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Is Andhra University Distance Good or Bad? – Full Review and Facts

Jan 22, 2024 1.2K Reads

The Andhra University of Visakhapatnam is one of the recognized universities and was established in the year 1926 by the Madras Act 1926. The university has been recognized by the National Assessment and Accreditation Council or NAAC with an A Grade because of its academic excellence. Read the full article to know, if it is good or bad to join Andhra University Distance. 

About the Andhra University Distance

Andhra University has established an international image in terms of academics and excellence in education. The campus of Andhra University is situated in Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh University. Being one of the oldest universities Andhra Pradesh University was the first university to develop a teaching cum residential facility.

Difference Between Online Education & Distance Education

Apart from being one of the oldest universities Andhra University’s distance education institute also came into existence way before in the year 1972. The university realized the importance of making education accessible even to those who are unable to attend formal education. It is an undeniable fact that students have outnumbered the number of seats available in colleges. Henceforth, the distance of education has gained immense importance in providing education to the unreached stratum of society.

Important Consideration Before Applying to a Distance University

Now, we know about the Andhra University distance like when it started and with what motive. Now, we will check if studying at Andhra University Distance is a good decision or a bad one. But how do we check that? 

Since we are discussing the Distance university, various factors need to be checked before we finalize our decision, moreover, these factors also help you select the right distance university for you. Some of them are mentioned. So, now let’s check if Andhra University Distance checklist all these factors or not.

Accreditations of the Andhra University Distance

Let’s start with checking the approval of the Andhra University distance. But have you ever wondered why we need to check the approval of, distance universities because normally while taking admission to regular universities we do not check their approval? The answer to the question is very simple, with the rapid growth of people gaining admission to distance universities. The number of universities providing distance education is also increasing. Which makes it very difficult to spot fake universities. So checking approvals can help you find a valid distance university. 

Moreover, talking about the approval of distance and Andhra University, which is one of the government-recognized universities, and because of that, all the degrees provided by the university are considered valid.

Accreditation of the Andhra University Distance

Courses offered by the Andhra University Distance

Second, we need to check the courses offered by the universities. Talking about the courses offered by The Andhra University Distance, it offers various undergraduate, Postgraduate, certificate, and Diploma courses. 

Courses offered by Andhra University

Fee Structure of the Andhra University Distance Programs

Third, we need to check how affordable are universities’s programs. Fees for all the programs offered by the Andhra University Distance are mentioned below: 




B.A (History, Economics, Politics)

Rs. 3,700

B.A (History, Public Administration, Politics)

Rs. 3,700

B.A (History, Politics, Special English)

Rs. 3,700

B.A (History, Politics, Special Telugu)

Rs. 3,700

B.A (History, Politics, Sociology)

Rs. 3,700

B.A (Public Administration, Politics, Sociology)

Rs. 3,700


Rs. 4,200 

B.Sc. (Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry)

Rs. 5,000 

B.Sc. (Mathematics, Physics, Computers)

Rs. 5,000 

B.Sc. (Mathematics, Statistics, Computers)

Rs. 5,000 

B.Sc. (Chemistry, Botany, Zoology)

Rs. 5,000 

MA in English

Rs. 8,000

MA in Hindi

Rs. 8,000

MA in Telugu

Rs. 8,000

MA in Economics

Rs. 8,000

MA in History

Rs. 8,000

MA in Political Science

Rs. 8,000

MA in Public Administration

Rs. 8,000

MA in Sociology

Rs. 8,000

MA in Philosophy 

Rs. 8,000

MA in Mathematics

Rs. 8,000


Rs. 8,000

M.Sc. Psychology

Rs. 25,000 (total fees)

M.Sc. Botany

Rs. 10,000- 25,000

M.Sc. Zoology 

Rs. 10,000- 25,000

M.Sc. Organic Chemistry

Rs. 10,000- 25,000

M.Sc. Physics

Rs. 10,000- 25,000

M.B.A 3 years

Rs. 10,000- 25,000

Executive MBA 

Rs. 10,000- 25,000


Rs. 10,000- 25,000


Rs. 10,000- 25,000


Rs. 12,000 (total fees)

PG Diploma in Cooperation and Rural Studies

Rs. 5,000

PG Diploma in Computer Programming and Applications

Rs. 5,000

Diploma/Certificate Program in Music

Rs. 5,000

Curriculum and Faculty of Andhra University Distance

The fourth factor that we need to check is the faculty and curriculum of the courses. This is important to consider because well-qualified and experienced faculties make your learning experience easy, and faculties should easily be connected so that you can resolve any questions you have. 

Talking about the faculty of Andhra University, all the faculty university are well qualified and have good experience in their respective fields. Moreover, through LMS, they are easily connected.

LMS of Andhra University Programs

LMS plays an important role when you plan to study in distance mode, as it is the only way to connect to your faculties and many more. An LMS is also known as a digital library where you can find all the audio-video lectures, can complete your assignments and here you also have to appear for the examination.   

Moreover, Andhra University communicates with you through the Swayam portal of the GOI, so you can easily access online lectures.

Student Support System at Andhra University Distance

Having this support resolves half of your headaches because whenever we enroll in any university, we may have a lot of doubts to clear, issues, or any problems that we are facing. Resolving all these becomes easy with a student support system.  

Now, talking about the Student support system at Andhra University Distance, the greatest advantage of choosing Andhra Univerity Distance is that you can connect with the university at any time. You can easily connect it via toll-free no e-mail ID.

Placement assistance of the Andhra University Distance

Isn’t our primary motive of higher education to get knowledge and placement? And when in Andhra University distance, you do not have to get worried about whether you will be placed or not. Because Andhra University Distance gives you placement assistance. Moreover, it gives you proper training as well to ace the interviews that later help you find the job in your dream company. 

Why Choose Andhra University Distance?

There are various advantages of pursuing a distance program from Andhra University. Some of them are mentioned below. 

  • The campus is equipped with the latest technology
  • The university has the facility of a cyber lab
  • Provides training and placement
  • Online lectures via the Swayam portal of the GOI
  • Digital library

Some other online universities that you can consider

If in case you can not get admission in Andhra University Distance, do not worry then, you can still find other options. Some of them are mentioned below: 

Other Distance Education Universities

Kakatiya University Distance Education

University of Calicut Distance Education

LPU Distance Education

Kerala University Distance Education

CCE UPES Distance Learning

Sri Padmavati Mahila Visvavidyalayam - DDE

Chandigarh University Distance

Swami Vivekananda Yoga Anusandhana Samsthana

Amity University Distance Education

Acharya Nagarjuna University Distance Education

Kalyani University Distance Education

Madras University Distance Education

Punjabi University Distance Education

Annamalai University Distance Education


Andhra University was established decades ago in the year 1926 to establish a platform for higher education. In this blog, you can have the details about all the available courses and their fee structure & availability. Henceforth, you can directly visit the site of the university’s Institute of Distance Education.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Yes, Andhra University has been recognized by the University Grants Commission (UGC).

The campus of Andhra University is located in Visakhapatnam of Andhra Pradesh.

The distance education of Andhra University is valuable because it has been approved by UGC and DEB. The University has even gained an A Grade from NAAC.

Applicants, must have passed out of a class12th from a recognized board for the UG courses.

Yes, you can pursue an online program also from Andhra University Distance.

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