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online mba operations management

Updated at : February 20, 2024DOWNLOAD E-BOOK

Online MBA In Operations Management

Online MBA in Operation Management is a management course related to the operational regulation of the functions of a company, as smooth operational functioning is one of the central aspects of the growth of an organization. Operation management includes planning, organizing, supervising, and managing the working units of different departments of the industry. Since the program is completely online, it provides a flexible and easy-to-reach learning setting that lets people go to college without quitting their jobs.

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2 - 4 Years

Eligibility info

Graduation or Equivalent

Online MBA in Operations Program Overview

With efficient operations management, any company's functioning would be improved, leading to lower production and productivity. Thus, any commercial sector company or firm depends on smooth operations management. An online MBA in Operations Management is a PG degree that allows students to learn the basics of management and operation management professionally. 

The whole domain of Operations Management is the management of materials, workforce, resources and technologies to make the functioning of a company smooth and increase production and profit margin. If you want to develop a career in operations management, an online MBA course in this specialization can be a stepping stone to your successful career. 

The course covers various topics, including supply chain management, transportation, quality control, and smart decisions. Through case studies and exercises, the program focuses on real-world applications. It prepares grads to handle the complexity of modern business operations and do well in leadership positions across various industries. 

Why Online MBA in Operations Management?

Getting an online MBA in operations Management is a smart move for workers who want to advance in their careers in the fast-paced field of business operations. This program lets people learn from home, making balancing education with work obligations easier. The course material is carefully chosen to cover current operations management issues, including academic and practical skills. 

Participants use real-world projects, case studies, and exercises to help them learn how to solve problems and make smart decisions. With the flexibility of online learning and specialisations important to the workplace, workers can ensure that their education perfectly matches their job goals. The program is even more valuable because it allows students to network and see things from a global viewpoint. This makes sure that grads are ready to lead and improve operations on a global scale.

Who Should Pursue an Online MBA in Operations?

  • Professionals who work in operations management: This course is perfect for people who already work in logistics, supply chain management, or operations and want to improve their skills and advance in their careers.
  • Current Operations Professionals: Suitable for people who want to learn more about operations and the strategic and management parts.
  • Career Advancement Aspirants: Intended for people who want to become stars in business operations.
  • Working Individuals: The online approach is great for people with busy schedules because it lets them balance work and school well.
  • Mid-Career Professionals and Executives: Designed for professionals with work experience who want to improve their management skills without taking time away from their jobs.
  • Leadership-Oriented Individuals: This course is for people who want to be leaders and figure out how to run businesses on a world scale more efficiently. 

When should I do an Online MBA in Operations?

If you want to move up in your operations management job and are at a career crossroads, getting an online MBA in operations is a good idea. This is a great option if you want to become a leader, better make strategic decisions, or move into a more specialised area of operations. This online program is a smart way to invest in your job growth, whether you are a mid-career professional looking to move up or a working adult who wants to fit school into your busy routine. You can study advanced operational management whenever you're ready because the style is open.


Popular & Affordable Universities for Online MBA in Operations


Online MBA in Operations Management Starting Fees

Manipal University Online 

INR 1,75,000

DY Patil University Online 

INR 1,60,000

Amrita University Online 

INR 1,70,000

Amity University Online 

INR 1,80,000

LPU Online 

INR 1,52,000

UPES Online 

INR 1,50,000


INR 2,75,000

GLA University Online 

INR 70,000

Vignan University Online 

INR 1,10,000

MMU Online 

INR 2,20,000

DIMHER University Online 

INR 1,60,000

Shoolini University Online

INR 1,50,000

Shoolini University Online 

INR 1,50,000

Manav Rachna University Online 

INR 1,30,000

Key Highlights of Online MBA in Operations In India

  • Online MBA in Operations Management is a 2 years postgraduate degree program with a common management syllabus in the first 2 semesters and specialization-specific courses in the third and fourth semesters. 
  • Online MBA in Operation Management is a UGC-DEB-approved course with the same market value as a regular MBA. 
  • An online MBA degree in Operation management and work experience provide substantial pay raises and a better position in the company.
  • The Online MBA in Operations lets workers get a higher education without having to take time away from their jobs to do so.
  • The program covers many different operations management areas, such as shipping, supply chain, quality control, and making strategic decisions. 
  • Case studies, simulations, and real-world projects that focus on practical application help prepare grads for the difficulties of running a business in the 21st century.
  • Online MBA in Operations can be used in various industries because participants can customise their learning by choosing skills relevant to their job goals.
  • Even though the program is online, members can network through discussion boards and virtual groups, which helps build a useful professional network.
  • The flexible structure makes it easy for working people, like mid-career professionals and leaders, to balance their schooling and work responsibilities.
  • The Online MBA in Operations is perfect for people at a crossroads in their careers because it lets them carefully invest in their job growth while also getting ready for more advanced studies in operational management.

