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DBA (Doctor of Business Administration) Success Story of Dr. Rammohan Sundaram - SPJ Global

Apr 23, 2024 1.1K Reads

Dr Rammohan Sundaram is currently the Country Head & Managing Partner at DDB Mudra Group, Integrated Media. Dr Rammohan Sundaram is from batch 2022 of DBA (Doctor of Business Administration) from SP Jain School of Global Management.

He says that his three years at the institute have had some of the most amazing learning and education experiences of his life. The knowledge gathering, the rigour and the fantastic faculty made his journey amazing by enhancing his thinking capability.

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He learnt many academic skills during these years, around research, strategy and analytics. He already had 20 years of experience and pursuing a DBA online helped him to get better career opportunities.

After completion of the program, the candidate thinks differently with a new perspective that makes him a better manager than before. During his research work, he closely worked with Dr Devashish Guha, and Dr Suchi Smitha Das, who have been some of the most inspiring personalities in his life.

They gave him the required space and time during the course and at the same time ensured that not lose focus at any point and completed the doctorate online with flexibility and attention.

The management team and the faculty members Dr Sitaraman and Dr Madhulati were so humble and considered some of the best human beings by Dr Rammohan Sundaram.

They helped him to stay positive and motivated to complete his DBA journey. They constantly reminded him of the purpose of learning and how his experience and strength can add value to the corporate world and society. 

Dr Rammohan Sundaram has over 5 publications including articles in ABDC journals and two patents on which he is working and is in the final stages. Apart from his academic journey, he was promoted to country head and managing partner of integrated media at DDB Mudra Group where he managed API of over 330 million US dollars in media. 

He also gives some pieces of advice and suggestions to the prospective DBA aspirants. He says that the journey will not be easy and simple if you can stay motivated and focused and can commit to the program, you can join DBA.

SP Jain's DBA Alumni Experiences: Dr Rammohan Sundaram

You can always take advice from the supervisors. They can always help you to guide you and show you the right path but not for solving the thesis. So, if you are disciplined to give three years to an aim, they will help you to show the right direction and ensure that you get to your desired direction. 

If you are also planning to pursue DBA there are various online universities you can opt apart from this. You can also pursue the best DBA specialisation as per your education background and career pursuits.

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