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M.Tech Vs MBA – Which is a Better Option After B.Tech?

Dec 9, 2023 28.8K Reads


After graduating from Engineering a student gets a degree of BTech. This technical Degree maketh a student into an engineer and makes him competent enough to have an illustrious career. 

BTech opens a vast sea of opportunities for engineers with a decent salary package and progressive. Still, there is a large group of students who want to continue their studies to the post-graduation level. When it comes to going for a higher level of Degree, MTech and MBA are the two degrees that are considered to be best.

The reason why MBA and MTech are the only pursued options after completing BTech is truly justified which will be listed below. Whether it’s an IT company or manufacturing company every organization requires both an MBA and MTech on the higher posts for the proper functioning of the company.

The MTech holders are the technical specialists in the company and they handle all the important technical decisions and applications that impact the company. While MBA’s are responsible for other management issues such as Sales, Operations, Marketing, HR, etc.  But still, there is always a tussle in mind of an engineer to pursue what after the BTech is completed.

Whether to go for an MBA or MTech? The debate never comes to end when it comes to choosing a single course. Unlike Satya Nadela who pursued higher education both in engineering and MBA, generally, students choose a single higher degree.

The question poses a lot of dilemmas in the minds of young and energetic engineers. Both degrees equally valuable and have the capacity to make your career a star-studded one.  As both qualifications provide you a well-placed job, a high standard of living your decision should be well calculated and precise.

There must be a SWOT analysis of both the courses for you so that you get a clearer picture in your mind about which course to choose. We will be covering every course separately to give you a better understanding of both.

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Overview of M Tech

This course needs no introduction to you as you all know that this is a master’s degree in technology. M Tech is the post-graduation degree that one does after completing BTech. M Tech is the course for engineers who want to continue their education in the technical domain.

M Tech is a three-year course that is the next level after engineering. M Tech provides advanced study about engineering. In BTech, the whole curriculum is divided into various subjects and the single subject becomes the whole specialization in the M Tech. 

This must have made you realize the advanced study and deeper technical curriculum M Tech has. The course of M Tech deals with the theory as well as the practical application of the specialization that you choose.

The technical graduates sought M Tech for any of the two purposes. One is the lucrative career associated after graduating from M Tech. The M Tech graduates are offered senior positions in the industry.

Rather than recruited as Graduate Engineering Trainee, the M Tech pass-out students are inducted as on the positions at top managerial positions. The second reason that BTech holders go for the M Tech is the research in their specializations. Students pursuing the M Tech further go for doctoral degrees in their specializations.

The curriculum of M Tech is divided in such a way that the one year of M.Tech is dedicated to theoretical knowledge while the second year of the curriculum is allotted for project work.

The project holds high importance in the curriculum of M Tech as it is the part of the curriculum where the students apply the higher engineering knowledge to make a live project.

The thesis and paper are to be approved and then published by the students in order to get the degree of M Tech. Let’s see the career aspects and opportunities that an M Tech pursuing individual will get after completing the M Tech.

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Career After M Tech

The career after M Tech is noteworthy and proficient. M Tech holds a high cadre when seen the pedigree of the degree. The reason for the value of M Tech is because of the highly intricate curriculum which involves research work on your specializations.

So the curriculum evolves the thought process at such a level that you can have the option to create a career of your own. Let’s see the highly prestigious options that you get after doing an M Tech:-

  • Doctoral Degree: You are interested enough interest to get going with your research work, you have the option to get a doctoral degree. Pursuing a Ph.D. in your specializations is one of the best options that you have after doing M Tech. The research scholars get stipend good enough to continue their research work and live a comfortable life. Research Scholars change the future of any field and thus have high value academically and socially.
  • Entrepreneurship: After getting a higher degree in technology, you have deep insights about the technology as well as the industry that you are relevant to. As it is M Tech you are also given the industrial aspects of the technology including the feasibility, forecasting, and business models. Also, capitalists invest in the M Tech Graduates as M Tech graduates are deeply educated to make successful entrepreneurship.
  • Professors: You also have a chance to nurture the young technological minds in the technological maestro. You can be a professor in the BTech colleges. Professors have good-paying jobs and also are respected in society. As you become professors you will always be in sync with your subject and you will be contributing to society by creating scientific temperament.
  • Corporate Jobs: The market is filled with tech giants in every field. Every specialization-based industry has the need for the subject matter experts in their companies for the future of the companies. The M Tech graduates are paid a high salary along with perks in these companies. You have comfortable living along with a good salary package and with the feeling that you are creating a future. The R&D divisions mainly require M Tech to turn their vision into reality.

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MBA Overview

When we talk about research and courses in management and business management, So, if you look forward to this area, MBA’s are the best choice for you. Company Masters Management refers to the course considered hard and accessible in many colleges. Everywhere in the world.

The MBA program is essentially intended to teach advanced concepts and Practices necessary in the management of the business. MBA is the research of the word. Corporate management in all phases of an enterprise.

The issues are banking, accounting, Company, and management marketing, human resources. An MBA has emerged as the advanced base of business learning in this fast-paced, constantly evolving business world.

Either you are a fresher or a graduate, the degree in MBA will accelerate your career. MBA stands for Master in Business Administration. But what if you’re an employee who can’t attend a two-year MBA standard class? Distance MBA comes here to save you the day.