Online MBA in Operations Management Syllabus

The Online MBA in Operations Management course outline is designed to give students a complete understanding of the field's most important ideas and methods. Here is a summary:

Semester I

Semester II

Management Theory & Practice             

Business Communication                  

Organizational Behaviour

Essentials of HRM 

Marketing Management

Business Law 

Business Economics

Strategic Management 

Financial Accounting & Analysis 

Operations Management 

Information Systems for Managers

Decision Science 

Semester III

Semester IV

Operation & Supply Chain Strategies 

World Class Operations

Enterprise Resource Planning                              

New Product Development and Managing Innovation     

Total Quality Management 

Lean Six Sigma

Project Management 

Business: Ethics, Governance & Risk 

Procurement Management 

Research Methodology 

Service Operations Management 


Top Specializations in Online MBA

Specializations in online MBA programs meet many job and business goals. Here are some of the most popular and top MBA specialisations that professionals choose to get better at their jobs and advance their careers.

MBA Online In Finance

MBA Online In Marketing

MBA Online In HR Management

MBA Online In Hospitality Management

MBA Online In IT Management

MBA Online Banking and Finance

MBA Online General Management

MBA Online Data Science

MBA Online Business Analytics

MBA Online Healthcare

MBA Online International Business

MBA Online Project Management

MBA Online Financial Markets

MBA Online Retail Management

MBA Online Banking Financial Insurance

MBA Online Hospital Administration

MBA Online International Trade Management

MBA Online Fintech

MBA Online Investment Banking Equity Research

MBA Online International Finance

MBA Online HR Analytics

MBA Online Digital entrepreneurship

MBA Online Infrastructure Management

MBA Online Banking and Insurance

MBA Online International Marketing

MBA Online In Blockchain

MBA Online Quality Management

MBA Online Agribusiness

MBA Online Digital Marketing

MBA Online Business Management

MBA Online Power Management

MBA Online Sports Management

MBA Online Waste Management

Online MBA in Operations Duration

A few major eligibility criteria for the online MBA in Operation management have been given here: 

  • Candidate must be a graduate of a recognised university in any field. 
  • The candidate should have a minimum score in their intermediate qualification- usually between 45% to 55% aggregate marks, depending on the university. 
  • Some universities/institutions may need you to have a certain amount of work experience, which is generally between 0 and 3 years.
  • There are different ways that colleges decide who gets in. Some may use graded tests like the GMAT or GRE, while others hold their tests.
  • The course is also suitable for working professionals in the Operations industry who want to enhance their qualifications and careers. 

Online MBA in Operations Duration

The minimum duration of an online MBA in Operations is 2 years, whereas the maximum is 4 years. Students of all online programs get 2 extra years to pass all the program exams. Full-time MBA programs usually last between one and two and a half years and offer a deep and complete learning experience. 

Part-time MBAs are available for working professionals, extending the program's length to about two years so that people can match their work obligations with advanced studies in operations management. How long it takes may depend on things like the structure of the school, the number of class hours, and how hard you study.

Other Types of MBAs also Available

Online MBA for Working Professionals

MBA Global Online

MBA Dual Specialization Online

MBA Distance Learning

Skills Required for Online MBA in Operations Management

People who get their Online MBA in Operations Management learn the skills they need to do well in this fast-paced area. Some important skills needed are:

  • The skills to look at complicated facts and make smart choices that improve processes.
  • Capability to quickly recognise and resolve operating problems.
  • Clear and effective communication is needed to share plans and work together with different groups of people.
  • Leadership skills to guide teams and push for practical success.
  • Ability to plan and ensure activities align with the organisation's general goals.
  • Skill at organising, carrying out, and keeping an eye on projects to ensure they are good.
  • Understanding and mastering the procedures and concepts of the supply chain.

