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Chandigarh University Distance MBA Review - Good or Bad, Worth It?

Apr 5, 2024 1.1K Reads

Most people think that a distance degree does not hold any value in the job market, but the truth is that distance degrees like Distance MBA are valuable in the job market and also the course is approved by the Distance Education Bureau of the University Grant Commission and All India Council of Technical Education.

Chandigarh University Distance MBA Course 2024

MBA or master of business administration is a postgraduate course that is pursued by most students after completing a graduate degree in any discipline to attain higher studies. The MBA course can be completed through regular learning methods and distance learning methods.

The university designed the distance MBA course that holds value throughout the world and designed it accordingly to fulfil the current requirement of the industry. Chandigarh University is accredited with A+ Grade through National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) and is also recognized by UGC-DEB.

Distance MBA is one of the most common courses among the students as there is no need to attend regular classes and students can take the benefit from this by joining other career-related activities or courses.

​Every student wants to learn advanced skills and knowledge which will help them to make their career in the future. Master of business administration is a professional degree course designed to develop skills and provide the knowledge required in making a career in the business and management industry.

Management plays an essential role in any field whether it is a small shop or a big empire. It is compulsory to manage the things in the firms and businesses after congregating all the resources to utilize these resources effectively. Management imparts the technical and theoretical knowledge of management required to manage the different sectors of business.

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The course also trains the students in different skills like communication skills, soft skills, team management skills, leadership skills, team management skills, risk management skills, problem-solving skills, etc. that can be used in the management of the business industry.

The Distance MBA course is the best option for working professionals who are engaged in any professional work and want to pursue higher studies to attain better knowledge and skills of management to upgrade their career or get a promotion in their current jobs.

As the Distance MBA course is one of the most pursued courses by the students, many universities have initiated providing MBA courses through distance learning. Chandigarh is the best university among all universities to join the Distance MBA course.

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All organizations need a special person to manage the specific sectors of that organization. There are various specializations of distance MBA courses that are provided by Chandigarh University like Finance Management, Marketing Management, Human Resource Management, and International Business.

Chandigarh University Distance MBA Fees

The fee structure of a Distance MBA is quite lower than the regular Distance MBA course. The fees of the course differ in different universities. Chandigarh University’s distance education MBA Fee structure is very simple.

For Odd Semesters – A total of Rs.14450 is to be paid.

Fees for Even Semesters – A total of Rs.11950 is to be paid.

​Odd Semester Fees
Even Semester Fees
Academic fee Rs. 9950
Academic fee
​Rs. 9950
Registration fee Rs. 2500
Exam fee of
​Rs. 2000
Exam fee of Rs. 2000

​Admission Process of Distance MBA at Chandigarh

  • The admission procedure of Chandigarh University is straightforward and effortless.
  • The student has to log on to the official website of Chandigarh University and generate a User Id and password which will be required for further communication.
  • After logging in the student will have to fill the registration form available on the homepage of the website with details such as name, email address, contact number, etc.
  • After registering successfully, the student needs to choose the discipline or specialization in which they are interested in taking admission.
  • A login user Id and password have been received through email or SMS.
  • The student can also use the registered email ID at the place of the User ID.
  • The student needs to complete his/her profile and then fill in the admission form.
  • Then the student has to upload all the necessary documents. After that, the documents have been verified by the university.
  • Then the candidate has to pay the fees. After making payment, a confirmation mail of registration completion is received at the registered email address or contact number.

Eligibility Criteria for Chandigarh Distance MBA

There are some certain eligibility criteria that every student needs to follow to take admission to Chandigarh University for the Distance MBA course:-

  • The students must have a graduation degree completed through a recognized university.
  • Students from any discipline at the graduation level can go for the distance MBA course.
  • The university through which the applicant has completed his/her graduation must be a recognized university through the University Grant Commission or All India Council for Technical Education.

Duration of Chandigarh Distance MBA

The duration of the distance MBA course is 2 years which is subdivided into 4 semesters of 6 months each. There is a benefit for distance MBA students that they can complete the course in 5 years which is not possible during the regular MBA course.

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Specializations of Distance MBA, Chandigarh University

There are 4 specializations in distance MBA courses at Chandigarh University:-

  • MBA in Finance Management
  • MBA in Human Resource Management
  • MBA in Marketing Management
  • MBA in International Business Management

chandigarh mba specialisation

Syllabus List for Chandigarh Distance MBA

MBA 1st & 2nd Sem Subjects

S. N.

MBA Semester – 1 (Subject Title)

MBA Semester – 2 (Subject Title)

1 Managerial Economics Human Resource Management
2 Quantitative Techniques for Managers Operations Management
3 Management Practices and Organizational Behavior Corporate Finance
4 Financial Reporting and Analysis Marketing Management
5 Business Environment and Regulatory Framework Business Research Methods
Business Research Methods – Project

MBA 3rd & 4th Sem Subjects

S. N. MBA Semester – 3 (Subject Title)

MBA Semester – 4 (Subject Title)

1 Strategic Management Research Project Report
2 Information System Management Entrepreneurship Development (Virtual Workshop Model-Based Practical Course)
3 Specialisation Group A/B/C/D/: Elective I Business Ethics and Corporate Governance


4 Specialisation Group A/B/C/D/: Elective II Specialisation Group A/B/C/D/: Elective IV
5 Specialisation Group A/B/C/D/: Elective III Specialisation Group A/B/C/D/: Elective V

​MBA Specialization/ Elective Subjects

Specialisation/ Elective

Subject Title


Finance (A) Management of Financial Services 3rd Semester
Project Finance and Financial Modeling 3rd Semester
Tax Planning and Management 3rd Semester
Investment Management 4th Semester
International Finance 4th Semester
Marketing Management (B) Consumer Behaviour 3rd Semester
Marketing of Services 3rd Semester
Integrated Marketing Communication 3rd Semester
Sales and Distribution Management 4th Semester
Retail Management 4th Semester
Human Resource Management (C) Talent Acquisition and Management 3rd Semester
Training and Development 3rd Semester
Strategic HRM 3rd Semester
Compensation & Reward Management 4th Semester
Cross-Cultural HRM 4th Semester
International Business (D) Export-Import Documentation 3rd Semester
International Marketing Management 3rd Semester
International Trade 3rd Semester
International Banking & FOREX 4th Semester
International HRM 4th Semester

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Here in this blog, all the information about the Distance MBA course provided by Chandigarh University is given for the students who are interested to take admission to Chandigarh University. Hope the blog will help you to make the best decision.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Yes, the Distance MBA course is a valid course that is also approved by the UGC-DEB.

Chandigarh University is recognized as the best B business school for an MBA as it is providing the best placements in various top recruiting Companies. Students are getting excellent placements in the desired companies.

Yes, you can take direct admission to Chandigarh university as there is no need to give an entrance exam to take admission.

Yes, Chandigarh University is approved by the University Grant Commission authorized by the Government of India for the maintenance, coordination, and determination of distance universities of India.

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