioned:-

  • Certificate – 6 months
  • Diploma – 1 year
  • Bachelor’s Degree – 3 years
  • Master’s Degree – 2 years
Online Master’s Degree (2 years) Online Bachelor’s Degrees (3 years)
Master of Business Administration(MBA Online) with 24+Specialisation  B.Sc Degree in Programming and Data Science
Master of Commerce (MCOM) with 3+Specialisation  Bachelor of Arts (Journalism & Mass Communication)
Master of Computer Applications(MCA) with 8+Specialisation  Bachelor Of Business Administration(BBA) with 12+Specialisation 
Master of Arts (M.A) with 9+Specialisation Bachelor of Computer Applications
Master of Technology (M.Tech) with 7+Specialisation Bachelor of Arts (Hindi Medium)
Master of Science (M.Sc) with 7+Specialisation Bachelor of Commerce(BCom) with 3+Specialisation
Master of Executive MBA with 6+Specialisation Bachelor of Tourism
  Bachelor of Arts (Tourism Administration)
Online Diploma Degree (1 year) Online Certificate Degree (6 months)
Diploma in Digital Marketing Certificate Program in Digital Marketing
Diploma in Data Science Certificate Program in Hospital and Healthcare Management
Diploma in Programming Post Graduate Certificate in Agriculture Policy
Post Graduate Diploma In Journalism and Mass Communication Certificate in Tribal Studies
Post Graduate Diploma In Advertising And Brand Management Post Graduate Certificate in Gandhi and Peace Studies
Post Graduate Diploma In Business Management Certificate Programme In Peace Studies and Conflict Management
Post Graduate Diploma In Human Resource Management Certificate Programme in Library and Information Science
Post Graduate Diploma In International Business Certificate in Information Technology
Post Graduate Diploma In Logistics And Supply Chain Management Certificate in Tourism Studies
Post Graduate Diploma In Marketing And Sales Management Certificate in the Arabic Language
Post Graduate Diploma In NGO Management Certificate in the Russian Language
Post Graduate Diploma In Retail Management
Post Graduate Diploma In Travel And Tourism Management
Post Graduate Diploma In Finance And Accounting
Post Graduate Diploma In Public Accounting
PG Diploma in Bioinformatics
Diploma in Sanskrit
Post Graduate Diploma in Gandhi and Peace Studies
Diploma in Tourism Studies

Here is the list of some of the trendy online courses for the reference of the students. Students can choose one of them according to their preference and interest:-

1. Post Graduation Programs – Many students pursue post-graduation courses after the completion of the graduation courses like MBA, MCA, MA, PGDM, etc. Doing post-graduation online can become more beneficial for the students. They can gain work experience along with the degree of post-graduation through online education without affecting their current jobs. But, before entering into any post-graduation course just make sure that the course must be approved by the UGC or AICTE.

2. Under Graduation Programs – Many under-graduation courses are also available online for the students to enroll in the course after completing the 12th certification. Students can pursue the under graduation course through online learning and along with that students can join other diploma courses and activities through which they can enhance their career more effectively.

3. Digital Marketing Course – Digital marketing is the process of marketing products using electronic devices through the internet. Digital marketing is the trending way of marketing products and almost every company is adopting this way to promote their products and services. Thus there is a need for professional digital marketers who can professionally handle the digital platforms. Many students are enrolling in the online digital marketing course and start stepping up the stairs to success.

4. Communication – Communication is the core to conveying thoughts from one person to another person. Everyone should have communication skills to work in any profession. Many institutes are providing online communication courses for people who want to learn communication skills and enhance the skills to work professionally.

5. Diploma Courses – During these days, many students prefer to take diploma courses along with the degree. These diploma courses will help them to gain practical knowledge as well as skills. These diploma courses are also available online and anyone can join these courses to get better jobs.

6. Spoken English Courses – English is the most common language which is accepted throughout the world. So it is good to learn the spoken and writing skills of English as it is mandatory to know these skills when anyone enters into the professional world. These skills can be learned through online education without attending to traditional classroom methods. During the online class, students have the option to connect with the students of other states or countries which will help to build confidence in the students to interact with the persons.

Online Education Colleges/ Universities

Online colleges made getting higher education more flexible. This is great news that now you can get a higher degree education or academics at your fingertips without affecting your daily life activities.

Now, almost everyone prefers to learn online that has created a demand for more online colleges and institutes. Many colleges and institutes took a step forward to provide online education to the people but every institute or college can not be standing in the list of the best.

