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CAT 2023: IIM CAT Answer Key Expected Soon

Dec 11, 2023 1.1K Reads

The Common Admission Test or CAT was conducted in 2023 in the last week of November on the 26th. The answer key for the same is expected to be released soon by IIM Lucknow. In 2022, when the examination was conducted on 27th November, the answer key for the same was released on 1st December. Accordingly, the release of the answer key can be expected soon.

The CAT examination is the nation’s most prominent management aptitude examination which is conducted for admissions to the prestigious IIMs across India. The CAT is a national entrance examination for admissions to the MBA programs in eminent institutions of India, primarily the IIMs and other prestigious institutions and universities.

Where Will the Answer Key be Released and How to Check the Answer Key?

The provisional answer key for CAT 2023 is expected to be released anytime soon now, by the IIM Lucknow campus. IIM Lucknow will also open its portal for inviting challenges to the released answer key and check the feedback from students to assess their validity. Changes will be made in the answer key if the challenges are found to be valid.

You can check out the answer key for the CAT 2023 exam by:

  • Visiting the official CAT website: www.iimcat.ac.in
  • Clicking on the tab of “Answer Key” on Homepage
  • Entering your unique login credentials
  • Downloading your displayed answer key for future reference.

Examination Pattern for CAT 2023

For the CAT 2023 examination, the question paper consisted of a total of 66 questions, which were divided into 3 sections:

  • Section I consisting of 24 questions: Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension (VARC)
  • Section II consisting of 20 questions: Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning (DILR)
  • Section III consisting of 22 questions: Quantitative Ability (QA)

Calculating Percentile Obtained in CAT 2023 Exam

To calculate the percentile obtained in the CAT examination, you need to find the total number of students who appeared in the exam, followed by which one can find their CAT percentile.

The steps for calculating the CAT 2023 percentile include:

  • Finding the total number of candidates in all the shifts who appeared for the examination in 2023. Represent this figure by ‘N’.
  • Assigning a rank from an ascending order (of their scores on one dimension) to the candidates who appeared for the examination. If two candidates obtain the same score, they must be assigned the same rank. Ranks following the tied ranks must be ordered from one step beyond (i.e. if two candidates are tied for the second rank, i.e. r=2, then the candidate following them should have a rank of 4 and not 3). Ranks of a candidate can be represented as ‘r’.
  • The percentile score for a candidate with a rank ‘r’ can be calculated by

  • Further, the process is calculated for the remaining sections of the CAT exam.
  • Then, the overall percentile of the candidate is calculated.
  • The obtained figure can be rounded off to two decimal points to find the approximate percentile.

CAT 2023: Facts and Figures

88% of people who signed up for the much-anticipated CAT 2023 took the test. That's 2.88 lakh people out of the 3.28 lakh people who originally signed up. The entrance exam occurred on November 26 in 375 test centres in 167 cities. It had three parts with a total of 66 questions each. There were three parts to the test: Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension (VARC), which had 24 questions; Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning (DILR), which had 20 questions; and Quantitative Ability (QA), which had 22 questions. With these numbers, you can get a good idea of how big the CAT 2023 test is and how many people are taking it.

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IMM Lucknow put on CAT 2023, which ended on November 26. The much-anticipated answer key will be out soon. In line with what happened in 2022, people look forward to a release in early December. On the official CAT website, candidates can look at and question the draft answer. There were 66 questions on the test, split into three parts: VARC, DILR, and QA. To get a total percentile, you must do a lot of complicated math, including giving ranks and doing numbers for each part. This knowledge is very important for candidates who want to know how they are doing and how competitive they are for spots in top IIMs.

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