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Online/Distance Learning B.Sc In Travel & Tour Management (TTM) Course, Admission, Subjects, Colleges, Salary, and Career Options

Dec 9, 2023 11.3K Reads

What is BSc Travel And Tourism Distance Education​

BSc Travel and Tourism or Bachelor’s degree of Science in Travel and Tourism is a 3 years bachelor’s degree specialized in subjects related to travel and tourism. If you are interested in exploring new things, places, want to travel the whole world and want to earn money and make a career doing these activities or if you are keen to discover the historical places and different cultures of the different countries, then BSc in travel and tourism is one of the best course for you.

This course provides adequate knowledge about travel and tourism management that you can use to make your career in this field. There are many other courses linked to Travel and tourism, this is essential to know which course is best for you.

BSc in the Travel and Tourism Management course will allow you to understand the management skills in travel and tourism and it is the best course for the students who are interested to join the tour and travel industry.

This course can be done through regular classes and distance learning that is an online mode of study. The distance course is similar to the regular course and also has validity by the UGC. This course is specially designed according to the new concepts of education.

You can join any other diploma or degree course along with the distance BSc to sharpen up your knowledge. In distance BSc, you don’t need to take regular classes to complete the course, this will make it convenient to join two courses together for a better understanding.

The tours and travel industries in India are growing progressively. These industries will also positively affect the GDP of India by generating more profits and increasing foreign trade.

The Government of India is also taking the steps to increase more profits through the tour and travel industry. This will generate the demand for tour and travel management experts and also open up job opportunities. Acquiring the degree of BSc in TTM can be more beneficial to you and you can make your future bright with the help of this degree.

The admission mode for distance education in BSc TTM is online. The students can check the universities which are providing distance BSC TTM course and can take admission into a suitable university.

The aspirant can pay the fee for the admission through both offline and online mode. For online payment, they can use Debit Cards/ Credit Cards /UPI /Net Banking. For offline payment, they can make DD in the favor of the university through the bank.

The distance BSc TTM course will train the student through different skills. The course will give them a deep knowledge of the management skills, communication skills that will build the confidence of the students to step out into the new world.

The course will help students to set up good research and planning skills in themselves. Students who desire to make their career into tours and travel need to acquire these skills to grow in this industry and they will get the proper knowledge of these skills during the course.

The BSc Travel And Tourism Distance Education/ Correspondence UGC approved or not?

The BSc in Travel and Tourism through distance education is cent percent UGC approved. There are many distance learning universities which are providing this course.

Before taking admission into any university you need to just make sure that the university in which you are going to take admission is UGC approved or not as you should always take admission into the UGC or AICTE approved universities.

BSc Travel And Tourism Distance Education Subject​

The subjects that you will study in distance BSc in the Travel and Tourism course are the same as in the regular course. The main subjects of this course are Travel & Tourism Industry, Principles of Marketing, Computer Fundamentals, Business Communication, Introduction to Accounting, Tourism Management, Communicative English, International Tourism, Art Heritage of India, Organizational Behavior, Quality Management in Tourism, Eco-Tourism, Strategic Management in Tourism, Human Resource Management, Principles & Concepts in Hospitality Management, Event Management, Business Economics, Stress Management, Environment & Ecology.

These subjects are specially designed to give you every single detail that you need to become a travel and tourism expert.

Syllabus of BSc Travel And Tourism Distance Education



Codes Subject Title Codes Subject Title
BTT101 Introduction to Tourism Industry BTT106 Emerging International Tourist Destinations
BTT102 Managing Transport Operations BTT107 Tourism Economics
BTT103 Tourism Resources of India BTT108 Geography for Tourism
BTT104 Computer Fundamentals BTT109 Tourism Products: Asia, Australia  & Africa
BTT105 Communication Skills BTT110 Indian Tourism Destinations



Codes Subject Title Codes Subject Title
BTT111 Travel Agency Management and Tour Operations BTT114 Tourism Policy & Planning
BMS101 Environment, Waste and Disaster Management


BTT115 Automation in Aviation and Tourism Sector
BTT112 Tourism Marketing BTT116 Eco & Community Based Tourism
BTT113 Tourism Products: Europe & America BTT117 Travel Documentation and Formalities
BTT 2** Elective-1 Group (A/B/C) BTT2** Elective-2 Group (A/B/C)



Codes Subject Title Codes Subject Title
BMS103 Gender Equality and Women Empowerment BTT121 Industrial Training (IT) 20 Weeks
BTT118 Tour Guiding and Interpretation Skills BTT122 Sustainable Tourism Planning and Development


BTT119 Retail Management BTT123 Research Methodology
BTT120 Human Resource Management
BTT2** Elective-3 Group (A/B/C)

There are elective subjects that you can choose in the 3rd and 4th semesters according to your interest. The list of those subjects is here:-


Specializations/Elective Sem. Code Course Name
Travel Business


3rd Sem BTT201 Tour Packaging
4th Sem BTT202 Adventure & Wellness Tourism
5th Sem BTT203 Tourism Entrepreneurship
Service Marketing


3rd Sem BTT205 Digital Marketing
4th Sem BTT206 Destination Marketing
5th Sem BTT207 B2B Marketing
Hospitality Management


3rd Sem BTT209 Introduction to Hospitality Management
4th Sem BTT210 Food and Beverage Service
5th Sem BTT211 Loss and Prevention in Hospitality Management

Distance Learning BSc Travel And Tourism Course Fees​

The fee structure for the distance learning BSc in Travel and Tourism is different in different universities. The fee for distance learning educational courses is a bit lower than the regular educational courses.

