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online mba dual artificial intelligence and machine learning

Updated at : February 20, 2024DOWNLOAD E-BOOK

Online MBA In Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning (Dual)

The online MBA in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is a postgraduate course for those willing to pursue a career in Management that specializes in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). This new curriculum is meant to give workers the information and skills to use AI and ML to make smart business decisions in various areas. The program is flexible because it is offered online and focuses on real-world applications and social issues. Experts in the field lead this program and give students value.

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2 - 4 Years

Eligibility info

Graduation or Equivalent

Online MBA in AI and Machine Learning Program Overview

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the most important technologies of the current times. The world is becoming increasingly dependent upon AI for its everyday needs. From small writing tools and tone detectors to big corporate functions, AI has an incomparable role. An MBA in AI & ML will allow you to explore a successful career in this budding industry. An online MBA in AI and ML is a PG course of 2 years that covers several management foundations and papers specific to AI and ML. 

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The Online MBA in Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning program changes the way business and technology are done. With two specialisations, it gives workers the skills to use AI and ML together when making smart decisions. The program is taught online to give students more freedom, and it focuses on real-world applications led by experts in the field. Participants deal with social issues and emerge from the program with technical skills and as leaders who can see the future. Graduates of this program will be able to drive innovation, boost productivity, and lead companies well in the ever-changing world of AI and machine learning.

Why choose an online MBA in AI and Machine Learning?

There are many good reasons to get an online MBA in AI and Machine Learning. Because online courses are flexible, workers can balance education with work obligations. The dual MBA specialisation gives students a unique mix of business knowledge and cutting-edge technology, which helps them do well in a world that is always changing. 


Practical knowledge is ensured by real-world uses and teachers who work in the field. Ethics are built in, which prepares leaders for the responsible use of technology. Focusing on work and new ideas, this program puts people at the forefront of changes that will shake up their industries. The lively online learning setting encourages students to work together, making the education more complete and ready for the future.

Who Should Pursue an Online MBA in AI and Machine Learning?

  • Tech Enthusiasts are interested in how business and technology can work together and are eager to learn more about AI and machine learning.
  • People who want to get smarter about business and learn cutting-edge tech skills to help with innovation and making smart decisions.
  • For professionals who want to move up in their jobs, keeping up with changes in their field and positioning themselves as stars in AI and machine learning is important.
  • Innovators who want to actively help change industries and make new advances.
  • People who want to see things from a global viewpoint since the online structure makes it easy to work with professionals worldwide.

When should I do an Online MBA in Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning?

After working in a similar field, starting an online MBA in artificial intelligence and machine learning is smart. Even though new grads can benefit, the program has a bigger effect on workers who have already been through it. Work experience puts theory ideas in context and makes using AI and ML in real life easier. 

Popular & Affordable Private Colleges Or Universities for Online MBA in AI and Machine Learning in India

Universities Offering Online MBA in AI and Machine Learning

NIRF Ranking 2023 (Management)

Full Fee Range (Might Vary)

Amrita University 


1.70 Lakhs INR

DY Patil University


1.60 Lakhs INR

Key Highlights of Online MBA in AI and Machine Learning

  • The UGC-DEB has approved an online MBA in AI & ML as a valid PG degree to be delivered in the online learning mode. Hence, this course has value and credibility equal to a regular MBA degree.  

  • The program is designed to be flexible for professionals busy with work so they can mix their higher education in AI and Machine Learning with their work obligations.

  • The duration of this course is 2 years, divided into 4 semesters. The maximum period of course completion is 4 years. 

  • A candidate must at least graduate from a recognised university with a minimum score (ranging between 45% to 55% aggregate marks) to apply to this course. 

  • The program focuses on real-world applications by having students work on projects that are like real-life situations. This makes sure that graduates are ready for the difficulties that will come up in this ever-changing field.

  • There is no entrance exam for admission to an online MBA. Students can apply to this course if they meet the basic eligibility criteria. 

  • The course curriculum includes programming languages (SAS, R, Python), machine learning techniques, mathematical and statistical skills, SQL, Hadoop, data visualisation, and other relevant tools and techniques. 

