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6 Things to Research When Choosing an Online University In India

Dec 11, 2023 10.9K Reads

While online learning carries all the positive benefits that are preferred by millions of students in recent times. Currently, the situation of pandemic or covid has spread, all the education, institution, or universities gets on the digital platform. From online shopping to online education, each and every school, university, coaching institute, even tuition centres classes come into online and distance modes of education. 

Online and Distance Education In India 

Online and distance learning courses in India continues to be a popular study option to get educated in sitting at your home. Or if you want to continue your studies even in managing with your job or other personal work you can apt or under with the conventional, off-campus, online classroom learning. Online and distance universities no doubt offer immense freedom and flexibility.

If you are planning to pursue the study of online and distance education, chances for getting jobs in higher education have opened more career opportunities in all the respective fields that you have chosen for you. It also gives a chance to work in the corporate, private, or government departments and even manages your studies as well, for all these online and distance programs as designed for. 

Online and distance education has a wide range of degree courses and programs. With one click you can select your course and start your education on online mode. You can follow any course from any of the best online universities.

Here are degree courses that you can study online and distance mode: 

  • Certificate Programs 
  • Diploma Programs 
  • Undergraduate courses such as BBA (Bachelors of Business Administration), BCA (Bachelors of Computer Application) B.Com (Bachelors of Commerce), B.Tech (Bachelors of Technology), and BA (Bachelors of Arts).
  • Postgraduate courses, MBA (Masters of Business Administration), MCA (Masters of Computer Application), M.Com (Masters of Commerce), M.Tech (Masters of Technology), M.Sc (Masters of Science), and MA (Masters of Arts).

You can pick any course or program online and distance mode and do vocational, diploma, graduation, or postgraduate courses. Read: 5 Things to Look Before Selecting An Online University

Important Key Points To Keep In Mind While Selecting Online and Distance University:

As we have mentioned or given you a brief introduction on what is online and distance education, what are courses a student can learn through this mode of education, and so on? Now the question is how to and what key points you need to keep in mind while searching for an online and distance university. 

University plays a crucial role in shaping the future of a student as a course study or syllabus does it. A good and healthy environment with all the resources, advanced technology, and updated study material, the curriculum can build knowledge and skill-based careers for a student. Online and distance education is best if you’re working in MNCs, Private institutions, NGOs, or government organizations and want to continue your studies, then here online and distance education works.

You can manage your studies even after hampering your respective jobs with timings, projects, exams, or assignments related to your chosen programs at a different level. Here are some key points that you can keep in mind while looking for an online and distance university. Read: Best Online Course for Commerce Students After 12th

#1 Pay Attention to the University Website 

This is the most crucial point to keep in mind while looking for an online and distance university. Might sound like an obvious one, but it cannot be easily forgotten. Check the website that is fake or official that is giving a sense of knowledge or overview about the particular university’s lifestyle, course, syllabus, campus, etc. the website has all the respective information.

Many of us fall into the trap of checking the course schedule and finding out from the website what you have to do. Go through with the useful information about the syllabus, campus, professor list, classes, lessons, assignments, grading system, extra-curricular activity, and the guide to explain how to fill or access the online forms, libraries, and the course materials of the selected course. By knowing what and how you are going to study or that offered study material would really help you to prepare you with the knowledge and a better study to even do some things at the higher level. 

#2 Check the Approvals and Accreditation

Check the approvals and accreditation of the particular university. That the university is approved by the board of education and so on. What and how do you check about the approvals or accreditation of the university on the website. What approvals or accreditation you will check on the official website of the university.

That the university is DEB (Distance Educational Bureau), UGC (University Grant Commission), DEC (Distance Education Council), AICTE (All India Council for Technical Education), or accredited by the NAAC (National Assessment and Accreditation Council) grades and ranks.

