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Online MBA Specialisations In Demand – Updated List 2024

Dec 11, 2023 11.9K Reads

Online MBA offers a myriad of specialisations for you to choose from. The General MBA gives you an overall basic knowledge of all these specializations, however, for in-depth knowledge of one particular discipline, you need to opt for Specialisation specific online MBA programs. 

Top 10 Online MBA Specializations from India & Abroad| 2023

Types of Online MBA Specialisations In Demand

Universities have established various new specializations for online MBA degrees in the past few years because of the rising demands in those industries. The scope of graduating in specialization-specific MBA programs is immense. There have been a lot of job opportunities in industries for specialization-specific roles. 

We have listed below and described the 20 best and most in-demand online MBA specializations for you to decide which one is the best for you. In the end, we have also listed the top 7 online universities in India for online MBA and the specializations they offer. So without delay, let’s get straight to it.  

The 20 top specializations in demand this year for the online MBA program are:

top specialisations of online mba

#1 Analytics & Data Science Management 

Analytics and Data Science In Online Mode are two such fields that currently seem to rule the technological world. The tech industry not just in India but also abroad is increasingly prioritising technologies based on analytics and data science. Most world leaders call it the future of the world. With all this said, it is evident that Analytics and Data science has a lot of scope not just currently but far in the future to come. Hence, management roles in this specialisation are quite in-demand.

Another reason for the demand of management graduates in this specialisation is that no matter how good of an Engineer or Data Scientist you are, you can not necessarily be a good manager as well. So, to manage tech industries, organisations are looking for people who are not just good at management but are also equipped with some technological knowledge in the field of Analytics and Data Science.  

#2 Aviation Management

Online Aviation Management is the specialisation of MBA online that builds business administrators ready specifically for the Aviation and Airline Industry. The aim of the program is to teach students the concepts of General and Business Management that runs the industry. This course prepares you for various managerial roles within the industry including various public and private flight operations. This course is also equipped with the required curriculum that introduces you and prepares you for a career in the international aviation industry as well.  

#3 Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance Management

Online Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance (BFSI) Management is a rapidly growing industry in India because of the increasing per capita income, increased financial awareness in customers, new technology, expansion in distribution and country’s economy, and networking. In the past 15 years, the BFSI industry has seen some great reforms and based on the country’s inclusive growth, this industry is going to continue to be one of the top priorities for India’s economic development. Hence, the scope of BFSI Management in the near future is crystal clear.  

#4 Business Management 

Online Business Management is one of the most popular and important specialisations in the MBA program. In fact, the name MBA comes from Business Administration. MBA in Business Management prepares you to organise, coordinate, and manage business activities within an organisation. Since this course introduces you to each and every aspect of business management, you are ready to even start your own business.

You can imagine the vast scope of this specialisation in this business-driven world. Anything you see around from education to medical to technology, almost everything runs on business models today. And to efficiently run these businesses, you need business administrators and managers.   

#5 Entrepreneurship and Leadership Management

This specific specialisation of an online MBA prepares you to be great leaders and entrepreneurs and run successful business ventures. The program focuses specifically on teaching you strategic management using your entrepreneurship qualities. The program aims to hone your leadership skills so that you can organise, motivate, and lead a group of people towards success.

The objective of this specialisation is to teach you the importance and benefit of innovation and risk optimisation, , teach you to build a dynamic organisational environment, and also how to find, grab and take advantage of the opportunities around you. The scope of this specialisation is something that is going to be alive forever as there always will be innovations and new businesses coming out of the minds of entrepreneurs. Click here to enrol

#6 Finance Management

Online Finance Management is that stream of MBA that focuses on the managing, organising, strategic planning, and controlling of finances within an organisation. The scope is vast as you get the opportunity to work for both private and government organisations pertaining to economic development of the country. Job roles in this sector are going to be available as long as there is money in the world, which is probably forever. So you need not worry about your future if you decide to build your career in Financial Management.  

top specialisations of online mba

#7 General Management

The Online General Management specialisation of MBA offers one of the highest paying jobs in the Management industry. As a General Manager, you will have to oversee the daily operations of all the units of a business segment within an organisation. General Management includes creating and managing budgets and employees management as well. The objective of this specialisation is to teach you to set operational policies to ensure that the business is meeting its strategic goals. The job is quite demanding but equally rewarding at the same time with a great future. 

