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Differences between Regular MBA, Online MBA, and Distance MBA – Which Is Better?

Dec 11, 2023 27K Reads

Here in this blog, we are going to find the difference between distance, online, and a regular MBA course, and by the end of this article; you will get to know which is best for you. So, let’s get started on finding the difference between online,  regular and distance MBA.

Which Is Better: Regular MBA or Online/Distance MBA?

In the current scenario, you can see that the competition is rising rapidly in every industry. Obviously, the reason behind this is that the world is growing at a fast pace every minute and everyone is running to win the race of becoming the best.

If we talk about the education sector then, people are becoming more and more aware of what is best for them and they know what to do in the future. However, some students might feel that there’s a need to get a job once they pass the graduation degree. But a master’s degree is also required to survive in this competitive world. But again, they are confused between getting a job after graduation or getting a master’s degree.

To curb this problem, online and distance education learning programs have come to the fore. With the help of online and distance education, you no longer have to choose between a job and a master’s degree. Why? Because an online or distance education gives you the opportunity to pursue both the job and the master’s degree at the same time. There is some difference between the regular MBA, online MBA, and distance MBA that you will later read about in this blog.

Online MBA VS Distance MBA VS Regular MBA

The course MBA either regular, online, or distance is a master’s level program available for 2 years and is offered in various specialisations. Both the courses are equal in the eyes of the law as online and distance education has been approved of equal value by the University grants commission (UGC). 

There are numerous universities worldwide offering different MBA programs, but it is important for an applicant to see how these courses vary from each other before making any decision.

It is important to note that people sometimes misconceive a regular MBA as a preferred option over an online MBA or a distance MBA course, but in fact, all these programs are equally valid. The intention and format of delivery separate them and lead to completely different experiences.

differentiating factors for online mba programs

We are providing certain criteria that are really important in order to compare the same course in three different modes. You can find the difference between the courses by comparing the main details of the regular, online, and distance MBA here:–

No. Characteristic Online MBA Distance MBA Full-Time MBA
1 Delivery of Program Classes, assignments, projects, and even exams are completely online.  The study material is sent through the post to the students but the exams are conducted offline. Regular offline classroom study with a fixed schedule and timetable of classes with offline exams is the mode of program delivery in a full-time MBA program.
2 Curriculum The curriculum is the same as a regular MBA with theoretical as well as practical training. The only difference is that everything happens virtually.  The curriculum of Distance MBA is quite concise. The curriculum includes both theory and Practical training in the regular MBA program.
3 Principles of Teaching Extremely flexible teaching-learning environment. Flexibility in terms of attending classes, scheduling and giving exams, and submitting assignments. Also everything happens online through the online learning management system (LMS).  Fixed schedule for offline exams, but flexibility in terms of selecting exam venue, and online submission of assignments. Fixed and strict schedule for assignment submission, exam dates, and class participation.
4 Duration The course duration is 2 years according to the universities. However, you can study at your own pace and take a little more time than 2 years as specified by the university authorities.  The course duration is a minimum of 2 years. But you have the option of completing the degree in 2-5 years time. The duration of a full-time MBA program is 2 years. There is no flexibility in terms of duration. 
5 Fees The fee range is 2-4 lakh rupees. The fee is less than 1 lakh rupees.   The fee range is 15-20 lakh rupees. This fee is for private universities. The fee is between 3-7 lakh rupees for Government institutions. 
6 Intake Process There is a specific time period for admission. However, there is a provision for lateral entry as well.  No fixed time period to seek admission into a Distance MBA program. Since the number of seats is fixed, there is a lot of competition to get a seat in a full-time MBA program.
7 Admission Process The admission process is simple and completely online. You just need to fill the application form, submit documents for verification, and pay the fee and get started with your course.  The admission process for Distance MBA is much simpler. You just need to fill the application form, pay the course fee and get direct admission in the distance MBA course. The admission process of a regular MBA or full-time MBA is complex and requires a qualification in the entrance exam organised on the state or national level. If you want to secure admission to a full-time MBA then, you need to pass the entrance Exam, Group Discussion and Personal Interviews are some of the rounds one has to go through to get selected in a full-time MBA program.
8 Exposure Online MBA provides exposure with the help of regular webinars, interactive live sessions with industry experts, veterans,  and alumni.  There is no proper industrial or field visit involved in Distance MBA so the learning is restricted in the terms of exposure. Regular MBA provides industrial visits, factory visits, field visits are an important part of a full-time MBA program and is part of the curriculum.
9 Placement The universities provide various types of placement and career assistance services. Good universities organise placement drives as well.  There is no fixed placement process involved in distance MBA and you need to go for a job search on your own. A placement process is conducted at the end of each final academic year and students have the opportunity to get hired in the best of companies tied-up with the program.
10 Networking Students have the opportunity to connect with their peers and faculty through discussion forums on their LMS. There are virtual webinars, interactive sessions, and alumni meets as well.   Since there are no classes, there is no proper interaction between the students and faculty or even between the students themselves. Students can have continuous interaction with faculty members and fellow students. Hence, networking is there on a large scale between the students, guest faculty, and other members which is an advantage.

