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Is IIM Raipur Online Good or Bad? – Full Review and Facts

Dec 11, 2023 1.2K Reads

Most people do not know that IIM Raipur offers various online programs, So you can pursue those courses.

IIM Raipur online provides various Management Development Programs (MDPs) in different areas of management to keep up with the changing world of business and management practices. These MDPs offer a chance for participants to share ideas and learn from a diverse group of peers.

IIM Raipur online offers Advanced Management Development Programs that include a two-week overseas learning program (OLP) in collaboration with global and international business schools. These programs also involve two weeks of on-campus learning and industry visits. Also Available | MBA Online Courses from IIM

Also the institute customizes executive development programs for senior and middle-level executives from different types of organizations, including private, public, and government sectors. These programs aim to help participants enhance their management skills and reach their full potential. Also Available | IIM Certificate Courses for Working Professionals

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About IIM Raipur Online

The Indian Institute of Management Raipur was established in 2010 by the Government of India, Ministry of Human Resource Development. It's located in Raipur, the capital of Chhattisgarh, a state known for its natural resources.

The institute's mission is to educate ethical leaders who are not only dedicated to business and industry but also care about making positive contributions to their country and enhancing its global reputation.

The campus is vibrant with various student clubs organizing activities and inviting established individuals from the corporate world to engage with the students. You May Interested | Online IIM Courses

Factors to be considered while taking admissions in IIM Raipur Online

Before applying to an online college, it's essential for students to do some research. Look into the program's curriculum, what you need to do to graduate, and the online courses they offer.

Check if they have the major you want and if they offer a variety of classes in that field. Some programs let you choose specializations or extra classes, while others have a fixed curriculum. Also Available | IIM Executive MBA Online

Also, find out if the program requires internships, labs, or practical experience. If they do, figure out how online students can meet these requirements, and make sure the school provides support for distance learners. This research will help you make an informed decision about the online college that's right for you.

Various factors which need to be considered and also these factors will help you to select the best fit for you. 

Things to remember while taking admissions- 

  • University Accreditation
  • Fee structure
  • Curriculum and faculty
  • Accessibility of LMS
  • Evaluation Method
  • Student Support System
  • Placement Assistance

Now, we will be discussing all the above factors in depth. 

Accreditations of IIM Raipur Online

Why are accreditations important to check?

Accreditation is like a quality check for colleges and universities in India. It's something they can choose to do voluntarily. In this process, an outside agency looks at the institution to make sure it meets certain quality standards. Accreditation has many benefits for these institutions.It ensures quality education. 

Now we will be talking about the accreditations of IIM Raipur Online-

Hence, all the degrees provided by the university are considered to be valid. 

Fee structure of the IIM Raipur Online

When picking a university, your budget is important, but don't forget about quality. While affordable options are attractive, remember that what matters most is what you gain from the course, like knowledge and job opportunities. Now, let's talk about the fee structure of the IIM Raipur University- 

Online Courses offered by the IIM Raipur 

There are various programs offered  by the IIM Raipur online,  and all the courses provided by IIM Raipur are mentioned below- 


Executive Certificate Program in Business Finance

Rs. 70000 + GST

Executive Post Graduate Programme in Management

Rs. 13,25,000

Executive Development Programme in Leadership and Change Management

Rs. 65000 + GST

Post Graduate Executive Certification in General Management

Rs. 1,60,000 + GST

Executive Development Program in Operations Management with Six Sigma

Rs. 70000 + GST

eDP in Data Science and Machine Learning using R and Python

Rs. 70000 + GST

Executive Certificate Program in Digital Marketing and Social Media Strategy

Rs. 75000 + GST

Curriculum and Faculty of IIM Raipur Online

In this program, you'll learn through various methods like real-life cases, simulations, solving problems, assignments and talking with others in the class. The classes happen live, and you can't watch them later unless you have a very good reason like a medical emergency or an important work task. In such cases, we might let you watch a recording of the session.

The curriculum at IIM Raipur Online is carefully designed to be accessible and up-to-date. It includes live online classes, discussions, real-world examples, and projects. This approach helps students connect theoretical knowledge with practical applications. The faculty consists of subject experts who simplify complex concepts for better understanding. Students learn from experienced teachers and gain valuable insights.