MBA Entrance Exams 2023

The following is a list of some of the most prevalent admission  examinations for MBA degrees in India: 

CAT (Common Admission Test)

KMAT (Karnataka Management Aptitude Test)

CMAT (Common Management Admission Test)

MAT (Management Aptitude Test)

XAT (Xavier Aptitude Test)

NMAT (NMIMS Management Aptitude Test)

GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test)

MAH CET (Maharashtra Common Entrance Test)

TANCET (Tamil Nadu Common Entrance Test)

SNAP (Symbiosis National Aptitude Test)

PGCET (Postgraduate Common Entrance Test)

ATMA (AIMS Test for Management Admission)

Recommended Books:

Book Title


"Operations Management"

Jay Heizer and Barry Render

"Supply Chain Management: Strategy, Planning, and Operation"

Sunil Chopra and Peter Meindl

"Lean Thinking: Banish Waste and Create Wealth in Your Corporation"

James P. Womack and Daniel T. Jones

"The Goal: A Process of Ongoing Improvement"

Eliyahu M. Goldratt

"Operations Strategy"

Nigel Slack and Mike Lewis

"The Toyota Way: 14 Management Principles from the World's Greatest Manufacturer"

Jeffrey K. Liker

"The Art of Operations Management"

R. Keith Mobley

"Operations Management: Processes and Supply Chains"

Lee J. Krajewski, Manoj K. Malhotra, and Larry P. Ritzman

"The Phoenix Project: A Novel About IT, DevOps, and Helping Your Business Win"

Gene Kim, Kevin Behr, and George Spafford

"World Class Manufacturing: The Next Decade"

Richard J. Schonberger

Online MBA in Operations Academic Fees

An online MBA in Operations program might cost anywhere between Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 4,00,000. The major deciding factor, in this case, is the specific university you select. Government universities have a comparatively lower fee range, which is more affordable for a larger number of students. Private colleges and universities have a higher fee range. The average online MBA/PGDM fees for several popular universities are listed on the official website of College Vidya. With the Compare feature, you can compare the courses and universities with a few clicks.

Online MBA in Operations Management Admission Procedure

To enrol in an online MBA in an operations program, the candidate has to go to the university's official website and register as a new user. Then, they must fill out an online application form with their information. In the application form, upload the digital copies of the necessary documents. After that, send the application form and the registration fee to the address listed on the website (in case of a distance course). Next, pay the academic fee using the website's designated payment method. Candidates will receive an email with their enrollment number and a confirmation message.

Why Opt for an Education Loan for an Online MBA in Operations?

Getting an education loan for an online MBA in operations management can help students who want to pursue higher education but are under financial constraints. It lowers the cost of tuition, so people can go to college without having to worry about money right away. This program also offers EMI plans to help more students get a good education, which is good for everyone and can help you advance in your Operations Management job.

Is an Online MBA in Operations Management Worth It?

Pursuing an online MBA in operations management is a smart move that will pay off in many ways. This specialised postgraduate program has a custom-made curriculum that goes into great detail about operations. It gives workers the skills to streamline processes and make a company more efficient. Online learning allows people to continue their education without interrupting their work so that they can find a good mix between their classroom and work obligations. 

The value of an online MBA in Operations Management goes beyond the academic world. Graduates have a deep knowledge of practical problems, the ability to make smart decisions, and the ability to lead others. Within the program, there are chances to network with professionals in the same field and with experts in the field. This creates a setting where people can work together to learn.

Also, getting an online MBA in operations management can help your job grow faster and give you more options in the field. It proves that someone is an expert and makes them look like important players in the business's success. As operational excellence becomes more important to companies, the skills learned in this program become more useful. Getting an Online MBA in Operations Management is a meaningful and impactful investment in your career. 

Job Opportunities For Online MBA in Operations

Graduates who have completed an online MBA in Operation Management have a wide range of opportunities of in the production industry and e-commerce industries. Here are some top job positions that you can explore after doing an MBA in Operation Management:-

Operations Manager

Logistics Manager


Inventory Control Manager

Technical Operations Manager

Plant Manager

Area Operations Manager

Business Process Managers

Top Recruiters

Companies like Amazon, IBM, Accenture, and McKinsey & Company are among the top employers looking for people with an Online MBA in Operations Management. These business leaders know that the school gives students strategic insights and operational skills that make them highly desirable for key jobs in operations management.

Let's clear up some doubts about Online MBA in Operations Management

Yes, the MBA in Operation Management, whether obtained in online mode, is valid and approved by the UGC-DEB.

The MBA in Operation Management has professional scope in the fields of production and e-Commerce. Various position such as Operation Manager, Plant Manager, Area Operation Manager, Branch Operations Manager etc. are available for graduates in this field to venture into.

The online MBA in Operation management is 2 years long and is divided into 4 semesters. One can complete the full course in a maximum duration of 4 years.

Some of the top online MBA colleges in India for operations management include NMIMS, Symbiosis University, Amity University, Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, LPU, Manipal University, BIMTech etc. 

The average fee for the course in a private business and management university ranges between INR 1,00,000 to INR 4,00,000 while that for government institutions ranges approximately between INR 50,000 to INR 95,000.

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