  • The teachers in this program are experts in AI and Machine Learning from the business world who ensure that the students learn about current trends in the field, ethical issues, and useful uses in different business settings.

  • The last semester of this course involves a detailed major project which must be completed by the student based on thorough research. 

  • One thing that makes the Online MBA in AI and Machine Learning stand out is that it offers a dual specialisation, meaning that students learn business knowledge and cutting-edge technology skills.

Online MBA in AI and Machine Learning Syllabus

The online MBA in AI & ML is a 2-year degree course divided into 4 semesters. The subjects and syllabus for the first year (first 2 semesters) is the same for all the specialisations and cover foundational aspects of management. The specialisation-based subjects will be included in the last two semesters. 

Semester I

Semester II

Business Communication

Entrepreneurship Development

Management Accounting

Financial Management

Managerial Economics

Human Resource Management

Organisational Behaviour

Management Information System

Principles & Practices of Management

Marketing Management

Research Methodology

Operations Management


Strategic Management & Business Policy

Semester III

Semester IV

Basics of Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Business

Business Intelligence

Introduction to Deep Learning

Machine Learning

Introduction to Neural Networks and Machine Learning Algorithms

Performing Analytics (using Python)

Business Ethics & Corporate Governance

R-Programming for Data Analysis & Data Visualisation

Elective Subject - II

Statistics & Quantitative Techniques


Elective Subject - I


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MBA In Digital Marketing E Commerce

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Other Types of MBA Programs

Online MBA for Working Professionals

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Online MBA in Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Eligibility Requirements

To apply for the Online MBA in AI & ML program, you must meet the following requirements: 

  • The candidate must have a bachelor’s degree in any discipline from a recognised higher education institution. 
  • The candidate must have scored at least 45% to 55% aggregate marks or an equivalent grade in graduation. 
  • Working professionals with experience in this field are also eligible to apply for this MBA in AI & ML course. 

Duration of the Online MBA in AI and Machine Learning

The duration for the online MBA in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) is 2 years. The maximum course completion period is 4 years; hence, students can comfortably pursue the course at their own pace and finish it in more than 2 years. This time allows people to learn about how AI and Machine Learning work. It covers a lot of ground while still giving working professionals the necessary freedom. 

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Skills Required for Online MBA in AI and Machine Learning

  • You must be very good at programming to use and change methods in AI and machine learning apps, especially in languages like Python and R.
  • For data analysis and evaluation, which are important parts of AI and Machine Learning, you must have a good grasp of statistical ideas and methods.
  • For AI and machine learning models to work, you need to be able to handle and manage big datasets, which includes cleaning, preparing, and changing the data.
  • You need the skills of looking at issues critically and using logic to create AI and Machine Learning solutions that work.
  • In AI and Machine Learning projects, it's important to communicate clearly with technical and non-technical partners to get across complicated technical ideas and thoughts. 

Is an Entrance Exam Conducted For an Online MBA in AI and Machine Learning?

Usually, you don’t need any entrance exam for an online MBA. However, some of the exams conducted for a regular MBA are listed below: 

CAT (Common Admission Test)

KMAT (Karnataka Management Aptitude Test)

TANCET (Tamil Nadu Common Entrance Test)

SNAP (Symbiosis National Aptitude Test)

CMAT (Common Management Admission Test)

MAT (Management Aptitude Test)

XAT (Xavier Aptitude Test)

NMAT (NMIMS Management Aptitude Test)

PGCET (Postgraduate Common Entrance Test)

ATMA (AIMS Test for Management Admission)

GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test)

MAH CET (Maharashtra Common Entrance Test)

Note: Some universities offering online MBA can also ask for a good score in the abovementioned exams. So, check the eligibility requirements of your university carefully. 

Recommended Books

Below is a list of the popular books used in the online MBA in AI & ML curriculum. 


