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DBA (Doctor of Business Administration) Success Story of Dr. Babu Ram Naidu Ramachandran

Apr 23, 2024 1.1K Reads

Babu Ram Naidu Ramachandran has pursued his DBA (Doctor of Business Administration) program online from the SSBM Geneva, a top Swiss Institute, that offers different types of DBA programs.

It offers a unique and innovative curriculum to boost the skills and expertise of the candidates. With the program, the candidates strengthen their efficiency, leadership and strategic vision. The institute aims to provide a superior learning experience to the candidates that help them improve their professional skills indirectly. 

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Babu Ram Naidu Ramachandran shares his insights about the learning experience at SSBM for the DBA program. And how the university helped him in getting the degree successfully. He also tells us how the DBA program is highly focused on evidence-based research that helped him boost his career.

Why did you choose SSBM Geneva to pursue a DBA (Doctor of Business Administration )?

I enrolled in the program to boost my profession and that’s the reason I took admission to SSBM Geneva for the DBA program. SSBM holds a reputation for offering a highly demanding and internationally recognised DBA program.

The Institute offers a vibrant learning atmosphere to the students. I also got motivated by the idea of meeting with prominent faculty members and working closely with an experienced and professional group of people.

SSBM highly aims to offer research and practical studies and that was exactly what I was seeking that can impact the leadership and business fields. 

How has a DBA from SSBM Geneva impacted your career goals and career development?

DBA from SSBM has played a transformative journey in my professional development. They offer an interactive learning experience and a comprehensive curriculum helped me to excel in learning advanced skills crucial for solving complex business problems and knowledge that is important to understand this complex market.

I focussed on strategic entrepreneurship which is the combination of strategic entrepreneurship and strategic management.  The institute helped me to hone my skills in business venture startup for future career plans. This also prepared me to take up challenging executive and leadership roles and solve complex business problems. 

Also, the curriculum focussed on offering evidence-based research that has helped me to enhance my decision-making skills with strong credentials. The mentorship and learning by the experienced faculty members have played a crucial role in my transformative journey.

This motivated me that my contributions are not just limited to academic boundaries but also relevant to the ongoing contemporary business problems. That is the reason I am confident that in future I can take up challenging leadership roles and cope with the problems associated with it. This way the curriculum has advanced my future career goals. 

Give some particular examples from the DBA Syllabus that have been relevant and apply to the industry and your work. 

Currently, I am PMP-Certified and a domain expert in project management and also a biomedical engineer in the medical device sector. Even after many attempts by the accelerators and government initiatives, we have seen failure or lack of upliftment in many startups and firms.

The success rate of startups is still less, and hence I opted for the course of DBA and want to use my knowledge, decision-making skills and experience to enhance the success rate of startups. 

The program is highly focused on offering strategy consulting skills and management skills that align with my R and D skills. DBA offered me advanced research skills along with a structured and better thought process, that enables me with better evidence-based strategies.

The curriculum is highly focused on strategic entrepreneurship in founders and startups. DBA curriculum focuses on both personal and professional growth and hence aligns with the current scenario of business problems. 

How have you managed both academic commitments and other life aspects together and what is the advice that you would like to give to other candidates looking to enrol in the DBA program?

It was challenging yet rewarding to balance academic commitments and other life aspects together. With the help of SSBM’s flexible learning model and supportive learning environment, I managed everything smoothly. Since this is an online doctorate program, it takes lots of focus, research, and reading during the course and this requires lots of concentration and strong focus.

I have to manage my family commitment and on the other hand, making a new business venture sideways at the same time and it was not an easy task. Without the help of this online program, it would be nearly impossible to pursue my career goals and future aspirations.

I have been grateful to the program quality, and academic support of the SSBM staff and faculty members, I have been able to get through this successfully.

The candidate should pursue this program keeping in mind the benefits apart from the academic benefits. It is beneficial for the students to get into the problem by knowing everything related to the program, getting actively informed and staying highly motivated to take their career to a higher level as per individual vision and desire. Prospective students can also leverage the SSBM support system. 

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