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online mba in generative ai

Updated at : February 20, 2024DOWNLOAD E-BOOK

Online MBA In Generative AI

The online MBA in Generative AI program is meant to give people who want to work as professionals the information and skills they need to do well in the fast-paced field of Artificial Intelligence (AI). The program stands out as a star in AI education because AACSB and AICTE accredit it. The curriculum covers cutting-edge topics in Generative AI. It is taught by expert teachers and working professionals in the field. It combines recorded and live classes to give students a complete learning experience.

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Online MBA in Generative AI Program Overview

The Online MBA in Generative AI program has thorough and forward-looking coursework that helps students become stars in the rapidly changing field of Artificial Intelligence (AI). The program is a model of success in AI education. Students get a deep understanding of Generative AI ideas, methods, and uses through expert-led lessons and hands-on learning. 

The program's curriculum was carefully planned by experts in the field and top-notch teachers to ensure it fits with the newest AI trends and developments. Some of the things that students learn about are machine learning techniques, deep neural networks, natural language processing, computer vision, and more. Students learn in a dynamic way that encourages critical thought, problem-solving, and new ideas through a mix of recorded classes and live sessions.

A big part of the program's strength is its support system, which includes one-on-one coaching, help with all aspects of your job, and access to a well-known network of grads. Students get help from workers with extensive experience, work on their soft skills, and learn about real-world job possibilities in AI-driven fields. 

Who Should Pursue an Online MBA in Generative AI?

The program also stresses practical application through case studies, models of the real world, and projects. This lets students put what they've learned in the classroom into practice. Students learn important data analysis, model building, and decision-making skills by working on real-world projects. These skills prepare them for the challenges and possibilities in the AI world.

The Online MBA in Generative AI program gives students a strong background in both AI theory and practice, giving them the skills and confidence they need to succeed in today's world that AI drives. The school helps students become visionary leaders and change-makers in Artificial Intelligence by focusing on successful innovation and preparing them for work. 

Key Highlights of Online MBA in Generative AI In India

  • The program has a full curriculum covering the newest developments and trends in Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI), ensuring students learn useful and up-to-date things.
  • The program standard for success in AI education gives students credentials that are known and recognised worldwide.
  • Online MBA in Generative AI program is taught by expert faculty members and top industry practitioners who bring their knowledge and experience from the real world into the classroom to make it more useful.
  • The program uses a blended learning approach, meaning there are live and recorded classes. This way, students can learn independently while participating in discussions and doing tasks.
  • Students receive one-on-one coaching from experts in the field, who help them with their studies and careers by offering advice, support, and guidance.
  • The program provides students full career support, such as help with resumes, test interviews, soft skills training, and access to a large alum network. This gives students the tools to find satisfying jobs in AI-driven fields.
  • Students work on real-life-like projects and case studies that let them apply what they've learned in the classroom to real-life situations and improve their ability to solve complex problems.
  • The program gives students various flexible learning options that meet their individual needs. This allows them to combine their studies with work and other obligations without lowering the quality of their education.

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Online MBA in Generative AI Course Subjects/Syllabus

This carefully planned curriculum aims to give students a deep knowledge of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and how it can be used, focusing on Generative AI methods. Below are some of the topics which are usually covered in this program:

Management Information Systems

AI Project Lifecycle & Management

Generative AI Strategy in Business

Quantitative Techniques

Digital Transformation

Scaling, Maintenance, and AI Tools

Ethics, Trends, and Legalities in AI

Information System Strategy

AI Communication, Change Management & Capstone

Operations Management

Emerging Technologies

Corporate Finance

Foundations of AI & Generative Models

Transformers and Advanced Generative Techniques

Online MBA in Generative AI Eligibility & Duration

Those who want to join the Online MBA in Generative AI program must have a valid bachelor's degree from a recognised university or institution. For the General Category, candidates must have at least 50% overall marks, and for the SC/ST category, candidates must have at least 45%. You don't need prior working experience to get into the program. This means that recent college graduates and workers who want to improve their AI skills can use it.


