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How Our Platform Helps Students To Pursue Their Dream Degrees

Dec 9, 2023 10.4K Reads

Our journey started at the time of the COVID-19 pandemic when the entire world was on lockdown and was dealing with a situation where everything was unattainable including basic education. 

The leaders of College Vidya then came up with the idea of spreading awareness regarding distance and online education. After the 2020 pandemic, the entire world realized the importance of distance and online education. This form has remained infamous for ages and now it is the need of the hour to explore more about online learning because we cannot trade off education for anything.

Our Realisation!

College Vidya is an ed-tech platform that came into existence during the pandemic only, we catered to thousands of students via phone counseling. We realized that students are extremely perplexed while taking admission to any university. 

The reason being there was no complete information regarding distance and online education at one portal. Even we also faced that there is not much awareness about the universities that are providing online learning to students across the country. 

However, if people know about any distance university then it is either IGNOU or DU-SOL. Apart from this, there is not much clarity amongst them so we decided to make a platform that could list down all the distance and online universities along with the important details like fee structure, approvals, courses offered, eligibility criteria, placement assistance, and so forth. 

The point is if students will not be aware of universities then how will they compare smartly? You compare the products of different showrooms before buying one good dress. So the same pattern should be applied while taking decisions regarding your career. 

We Took Initiative!

The team of College Vidya decided to do something more innovative to make university search easy peasy. Albeit it was difficult to compile all the important details of all the distance and online universities of India at one portal. Nevertheless, we made such a portal called “College Vidya Compare” and here we developed things in such a way that you can compare different universities in just one click. 

“College Vidya Compare” is an initiative in helping students to answer all their queries at one portal. Now you do not need to open the websites of different universities and struggle to find the fees or eligibility criteria. Here, you will get everything listed in one place. 

More About Our Feature

College Vidya Compare feature has listed down more than 75 distance and online universities along with their fee details, available courses, eligibility criteria, and so on. The team of College Vidya did its deep research to compile all the information that is factually correct. 

Along with the details we also provide you with the relevant links to our YouTube videos and blogs to do your research. We have given honest reviews of plenty of universities and their teaching methodology in our videos and blogs. It was difficult to list down every single detail in one place so we tried to do that with YouTube videos and blogs. 

However, we are already overwhelmed by seeing the responses of students. Although we started just now, plenty of students are interacting with us, asking their queries, and getting admissions to different universities. The goal of our business is to help the young generation in achieving a stable career. 

Then, we got media coverage

The College Vidya portal has already been featured in Hindustan Times before and then its Compare feature has also been covered by theSouth Asia’s largest news agency ANI and other 6 different media platforms like Business Today, Zee5, Finance Yahoo, English Lokmat, Latestly, and WebIndia 123. 

Different media platforms have recognized our initiative and understood our endeavors to make education easily accessible to all. Education is a fundamental right and it must be treated like our daily food. College Vidya Newsroom!


Our Unique Selling Proposition is definitely to disseminate awareness regarding distance and online education. The COO of College Vidya, Rohit Gupta says, “College Vidya’s goal is to become India’s largest Online and Distance education aggregator. This portal’s unique and unbiased idea is that we created the Compare feature, which allows students to assess all the colleges and universities that offer valid distance and online education.” 

Every query is essential.

Our team of experts, or experienced individuals, will answer it within 24 hours.

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