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Online/Distance Learning BA Language Course, Admission, Subjects, Colleges, Salary and Career options

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Bachelors of Arts in Foreign  Language

BA Language is a Bachelor’s Degree in Foreign languages provided by the universities in which students learn languages of different countries. Many languages are covered in this course example- BA in English, BA in French, etc. Many universities are providing these courses on their campus. Students have the option to learn these courses through daily classes, corresponding classes, or distance learning.

Bachelors of Arts in Foreign languages have lots of language courses to learn. For Example, English, French, Hindi, Chinese, Japanese, Sanskrit, Italian, Spanish, German, etc. All these languages can be learned through online or distance learning from recognized universities.

But the most common languages that are generally used in MNC’s or getting jobs in other fields are English and French. According to a survey the average number of students wants to learn English and French languages more than the other languages. In this blog, there is brief knowledge of BA in English and BA in French which will help you to know more about these language courses.

In today’s era, English is the most language that everyone should know. BA in English or Bachelors of Arts in English is an undergraduate course which is a wider study of the English language. The duration of this course is 3 years or 6 semesters. This course focuses on the writing skills, communication skills, and oral skills of the students.

The course is BA in literature English which aims to a wider range of literature. In the first three semesters, students are engaging in reading novels of the large spectrum, plays, and write poetry in general. These things will help students to get used to the environment of the English Language. Then in the last three semesters students exposed to wider socialistic and political issues concerning contemporary English.

Students interested in creative writing can join this course. After the course, the student will have great communication skills, creative thinking, and creative writing skills. Based on these skills, students can get placements which provide a good salary package. Salary packages are varying from company to company but the estimated salary the students can get is around 50k-1L according to their skills.

Bachelors of Arts in the French Language is an undergraduate French language course. The course duration is 3 months divided into 6 semesters. This course is focused on the fluency of speaking, writing, and reading the French language. Students can pursue this course by taking a regular class or taking online French courses through distance learning.

The benefit of a degree in French is that students can pursue this language course along with the other degrees. For that students can go to the online classes of the French course. So after graduation, there are lots of opportunities for the students for getting jobs. After BA in French, the scope for building a career is – translator’s job, the teaching profession, Job in MNCs, etc.

Again salary packages are different in every company but the estimated salary packages for the French language person are about 50k to 4 Lakhs. Students will get the proper knowledge of the French language through this Bachelor of Arts in the French Language.

Is BA in foreign Language distance education UGC/DEB approved?

BA in foreign language distance education has been approved by University Grant Commission and Distance Education Board. UGC/DEB has approved all the courses through distance learning mode except the technical courses in which regular classes is a must.

UGC is an educational organization that allows the university eligibility to provide particular courses and also look into the quality of education they are providing. Wherein Distance education board (DEB), is the one that enables the duly course through distance learning to the universities.

What Is The Benefit Of Distance BA in Foreign Languages?

There are lots of benefits of Online BA in foreign language courses. Some of them are:-

  1. The first and the best benefit of language learning courses is that you can pursue the other degree courses along with the language course.
  2. The more language you know the catchier your CV will look. When you go for an interview with any company the first thing that they will ask for is your CV and your CV should look attractive. The knowledge of multiple languages will give a positive impact.
  3. The online course or distance learning course is also a time-saving process. You are enrolled in a job and you don’t have time to learn anything new but you want to learn more to enhance your skill and knowledge. The online course is the best thing you can pursue.
  4. BA in English as an online course inculcates the deep knowledge of English as a language. It widens the range of ones thinking and learning procedure.
  5. BA in English is a bachelor’s degree in which one will learn about the ancient literature of English from the time of Chaucer, Shakespeare, and the new Canadian writers. It has the syllabus of all the topics in English literature as the course has a vast syllabus or we can say a syllabus that has no end. Ba literature is about poets, writers, novelists, or short story writers.
  6. A degree in French is the current era that has become a must degree that one should have. A degree in French is adding an extra in one’s career as well as it adds on as a star in your credentials.
  7. Learning a new language has always been productive for one’s career be it English, Hindi, French, German, or any other language. Something extra has always been a cherry on the cake so the degree in French.
  8. Degree in French is now also been creating a buzz around the world as it has also been one of the most spoken languages in India and around the world.
  9. After doing ba in English one can even pursue jobs or can opt for higher studies such as MA in English. By doing a master’s in English you will have many career options to grab on to. Ba English literature is one of the best degrees to expand the horizon.
  10. Also after getting a degree in French one can easily get a job as a language translator or a tourist guide.
  11. The foreign languages are in buzz these days as people are adding extra skills to their credentials.

BA in Foreign Language Course Details

BA in English has a very vast course as it includes all the writers from all over the world be it French writer, American, Canadian, Indian, African, etc. it also includes the writers, novelist or poets from the very ancient time to medieval time and now it has become the part of modernization ba literature.