#8 Hospitality Management 

Hospitality industry is a new, young, and still growing industry with immense career prospects because of its fast growth. Hospitality Management is the specialisation of MBA that prepares you for managerial roles in industries like travel & tourism, hotel & restaurants, housekeeping, catering, and other related industries. Tourism has seen a sharp rise in the past decade and hence has greatly affected other related hospitality industries. This has led to an increase in demand for hospitality managers as businesses want to improve their hospitality and please customers for better engagement and a successful business.  

#9 Human Resource Management

Online Human Resource Management is another popular and old yet vital specialisation of an MBA program. This specialisation aims at teaching you the basics of effective management of people (both employees and employers) within an organisation. It also educates you on the strategic approaches for efficient communication between the company and its employees. The jobs in this field have always been in demand and will continue to be the same in the future as well, making it a promising career prospect. 

#10 Information Technology and Systems Management

The Information Technology industry is a vast marketplace in today’s technologically advanced world. There is great demand for managerial positions within this industry. The Information Technology and Systems Management specialisation of MBA focuses on educating students to develop managerial skills along with critical thinking and the usage of modern technology to study and develop business solutions in the IT & Systems department of any organisation.

You will also be taught the concepts of system analytics, digital payments, enterprise resource planning, organisational behaviour and information technology in Management. The future in this specialisation is surely quite secure as the demand in the industry is immense. 

#11 IT & Fintech Management

For those who aspire to build a career as managers in the Information Technology or financial technology sector can opt for this specialisation of the MBA program. This sector is evolving and definitely has a bright future owing to the popularity of financial technologies in the current era. The managerial roles in this specialisation offer lucrative job roles with high salary packages. 

#12 International Business Management

With increasing networking across the globe, businesses have also been transcending boundaries and getting established in various countries around the world. This specialisation is different from the regular business management as you need to be aware about the international practices in businesses.

This course focuses on teaching you foreign trade policy, global outsourcing, international currency management, WTO and international regulatory environment. There is great scope as international business has been gaining quite a lot of importance lately. This specialisation offers you lucrative job opportunities around the world. 

#13 International Trade Management 

Trade in the international market has a lot of job opportunities for management graduates. However, these jobs require you to be aware of the management practices specific to the international trade market. Hence, this specialisation has been designed to prepare students for managerial roles in the international trading industry. The industry is vast as it spans across the globe, so naturally the scope of career is great as well.  

top specialisations of online mba

#14 Logistics & Supply Chain Management

In any business organization, the management of logistics and supply chain of the products is an important and integral part. Logistics management requires you to organise and manage the process of integration, storage, and maintenance of goods in the organisation while Supply Chain management requires you to efficiently organise, coordinate, and manage the movement of supply chains of the organisation. This program specialises in this aspect and makes its students ready to effectively oversee the logistics and supply chain management in their organisations.  

#15 Marketing & Sales Management 

Marketing and Sales is currently one of the most popular specialisations of an MBA program. The job roles after graduating in this specialisation are creative, innovative and lucrative. This course teaches you to identify and be up to date with the changing business landscapes and demands. You also learn the importance and application of both traditional and modern-day marketing. You will be able to explore contemporary marketing techniques to understand marketing at both regional and global scale.   

#16 Operations & Production Management 

Operations and Production is a crucial facet of any business organisation. Therefore, this specialisation aims to develop managers to specifically deal with the operations and production department of an organisation. The course teaches you the fundamentals of operations management along with procurement management, quality management, logistics as well as distribution channel management. Other important subjects you will be learning if you specialise in Operations and Production are- optimise capacity and production, determine output to measure performance and cut operation costs.  

#17 Petroleum & Natural Gas Management 

The management roles in the Petroleum and Natural Gas industry require not just managerial skills but also the knowledge of the fundamentals of oil and gas business. Hence, this specialisation has been created to make the students aware about the fundamentals of petroleum explorations, petro economics, refining, and environment and carbon finance. If you wish to enter the Energy industry in managerial roles, then knowledge of these subjects is a must and hence MBA in this specialisation is what you must opt for.  

#18 Project Management 

Project Management is the specialisation of MBA that focuses on specifics of managing projects within a department by leading a team to achieve all the goals of the project. As a Project Manager, you will be required to focus on specific projects to lead them effectively and efficiently to produce the desired output. There is great scope in this field as it has been seen that various organisations have failed to manage projects efficiently in the absence of a project manager. Therefore, they have been hiring managers dedicated to specific projects and not to forget the worthwhile salaries offered.

#19 Retail Management 

This specialisation of MBA teaches the fundamentals of business administration with specific focus on retail management. You will learn to manage various activities including financial and cost implications within the retail sector. Other important things that you learn in this specialisation course is the importance of governance, the role of logistics and supply chain management, and the risks involved in the organised retail sector. Graduating from this MBA specialisation makes you ready for the retail management industry.   

