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online ma program

Updated at : March 9, 2024

Online MA Course

Online MA is a postgraduate degree of 2 years in the humanities stream which can be done after the Bachelor of Arts (BA) or graduation from any other stream. Students pursue this online Master of Arts degree to manage their studies & other obligations at the same time. For working professionals, this online master’s program is a blessing that makes them upgrade their knowledge without causing any disturbance to their job routines.

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2 Years

Eligibility info


The online MA course is a PG course that is specially designed for students who want to pursue higher education in humanities after their bachelor’s level education but want to do so remotely, i.e., without attending regular physical classes. Many colleges like IGNOU, the University of Delhi (DU), Chandigarh University, etc. are providing online MA courses & have even built their reputation for the quality education that they offer.

Why to pursue MA

Online learning in Master of Arts is the study of Humanities, Arts, and Liberal Arts. If you are interested in studying literature, history, political sciences, psychology, or other subjects related to the discipline of humanities in the online mode, an online MA is the right educational choice for you. This course is cost-effective and helps students from every background to effectively pursue higher education. It can be completed within a budget of approximately INR 20,000 to INR 40,000 if pursued by a government university/institution. If taken up from a private online university, this course can include a total fee of INR 70,000 to INR 1,50,000.

Why Online MA?

Online MA has multiple benefits and the topmost on that list is flexibility, i.e., study from anywhere, whenever. This feature is highly appreciated by aspirants (students & working professionals) who were not able to enroll in one due to their busy schedules.

In addition to flexibility, another major attraction of online MA is its affordable fee range. The low cost of this program has made a way for millions of masses to higher education. Getting equipped with the latest knowledge with an advanced course curriculum & promising career prospects at a low budget transforms the question of “Why online MA” to “Why not online MA.

Who Should Pursue Online MA?

An online MA is one example of how digital advancements have transformed the education industry. For those who were finding it difficult to maintain a balance between family, work, and other commitments, this course is highly beneficial.

Even for the students who fail to get admission to regular colleges due to either high cut-off or high fee packages, this online master’s program has become a prime choice. Thus, all MA aspirants including students and working professionals should pursue this convenient online program to achieve their career goals.

When to Do an Online MA?

There is no right time to gain knowledge but if your situation does not allow you to gain it from a traditional mode then you need the right course instead of the right time! Well, an online MA is there to help you get through all your situations to complete your higher education. To make it feasible for you, universities offering this program have not put any age cap on the applicants.

Moreover, this program is open to all graduates either from the arts stream or from any other discipline without any special requirements. Thus, this online master’s course can be pursued at any stage of your life provided you have completed your graduation from a recognized university.

Popular & Affordable Online MA Universities in India

Universities Offering Online MA

NIRF Ranking 2023 (University Category)

Starting Fee Range (Might Vary)

Manipal University Online


1.30 Lakhs INR

Chandigarh University Online


1.00 Lakhs INR

Amity University, Noida Online


1.60 Lakhs INR

Lovely Professional University (LPU) Online


67,000 INR

Shoolini University Online


64,000 INR

Sikkim Manipal University Online (SMU) Ranked In 101-150 75,000 INR

Key Highlights of Online MA In India

  • The online MA course is a PG degree in Arts that is offered in several specializations.
  • The duration for completing this online course is 2 years which is subdivided into 4 semesters.
  • Students don’t need to take regular classes to complete this online course, as the classes are conducted either through Personal Contact Programs or through virtual lectures.
  • This degree will help you enhance your knowledge and lift your career and credentials.
  • This online program will give you the time flexibility to learn the subjects of the course at your own pace.
  • Unlimited access to the LMS portal where all the relevant academic resources and recorded lectures are provided makes you understand the concepts with better clarity.
  • Students with a bachelor's degree, preferably in Arts can apply to this course. However, those from other streams are also entertained by the universities.
  • The updated curriculum of this program enables you to develop & implement strategies for more profits.
  • Explore a variety of career options in multiple fields with a UGC-DEB-approved online MA degree.

Online MA Course Subjects

The subjects of online MA vary as per the subject of specialization you choose. In these MA specializations, you get in-depth knowledge of the subjects in addition to the general theoretical concepts and field experience. You can choose from a variety of specializations that you wish to pursue and explore the curriculum in a span of a few clicks.

The subject list of Online MA English is provided here to make you understand the depth & quality of education you will earn in this mode of learning.

Literary Criticism and Critical Approaches

British Poetry Till 17th Century

British Drama

Early British Fiction

English Language

Indian Writing in English

Research Methodology

British Poetry of 19th and 20th Century


Indian Writing in Translation

Post-Colonial Theory

Post-Colonial Novel

Dalit Literature

Women's Writing

Apart from the above topics, you will be provided with an industry project that will help you understand the challenges of the real corporate world & their resolutions.