Ba English course includes Indian classical literature, European, American, British and postcolonial literature, and a lot more topics have been covered under ba English. Degree in French is also a subject that covers the oral, cumulative, theatre, French poem, and prose. It is the course that clears the concept of French from the basics to the advanced level of the French language.

Syllabus of Distance BA in Foreign Language

BA in English syllabus is as follows for your reference:-

Semester 1
Indian Classical Literature European Classical Literature
Semester 2
Indian Writing in English British Poetry and Drama: 14th to 17th Centuries
Semester 3
American Literature Popular Literature
British Poetry and Drama: 17th and 17th centuries
Semester 4
British Literature: 18th century British Romantic Literature
British Literature: 19th century
Semester 5
Women’s Writing British Literature: The Early 20th century
Semester 6
Modern European Drama Postcolonial Literature

BA in French syllabus has also been mentioned below for your reference:-

Commutative Grammar 1 Commutative Grammar 2
Language in Writing Fundamentals of French
Oral Expression The civilization of French Language
Concurrent- Qualifying Language Concurrent- Credit Language
Commutative Grammar 3 Commutative Grammar 4
Basics of German Language Theatre
Introduction to Literature 1 German 2
Concurrent- Credit Language Scientific French
Language in Writing and Oral Expression Concurrent- Discipline Centered 2
Prose Introduction to Literature 3
French Commercial Translation 2
French Poems Language for specific purposes
Introduction to Literature 2 Concurrent- Discipline Centered 2
Translation 1 Functional German
Documents Authentic

Duration of Distance BA in Foreign Language

  • The duration of the course ba in English is very simple and similar to all the regular courses.
  • Ba in English can only be pursued after completing 10+2 from any stream
  • Diploma holders can also do the course ba in English.
  • There are some of the universities that take the entrance examination for the admission to Ba literature program.
  • The admission procedure in ba English also depends on the merit list.
  • Likewise for the degree in French one has to complete its intermediate with minimum required marks.
  • Diploma holders in French can also pursue a degree in French
  • With the clause of the entrance examination, some universities do take admission after clearing the exam.
  • Merit list has also played a crucial role in a few of the universities.

Scholarship for Distance BA in Foreign Language

The scholarship process for each of the courses ba in foreign languages is similar to the regular courses. Most of the eligibility criteria and other scholarship procedures are similar to the regular course norms and conditions:-

  • Children of any Police Personnel of any State or UT
  • Children of any doctor are it private/government.
  • Children of Paramedical staff
  • Children of Media person
  • Children of Paramilitary personnel
  • Children of sanitation workers/municipal committee or housekeeping staff.

Fee Structure of Distance BA in Language

The fee structure for ba in foreign languages differs from university to university. The average fee structure for any of the ba in foreign languages is approximately from Rs 18,000 to 1,00,000 for the complete course.

List of the Open University of Distance BA in Language

The universities that are providing BA in foreign languages are as follows:-

Scope of Distance Learning BA in Foreign Language

The scope of ba in a foreign language is very vast as one can have numerous numbers of options when it comes to talking about learning a foreign language. Learning a foreign language can also take your tour abroad as there are many opportunities after learning its native language.

BA in English makes you learn about all over the works done by writers throughout the world. A degree in French, German, Mandarin Chinese, Spanish, etc, takes your career to the pinnacle. BA in foreign languages can make you a writer, tourist guide, professor, and can even become a YouTuber.

You can have career options in India, Abroad, and all over the world by doing courses in foreign languages. One can even do the research relating to the foreign languages its usage and the growth regarding the present need and scope. You can even pursue a master’s degree after completing a bachelor’s degree in foreign languages.

Job Opportunities for Distance BA in Language

There are plenty of numbers of job opportunities by doing a BA in a foreign language. A foreign language opens up doors for even a career abroad. It enables you to advance your career with numerous numbers job opportunities such as:-

  • Writer
  • Translator
  • Interpreter
  • Teacher
  • Professor
  • Tour guide
  • YouTuber and podcaster
  • Liaison officer
  • blogger

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Ba in foreign languages distance/correspondence education is a valid course as per the guidelines of UGC/DEB. Only the technical courses have not been approved through distance learning.

Ba in a foreign language is a 3-year program that includes 6 semesters. It has 2 semesters in each year that leads to semesters and yearly final examination.

Most of the schools and colleges are now providing French language courses to the students to enhance their skills and knowledge. Even in India people are now learning the French language as it has a high scope nowadays.

BA in foreign languages is a bachelor’s degree in foreign languages as it includes languages such as English, French, German, Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, etc

BA in Foreign Languages is a good career as it provides you several career options both in India and foreign.

BA in English is not a difficult subject for candidates that are interested in learning a language and the history behind it.

After doing Ba in French one can opt for higher studies and go for masters in English or can apply for jobs as there are many job opportunities for fresh French graduates.

French is now has a great demand over the years as a job opportunity in the market.

All the languages have a great scope in the industry but if we talk about the highest-paid Mandarin Chinese is the one which has got great earnings.

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