Students can easily afford the distance education BSc in TTM course. The approx amount of the fee for the course is about 10K – 1L. Some private universities charge higher fees. It depends upon you that where you want to take the admission.

Duration For BSc Travel And Tourism Distance Education​

The duration of the distance learning BSc in the Travel and Tourism course is 3 years and can be completed in 6 years. The course is subdivided into 6 semesters. This is the advantage of all the distance learning courses that the time for completing the course can be extended. If you are not able to give the exam of any semester due to any circumstances you can give that exam along with other semesters.

Eligibility Criteria​

The eligibility criteria for applying for the distance BSc in Tour and Travel is you need to clear the 12th standard with a minimum of 50% mark from a recognized board. Some universities also conduct entrance exam for the admission in the BSc in TTM.

Scholarships For BSc Travel And Tourism Distance Learning​

There are lots of scholarship programs run by the government as well as private agencies to help the students in their higher studies. Some of them are interest-free loans or some of them are examination based prizes. The name of the scholarships that you can opt for are mentioned below:-

  • Narotam Sekhsaria Scholarship Programme
  • HDFC Educational Crisis Scholarship Support (ECSS)
  • Kishore Vaigyanik Protsahan Yojana (KVPY)
  • AcSIR Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Summer Training Programme
  • Indira Gandhi Scholarship for Single Girl Child
  • IAS Bangalore notifies Summer Research Fellowship
  • Post-Graduate Merit Scholarship for University Rank Holders

Some banks are also providing student loans in which students can take loans for their academics from the bank and when they start earning they can pay back their loan. Also, there are some programs that are run by the universities for the scholarship of the students. There is an option of the installments to pay the fees in every university. If you are doing a distance education course you can apply for the job and finance your own fees.

What are the benefits of BSc Travel And Tourism through Distance Learning?​

  • On-field experience- Through distance learning for BSc in TTM course students can get the work experience side by side. In the travel and tour field, you need on-field experience together with theoretical studies. While opting for the distance learning BSc in TTM you have the option to do a job along with your studies.
  • Time-saving- This distance learning BSc in TTM course will also save your time as you don’t need to attend daily classes. You have time for the other activities that can enhance your career or you can apply for the job that will save your time.
  • Cost-Friendly- The Distance education courses are pocket friendly for the students as the fee structure of the distance education courses is a bit less than the regular one. The students can choose any respective course according to their interests.
  • Dual Course facility- Dual course facility- The students have the facility to apply for the two degrees together as per the new guidelines. By opting for this distance learning course students can apply for the other course according to their choice.

Scope For BSc Travel And Tourism Course Distance Learning​

“Jobs will fill your pocket, adventures will fill your soul.” The travel and tourism industries are growing rapidly. This will generate the demands for the tour and travel experts. The growth of the tour and travel industry will open up more opportunities for a career in this field not only in India but also abroad.

As we know in this new generation everyone wants to travel the world. It is a good opportunity for you to Rome the world with great earnings. After completing the course you can become a tourist guide and can also apply for government jobs in tour and travel departments.

You can increase your salary package after completing this course. Your salary package will be approx 2L to 8L p.a. Some of the areas where you can apply after finishing this course are listed here:-

  • Tourist Information Officer
  • Airlines
  • Transportation Services
  • Hotels
  • Travel Agencies
  • Colleges & Institutions
  • Travel & Ticketing Websites
  • Visa & Travel Document Service Firms
  • Travel Consultancy
  • Resorts
  • Tour Operator Offices

The posts where you can apply with the course that is BSc in TTM are mentioned here:-

  • Tour Operator
  • Associate and Analyst
  • Tour Guide
  • Management Trainee
  • Travel Consultant
  • Freelancer Travel Consultant
  • Travel Executive
  • Travel Sales Consultant

List of B.Sc Travel And Tourism Distance Education University​

There are many universities that are providing this distance BSc in TTM course. But it is necessary to check whether the university is UGC, AICTE approved, or not.  Some of the top universities that are UGC, AICTE approved providing these courses are here:-

  • Madras Christian College (Autonomous), Chennai
  • Sri Ram College of Arts and Science, Thiruvallur
  • Chandigarh university
  • Mahatma Gandhi University
  • Lovely Professional University

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Yes, BSc in Travel and Tourism from distance education or correspondence is completely valid as per the guidelines of the UGC.

The fee structures are different in different colleges. The fee structure for the distance BSc in TTM is approximately 10,000 to 1,00,000.

If you are interested in exploring things and places and also want to earn money doing these activities then yes the BSc in TTM is a great course for your future.

The industry of tour and travel is growing rapidly in India. This will generate career opportunities in this field. The tourism course will help you to attain knowledge about tour and travel management and you can make the path of a career.

The salary package depends upon your knowledge. The approx amount that you will get as a salary after completing the distance BSC in TTM is about 2L-8L.

The major subjects that you will learn in the BSc TTM course are Tour and travel management, Business management, Basic Accounting, and communication skills.

The BSc in tour and travel is the best course for getting deep knowledge of tour and travel management. As in this course, you will not only learn about management, you will learn the skills that will help you in getting a job.

No, the course of tour and travel is not a hard course. The course is theory-based; there is not any practical thing that will make the course more interesting and easy.

No, mathematics is not included as a subject in BSc TTM rather than that there are some basic accounts that you will study during the course.

Yes, the tourism degree is a good degree as tourism in India is growing day by day and you can make a good career through this degree.

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