Top Specializations of Online MA

Here is a list of some popular & in-demand specializations of online MA that can help you climb up that success ladder at a faster pace.

Online MA in Sociology

Online MA in English

Online MA in Psychology

Online MA in Economics

Online MA in History

Online MA in Punjabi

Online MA in Political Science

Online MA in Public Policy and Administration

Online MA in Education

Online MA in Hindi

Online MA in Mathematics

Online MA in Journalism And Mass Communication

Other Types of MA

A brief of other popular types of MA are mentioned here to help you choose one based on your specific needs.

Regular MA: Regular MA is the typical mode of learning that involves the delivery of physical classes by qualified professors at the university campus. This program demands a full-time commitment from learners & thus, for the entire 2 years of this program, you cannot engage yourself in any other obligations.

Top Universities for MA As Per NIRF Ranking 2023

Here is a list of the top 10 best universities for MA in India as per the NIRF Ranking 2023.


NIRF 2023 Ranking in University Category

Jawaharlal Nehru University


Jamia Millia Islamia


Jadavpur University


Banaras Hindu University


Manipal Academy of Higher Education-Manipal


Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham


Aligarh Muslim University


University of Hyderabad


University of Delhi


Calcutta University


Distance MA: Distance MA is a flexible option for learning advanced concepts of arts & humanities. It involves a hybrid module in which you need to visit regional centers or the university campus at weekends to attend professors-led classes. This education mode is highly beneficial for those who are involved in jobs or other personal commitments.

Part-Time MA: When you have the option to attend weekend classes like distance MA along with unlimited access to digital study materials like online MA, you are experiencing another type of remote learning, i.e., part time MA. This mode has higher flexibility than distance MA but less flexibility than that of the online one.

The table below enlists the major differences between a regular, distance, online, & part-time MA.


Regular MA

Distance MA

Part-time MA

Online MA

Flexibility Level

Very Limited




Course Duration

2 Years

2-4 Years

2-4 Years

2-4 Years

Location Constraints



Depends on your choice


Technology-based Learning





Fee Range





Industry Exposure



Global via online forums

Global via online forums

Class Schedule


Fixed Timings

Flexible with certain class timings


Industry Acceptance

Very High

Equivalent to a regular MA


Equivalent to a regular MA

Online MA Eligibility

Online MA is a postgraduate-level degree course in which most universities conduct admissions based on the marks obtained in their graduation program and that's why students must have proper qualifications to take admission to the program. The eligibility criteria that you need to fulfill for this online program are as follows:

  • The candidates must have graduated with a minimum percentage in any stream (ranging between 45% to 50% aggregate marks).
  • The candidates must be graduated from a recognized university.

Online MA Duration

The minimum duration of online MA courses is 2 years and the curriculum is divided into 4 semesters. Each semester includes both practical and theoretical subjects. The maximum period of completing the course is 4 years which acts as an added flexibility for the learners of this course.

Skills Required for Online MA

If you are planning on enrolling in an online MA program, you must self-analyze yourself for some basic skills. These skills will help you understand the relevant concepts of your field to serve your organization with enhanced efficiency.

A few general skills that will be helpful for you in your long career journey are listed here:

  • Clear Communication Skills: Clear communication in verbal & non-verbal terms is quite important for a professional. Any glitches or gaps between the message conveyed by you & the message understood by others can cause serious troubles for you & your organization.
  • Analytical Skills: The intrinsic approach to analyzing something & drawing valuable interpretation from it is a key factor that recruiters highly admire in professionals. This will help you identify & sort the loopholes in the existing strategies of your company for better response.
  • Time Management Skills: Managing time is the prime requirement in a profession either serving at an executive level or a managerial post. Time management skills will help you deliver your projects timely by making you plan your work as per the set deadlines.
  • Team Management Skills: Managing people is equally important as managing your time but you need an entirely different approach to manage them. Team handling or management skills make you coordinate with each member of your team effectively & get the work smoothly done.
  • Problem-solving Skills: Problem-solving skills are closely associated with an attentive mind. In case of any issue, your presence of mind can make you understand it & your knowledge will help you provide a quick solution for the same.

Is an Entrance Exam Conducted For an Online MA?

Online MA comes with the advantage of having an entrance exam-free admission process. Although there are universities that conduct some entrance exams for admission purposes. A few of the common & popular entrance exams for MA are listed here:

DU Common University Entrance Test (DUCET/DUET)

CT University Scholarship Entrance Test (CT SET)

Common University Entrance Test (CUET)

Presidency University Bachelor Degree Entrance Test (PUBDET)

Jawaharlal Nehru University adopted Common University Entrance Test (JNUCET/JNUEE)

Recommended Books

To crack any of the above-mentioned entrance exams, you need to strengthen your foundation knowledge. This can be done by brushing up on your basics either by joining coaching classes or by reading some books curated to crack these exams only.

