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Top 13 Common Myths In the CAT Exam [Myth Busted In 2023]

Dec 11, 2023 1.2K Reads

CAT Examination is a big hustle for the students that challenges the general skills of the candidate. For many years more than 2 lakh students have taken this examination and dream of pursuing an MBA from prestigious top-tier management institutes like IIMs. These  IIMs are world-renowned for their top management courses. They also offer placement opportunities to students in India and Abroad. Many top companies visit these institutes every year to give amazing job offers to young graduates. To get to these institutes, the students study for hours, practice thousands of questions, revise all the concepts, practice mocks every day and pays heavy hectic amount fee at the coaching centres.

How to take admission in IIM without a CAT Score? Is it possible? CAT Exam Fail

For an exam of one day, students learn and study every day. But even after hectic competition, many students clear the examination. There are various myths about the CAT examination in the market. Let’s bust some myths with valid facts about the CAT entrance examination. Here in this blog, we will talk about the top 12 myths that are big obstacles between the students and the success.

Number 1 Myth about CAT Examination- CAT is extremely difficult to crack!

Everyone who has prepared for the CAT or cleared the CAT, or even who hasn’t taken the exam has heard this statement. This statement demotivates students, and they experience self-doubt. Even before starting the preparation, students get doubt. However, it is essential to understand that for every aspirant, the difficulty level can vary. Also, the difficulty of the exam is not the obstacle and it cannot stop you from moving ahead and clearing the examination. CAT is difficult but it is still a possible examination to crack with hard work, regular practice and dedication. 

How to crack the CAT examination?

  1. Do regular practice of Mock Examinations
  2. Correction of the mocks
  3. Revise more than you read something new
  4. Familiarize yourself with the pattern of the  CAT Examination
  5. Understand the syllabus of the Exam
  6. Practice weak concepts till it gets clear
  7. Check the weightage of the topics and prepare important topics first.

Number 2 Myth about CAT Examination- Good Maths Skills are a must

Well CAT tests all the skills like Verbal and Reading Comprehension, Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning, and Quantitative Ability. Maths alone cannot help you crack the CAT examination. Preparing the maths section is essential but working on the English and reasoning sections is equally important. The students need to work closely on improving all three sections equally.  Here is the sectional weightage in the CAT Examination

All the sections nearly carry equal weightage in overall score calculation and hence, working on maths solely will not let you get a seat in an IIM or any other top management institute.

Number 3 Myth about CAT Examination-Without coaching CAT is impossible

Well, this is heard by most of the aspirants. The examination is definitely tough but its preparation can be done strategically. The students can easily get the resources and study material online through websites, YouTube and many more. Also, there are various guiding lectures from amazing teachers available online. But keeping patience is necessary. The students are required to closely work on making a strategy and as per it, they should work on it. Also, taking coaching is a very controversial topic. It is so that the decision to do self-study study or coaching totally depends on an individual. The other thing that is important to note is that, whether a student enrols in coaching or studies on their own, the amount of time devoted to their studies has to be equal. In the online digital world, finding good study material online is not a big hustle. So studying the material available is essential. So don’t waste time dwelling on such questions and do as you find fit for yourself.

Number 4 Myth about CAT Examination- Engineers find it easy to crack the CAT

The CAT Examination is indeed difficult to crack, not just for engineers, but for students belonging to the non-engineer field. Engineers have the advantage that they have a good grip on maths, but even after knowing the basics, practice is essential. In the examination, you are bound to do questions in a limited time. In such cases, speed matters a lot. Hence, even after knowing all the concepts and basics of mathematics, students have to work on speed. 

Number 5 Myth about CAT Examination- Females have few chances to crack the CAT

This is the biggest myth as we are in a world where women stand for equal opportunity in every sector and industry. All the students, be of any gender, caste, religion, or state are treated equally by the panel. The students are selected on the basis of their performance in the written examination,  and interview. It has nothing to do with whether you are a male or female. And this is not applicable just to this examination, but to other exams as well. As per CAT 2022 reports, there is a rise of 35% in the number of female candidates. This report shows that females are actively increasing their involvement in the CAT upcoming examinations.  

Number 6 Myth about CAT Examination- Strategies by Toppers are best

Every topper was once an aspirant. Hence every topper is a candidate who tried and tested many strategies and in the end, they worked on their own. The strategy for any examination depends totally on the individual.  Blindly trusting any strategy cannot work for everyone. Candidates have to make plans that are best for them. Also, there are various marketing strategies that do not let students get the right guidance. Every candidate has a different mindset, and preparation level. Therefore, before considering any strategy, check whether it is improving your score or not. And never hesitate to drop the failed strategy, the moment you realise it. Focus on scores, not on strategy.