#20 Supply Chain Management 

Supply Chain Management is one important branch in the MBA course. This specialisation teaches you to apply the concepts of supply chain operations to business management principles. You will learn the illustration of the value of procurement, logistics management, lean, warehouse, and inventory management in order to create an efficient supply chain. 

Top 7 Online MBA Colleges in India

After research and comparisons on various parameters such as affordability, rankings, accreditations, faculty, LMS, placement and career support, we have narrowed down to the 7 best online universities to offer an online MBA degree. You will easily be able to find these universities offering all the specialisations mentioned in this blog. 

Top 7 Online MBA Colleges in India

Given below are the 7 best online universities for online MBA along with the specialisations that each of them offer.


NMIMS offers a total of 10 specialisations for its online MBA program. The course is conducted in the blended online-distance learning (ODL) mode by the university. The 10 specialisations are:

MBA- Banking and Finance Management MBA- International Trade Management
MBA- Business Management MBA- Marketing Management
MBA- Financial Management MBA- Operations Management
MBA- Human Resource Management MBA- Retail Management
MBA- Information Technology and Systems Management MBA- Supply Chain Management

#2 Amity University (Online)

Amity Online University offers a total of 12 specialisations for its online MBA program. The wide range of specialisations are carefully chosen to make sure the students can build their career in various diverse sectors. The 12 specialisations are:

Entrepreneurship and Leadership Management Information Technology Management
Finance and Accounting Management Insurance Management
Global Finance Market International Business Management
Hospitality Management Marketing & Sales Management
Human Resource Management Petroleum & Natural Gas Management
Retail Management Production & Operations Management

#3 LPU Online 

Lovely Professional University (LPU) online offers 4 major specialisations for its online MBA program. All these 4 specialisations are the top in demand specialisations of the time. The 4 specialisations are: 

  • Finance Management
  • Marketing Management
  • Data Science Management
  • Human Resource Management

#4 Manipal Online 

Manipal University Jaipur online is another top online university that offers 8 varied specialisations for its online MBA program. All these 8 specialisations were crafted with the current business demands in mind. The 8 specialisations are:

Analytics & Data Science Management IT & Fintech Management
Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance Marketing Management
Finance Management Operations Management
Human Resource Management Retail Management

#5 Chandigarh University Online 

Chandigarh University online offers one of the most convenient and affordable online MBA programs in India. It offers 4 major and in-demand specialisations for its online MBA program. The 4 specialisations are: 

  • Finance Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • International Business Management
  • Marketing Management

#6 UPES Online

University of Petroleum and Energy Studies is located in Dehradun. It is one of the best universities in India when it comes to Petroleum and Energy related specialisations. UPES offers an online MBA program in 9 specialisations including disciplines from Energy Studies. The 9 specialisations are:

Oil & Gas Management Aviation & Infrastructure Management
Power Management Data Science Management
Renewable Energy Management Logistics & Supply Chain Management
HSE (Industrial Safety) Management Project Management
International Management  

#7 Jain Online 

Jain University Online is another great when it comes to affordable and learner-centric education. The university offers 14 specialisations for its online MBA program. This wide range of specialisations help students grow in various dynamic and diverse sectors. The 14 specialisations are:

Aviation Management Human Resource Management and Finance
Business Intelligence & Analytics Information Technology Management
Finance Management International Finance Management
Finance & Marketing Management Logistics & Supply Chain Management
General Management Marketing Management
Human Resource Management Marketing & Human Resource Management
Systems & Operations Management Project Management


We hope this blog was useful for you and you got an idea about all the major specialisations that online MBA offers. If you need any information about the colleges that we mentioned in this blog for online MBA, then you can visit the website of College Vidya to get more insights about these colleges.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

General Management, Finance Management, Business Management, Operations Management, Marketing, and HR Management are some of the most in-demand online MBA specialisations.

Analytics and Data Science have a lot of scopes not just currently but far in the future to come. Hence, management roles in this specialisation are quite in-demand. Job roles like Information Security Manager and Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) are some of the most well-paying jobs in the world.

NMIMS offers a total of 10 specializations for its online MBA programs and these are:

  • MBA- Banking and Finance Management 
  • MBA- Business Management
  • MBA- Financial Management 
  • MBA- Human Resource Management
  • MBA- Information Technology and Systems Management
  • MBA- International Trade Management
  • MBA- Marketing Management
  • MBA- Operations Management 
  • MBA- Retail Management 
  • MBA- Supply Chain Management

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