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DBA (Doctor of Business Administration) Success Story of Dr Sai Hrushikesh Reddy Yadam

May 28, 2024 1.1K Reads

Dr Sai Hrushikesh Reddy Yadam started his Online Doctorate of Business Administration journey from the year 2018 at SP Jain School of Global Management and with each passing year, he excelled in his academic and practical skills which helped to boost his career. 

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What are the skills that you learnt through your DBA program at SP Jain?

While pursuing my DBA program, I honed my advanced problem-solving skills with the help of structured and clean planning. Firstly, I worked on my soft skills and with that, I found myself getting more credibility in my work. The program also helped me understand the importance of being humble. 

How did the DBA program help you with your profession and career goals in life?

Initially, I studied reputed research articles and publications and used the gained knowledge from them in new initiatives in the logistics & shipping company where I worked. There, I was working as a Deputy Manager (Strategy) and later got promoted from my position to Manager(Strategy).

This was the stage of my life where I was highly encouraged to pursue a doctorate program online. I was seeking some sort of professional guidance and mentorship to enhance my skills. Later in 2018, I was promoted to Senior Manager position in the logistics and shipping company in Mumbai. 

Dr Arunmugam Seetharam, who is Dean-Research at SP Jain School of Global Management, took the DBA classes and taught us about many techniques and theories for the course work.

He taught us about a topic called “TOWS Matrix” which helped me to see from a different perspective and became a turning point in my life. After this, I changed my thought process and made a five-year plan for myself that included professional as well as personal goals. I also used this concept to build a balanced scorecard for myself. 

Over the next year in 2019, I got a double promotion, as Deputy General Manager(BPM, India-Maldives- Sri Lanka + Project Head, India + e-commerce at MEI region countries) at a French shipping line and later in 2021, I was promoted to as GM at Integration Office at Scope Middle East- Indian Sub-Continent, in East and at far east at Dubai, that is the largest Logistics and Shipping Company. In over 3.5 years, I got 5 promotions that mounted my career to the next level.

What were your major projects & contributions that were included during your work tenure?

Firstly, my project included business process reengineering, lean Six Sigma projects, KPI architecture, statistical regression models, business continuity plans, MIS analytics, 5-year business planning, Cargo mapping study, balanced scorecard design, commercial gamification and Microsoft Dynamics CRM. 

I feel my contributions were evident in customer journey mapping, 360 process design model, an ISO 9001:2008 certification, social media strategy, and control tower design. Later I contributed to an e-commerce management, handled BI – Analytics dashboard, Blockchain study, RPA implementation, and IoT implementation. 

After that in 2020, my roles got larger including my concerns about focusing on core model management, KPI improvement, customer experience projects, global invoice projects, international brand integration, customer platform deployment, last-mile delivery projects, ERP deployment, and exploratory studies. 

What advice or suggestions would you like to give to future candidates for the DBA program?

I would like to say to all the aspirants of the DBA to focus on the course with the foundations. Always seek help from your supervisors to understand the focus topics and ideas. Take guidance, and narrow down the topics that are related to your work so that you can easily implement the skills taught from DBA to the workplace parallelly.

Make sure to build strong relationships and never hesitate to ask for help from professionals and staff at the institute. You need to stay positive and enjoy your journey. Just like Dr Yadam, you can also get your DBA degree done from the top university globally. DBA is also offered in Online mode that aids students to pursue degree from the top global university.

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