Number 7 Myth about CAT Examination- Speed is essential

CAT Examination has various myths, this is one of those. But this is not a 100% wrong myth. To some extent, it is correct. In the CAT Examination, Speed matters, but accuracy equally matters. Without an accuracy of 90% students cannot crack the examination solely by speed. Hence, while working on the strategy, give equal importance to accuracy.

How to improve your speed in the final CAT examination along with Accuracy?

  1. In the initial stage work closely on brushing up on the concepts and basics.
  2. Next, attempt and study previous years' papers thoroughly.
  3. Attempt mock papers and sample papers every day.
  4. In your early phase of mock attempts, make sure to work on accuracy more than speed. 
  5. Focus on getting the maximum number of questions correct. With time increase your attempts and speed.
  6. This can have a little effect on your accuracy, but balance your attempts and accuracy with the right speed with mock practice.
  7. With many mock practices and corrections of the same, you can make the right balance between speed and accuracy.

Number 8 Myth about CAT Examination- CAT is a must to get into IIMs

CAT for IIM, is the biggest misconception by most people. CAT is essential for getting into the Indian Institutes of Management and other Management institutes. So if the students are willing to pursue an MBA from IIMs, they have to appear for the CAT examination. But IIMs also offer admission to students without CAT. There are various courses that are offered by top institutes including IIMs that do not require any CAT examination. However, for such courses, certain eligibility have to be fulfilled by the students. The students can check such courses on the official website of the IIMs.

Number 9 Myth about CAT Examination- Attempting good questions is essential

Attempting the questions in the CAT examination is essential as this is known as one of India’s toughest entrance examinations, but overattempting can lead to low scores as well. The attempts of questions can vary from person to person depending on the accuracy of the examination. Here mocks and previous year's papers can help you a lot. Previous year papers are your best guide. Take time and thoroughly the pattern of questions in the examination. Also, compare the topics asked in the exam. Regular mock practice can help in finalising the safe attempts in the final examination. After attempting 2-3 sets of mock papers, you will realise the weak areas. Attempting all questions is not important, but attempting questions that can give you a safe score for selection with accuracy is essential. 

Number 10 Myth about CAT Examination- Preparation of 2 years is a must

Well, it is really not essential to drop for 1 or 2 years and prepare for the CAT examination. Most of the students who appear in the CAT Examination are working professionals and hence, you can prepare for the examination by dedicatedly giving time to study every day. With the right strategy and time management, you can clear the exam.

Number 11 Myth about CAT Examination- Shortcuts are the most important

Shortcuts can be used only if your concepts are clear. Without strong concepts and basics, you cannot apply any shortcut or trick. CAT Examination test everything, right from concepts, accuracy, reasoning power skills, and other aptitude skills. As you know the CAT examination is very essential to get admission to top management institutes. And CAT examination requires a lot of practice. Practice to get a better grip on concepts and then use the short tricks to improve the existing knowledge.

Number 12 Myth about CAT Examination- Mock scores tell everything

CAT Mocks are mandatory to attempt and practice. Mock plays a crucial part in the preparation of any competitive examination. But one should always have a strategy to attempt the mock. Mocks are necessary to practice and polish all the topics thoroughly. It also helps in making a strategy for attempting the final CAT examination. Mocks are important to find the weak areas of topics that you can improve by closely practising them again and again.

Number 13 Myth about CAT Examination- Study as much as possible till the last day

The last day before the exam is not to study, but to revise quick notes. It is not a day to learn something new but to reread what is read earlier. Do not try to chase everything on the last day, as it can lead to certain self-doubt and confusion. 

Here is the to-do list for the last day before CAT 

  • Meditation
  • Revise some quick notes
  • More focus on getting good sleep
  • Avoid late-night studies
  • Eat healthy
  • Do not study anything new
  • Make all necessary preparations for the examination day.

After looking at these points, one thing is understood the students have to avoid all the guidance available in the market and have to find the right strategy for themselves. Do not get into the trap of these myths and focus more on areas like time management, sample paper practice, studying previous year examinations and later appearing the same for the final CAT EXamination.

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The eligibility criteria to apply for the CAT Examination is to have three years of bachelor's degree. 

The CAT Examination is not difficult, if students study with the right strategy. The students have to work closely on practising mock tests, and regular correction. It also requires regular revision of the topics.

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