These are the approvals and accreditation that are necessary for a university to offer education and open a university or institute with the proper approvals. These above-mentioned concurrences are for the Higher Educational Institutions (HEI) such as colleges, universities, or other authorised and recognized institutions that derive a “quality of knowledge and status” to the students. Why are UGC, DEB, and AICTE Approvals Important for Online Education Degree Program?

#3 Check out the Course Syllabus  

It is advisable to go through the university’s course syllabus, semesters, assignments submission, extra-curricular section, students corner, online web portal, online classes, virtual lectures, and other such relevant course details at the official website of the selected university. You can even contact the student grievance number or many of the universities have mentioned the email or other sources on the homepage of the university. 

#4 Quality and Accessibility of Faculty Staff 

While looking for an online and distance university, students must visit the faculty staff homepage that gives you a detailed overview of the faculty staff and the non-staff details, their designations, departments, experience, and other basic details of the particular teaching staff. You can also check the accessibility of classes by which and whom professor the lecture, or the class should be taken of the particular course.

Even some of the universities or colleges have comment or rating sections where you can visit or see the rating of a specific teacher/ professor, etc. The web page of the official universities has counsellors or other alumni members where you can contact them to take the right guidance about the course, campus, college, and the university. 

#5 Student Support and Services

The triple “SSS” is the main section while you are looking for an online or offline university. This SSS, student support services are an essential component in e-learning education. It’s a support corner or desk where a student can find or resolve any problem or want to take any guidance regarding their selected course, the SSS is the solution. Students’ retention, success, and satisfaction are the main and crucial objectives of a certain university’s SSS drive.

Institutions, colleges have developed policies and strategies for the students. Although the policies, delivery, revert may vary from different institutions to colleges. Resources, guidance, and other activities should be offered by the SSS on their journey through university or college, that includes pastoral support, generic study material, e-learning skills, career advice, and guidance. Students also get to know about the course details, forms, submissions, examinations, marks, fees, semester details, online classes information, technical, administrative accessibility matters information, news, and much more only at the Student Support and Services web page. 

#6 Placement Assistance 

Placement assistance is the golden or a gateway of opportunities in the student’s life. Every college student eagerly awaits to get placed in the big organization at a higher position by their college placement drive. This is the main and the essential part or section to check while you are seeking an online and distance or even offline university for any course, diploma or certificate degree.

Most of the colleges run their placement cell where big or startup companies come for the recruitment of freshers in their firm at different levels or positions as per their requirement roles and duties or skills. Students can check on their placement drive web page and how many companies have come to the campus for recruiting freshers for jobs or internships. 

These are basic and crucial points while you are looking for an online and distance university to check for in particular to take admission in the specific course or college. It is recommended to keep these total 6 points in their mind while finalising their college. As these play a crucial impact in building the student’s knowledge, point of view, persona, confidence, skills in the selected course study. Read: Short Term Courses After Graduation


Hope this detailed blog on keep points to remember while seeking for online and distance university has opened your mind and given you the right suggestion while picking any university on online or distance mode. University, college, or institute plays a crucial part in shaping the future career of a student. As a right and perfect university with all resources help a student to adopt new skills and develop their knowledge.

We have covered all the basic and crucial points while looking for a university for online and distance education. Online and distance classes are excellent choices that help you achieve or fulfil your goal efficiently. So for now, happy reading! 

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

The university should have these two or three tags of accreditations and approvals in their bucket to provide higher education legally such as, DEB, UGC, AICTE, DEC, and NAAC grade.

A student should visit the official website of a particular university, college, or institution and check their approvals and accreditation and the whole campus.

Yes of course! Online and distance education and degree are totally worth it and as equal to the regular university and their respective degree. These online and distance universities are for the working professional who are not able to manage studies with their work or professional life but they really want to continue with their education to update their knowledge and skills of the particular field or sector.

Although some numerous universities or institutions offer education through online and distance mode. Some of them are IGNOU, NMIMS, Amity Online University, LPU Online, Jain Online University, DU SOL, etc.

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