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7 Best Study Tips: How To Stay Focused In 2024

Dec 9, 2023 11.2K Reads

Staying focused might seem hard with so many distractions in such a difficult time period but it still isn’t impossible. Studying is not difficult but studying for long sure is, that’s why it’s important to do it right, to get good scores in this and all coming academic years. One thing is for sure that this is no magic and can be done by anyone with just a little discipline and dedication. So here we are with a few tips and tricks that students can use to achieve their score goals this year. 

#1 Make a List

Well it is no secret that lists are helpful. Making a list of what you need to do with a timeline for it surely helps. To make it a little more interesting and engaging, Add 2 columns to your list. 1st column includes things you need to do like assignments, revision, research work, learning etc and 2nd column for things you want to do in your break like watching video, instagram, games etc. Remember that the things in the second column are your rewards for completing tasks in the 1st column so only go for them once you complete the main work. One more plus point of making a list is the pleasure of checking the boxes after the completion of tasks.


If tasks included in your list are big tasks like completing a whole unit then you can divide it down to smaller tasks like completing 5 pages. When you add big tasks in your list then the chances of leaving it in the middle increases due to it being more time consuming. If you add smaller tasks in your list, then you will be able to complete it faster. When you complete and check it off your list you will get a sense of accomplishment and being one step closer to completing the whole list.

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One thing to keep in mind while making a list is the time period. It is important that you set a deadline for yourself for every task while writing it down. This time line should be decided as such that it keeps you a little on edge. 

#2 Create a Soothing Study Environment

No matter where you decide to study, be it your room, library or someplace else make sure to create a soothing environment, everything you need like pen, pensil, books, etc should be there so that you don’t have to disturb your study flow in between. If your room is where you would like to study, decorate it with minimalistic soothing items like plants, lamps,stickers, pen stands, etc. It will bring a positive vibe for you. If you are a fan of calming music then you can also play some music in the background while studying. 

Create a Soothing Study Environment

A soothing environment varies for all, for some a perfect study environment can be where there are more plants, for some it might be an open area where they can sit freely and for others it might be a place with everything organised. It doesn’t matter what works for you, what matters is that you decorate your study place according to your preference so that you feel at peace and more productive there. 

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If you are someone who needs more discipline in order to be more productive then you can go to study libraries to get quiet and discipline. 

#3. Breaks

Many think that if they study for 2 or 3 hours straight they will score good marks. Well this is not really the case.The key to get good marks is understanding and absorbing the concept fully and not just going through it. ‘Quality Over Quantity’ is a phrase that you should go with. For some students not taking breaks works just fine, they don’t lose interest or get distracted but for some this simply doesn’t work. So it is important to take short breaks whenever you feel that you have stopped understanding the concept because your brain is tired. 


There are many students who top their class after studying for an hour or two, and there are students who study for hours and still don’t get really good marks. This happens because, those who study for hours in one go exhaust and confuse their brain to a point where it stops comprehending information 

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In order to answer any question from straight to complicated, it is important that you have a strong hold on the topic. The strong hold doesn’t come from time, it comes from the understanding of the concept. To get a better understanding make sure to take breaks and keep your mind fresh. 

#4. Eliminate Distractions

Using social media during your break is fine but checking your notifications or using social media while studying will just lead you to the road of procrastination. It is important to eliminate distractions while studying, this can be done by several ways like not using your phone. Social media is very addictive which makes it hard to get off them, you watch one reel and then another and then another and boom your time is wasted.

Eliminate Distractions
Distraction is not just created by social media. There are many forms of distraction, maybe you are studying at a place where there are a lot of noises or you are upset about something which is keeping you from staying focused.

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Any sort of distraction will make it very difficult for you to concentrate so it is important to keep a clear head before you start with a brainstorming study session. 

#5. Eat Well and Stay Hydrated

It is important to eat well and stay hydrated. If you don’t get proper nutrition there are great chances that you feel low and slack off. If you want to unlock your full potential then you must eat well and drink plenty of water. There are plenty of healthy dishes that might just work wonders, try to avoid junk food as it is mostly heavy, fried and oily which will make it difficult to stay energised.   

Eat Well and Stay Hydrated

Eating food that you like puts you in a good mode which then helps you in working more efficiently. Some foods can be both tasty and healthy like a fruit chat, sandwich, corn, eags, beans, rice, etc.

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You can also make refreshing and hydrating drinks like water with sliced cucumbers in it or lime water. These drinks fulfil the purpose of hydrating you while enhancing your mood. 

#6. Reward Yourself

Rewards are a great way to stay motivated. When you know that you can get to watch an episode of your fav series after completing a chapter then that’s what keeps you going. Rewards can be anything, it can be a piece of chocolate after completing a para or going out to get some fresh air. It depends on what you like and what you need to get that energy back. Examinations are stressful enough so go a little easy on yourself. 

Reward Yourself

There are many studies that show that reward systems have been proven very effective. It not only motivates one to keep going but also gives the feeling of achievement. It is important to know that you have worked hard and you deserve a reward for that hard work. 

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No matter what you decide your reward to be, it will feel different. If you decide to keep an episode as your reward, while watching it you will feel good. Instead of feeling bad for wasting your time you will know that you have been working hard and it’s just a reward to yourself. 

#7. Get Proper Sleep

As a student pulling an all nighter seems like a good way to get those grades but in fact it’s just the opposite of that. Lack of proper sleep hinders the working process of your brain which makes it difficult to grasp any concept. If you don’t get proper rest then no matter how many hours you invest you wont get that quality education. 

As said earlier it won’t matter how many hours you invest in studying, it wont pay off until your brain is rested and in a position to function properly. Every individual has its own sleep schedule and body type but as a standard requirement it is important to get 8 hour sleep. You can go to bed early and wake up early or you can go to bed a little late and complete your sleep to wake up with a fresh mind. 

Get Proper Sleep

The best way is to set a fixed time for sleeping. If you decide an ideal time for you is 10pm then every night at 10 you should be in your bed. Fixing one time not only helps your brain in functioning properly but it also sets a sort of discipline. 

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These are some tricks and tips you can follow to stay focused and have a brainstorming studying session. Different things work for different individuals but these are some tricks that work for everyone. Well now that you have the tips to follow i hope you get a good experience. 

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Your study environment is very important when it comes to focusing while studying. You must create a soothing environment while making sure you have everything you need like a pen, pencil, books, etc so that you don’t have to disturb your study flow in between.

Using social media during your break is fine but checking your notifications or using social media while studying will just lead you to the road of procrastination. It is important to eliminate distractions while studying, this can be done in several ways like not using your phone. Any sort of distraction will make it very difficult for you to concentrate so it is important to keep a clear head before you start a brainstorming study session.

If you study continuously for 2-3 hours, you’ll easily get exhausted and you might not be able to grasp what you study. Hence, it is really important to take short breaks while you study to refresh yourself. This helps you to be able to study for a longer time in comparison to when you study continuously without any breaks.  

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