Book Title


Publication Year

AI Fundamentals

"Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach"

Stuart Russell, Peter Norvig


Machine Learning Basics

"Machine Learning Yearning"

Andrew Ng


Data Science & AI Ethics

"Weapons of Math Destruction"

Cathy O'Neil


Deep Learning

"Deep Learning"

Ian Goodfellow, Yoshua Bengio, and Aaron Courville


AI in Business Strategy

"Artificial Intelligence: Business Strategies"

Francesco Corea


AI Implementation

"Python Machine Learning"

Sebastian Raschka


Online MBA in AI and Machine Learning Admission Procedure

Given below is the standard admission procedure for the MBA in AI & ML course for any online university/college:  

  • Go to the official website of the college where you are taking admission. 
  • Register yourself as a new user and then fill out the application form. 
  • Upload the scanned copies of your original documents and attach them with the application form. 
  • Submit the application form and pay the registration/application fee. 
  • When your document verification is done, you will be notified about the status of your admission confirmation. After this, you have to pay the academic fee for the program through one of the payment options given by the college.
  • Finally, after the academic fee has been processed, the candidates will get a confirmation via SMS or email with their enrollment number and ID. 

Online MBA in AI and Machine Learning Academic Fees 

The exact academic fee for this course would vary per the university you select to pursue it from. The fee would change depending on the study's comprehensiveness and learning offered. However, the full course fee for an online AI and ML MBA ranges from INR 1,00,000 to INR 2,00,000. Most universities that provide this course to students online also provide facilities for EMI payment (instalment facility) or financing alternatives through educational loans.

Why Opt for an Education Loan for an Online MBA in AI and Machine Learning?

There are ways for people who want to get an Online MBA in AI and Machine Learning to get financial help. Financial aid like scholarships, loans, and flexible payment plans make it easier for qualified people to get a good education without risking their finances. This dedication to financial inclusion will make the program available to many ambitious workers. This will help create a learning environment where ability is valued more than money.

Is an Online MBA in AI and Machine Learning Worth It?

Of course, pursuing an online MBA in AI and machine learning is a great idea for today's business world. This dual-specialization program teaches people a lot about new technologies and ties these skills together with business planning in a way that works well. Working workers can balance education and work obligations with the flexibility of online classes. 

By focusing on real-world applications and ethical issues, the program ensures that grads are not just theorists but also practitioners who can safely work in the rapidly changing areas of AI and Machine Learning. With teachers who work in the field, life-changing learning experiences, and a global network, this program prepares graduates for leadership roles. It is an excellent way to stay on the cutting edge of business and technology progress. 

Job Opportunities After Online MBA in AI and Machine Learning 

The MBA in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning course will teach students management at a technical level. Students will learn to manage machine learning, deep learning, and AI projects. The course will make the students technically advanced in the subject so they can understand their project and manage tasks accordingly. 

After completing your online MBA in AI & ML, you can either get a promotion from your current position if you are a working professional in the IT industry, or you can directly apply for appealing top job positions like:

Data Analyst

Business Intelligence Manager

Senior Data Scientist

Strategy Consultant

Data Engineer

Machine Learning Engineer

Product Manager

Simulation Manager

Top Recruiters

The scope of AI and ML needs no validation. It is one of the most pursued fields in Computer Science and IT. With the fast-paced growth of this sector, the need for managerial positions in this field has also increased enormously. Companies are looking for management professionals who can help them grow while considering the company's business and technical needs. 

Let's clear up some doubts about Online MBA in AI and Machine Learning (Dual)

The candidate must have a bachelor’s degree in any discipline with at least 45% to 55% aggregate marks or an equivalent grade (cutoff varying as per university) from a recognised higher education institution (university/college/institute) to apply to this course.


It is not compulsory to learn coding before pursuing an online MBA in AI & ML as the course includes basics and fundamentals of programming languages. However, it will be an advantage to the student if they already have the knowledge of coding and programming languages.

The minimum duration for an online MBA in AI & ML is 2 years with 4 semesters. However, with the advantage of the online mode, the maximum duration of the course is 4 years.


After pursuing the online MBA in AI & ML course, you will get managerial positions in tech companies based on AI and ML driven Data Solutions. For instance, you can be a product or project manager, a data analyst, a data scientist, AI & ML Researcher, Simulations Manager, etc. The jobs and salaries in this field are lucrative and offer a good scope of career escalation.

Yes, as per the guidelines of UGC-DEB, an online MBA in AI and ML is a valid PG degree and when pursued from a well-accredited university, it will be held equal in value as a regular MBA.

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