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online job linked data science and analytics

Updated at : February 20, 2024

Online Job Guarantee Course In Data Science and Analytics

An online job-linked data science & analytics program is designed in a blended learning format that offers a great level of flexibility to its learners. This program makes you capable of extracting meaningful insights from a large data set that helps your organization in taking effective business decisions. With a deep understanding of the analytical tools provided in this course, you can easily advance your career in the data science field.

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3 - 12 Months

Eligibility info

Bachelor’s degree with minimum 50% marks.

Data science is a field that deals with the collection, processing, & analysis of large data sets. Data Analytics is the collection of tools that are used to conclude results from the processed data. The unison of both equips you with informational & practical knowledge of this field that is most relevant at the organizational level. Trending Courses | Pay After Placement!

If you are a working professional dealing with data, an online certification job guarantee program in data science & analytics is of great value to you. This Job Guarantee Program provides you with training on the emerging tools of the field that are quite useful in improvising your work efficiency. Moreover, the short duration of this course is one of the key factors that makes it best suited for you. 

The curriculum of this online certificate job guarantee program is prepared by an elite team of industry experts & faculty members who have served this industry for 10+ years. Thus, the course content is primarily focused on equipping the workforce with practical implementations of the tools & technologies by incorporating tool training services in the course. Also Available | Bootcamp Course

Apart from all of the learning outcomes, one of the highlights of this online job guarantee certification is that you will get a 100% job guarantee in it. Universities providing this online job-linked course will provide you with a varied number of career-assisting services that will make you job-ready by the end of the program.

Key Highlights of the Online Job Guarantee Data Science and Analytics Course 

  • Learn the theoretical & practical aspects of data analytics via a short-span course.
  • Interact with world-class data scientists via online lectures & clear your doubts with 100% clarity.
  • Enhance your understanding of the appropriate practical implementation of tools as per the analysis of data.
  • Develop your industry insights by working on 20+ projects & industry-based real case studies.
  • Access Cloud Labs to assess your learning journey & improvises accordingly along with the ongoing course session.
  • Get career coaching to improvise your soft skills & interview tactics that widen your career opportunities.
  • Acquire technical skills by earning thorough training sessions on a variety of technological tools related to data collection & its processing.
  • Earn a globally-recognized certificate in data science & analytics by the end of this program & scale up your employability chances by 10 times.
  • Get a 100% job guarantee in this job-linked program & become part of top-notch organizations right after the completion of this course.

Curriculum Design of the Online Job Guarantee Data Science and Analytics Course  

The course structure of this online job-linked boot camp is designed to provide a practical approach to its learners. In that direction, it incorporates analytical tool training & covers conceptual knowledge starting from introduction to advanced levels.

The core subjects that will be studied in this certification program are based on concepts of programming, Machine Learning, & many other advanced topics. Some of the main subjects of this course are listed below.

Understanding Programming Basics

Understanding Python

Data Preprocessing

Data Visualization with Tableau

Machine Learning - Math for DS

Understanding Regularization Techniques 

Big Data Processing

Mastering Deep Learning

Basic Techniques of Algorithm Analysis

Microservices Architecture and its Implications

Eligibility of the Online Job Guarantee Data Science and Analytics Course 

The eligibility requirements to pursue this job-linked boot camp are quite basic. However, different universities put different restrictions on these criteria that can be confirmed on their official websites. Some of the primary requirements for this course are mentioned below.

  • Bachelor’s degree from a recognized university.
  • A minimum of 50% marks in the bachelor's degree.

Most universities have made work experience mandatory for this program but some offer this course to freshers as well. Thus, learners are advised to check the official website of the chosen university for exact information regarding the eligibility requirements for this course.

Duration of the Online Job Guarantee Data Science and Analytics Course 

The minimum duration of this online job-linked boot camp is between 6-9 months. This range in course duration is based on the structure of course content of the universities or institutions providing this program. 

Admission Process of the Online Job Guarantee Data Science and Analytics Course

The admission procedure for this job-linked boot camp course is just like an online certification or degree course that can be completed by following the specific admission steps of institutions/universities. A few basic steps that are quite common to the online admission process of this course are listed below.

  • Step 1: Visit the official website & select this online program from the course list. Click on the “Apply Now” tab available on the course webpage & start filling up the admission form.
  • Step 2: Submit your completely filled-out application form with your correct personal, professional, & educational details. 
  • Step 3: Appear & pass the admission test, if applicable, to proceed with the rest of the admission formalities.
  • Step 4: Submit LORs, SOPs, Resume, & other professional documents as asked by the university. 
  • Step 5: After final shortlisting, the university will send you the Offer Letter as the confirmation of admission.
  • Step 6: Make the fee payment as mentioned in the offer letter to ensure your enrollment in the program.

Career Opportunities After Online Data Science & Analytics Certificate Course

The knowledge of programming languages & technological tools earned through a job-linked boot camp course in data science & analytics makes you the best fit for this data-dependent & tech-driven industry. The industry-specific training services & career coaching prepares you to face the real challenges of the industries & helps you optimize the existing business models for improvised business profits.

These are just a few popular job titles but the career prospect of this program is much more than that. With the right skills & career guiding sessions offered in this course, you can explore a wide variety of career opportunities in different employment sectors.

Top Recruiters of the Online Job Guarantee Data Science and Analytics Course

Top-notch companies in India are frequently hiring data scientists & analysts for their technical understanding of programming languages & data management tools. The skill of using existing resources for new & meaningful innovations is something that can only be learned after getting professional training in this field. These extraordinary skills & understanding of practical implementations of technologies make the learners of this program the first choice for recruiters.

Some of the top-rated organizations for this program are enlisted below.











Let's clear up some doubts about Job - Linked in Data Science and Analytics

To pursue an online program in data science & analytics, you need to have a bachelor’s degree in any discipline from a recognized university/institution. Prior work experience in any domain is preferred for this program but is not a mandate.

The medium of instruction used by most universities for a data science & analytics program is English. Thus, to be eligible for this program, you might be asked for a good score in some common English Language proficiency tests like TOEFL, IELTS, etc. In addition to this, an aptitude-based entrance test might also be conducted to judge your potential for the program.

After completing an online job-linked boot camp in data science & analytics, you can become a Data Scientist. The average salary package of Data Scientists in India is 10 LPA & this goes further up with relevant experience & skills.

An online job-linked course in data science & analytics gives you a 100% job guarantee & to ensure candidates, universities have introduced the “Pay After Placement” option in the fee payment method of this course.

The course duration of an online data science & analytics certification is university-specific & ranges between 6-9 months. Thus, the minimum time commitment that this program demands is of 6 months.

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