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Why You Should Pursue Dual Degree [Online + Regular] 2024

Dec 11, 2023 2.8K Reads

In this world full of competition, getting an extra advantage in terms of education or work experience is always beneficial. The concept of combined online & regular degrees or dual degrees is one of the newest ways to mark your presence in this skillful era of the industry. Although one of the programs in this dual category is quite flexible still aspirants of this category need to be more disciplined & must have excellent time management skills to complete these programs. 

In this article, you will get an understanding of the needs, demands, & advantages of online & regular dual degrees which will give you an edge over the others in this dynamic era of the industry.

What are Dual Degrees?

Well, as the name suggests, a dual degree is a combination of two-degree courses. Here, we are addressing the degree courses that have different formats for learning & these formats include regular, online, & distance education options. 

As per the latest guidelines of the University Grants Commission (UGC), students are allowed to opt for two-degree courses at one time. Since it is not possible to commit full-time to two regular programs, thus, this UGC guideline applies to pursuing an online & a regular degree program simultaneously. However, there is no restriction on pursuing these degrees from the same university or different ones. Not only degrees but diploma & certification courses can also be combined in the above-mentioned format by students to enhance their career opportunities.

This initiative has made the lives of many students & working professionals quite easy & provided them with enormous career opportunities due to the multi-disciplinary knowledge they possess. 

Advantages of Opting For Online & Regular Dual Degree Programs

There is no end to gaining knowledge, be it your academic program or professional experience, everything makes you learn different prospects that help you succeed in life. There are many advantages to pursuing a dual degree (online & regular) but these advantages can only be availed of when both degrees are completed from government-approved universities. 

A few benefits of pursuing a dual degree (online & regular) are listed here to help you make a smart decision for your career.

  • Enhancing Your Employability Options: Getting a dual degree program in different majors makes you explore a variety of career options in the industry. This addition to your resume will give you recognition in multiple sectors & their departments. Not just private but government-based organizations adore the multidisciplinary skills that you have acquired through this online & regular dual degree.For example, a B.Sc pursuing candidate can learn the detailed aspects of the commerce field with an online B.Com degree. This combination of regular B.Sc & online B.Com degrees makes the candidate a perfect fit for both the finance & science-related sectors.

  • Expansion of Professional Networking: Studying dual degree programs at one time from different universities or institutions makes you connect with two different groups of faculty members, peer students, & alumni. These connections help you expand your networks which will be of huge benefit not only during your studies but even after its completion, in the corporate world.Even on pursuing the online degree from the same university with which you have been enrolled in the regular program, you can extend your professional networking. This is done by connecting with the different departments of the same university including their professors, fellow learners, & alumni.

  • Acquiring Technical Skillsets in Different Fields: Apart from the addition of two degrees to your CV, you have the advantage of gaining skills in two different fields via this dual degree program. These skill sets help you make your way in your desired field of work. With these skillsets, you can improve your work efficiency & grab the opportunity to work in any sector related to the majors of your dual degrees.Your ability to multitask, time management, organizing & planning things, & strong communication skills can help you build a long-term & satisfying career in a field that favors your interests & qualifications.

  • Recognition From Top Recruiters: Recruiters in the national & international domains adore candidates who have earned dual degrees in any major. They are even given preferences over the others who have undertaken two degrees sequentially. Apart from the core learnings of the two majors, the ability of dual degree graduates to micro-manage things is the key point of attraction for employers.

  • A Chance to Follow Your Passion: For students who were not able to enroll in their desired regular degree programs, online degree courses are the best way to fulfill their dreams. Online & regular dual degree program provides you with the opportunity to follow your passion with an outcome-oriented regular program.Moreover, the choice of career prospects that you get from both courses is quite wide & makes you choose one based on your interests & desires.

  • Saves Your Time: Getting a dual degree (online & regular) saves you time & equips you with an additional career option in case the primary one doesn’t work out. Nowadays, switching career lines is quite common in working professionals which may have many reasons including lack of interest in the work, low salary package, etc. With a dual degree, you can easily switch your career based on the programs chosen in your dual degree.

Types of Degrees You Can Opt For in Dual Degree Program

In the dual degree (online & regular) format, you can opt for either two UG courses or two PG courses in different domains. The disciplines of these courses are based on your academic qualifications & interest areas. 

The examples of the UG Dual Degrees (online & regular) include B.Com & BBA, B.Sc & BBA, BA & B.Com etc. Similarly, the PG Dual Degrees (online & regular) can have a combination of M.Sc & MBA, M.Com & MBA, MCA & MBA, etc.


UGC’s initiative to allow candidates to pursue two-degree programs at the same time has facilitated innovation in education. Those who are looking for a reputed job in this competitive industry can easily create their own space in the same with the technical learnings of two different fields via a dual degree program.  Dual degree (online & regular) has turned students into more focused, disciplined, & creative working professionals. 

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

As per UGC guidelines, you can take up an online & regular degree program simultaneously & hence dual degrees are valid all over the country.

A dual degree provides multiple career options in different fields based on your chosen degree courses. Thus, it is highly beneficial in elevating your career opportunities.

Pursuing one regular degree is allowed at one time, thus, in the dual degree program, you have to choose one regular & one online or ODL format of courses.

Students pursuing online & regular dual degrees need to deposit the fees for their courses separately at the universities with which they have enrolled in their particular degree programs.

Candidates can apply to an online & regular degree program after fulfilling their respective eligibility criteria. No special factors are considered to become a part of the dual degree program.

To enroll in a PG program, you need to complete your bachelor’s degree first. Thus, you can only enroll in either two different UG courses or two different PG courses in the dual degree program. However, in the final year of your graduation, you can apply for the PG degree in any format of learning.

An M.Sc & MBA can be taken up in the dual degree course in any specialization based on the interest & qualifications of applicants.

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