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Is B Tech Distance Education Valid?

Dec 9, 2023 12.5K Reads

Is B Tech from Distance Valid Or Not?

Regular BTech is the most pursued course in India. The course of Technology inculcates the required theoretical and practical knowledge to produce technocrats that are industry-ready. But there still clouds of doubts over the Distance B Tech.

Distance BTech being valid or not is an important question and if scratch over the internet you will a lot of answers and you still will be left bewildered and overwhelmed. Go through this article and you will find every answer related to the Distance BTech.

To state out in clear “The Distance BTech is invalid.” As per the decision of the honorable Supreme Court orders, the BTech from distance mode is invalid. Supreme Court stated that B Tech requires the proper knowledge of theory as well as practical. Thus, B Tech from distance mode was ruled out of its legal term, AICTE also declared the degree of Distance BTech void.

Still, there are colleges that blindfold students and trick them to go for the Distance BTech. The students invest their four years of time and money ends with a degree that has no worth than a piece of paper. College Vidya aims to bring out clarity among the students that want to pursue the distance mode of BTech.

As AICTE declared distance BTech invalid, it took away options for the students who couldn’t attend the regular 4 years of BTech. There were many students who were eager to gain higher knowledge in engineering but couldn’t pursue the regular course.

There were many working professionals who were dependent on Distance B Tech for better career growth, higher salary growth. Considering the fact that distance B Tech was benefiting a huge group of students. Want to learn about AICTE Approved B Tech Distance Education?

AICTE came with programs other than the regular one. The programs such as weekend, b tech Evening, part-time, Lateral Entry, etc. were introduced by AICTE to provide options to the students without breaking the Supreme Court decision.

The classes were conducted by the institutes providing these courses in such as fashion that it didn’t come in their way. The classes were conducted in the evening, on weekends so that a working professional was able to attend the classes of BTech. In this way, a student who wasn’t able to attend the class in the regular mode was also pursuing BTech.

B Tech Lateral Entry for a working professional program was also one of the masterstrokes by AICTE for the Diploma students who wanted to continue the higher studies without leaving their job.

This program gave admission to students directly into the second of year B Tech thus giving them a four-year degree in 3 years. Also, it was for working professionals so the class timings were suitable for them.

So, after all these options of Distance BTech, one question must be striking hard in your mind that is the value of these programs is the same as the regular program. Will I be accepted in the job market with the degree of these programs?

We have an answer to these important questions. AICTE released a notice on 14 August 2020 clearing all the disparity that was in the air regarding the value and recognition of the program that is other than regular modes.

AICTE releases a circular stating the following “In other as long as classes are held and students physically attend the classes this a regular program. All the nomenclature used earlier such as (First Shift, Second Shift, Evening Shift, Weekend, part-time, weekend) has been dispensed.

As long as the student registers for the course as per the university curriculum it a regular program.” Want to learn more about b tech correspondenceTo summarize the above official words, this meant that the students enrolled in a B Tech program will be awarded the degree of BTech only.

He won’t be given any degree that mentioned that he was enrolled in the other program than regular ones. Thus, the other program of BTech has the same recognition as the regular BTech program.  You will be awarded the degree that is AICTE approved and has the same value as the regular mode.

And the question comes about the job acceptability you will be far ahead of the regular passed B Tech graduates. When you completing Distance BTech, you are not only securing the degree you are also earning the experience related to the job.

The combination of degree and experience makes you the top contender as you will possess the most important industry experience and the degree. This will make you widely accepted for higher salary and promotions through the ranks in any industry. B Tech Admission Process 2021?

Supreme Court Decision on Distance B Tech

The honorable Supreme court ruled an important decision regarding the validity of Distance B Tech. Supreme Court has ruled that Distance B Tech is invalid and holds no value. This was in the consideration of the fact that BTech needs both theoretical and Practical Knowledge.

As many of the universities are providing B Tech from distance mode which is not validthe Supreme court came up with the judgment that none of the universities can offer BTech courses without the affiliation of AICTE.

All India Council of Technical Education (AICTE) is an educational body that provides affiliation to all the universities offering a technical course that needs face to face classes and more practical knowledge. The Future Of B Tech Is Here?

It works on the basis of the quality of the curriculum they are providing and the laboratories to be used for the technical courses. So as per the need for technical courses, AICTE and UGC clearly mentioned that distance BTech is an invalid course. So, the Supreme Court ordered that without AICTE approval none of the universities can offer BTech courses.

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