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Is the Bharathiar University SDE Good or Bad? Full Review and Facts

Jan 22, 2024 1.3K Reads

Bharathiar University, a state government university in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, formed the School of Distance Education (SDE) in 1991-1992 to offer distance and open learning courses to students. It is a NAAC-rated ‘A’ grade university and has also been ranked among the top 13 national universities for Science and Arts by MHRD-NIRF. The university offers undergraduate and postgraduate courses along with several lateral entry and professional courses to students.

About Bharathiar University SDE

Tamil Nadu is a state that boasts of academic and educational legacy with many pioneering educational institutions started in this state. Bharathiar University is one of the most renowned universities in Tamil Nadu. 

Established in 1982, this is one of the older universities in India. The School of Distance Education (SDE) was formed as an academic division of Bharathiar University in 1991-92 to extend the educational services of the university to students who cannot relocate to pursue regular courses. Starting with conventional distance learning courses, the university today taps into the advancements in technology to offer virtual and physical support to students pursuing distance courses. 

The university today offers over 99 courses in the distance learning mode to students through its School of Distance Education. It has been authorized by UGC-DEB  to provide fully online learning courses and is a NAAC-rated ‘A’ grade college. It is ranked among the top 15 universities of India in the category of Sciences and Arts. Its SDE offers undergraduate and postgraduate degree and diploma courses in addition to several professional courses.

Difference Between Online Education & Distance Education

Factors one should consider while choosing a Distance University

Finding a university that matches all the requirements is very difficult and important for an individual’s future. There are various needs to be considered while enrolling at the university for the authentication of the university. The factors also determine the validation of your degree and prevent any kind of scam. Those factors are mentioned below:

  • Accreditation 
  • Fee structure
  • Faculty & Curriculum
  • Accessibility of LMS
  • Evaluation Method
  • Student Support System
  • Placement Assistance

Accreditation of Bharathiar University SDE

Bharathiar University SDE is a NAAC-rated ‘A’ university in India. Moreover, it has the approval of UGC-DEB for offering distance learning courses to students. Considering that it has the authorization of the government-authorized statutory bodies for providing online education, the degrees and diplomas obtained from Bharathiar University SDE are completely valid and credible. 

Moreover, with the latest guidelines from the Ministry of Education and Government of India, any full-time distance degree is of equal importance and worth as the same regular degree course.  So students can be sure of the validity of their degree/diploma obtained from Bharathiar University since it is a nationally and internationally recognized university. 

Fee Structure of Bharathiar University SDE

The fee range at Bharathiar University SDE is quite affordable and pocket-friendly, with all courses costing below INR 50,000 for the full term. So, a larger number of students can afford and take admission to the courses. The fee payment can be done through annual instalments which ensures that the fee expenses are not heavy on the pocket for students. 

Here are the fee details for the courses at Bharathiar University SDE: 

Fee Structure for Courses at Bharathiar University SDE


Full Course Fee

B. A 

INR 7220


INR 7220- INR 13,220


INR 7220- INR 12,620


INR 11,000- INR 24,000


INR 9620


INR 15,620


INR 15,620


INR 13,120


INR 13,120


INR 16,000- INR 24,500


INR 16,120


INR 24,000-INR 30,000


INR 16,120

PG Diploma Courses

INR 6000- INR 9000

B.Sc (Lateral Entry)

INR 14,840

BCA (Lateral Entry) 

INR 14,840

B.Com (Lateral Entry)

INR 6640

MBA (Lateral Entry)

INR 11,520

Curriculum and Faculty of the Bharathiar University SDE

The Department of Distance Education (DDE) at Bharathiar University has many high experts and educated faculty members for the various courses, most of whom have a Ph.D. degree. The University has experience of many years in Distance Education. The faculty helps students to provide instruction and tools through their distance education. They also help students in building and expand their network by introducing them to the alumni of the university.

Accessibility of LMS of Bharathiar University SDE

Bharathiar University uses technological means to extend educational support to students. It also has Physical Contact Programmes (PCP) which are conducted at the university headquarters. 

The university has the following facilities for learning support for students

Learning Support Features at Bharathiar University SDE

Physical Contact Programme (PCP) 

Virtual Classroom 

Livestream Classes

Printed Learning Materials 

Digital Learning Materials (CD format)

Digital Learning Resources, Previous Years Question Papers, etc. 