The Online MBA in Generative AI program gives students ample time to learn about AI ideas, methods, and uses in great detail. The two-year period also allows students to do a wide range of learning activities, such as hands-on projects and internships in the industry. This ensures they learn all the information and skills they need to succeed in AI-related jobs after graduation. 

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Program Fees for Online MBA in Generative AI

Starting at ₹ 6,776/month

Program Fee: ₹2,75,000 - ₹2,75,000

Low Cost EMI Available


The fees range from INR 3 to 4 lakhs for the Online MBA in Generative AI study. This fee covers tuition, learning tools, access to online resources, and support services during the program. Different ways to pay and payment plans may be offered to help students meet their financial responsibilities. The fee shows that the program is serious about giving students from all backgrounds a high-quality education in Generative AI. 

Online MBA in Generative AI Admission Procedure

Getting into the Online MBA in Generative AI program starts with filling out an online application form with personal information, educational credentials, and any related work experience. Applicants may also have to send supporting materials like papers, letters of reference, and a statement of purpose. The admissions committee carefully reviews each application, considering academic success, professional accomplishments, and how well the applicant fits the program's goals. Those who are accepted get an acceptance letter and directions on confirming registration and making payments due. During the process, admissions advisors help candidates with any questions or worries. 

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Education Loan/EMI Facilities for Online MBA in Generative AI

The program helps students with their educational loans and makes it easy for them to pay for things over time with Equated Monthly Installments (EMIs). These choices help students control the cost of their education by letting them pay for it over time and getting money to pay for things like tuition and other costs. With flexible payback terms and low interest rates, students can reach their academic goals without worrying too much about money. 

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Is Online MBA in Generative AI Worth it?

Getting an online MBA in generative AI can be a great investment for people who want to do well in the fast-paced field of artificial intelligence. The program has a full curriculum that AACSB and AICTE recognise. This guarantees a high level of education that is known around the world. 

Students learn a lot about Generative AI and get the skills they need to succeed in AI-related jobs through expert-led lessons, hands-on projects, and one-on-one coaching. In addition, the program offers full job support, including help with resumes, practice interviews, and access to a large network of grads. This makes students more employable and improves their career chances. 

As the need for AI experts continues to grow across all fields, program grads are ready to take advantage of the many existing job openings, offering fair pay and room for growth. Also, because online learning is flexible, students can mix their studies with work and other obligations. This means that a wide range of students can use it. Ultimately, the Online MBA in Generative AI program gives people the information, skills, and credentials they need to be leaders in an AI-driven future. This makes it an investment in their career growth and future success. 

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Job Opportunity after Online MBA in Generative AI

Graduates of the Online MBA in Generative AI program can choose from a wide range of well-paying jobs in the fast-growing area of Artificial Intelligence. As the need for AI experts continues to grow, recent graduates are in a great position to find satisfying jobs that offer fair pay, room for growth, and the chance to make a big difference in the future of AI-driven innovation. 

Here are some possible job prospects after this program:

AI Specialist

Machine Learning Engineer

Data Scientist

Data Engineer

AI Consultant

Data Visualization Specialist

Research Scientist

Machine Learning Engineer

Top Recruiters for Online MBA in Generative AI

Tech giants and consulting firms are among the companies that hire the most graduates from the Online MBA in Generative AI program. Financial and healthcare companies are also good places for AI professionals to make money. Employers are very interested in graduates of this school because they have prestigious titles and useful skills.

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Let's clear up some doubts about Online MBA in Generative AI

No, you don't need to have experience with AI before. The program is made to work for students of all skill levels, from those who have never done it before to those who are experts in their field.

The Online MBA in Generative AI program usually takes two years to finish, which gives students plenty of time to learn more about AI ideas, methods, and uses.

Program graduates can work as AI Specialists, Data Scientists, Machine Learning Engineers, or AI Consultants in technology, finance, healthcare, and marketing.

The program provides students with extensive career help, such as help with resumes, mock interviews, and connecting with a large network of grads so they can find satisfying jobs in AI-driven fields.

Yes, the program does offer flexible learning choices that let students balance their studies with other obligations like work. This means that working people can also attend.

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