The courses are personalized for working professionals, making them manageable alongside existing commitments. Overall, the curriculum and faculty ensure a well-rounded and practical learning experience for online students.

LMS of IIM Raipur Online

Do you know why having a LMS is important? University LMS (Learning Management System) helps traditional universities offer online courses to students who aren't on campus. This allows universities to use their resources more effectively and reach more students. With online degree programs, students have the flexibility to learn from anywhere. Also Read | Importance of Learning Management System to Students.

LMS of the IIM Raipur University for online courses  is like a digital hub where you can find all the information about your course, like lessons, materials, and quizzes. It's like having everything in one place, making it easy for everyone to get the latest information.

The evaluation method used by IIM Raipur Online

At IIM Raipur online, they assess your performance throughout the course. They do this by looking at your midterm and final exams, quizzes, assignments, and how active you are in class discussions.

To successfully finish this program, you need to attend at least 70% of the live sessions. You also have to do assignments or projects either by yourself or in a group. Your performance will be assessed through mid-term and end-term exams.

Student Support System at IIM Raipur Online-

When enrolling in a university, we often wonder if they provide support for students. Well, at IIM Raipur online, they have a student support system:

  • Easy Application: They've made the admission process simple and efficient, from your first inquiry to your welcome at the desk, using technology to streamline it.
  • Support Desk: Enrolled professionals can quickly get answers to their questions through a live-chat support system or by making a request.
  • Professional Counseling: They have a team of experts who can help you choose the right course for your career growth.
  • Social Responsibility: They also give back to society by offering special support and scholarships to ex-servicemen and individuals with physical disabilities who are pursuing education or careers.

Placement assistance of the IIM Raipur Online

Why is placement assistance important?  placement support is for online students in helping them secure the right job opportunities after finishing their studies. Placement assistance is vital for online students as it provides guidance in finding suitable careers, prepares them for job interviews, and helps build networks and resumes. These aspects are essential for online students to make the most of their education and professional experience and land their dream jobs.

Online IIM Raipur Online offers various placement assistance opportunities to all its learners to help them find the right employment opportunities.

Why Choose IIM Raipur Online?

There are various features of choosing IIM Raipur University Online such as-

  • IIM Raipur degree
  • IIM alumni status
  • Blended mode
  • Virtual library access
  • Pay fee term wise
  • Strong alumni network
  • Comfortable learning
  • IIM Raipur campus visit

Some other online universities that you can consider

There are also other universities offering the same courses that you can consider-




Vignan University Online


Andhra Pradesh

Sastra University Online


Tamil Nadu

GLA University Online


Uttar Pradesh

Chandigarh University 



MMU Online University 




Management Development Programs and Advanced Management Development Programs are among the several courses that IIM Raipur Online provides. These courses offer chances for international learning and are designed specifically for working professionals at various career phases. The university has flexible fee schedules and is accredited. 

Experienced faculty members teach the practical applications-focused curriculum. Their Learning Management System (LMS) makes sure that online education is available. Exams, quizzes, assignments, and participation in class are all used for evaluation. 70% attendance is necessary as a minimum. The university provides smooth application procedures, strong student support services, and expert counseling. Partners like Accenture and Amazon offer placement support.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

IIM Raipur offers various online courses such as- 

  • Executive Certificate Program in Business Finance
  • Executive Post Graduate Programme in Management
  • Executive Development Programme in Leadership and Change Management
  • Post Graduate Executive Certification in General Management
  • Executive Development Program in Operations Management with Six Sigma
  • eDP in Data Science and Machine Learning using R and Python
  • Executive Certificate Program in Digital Marketing and Social Media Strategy

Yes, there are reputed placement partners of the university such as- 

  • Accenture
  • Amazon
  • HDFC Bank
  • TCS
  • Tech Mahindra

Fee structure ranges from 1,00000 to 7,00000 depending upon the course you are choosing.

Considering the increasing demand, the Indian Institute of Management (IIMs) have introduced several online courses, both short and long, specifically for individuals who are currently employed.

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