Here are some top-rated books for the preparation of the MA entrance exam:


Author Names

History of English Literature

David Daiches

DU: MA English Entrance Test Guide

R. Gupta

JNU MA History Entrance Exam

R. Gupta

Business Economics

P.M. Salwan

DU: MA Political Science Entrance Test Guide

RPH Editorial Board

Psychology: Indian Subcontinent Edition

Rober A. Baron & Misra

Sociology: Principles with an Introduction to Social Thought

C. N. Shankar Rao

Online MA Admission Procedure

Here is a short brief to give an overview of the admission process for the online MA course:

  • Visit the official website of the university to which you are willing to take admission for your online MA.
  • Register yourself as a new user and proceed to fill out the application form.
  • Fill out the application form with the necessary details such as your personal details, academic details, professional details (if any), etc.
  • Upload the required documents in digital format and submit the form.
  • In the end, proceed to submit the academic fee. You may opt for any of the payment options for this as offered by your chosen university.
  • Then the university will send you a confirmation mail along with the enrollment number after which you will be on-boarded with the university for the course.

admission procedure

Why Opt for an Education Loan for an Online MA Program?

Do you know that online MA programs qualify for student loans as well? Yes, this is true there are various educational loan options available out there for all kinds of online programs including an online MA program. One may simply obtain a loan of education for the same by opting for this facility in the fee payment options. To avail of this facility, you need to check for the loan partners of your chosen university & their set terms & conditions for providing the loan.

Online MA Academic Fees

Academic fee is a variable factor that keeps on changing when you compare several universities. Even for the same university, you might observe a variation in the fees for every new batch.

Online MA Domestic Fee

The fee of this online degree course starts at 50,000 INR & goes up to a maximum of 1,60,000 INR. This variation in the fee range is a reflection of the wide range of universities offering this program. Some relaxations in the total fee amount are also offered by some universities based on the caste, merit, & family income of the applicants.

Online MA International Fee

The international fee package for this course ranges between $1,000 to $1,500. This variation is again a reflection of the university options available for this course. For SAARC applicants, this package is quite low in comparison to general foreign candidates.

Is Online MA Worth It?

Pursuing a master's degree related to your field of work or in the interested domain is always beneficial. Coming to the online mode of education, completing it from a government-approved university will provide you with the same recognition as expected from a regular mode of program. An online MA makes you learn the concepts in a deeper manner that were studied on a basic level in the bachelor's program. With a detailed understanding of subjects, you can get promoted to higher designations at your workplace or even get hired by another organization at a higher salary package.

MA Salary

Source : Payscale

Upon completion of an online MA degree, you gain deeper insights into the industry trends that prepare you well for the corporate world. With the required skillsets & trending techniques, you can explore multiple course options in different employment sectors based on your specialization. Thus, this online master's degree is vital in elevating your salary package & job designations.

Job Opportunities After Online MA

An online Master in Arts opens the best career opportunities for students as they can apply for both private and government jobs. Students who are planning for government jobs for posts such as IPS, IAS, Teacher, Lecturer, etc. can also apply for the online MA degree as it helps in conveniently managing studies and preparation for entrance exams. This will even help them prepare their security plan while preparing for the entrance examination for government jobs.

Average Starting Salary after MA

There are many career opportunities that students can explore after finishing an online MA course, some of which are listed here:-





Civil Services


Communications Officer



Human resource

Social services

Content Writer

These job titles are based on the specialization chosen in the program & your skillsets acquired from it. With the UGC approval of this degree, you are eligible to apply for jobs in both public & government sectors of the industry.

Top Recruiters

The updated curriculum & your learnings from this online program are capable of putting you in the spotlight for the top hiring firms in the country.

Top Hiring Firm for MA

This online PG degree not only fulfills your desire to work with a top-notch firm but also improves your financial conditions. The pay scale offered to the fresh MA graduates in these reputed organizations ranges between 3-6 LPA which is a quite decent package for a newbie.

Let's clear up some doubts about Online MA

A few of the top universities to take up an online MA from include 1. Indra Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) 2. University of Delhi (DU)  3. Chandigarh University etc.

As per the norm of UGC, a Online MA is equal to a regular MA in value and credibility when obtained from a valid university with reliable credentials and approvals like those from the UGC-DEB. 

The minimum eligibility to apply to the course includes having completed Bachelor's level education in any stream from a recognized university/institution. 

There is no entrance examination to get enrolled in an Online MA course. You need to satisfactorily meet the eligibility criteria of the university. 

The mode of the examination depends on the particular university you choose to pursue the course from. Some universities offer online proctored examination mode while some have offline examination centers.

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