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online job linked cloud computing program

Updated at : February 20, 2024

Online Job Guarantee Program In Cloud Computing Certificate

If you want to improve your abilities and advance your career in Cloud Computing, consider enrolling in an online job-related Cloud Computing certification program. There is a strong need for competent people in this sector due to the fast rise of cloud technology and its rising usage across businesses. This thorough certification program provides a one-of-a-kind chance to receive industry knowledge, hands-on experience, and a job placement guarantee.

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3 - 12 Months

Eligibility info

Bachelor’s degree with minimum 50% marks.

The online Job Guarantee Program in Cloud Computing is a 6 to 9 months advanced curriculum that includes a wide range of topics. Cloud architecture, virtualisation, storage, networking, security, and different cloud services models such as Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Software as a Service (SaaS) will be covered. You will also receive hands-on experience delivering and managing cloud-based solutions, working with major cloud platforms and tools, and adopting cloud security and governance best practices. Trending Courses | Pay After Placement!

The job placement guarantee is a distinguishing aspect of this certification program. You will be placed in reputable organisations if you complete the certification. This is an excellent springboard for your future in cloud computing. You will have access to various career prospects and a competitive compensation package. 

The Job Guarantee Program is created in partnership with prominent industry experts and is customised to match the needs of employers. The curriculum focuses on teaching practical, real-world skills that may be applied immediately in the workplace. This certification program provides you with the required knowledge and practical experience to flourish in cloud computing professions by integrating theoretical study with hands-on projects and case studies. Also Available | Bootcamp Course!

After completing the Online job-linked certification program in Cloud Computing, you will have obtained essential skills and industry-recognised credentials, which may greatly improve your career chances. Cloud computing specialists are in great demand across technology, finance, healthcare, and retail industries. Because of the increasing reliance on cloud technology, the need for qualified cloud experts is projected to rise shortly.

Key Highlights of the Online Job Guarantee Program In Cloud Computing

Key highlights of the Online Job-Linked Cloud Computing Certification Program are as follows:

  • Upon completion, this program provides you with a job with an annual package of up to 12 LPA, allowing you to acquire high-paying employment in the world of cloud computing.
  • The curriculum provides specialised job support to help you launch or grow your cloud computing career. 
  • Learn from experienced instructors and industry professionals who will guide and advise you throughout the program.
  • The curriculum provides in-depth instruction with more than 70 hours of learning content. 
  • You will learn about infrastructure, platforms, security, and cloud computing deployment strategies, among other things.
  • You'll have access to a comprehensive online learning platform with interactive modules, video lectures, quizzes, and hands-on labs. 
  • The curriculum allows hands-on learning through 11 small projects and two case studies. 
  • With 24/7 access to course materials and virtual classrooms, you may study at your speed and leisure.
  • The curriculum employs an outcome-driven pedagogy emphasising the actual application of principles rather than academic understanding. 
  • You will be working on cloud-based solutions from the beginning. This hands-on approach guarantees you obtain practical knowledge and a solid foundation in cloud computing.
  • Connect with industry executives, colleagues, and graduates to broaden your career network in the cloud computing area.
  • The curriculum culminates in four industry-graded capstone projects that allow you to exhibit your abilities and ability to create and deploy cloud-based solutions. 

Syllabus of the Online Job Guarantee Program in Cloud Computing with 100% job assistance  

This job-related curriculum covers a mix of theoretical and practical elements of cloud computing. This program's key learnings centre upon the tool and technology-based methodology training. The following is the curriculum for this job assurance certification program:

Cloud Fundamentals

AWS Expert

Topics Covered: 

  • Linux Essentials
  • Linux – Permissions, Processes, and Networking
  • Python Foundation
  • Cloud Computing Introduction




Topics Covered:

  • AWS Networking and Content Delivery
  • AWS Databases
  • AWS Cloud Compute Provisioning and Deployment
  • AWS Storage Services Deep Dive
  • DevOps and Automation
  • Security and Compliance of AWS
  • Monitoring, Logging, and Remediation
  • AWS Data Management and Protection
  • AWS Serverless Computing and Automation 

Multi-Cloud Expert (AWS and Azure)

Azure Expert

Topics Covered:

  • Backup and Disaster Recovery of AWS and Azure
  • Azure Architecture Deployment
  • Cost Optimization in AWS and Azure
  • Migration between AWS and Azure


Topics Covered:

  • Azure Networking and Traffic Management
  • Deploy and Manage Azure Compute and Storage Resources
  • Azure Administration
  • Azure Network and Databases Management
  • Azure Monitoring and Backup
  • Serverless Computing and Automation

Eligibility of the Online Job Guarantee Program in Cloud Computing

Candidates must complete the following prerequisites to be eligible for enrolment in the Online job-linked certification program in Cloud Computing:

  • Candidates must have a bachelor's degree or above in any subject. Admission normally requires a bachelor's degree in any discipline.
  • Candidates must have at least one year of work experience in any sector or discipline. This experience contributes to a more realistic grasp of cloud computing ideas and their application in real-world circumstances.
  • While not required, candidates should be familiar with programming fundamentals. This insight can aid in the understanding and application of cloud computing technologies and solutions.
  • While not required, having a rudimentary understanding of the Linux operating system might be advantageous. Many cloud computing environments and tools are built on Linux, and familiarity with its commands and functions will help you learn faster.

The qualifying requirements above guarantee that candidates have a solid grasp of technology and job experience that will help them succeed in the program. However, it is crucial to note that these prerequisites may differ based on the same program or school providing the certification.

Duration of the Online Job Guarantee Program in Cloud Computing

The online job-linked certification program in Cloud Computing takes 6 to 9 months to complete. Within an organised learning environment, this period allows learners to develop a thorough knowledge and practical abilities in cloud computing. 

The curriculum is intended to deliver a well-balanced mix of theoretical principles, hands-on training, and industry-relevant projects. The length guarantees that participants have enough time to grasp the fundamental concepts of cloud computing, study numerous technologies and platforms, and apply their knowledge to real-world applications.

Admission Process of the Online Cloud Computing Job Guarantee Course

The following steps are commonly involved in the admission process for the Online job-linked certification program in Cloud Computing:

  • Step 1: Candidates must submit their application form online, giving all relevant personal and educational information.
  • Step 2: The admission committee evaluates submitted applications to determine eligibility and appropriateness for the program.
  • Step 3: Shortlisted applicants may be asked to undergo a screening procedure involving interviews or exams.
  • Step 4: Successful candidates will be notified of their acceptance into the program via an offer of admission.
  • Step 5: After obtaining an admission offer, applicants must pay the requisite cost to reserve their place.
  • Step 6: Following the fee payment, applicants must confirm their registration by providing the necessary papers and fulfilling any additional requirements.
  • Step 7: Following the completion of the enrolling procedure, participants will get program-related information and instructions for the following sessions.

Career Opportunities After Online Cloud Computing Job Guarantee Course

After completing an Online Cloud Computing Certification, several employment prospects are accessible. Cloud computing is becoming an essential component of modern enterprises, and talented experts in this industry are in high demand. 

Leading the cloud computing industry, giants offer businesses various cloud services and solutions worldwide. Working for such firms provides tremendous professional advancement, exposure to cutting-edge technology, and the opportunity to work on novel cloud projects. 

Graduates of the Online Cloud Computing Certification program can find work in top firms that rely significantly on cloud computing technologies. Some well-known firms where graduates can get employment are mentioned below:

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Microsoft Azure

Google Cloud

IBM Cloud


Oracle Cloud


Cisco Systems


Dell Technologies

Let's clear up some doubts about Job - Linked in Cloud Computing

An Online Cloud Computing Job Guarantee Certification provides individuals with the skills and information they need to flourish in the ever-changing industry of cloud computing. 

While basic programming expertise is desired, it is not required to participate in the program. The certification curriculum covers the fundamental ideas and abilities required for cloud computing, as well as hands-on instruction that assists learners in developing the necessary programming skills.

The program provides a 100% job guarantee, which means candidates will be placed in a well-known organisation with a handsome salary package by the end of the program. 

The program focuses on building practical skills that align with industry standards. Graduates will behave in-demand cloud computing abilities, which qualify them for exciting employment possibilities in leading businesses. Furthermore, the curriculum offers job assistance to help learners with their job search and career development.

Online Job-linked Cloud Computing Certification program gives an assurance to earn up to 12LPA by providing a decent job in a well-known organisation.

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