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online mba dual specialization

Online MBA Dual Specialization

An Online Master of Business Administration(MBA) with Dual Specialization is an advanced 2 years postgraduate degree program. This advanced degree gives the student the chance to simultaneously gain knowledge in two different management disciplines. By receiving training in a variety of professions, the program primarily attempts to boost the likelihood of landing a job in various industries or areas of business management.

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2 Years

Eligibility info

Bachelor's Degree

This Dual Specialization MBA program is mainly chosen by the student to increase their expertise in various fields at the same time and the same cost. Options for dual specialization can combine any two business disciplines, such as operations management and human resources or finance and marketing. The online format of this program provides an individual with a great benefit in managing their work and education simultaneously. These programs prepare their graduates with the knowledge and abilities required to thrive in a range of business situations and to assume leadership positions within respective businesses.

There are various other benefits that this dual specialization program provides. Some of the key benefits are listed below:

  • Dual Expertise: Gain expertise in two different areas of management at the same point in time.
  • Flexible Study Hours: Due to the Online format, one can easily learn at their own pace and time along with managing their education and work life.
  • Multiple Career Opportunities: Increase your chances of getting a job in diverse sectors of an organization due to dual specialization.

Key Highlights of Dual Online MBA Specialization

  • The duration to complete the MBA dual specialization program is around 2 years, which is subdivided into 4 semesters. 
  • The MBA dual specialization via the online mode is University Grants Commission Board (UGC-DEB) approved, which means that this online dual degree is recognized worldwide.
  • One only needs to have completed their bachelor’s in order to enroll in this program.
  • The fee for this dual MBA program varies from university to university and also depends upon the specialization one is opting for. The average fee ranges from Rs.  20,000 to Rs. 60,000 per semester.
  • A range of specializations is available to students, including marketing and finance, healthcare management and operations, and technology and innovation.
  • Students can learn in-depth information about two distinct subjects through the dual specialization strategy, which can widen their skill set and increase their marketability to potential employers.
  • Working professionals who wish to further their education while juggling jobs and personal obligations may find this dual program to be especially helpful.

Course Curriculum of Online MBA Dual Specialization

The course curriculum of the MBA dual specialization program mainly depends upon the discipline one chooses, but there are some core subjects that one studies during the program duration. These are listed below:

Core Subjects of MBA Dual Specialization

Principles of Management

Human Resource Management

Managerial Communication

International Business

Financial Reporting & Analysis

Operation Research

Organizational Behavior

Corporate Finance

Marketing Management

Business Research Methods

Economic Analysis for Business Decision

Production and Operations Management

Quantitative Techniques for Business Decision

Discipline Specific Course (Any Two)

Information Technology for Managers

Business Intelligence, Data SCience & AI

Discipline Specific Course (Any One)

Leadership and Strategy

Eligibility Required to Pursue an Online MBA Dual Specialization

To apply for the dual MBA specialization program, one needs to have these minimum eligibility requirements:

  • Graduation or equivalent
  • Graduation must be completed from a UGC-recognized university.
  • Candidates belonging to any stream can apply for this dual degree program.
  • Working professionals who want to get a hike in their career are also encouraged to apply for the same.

Online MBA Dual Specialization Duration

  • The MBA dual specialization program can be completed in the duration of 2 years, which is subdivided into 4 semesters.
  • Due to the online format of study, one can complete this dual degree program in an extended duration of 4 years.

Online MBA Dual Specialization Admission Procedure

To get admitted to universities for an online MBA dual specialization program, you must follow the series of steps:

  • Visit the university's official website (the university to which you are willing to take admission).
  • Fill out the application form to register as a new user and provide your information.
  • Along with the application form, and registration fees, submit the required set of documents.
  • Next, submit your academic fee using one of the payment methods listed on the website, which in most cases includes possibilities for demand draughts, UPI payments, or net banking.
  • You will eventually receive a confirmation email with your student enrollment number or student number.

Online MBA Dual Specialization Academic Fees

The academic fee for the MBA dual specialization program varies from university to university. So we cannot define a fixed amount of fee for the dual MBA specialization program. But the average tuition fee for the program ranges from Rs. 20,000 to Rs. 60,000 per semester.

In Demand Online MBA Dual Specialization

Career Opportunities After Dual Online MBA Specialization Degree

One can find a variety of lucrative job opportunities after the completion of the Online MBA Dual Specialization degree. Individuals can find job opportunities in almost every sector like the food industry, healthcare, IT, etc. As there is always a need for management experts in every sector. So one can work at various managerial-level positions post-completion of the program. 

The outstanding benefit that this dual degree provides is one can enter into 2 different expertise at the same time. If they cannot find opportunities in one kind of specialization job they can try out in the other specialization also.

Some job profiles at which one can work post-completion of the program are as follows:

Marketing Manager

Project Manager

Product Manager

Analytics Manager

Data Processing Manager

System Manager

Top Companies Hiring For Graduates of MBA Dual Specialization

There are various multinational companies (MNCs) present out there that are hiring for dual degree MBA graduates. Some of them are listed here:


JP Morgan


Morgan Stanley





Education Loan Options for MBA Dual Specialization in India

In India, pursuing an MBA with a dual specialization is a popular choice among students looking to specialize in multiple fields of business. Nonetheless, the price of completing an MBA in India can be fairly high, particularly when taking into account a dual specialization. Students can choose from many education loan choices to aid in financing their studies. 

In India, the majority of banks and financial organizations provide education loans to students enrolled in MBA programs and other higher education programs. These loans cover tuition fees, accommodation expenses, and other related costs. The bank's guidelines and the student's credit score will determine the loan's size and interest rate. Also, some banks provide unique educational loan packages with flexible repayment choices (Monthly EMI payments, etc) and lower interest rates for MBA programs in India.

Why Pursue an Online MBA Dual Specialization?


Despite the dual expertise benefit, there are various reasons to pursue a dual specialization degree. Some of them are listed below:

  • Flexibility: Students can learn at their speed and on their own time by pursuing an online MBA dual degree. Students can work and study from anywhere as they pursue their degrees.
  • Career advancement: By improving students' knowledge and skills, a dual specialization online MBA program can help them stand out in the job market. Also, it may present chances for career progression.
  • Dual specialization: Choosing to pursue a dual specialization in an online MBA program can help students develop experience in two distinct areas of business, increasing their adaptability and marketability.
  • Gaining in-demand Skills: Students can get in-demand skills through an online MBA dual specialization program, like data analytics, digital marketing, and strategic management, all of which are crucial in today's business world.
  • Personalized learning: With an online MBA dual specialization, students can choose courses that align with their interests and career goals, allowing for a more personalized learning experience.

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Let's clear up some doubts

Yes, in my view it is quite beneficial to pursue an MBA dual specialization program. As it offers expertise in two different or related fields of management that too at the same duration and cost. It also opens up various new career pathways that one can opt for after completion of the program.

There is various dual specialization present out there from which one can choose. We cannot suggest which is best for you as it purely depends upon one’s personal career goals. So one must decide accordingly which disciple to choose for pursuing an MBA in a dual specialization program.

It takes around 2 years to complete the MBA dual specialization program in online mode.

The fee for the program is different in various universities. But the average fee for the MBA dual degree program ranges from Rs. 20,000 to Rs. 60,000 per semester.

Yes, the education loan options are also available for online MBA dual specialization programs. The only difference that occurs is the change of certain criteria and benefits in the case of online programs.

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