So, we have done research on which are the best online education colleges or institutes to pursue any of the online courses. The list of best online colleges and institutes is mentioned here. People can choose one of them according to their interested course and preferences:-

IGNOU Symbiosis Centre for Distance Learning Sikkim Manipal University IMT Distance and Open Learning Institute
Madhya Pradesh Bhoj (Open) University Dr. BR Ambedkar Open University (BRAOU) Amity University Online Maharshi Dayanand University (MDU)
National Institute of Internet Marketing (NIIM) National Institute of Information Technology (NIIT) School of Open Learning at Delhi University (SOL) Karnataka Open University
University of Mumbai (IDOL) Chandigarh University (CU) Jaipur National University (JNU) Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies (NMIMS)

Online Education Benefits

Online education is invented for students who are deliberate to learn new things but are not able to attend regular classes or due to some circumstances they can not continue their studies.

Online education becomes an exciting method of gaining education among students. We have mentioned some benefits of this exciting mode of education to know more inspiring facts about online education:-

1. Flexibility – The first and the most beneficial thing about online education is that there is the flexibility of time and place during online education. The student can pursue any course which is available online from their home. They can take classes from anywhere at any time. Students are free to juggle their careers as there is no bond of fixed timings and they can consume the extra time to practice more and do some extracurricular activities to enhance their careers.

2. Networking Opportunities – The students can make their big networks with other students through online classes as there is a huge no. of students enrolling in the online course from different countries and states. They can connect with each other to implement the projects with different ideas and can also stand their own empire in the business world. They can also connect emotionally with other states and also understand the culture of the other states.

3. Cost-Effective – Online education will help in saving money as it deducts extra money that the student needs to spend during the traditional classroom method of education like traveling costs, hostel fees, lodging cost, shifting cost, public transport expenditures, fuel costs, etc.

4. Learning at own pace – Every student has a different mindset and different ability to grasp knowledge and skills. During classroom education, it becomes hard to grasp all the things for those students who are not able to understand the topics quickly. During online education, students have the option to learn at their own pace and ability.

Online Education vs Traditional Education

Online Education Traditional Education
The students do not need to attend regular classes. The students need to attend regular classes for effective learning.
The students need to have just a computer and a good internet source to take the classes. Heavy books, notebooks, pens, and all related things are needed for taking the classes.
There is time flexibility during online education as the aspirants can attend the classes from anywhere at any time. There is a fixed schedule of classes and the students have no power to change that schedule according to their time.
The students can get the personalized attention of the tutor to solve any problem or clear any doubt. It is hard to get personalized attention during the traditional education system.
During online education, students can connect with many people from different states or countries as there may be a large no. group of students present during the online class. In the traditional classroom method, there is a limited no. of students that are present during the class and limited students means limited thought processes and also limited numbers of ideas.

Online Education Resources

There are many ways to gain knowledge and skills from different platforms. Online education is an effective way to learn new things during free time.

Whether you are interested in marketing who wants to learn marketing online or interested in the IT sector who wants to learn coding and programming online there are huge no. resources to provide you, online classes. Resources that are used to supply online education to the students are given below:-

1. Live Lectures by Faculty and Industry Experts – During online classes, the students will get a chance to get lectures from professional faculties and industry expertise. They can give the best advice to the students as they have already faced many things during their career and the students can learn more effectively from them.

2. Recorded Lectures – The students will get access to the recorded lectures during online education so that they can use these lectures whenever they have doubts or are stuck at any stage of working professionally which is quite impossible to get during the traditional classroom.

3. Digital learning Materials – The students will get the e-books to read and get knowledge dring online education. They can save these books for a lifetime and read them anytime. There is no need to purchase or carry heavy books at the time of online classes.

4. One to One Faculty Interaction – The students have the opportunity to one to one connect with the faculties. If they are not understanding any topic they can individually connect with the faculty and the faculty will clear their doubt personally so that every student can understand all the topics efficiently.

Difference between Online Learning & Distance Education?

A lot of people have a mindset that both online education and distance education are the same, but think about it, is it? It’s not, online and distance though seem the same but have a few major differences. The examination format first of all differentiates in both the mediums.

When it comes to online education- the examination is conducted in the same format as education is given, which is through online test and paper where students sit back at their homes and give examinations whereas a student pursuing any course from a distance format has to come down to the examination center to give their exams.

Any college providing Distance education also believes in conducting classes from the center sometimes, this therefore depends on the university and also on other external factors influencing the same. As currently a lot of distance education programs are also taking place in the same way as online, but it’s due to the pandemic situation.