Why Choose Regular/Full-Time MBA?

If you have passed your bachelor’s degree no matter which stream or specialisation, you are eligible for an MBA course.

There are various advantages of pursuing a regular MBA program and some of them are given below:-

  • The degree of regular or full-time MBA allows the candidate to go for a change in their career and this is the reason why many working professionals (MBA For Working Professionals) get ready to leave their job and take admission in the full-time.
  • If you are a fresh graduate and have recently passed your bachelor’s degree then, it is the perfect option for you to choose the full-time MBA as your post-graduate degree. Newly graduates are more inclined towards the regular program since they don’t have any professional commitments behind them.
  • Candidates are allowed to undergo an internship as this will provide them a relevant field exposure to understand the work in real and internships also provide the knowledge of the work and also learn new skills which can be applied in their new job role.
  • A full-time MBA program also gives you space to step back and focus on your personal and professional goals so that you can develop through experiential learning and networking.
  • The regular MBA course has better placement opportunities than the distance course and this can help you to get a push in your career and can get a better start in your career.

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Why Choose Distance MBA?

The distance MBA course is one of the most chosen courses by people who have work commitments and can not attend classes whether online or offline.

You can read the benefits of the distance MBA and should know why you should choose this course:-

  • The distance MBA course is highly affordable as the fee of distance courses in India is quite low as compared to the regular programs. There are many students who cannot afford the expensive fees of a regular MBA in big universities and it is more important for them to consider their bank balance. For those students, a distance MBA may be a good choice
  • The course of distance MBA allows the students to earn a good amount while pursuing the course of MBA in distance learning. Students have enough time to pursue a job as there is no need to attend classes.
  • If you are pursuing an MBA in distance then, some organisations are there that partially or completely pay the tuition fees of distance MBA courses for their employees, and in this situation, a distance MBA can really help.
  • The course of Distance MBA has granted equal recognition from the various statutory bodies in the education department or sector. The distance MBA has been approved by UGC-DEB and it is valid as the regular programs.

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Why Choose Online MBA?

Online MBA has become extremely popular in recent times as it comes with the benefits of both regular and distance MBAs. You can even consider it like a blend of regular and distance MBA programs. More than 8 lakh students in India have resorted to online MBA in the past year. Check out the following benefits of MBA online and know why people are choosing to go for this program. 

  • It is the most flexible program among all the three types that we are discussing. You have the option to attend live online lectures. And if you can’t attend live classes then you have access to the recorded lectures which you can view at any time according to your schedule and as many times as you want. 
  • You have the opportunity to connect with world class industry experts virtually through webinars and online live meetings. You can attend such interactive sessions easily from your home. Virtual meetings are beneficial as you can connect with people on the other side of the world as well. 
  • You have the benefit of giving your exams online. In some cases, you can even schedule your exams based on your own time table. 
  • You get all the above benefits at a very affordable price. The tuition fee is quite pocket-friendly and you also save on additional expenses such as the cost of relocating to a new city and living expenses or the cost of commuting to the college every day.  
  • Live projects are organised for practical experience of the students. The project is carried out virtually but efficiently as there are several career support services available. 

List of Popular MBA Specialisations 2023

There are various specialisations available in the degree of MBA. Also, all the specialisations are available in both regular and distance MBA. Have a look at the MBA specialisations listed below:-

​Accounting ​Economics ​Human Resources Management ​Technology Management ​Global Management
​Finance ​Business Management ​E-Business/E-Commerce ​Information Systems ​Operations Management
​Marketing ​Entrepreneurship ​Strategic/Risk Management    

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College Vidya is the best online platform working in the field of distance education and is also rendering unbiased information on its website. It is one of the best platforms to get the most straight and regular guidance for a career. In College Vidya, students can choose and compare the best online and distance education courses along with the universities offering the UG and PG courses.


In the end, it is your decision to choose the best for you and decide between the regular, online or distance MBA. If you are a working professional then, you should take your decision according to your choice and interest if you want to leave your job for a regular MBA or you want to continue your job and take admission in the online or distance MBA course.

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Similar options are open for the students who have passed their graduation degree and want to establish their names in the management field. Hopefully, this blog will help you to decide the best for you and also compare both the modes of MBA. As we have mentioned, both Full Time/Regular, online, and distance MBA programs have their own pros and cons. Finally, the choice has to be made by you.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Both courses have their own pros and cons. If you want to attend regular college then, you can go for a regular or full-time MBA and if you want to do a job and do not have time to attend regular classes then, a distance MBA is best for you.

Distance MBA is a 2 yearly post-graduate program that is an MBA degree but does not require regular attendance in classes.

The duration of the distance MBA is for 2 years and it is divided into 4 mini semesters.

Yes, you can get various jobs after you have completed the course MBA like product managers, analysts, field managers, lecturers, etc.

Yes, the course of distance MBA is equally valuable as a full-time MBA and it is also approved by UGC-DEB.

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