For those who cannot follow a full-time MBA program due to different circumstances, such as economic restriction, working time or even personal reasons you can go for the Distance MBA (MBA Distance Education) is an advantageous career option. 

MBA is the most viable option in this dynamic industry for those who want to improve their resume degree. In the field of functional management, MBA builds logical and analytical skills. MBA allows you to use all the theoretical experience in the workplace in real-time.

Today most MBA colleges and institutes are committed to helping students to profile themselves as portfolio managers, financial analysts, executives, etc. in multinationals and the corporate world.

Specializations of MBA are important in the field of Business Management. There are various fields that you can go for.

Here is the list of specializations:- 

Agriculture Business Management Corporate Management Logistics and Supply Chain Management
General Management Healthcare and Hospital Import and Export
Operations Retail Management IT and System
International Business Human Resource Sales and Marketing
Accounting Finance

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Career After MBA

An applicant is exposed to a wide variety of opportunities in various fields, such as finance, marketing, insurance, banking, accounting, human resources, and other areas while earning an MBA.

MBA fills in the positions of Brand Managers, Social Media Managers, Digital Managers, Analysts, and Executives of market researchers. Financial Analysts, HR Managers, and Business Executives are some of the best career profiles available after doing an MBA.

MBA offers employment opportunities in the international import and export sectors, in consultancy services, informatics, shipping, and telecommunications industries. When you do an MBA, you are opening up media, communications, and advertisement.

In the MBA universities, there is a devoted placement cell that will help you to get the job of your dreams. Some of the leading distance hire companies for MBA graduates include Helix Tech, Vivo India, Aviva, Tata Communication, Bajaj Electricals, Michelin, HCL, Royal Bank of Scotland. The company list goes on and your career goes on when you select an MBA.

You are also qualified to take on the post in government agencies, PSU, banks, and airports since you are an MBA. So, MBA not only offers an increase in your current job salary and advancement but also extends the potential for new business development.

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Part-Time M Tech and MBA – An Alternative to the Working professionals

As we have discussed both M Tech and MBA, and how they improve your career prowess. But these degrees ask for the sacrifice of your career when you are going to pursue these degrees in the full-time mode. But there is an option for you to get these higher degrees without stopping in your current job.

Part or Working Professional M Tech and MBA is the best option for those professionals who want to get a higher degree along with their progressing career. Though categorized as part-time or working professionals the degrees have the same recognition when you put these degrees out on your resume. Working Professional M Tech or Part-Time MBA degrees are recognized by the AICTE and UGC-DEB respectively.

Still, there must be a question buzzing whether M Tech Working Professionals or Distance MBA degrees are just degrees and no knowledge gained then you are wrong.

The curriculum and Learning Management systems of the AICTE and UGC-DEB-approved university are designed in the same way that they efficiently facilitate learning.

You are subjected to live classes, recorded lectures, e-books, webinars assignments, and everything that is provided in regular learning. The placement assistance cells of top universities that provide Part M Tech and Distance MBA aid students to secure top spots in the best of the companies out in the market.

So, it is a wise choice to go for an M Tech working professional and Online/ Part-time MBA as you will be having the experience of your industry and a higher degree to adorn your CV. This impeccable combination of Degree and Experience will put you forward in the job market when compared to the students who are engrossed in the full-time mode.


  • We have critically analyzed both Degrees of M Tech and MBA for you. Every degree brings its advantages to the table. M Tech has a different set of advantages and an MBA gives you the ability of different kinds. Comparing both degrees will just be an injustice because they altogether have different USPs. It’s comparing oranges and apples.
  • Recent trends have shown that BTech Graduates go for the MBA as it explores the horizons of the business world along with their technical knowledge. But this trend does not prove that M Tech provides a bad career option for you if you select it.
  • M Tech is highly reputed in the industry which is related to engineering and Technology. Innovation is the key to survival in the industry and the innovation in the companies is brought by the Master of Technology graduates.
  • So, it’s not about which is better, it is about your orientation of interest. What do you want to do? Whether you want to continue your technological side or you want to explore the Business Administration world. Both degrees have equal potency when seen in the job market.
  • Every industry needs two things to survive in the market. Innovation and Technological Experimentation and a proper business model to successfully generate revenue. They need both M Tech and MBA to make them proficiently function and generate business models.

Cutting it in short, the choice is only yours

Unable to make up your mind on which Degree. Need an expert in both domains. College Vidya will assist you to the best of your interests. Schedule a free counseling session if your mind is traveling in two boats. College Vidya will provide a clear decision of your future.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

As you have completed the Bachelor’s Degree, the factor to choose the master program must not be the difficulty level. It must be your interest that should be the deciding factor of the program. If you want to continue your studies in the technical domain, you must go for the M Tech else MBA for discovering the business related studies.

M Tech and MBA are both post graduate degrees and have equal value in the job market. Your work experience and skills matter when it comes to who earns more. As every industry needs an MBA so MBA has an upper hand when it comes to salary.

As you have completed an M Tech you are exposed to a vast number of opportunities in the tech field. Still, if you want to go for an MBA to enhance your knowledge on the business side you can go for a distance or executive MBA.

Yes, one can do an MBA and MTech together. One can go for a regular M Tech and Distance MBA to pursue both MBA and M Tech together.

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