In addition to the multiple learning support features, the university also allows students to pursue distance courses while pursuing regular courses simultaneously. This dual course provision provides value for time to students.

Evaluation Method of Bharathiar University SDE

The courses at Bharathiar University SDE follow the annual mode of examinations. Examinations are conducted by the university twice a year. 

  • For the process of examinations, the students must submit their examination application form along with the examination fee. 
  • The students are assigned to an exam center by the university and the student must appear for exams from their designated center only.

Students Support System of Bharathiar University SDE

Student support is an important part of a distance education institution since students do not visit the campus regularly. So in case concerns arise, there should be a framework in place where students can reach out. 

  • To ensure that students are in contact with the university authorities, the university has established over 44 Learning Support Centres across Tamil Nadu, where students can conveniently seek clarification of queries and redressal of concerns.    
  • Additionally, students can also seek redressal of issues through the online support portal available on the official website of the university. 
  • Apart from these amenities, students enrolled at SDE can also contact the university administration by telephone or via email, the details of which are available on the website of the university. 

Placement Assistance of Bharathiar University SDE

Placement Support is one of the most important factors that students are looking for in a  distance education university today. At Bharathiar University SDE, students get to attend job fairs and melas which are exclusively designed for the students enrolled in distance education courses.

Why Choose Bharathiar University SDE

Bharathiar University is one of the top educational institutions in the state of Karnataka and its School of Distance Education (established in 1991-92) provides around 100 courses to students at the UG and PG levels in the distance learning mode. Numerous students seek admission to the SDE, Bharathiar University every year.

Why Choose Bharathiar University SDE

If you want to pursue your degree online or distance mode then Bharathiar University SDE is one of the best option due to its variety of facilities. Some of their benefits are mentioned above.

Some Other Online/Distance Universities

Several other online and ODL universities in India are well-accredited. Here we have listed down some of the top options for you. 

Other Distance Education Universities

Kakatiya University Distance Education

University of Calicut Distance Education

Kakatiya University Distance Education

LPU Distance Education

Kerala University Distance Education

LPU Distance Education

CCE UPES Distance Learning

Sri Padmavati Mahila Visvavidyalayam - DDE

CCE UPES Distance Learning

Chandigarh University Distance

Swami Vivekananda Yoga Anusandhana Samsthana

Chandigarh University Distance

Amity University Distance Education

Andhra University Distance Education

Amity University Distance Education

Kalyani University Distance Education

Madras University Distance Education

Kalyani University Distance Education

Punjabi University Distance Education

Annamalai University Distance Education

Punjabi University Distance Education


Bharathiar University SDE has been rated as an A-grade university by the NAAC and is one of India’s top 15 universities for science and arts as ranked by NIRF. It is a UGC-DEB-accredited university and has vast course choices. It is infrastructurally strong and offers efficient pedagogical and logistical support to students. 

The Learner Support Centres make education easier to access for a larger number of students in Tamil Nadu. All these features make the university a good choice for distance education. With over 99 courses offered in the distance learning mode, Bharathiar University offers a diverse range of educational choices to students. Professional as well as academic courses are offered to students in both undergraduate and postgraduate courses. The curriculum has a professional orientation. 

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Yes, the School of Distance Education (SDE) at Bharathiar University offers over 99 courses to students in the distance learning mode. UG, PG and Professional courses in the form of degrees and diplomas are offered by the university through distance learning mode.

Yes, since all the distance courses at Bharathiar University are approved by UGC-DEB and the university is also recognized by bodies like NAAC and NIRF, the degree obtained from Bharathiar University is completely valid and credible.

The university offers fee concessions in special cases but not scholarships. Students who are alumni of Bharathiar University get a 25% fee concession on the tuition fee while differently-abled students are given a fee concession of 100% on the tuition fee.

Yes, Bharathiar University offers a distance MBA to students in 20 specializations as well as a general MBA course. This is a full-time 2 year course offered through distance learning mode to students.

Yes, Bharathiar University School of Distance Education has the approval of UGC-DEB.

No, Bharathiar University does not have learning centres outside Tamil Nadu, but it has 44 learner support centres established in the state of Tamil Nadu.

No, Bharathiar University does not conduct any entrance exam for any of its courses including MBA and MCA for the distance mode of learning.

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