The next point that makes online and distances different is the time flexibility you get in online programs. Generally the two year course in online format is given 4 years to pursue and complete it and so on and so forth for different programs. Whereas this is not the case for distance programs. The time duration of the programs are not flexible or cannot be changed according to your availability.

Another difference that we can highlight is the ‘learning material’ which differentiates online learning and distance education. In online programs, colleges and universities tend to provide E-learning libraries and provide learning material through LMS. Whereas in the distance format you’re provided with the same traditional format of learning through textbooks, which makes a huge difference between the two learning mediums.

What are the advantages of Online Education?

  • Flexibility – Online education provides a student or individual to choose the time and duration of the course according to their needs.
  • Affordability – You can find ‘n’ number of online courses offered by various universities whereas all offer somewhat the same kind of education quality through online medium. This, therefore, gives an opportunity to the student to choose the best affordable course for themselves.
  • Quick Skill Development – Individuals who want to gain quick skills can actually register into skill based short term programs or diploma programs and can upgrade their career growth in the current field they are working.
  • Global Interaction & Perspective – When you enroll for programs online there are chances that you interact with a wider learning audience, especially in abroad programs.
  • Full Attendance – Full attendance has always been an issue in regular classes or courses, so the tension of reaching on time in lectures gets cancelled out. As in online classes a lot of universities even provide recorded lectures for students and they can access it according to their availability.
  • No more taking Routes, only installing Routers – You save a lot of your time and travelling expenses when you gain knowledge in just a simple click on your smartphones or laptops.

What are the disadvantages of Online Education?

  • No physical interaction- once you enter an online education system you get less time to interact with your classmates by meeting them. There is more virtual interaction and you do not actually meet your teachers or colleagues every day. 
  • Managing screen time- With everything in this world happening on our smartphones it’s difficult to sometimes focus on one designated work. Distraction from social media can occur leading to less focus and interaction.

Is Online Education The Future?/Online Education Future

The concept of education is changing over the past few years. Traditional classrooms are converting into online education. It is not necessary to attend traditional classes or regular classes to learn skills and courses. With the invention of new technologies and the use of the massive source called the internet, it becomes easier to learn anything from anywhere.

According to a survey many students are enrolling in higher-level studies or diploma courses and you would not believe that 30% of students are pursuing these courses through online education and they find online education more effective and time-saving than the traditional education method.

Online education results in sensible choices whether you are a student or a working professional. As a working professional through online education, you can sharpen your skills and become more professional in your field without affecting your current job. Thus, the positive response of online education can make it the future of education.

Career Opportunities After Completing Online Education

The question that often arises among students is that the online degree is valuable or not when it comes to the employment stage. The students always pursue any course after knowing the future of the course means what is the career opportunity after completing the course.

If a student is spending his money and time on learning skills he or she wants to get higher paid jobs in that sector. So online education comes with the solution. Doing any course online will open up an abundance of job opportunities in front of the students.

The online degree is not only valid for the private sector job also the students have the option to apply to government jobs after completing the course. The students can do several startups in various things according to the course that they have studied. Here are some positions at which the students can apply according to their courses:-

​Media & Communications
​Software Development
​Information Technology
​Human Resources
​SEO Optimisation
​Call Centres
​Product Design
​Public Relations


The reason why students are enrolling in online education is stated well in this blog. There are numerous myths about online education that are spread in the educational world. This is a small step that we have taken to remove certain myths and reveal the truth about online education among students.

90 percent of students find that online education is similar to traditional classroom education even online education is better than the traditional classroom method. However, the students will choose the methods of education according to their preferences and choices. Hope you will find the blog interesting. Thank you.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Online education is a procedure of gaining skills and knowledge through electronic devices like computers, mobiles, laptops, etc using the internet.

There are several advantages of online education like there is time flexibility to learn the skills. Students can build a network, they can learn at their own pace, and many more.

List of the best online education courses:-

  • Distance MBA
  • Digital Marketing
  • Software Development
  • Information Technology
  • Communication Skills

Yes, online education is the future as most of the students are preferring online educational courses because they find online education more beneficial.

The common term that’s come to define these free classes is MOOC. MOOC is Massive Open Online Courses and many universities provide free classes via a MOOC platform, such as Coursera, edX, and Udemy.

Online education advantages and disadvantages:-

  • You don’t need to follow any specific schedule.
  • You can learn at your own pace.
  • You can use interrelated resources at the same time as taking the lesson.
  • Online education is not suited to every topic.
  • Lack of Discipline.

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