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online ma journalism and mass communication

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Online MA Journalism & Mass Communication

The Online MA in Journalism and Mass Communication program is a two-year postgraduate course that helps students learn the primary things used in mass media and extensive training programs. The program lets you learn about media techniques, communication theory, and digital stories in a fun and interesting way. The class discusses many different subjects, such as the ethics of journalism, media law, digital media creation, and strategic communication. Students learn the academic and practical skills they need to be successful in the media business through hands-on experiences and homework that crosses disciplines.

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Online MA in Journalism And Mass Communication Program Overview

The importance of journalism and mass communication has only increased today. Due to the global pandemic, many students are considering building their careers in Journalism. One should consider doing an MA in Journalism and Mass Communication to make a flourishing career, as it opens ample opportunities. 

growth-of-mass-media-platforms-before-and-during-lockdownOnline MA in Journalism and Mass Communication is a postgraduate degree program that the UGC-DEB approves. This program is designed for those who want to pursue higher studies but need help attending regular college or are working professionals. Students who get their MA in Journalism and Mass Communication online can get a well-rounded and open education that will give them the skills and information they need to do well in the fast-paced field of media and communication. The program covers many important modern media and mass communication topics, focusing on academic understanding and practical application.

Why choose an Online MA in Journalism And Mass Communication?

An online MA in journalism and mass communication gives students the freedom and flexibility to study media and communication at a higher level from anywhere in the world. Online programs often use cutting-edge technology and collaborative learning tools to make learning fun and interesting. With its flexible schedule and in-depth lessons, an Online MA in Journalism and Mass Communication lets students learn useful skills and information while juggling their personal and work obligations.

The program's online style makes it easy for students with different needs and schedules to access it, including parents, workers, and people who have other commitments. When they finish the program, graduates have a deep understanding of both the theory and practice of media. They also have the skills and confidence to go after fulfilling jobs in news, public relations, advertising, digital media, and other fields.

Who Should Pursue Online MA in Journalism And Mass Communication?

  • People who already have jobs in the media business or similar areas who want to advance in their careers and learn new skills.
  • People with a bachelor's degree in communication, writing, or a similar area want to learn more and improve their chances of getting a job in the media business.
  • People with a wide range of academic skills who want to move into journalism, public relations, advertising, or digital media as a job.
  • Freelance journalists, writers, or content makers who want a master's degree.
  • Aspiring Journalists who love sharing stories, doing investigations, speaking out for the media and want to learn the basics of news.
  • People in marketing, public relations, or business communication want to learn more about media tactics and communication theories.
  • People who want to improve their skills and keep up with changes in the business and are interested in digital media production, social media management, and multimedia stories.

When Should I Pursue an Online MA in Journalism And Mass


When you're ready to put money into your career growth and learn more about media and communication, you should get an online MA in journalism and mass communication MA. If you want to improve your job prospects as a recent college graduate, as a working professional, or as someone who wants to move into the field of journalism or media, pursuing this program can help you find new opportunities and give you the skills and knowledge you need to succeed in today's media world. You can get the most out of your learning experience and job chances in the field if you start school at the right time.

Key Highlights of Online MA in Journalism And Mass Communication In India

  • The Online MA in Journalism and Mass Communication offers a flexible schedule so you can balance your studies with work and personal obligations.
  • The program covers a lot of ground, like journalism ethics, media law, digital storytelling, and strategy communication. This gives students a complete education in media and communication.
  • Students learn useful skills and information for working in the media today, such as creating multimedia, handling social media, and doing data journalism.
  • The program is taught by experienced faculty members who are experts in their fields and can give sound advice.
  • Internships, media projects, and industry partnerships are hands-on learning opportunities that give students real-world experience in media practice.
  • The program allows you to network with other students, graduates, and workers in your field. This can help you make links and collaborate, improving your job possibilities.
  • Students learn about the role of media in society by looking at how it connects with other subjects like politics, culture, and science by taking an interdisciplinary approach.
  • Because the school is online, people from all walks of life and backgrounds can get a good education, removing any hurdles to entry.
  • Academic advisors and staff members provide students with personalised support, ensuring they have a helpful learning setting and get the care they need.
  • Program graduates are well-prepared for careers in news, public relations, advertising, and digital media. They can also advance in their careers and grow professionally.

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Online MA in Journalism And Mass Communication Course Subjects/Syllabus

The online MA in Journalism & Mass Communication syllabus is divided into four semesters. 

Semester I

Semester II

History of Media  

Public Relations  

Introduction to Journalism 

Editorial Practices   

Communication Theories and Practices 

News Reporting 

New Media Studies and Digital Journalism 

Media Laws & Ethics 

Advertising: Theory & Practice 

Corporate Communications  

Semester III

Semester IV

Radio and Television: Theory & Practice  

Development Communication 

Print Media: Theory & Practice

Film and Documentary Appreciation 

Media and Gender 

Media Management 

Audio-Visual Communication

Media & Culture Studies 

Communication Research 

Cross-Functional Elective Course

Open Elective Course


Online MA in Journalism And Mass Communication Eligibility & Duration

The candidates who are willing to be admitted to the online MA in Journalism And Mass Communication must keep in mind the following criteria:

  • To pursue an MA in Journalism and Mass Communication, one must graduate from a renowned institution or have a bachelor's degree in journalism.
  • Aspirants should have scored at least 50% in their graduation. 
  • Students should have a good command of English and other native languages.
  • Having work experience is not mandatory, but it is preferable.

Duration of the Online MA in Journalism And Mass Communication

The duration of an online MA in Journalism & Mass Communication is two years, and the curriculum is divided into four semesters. This time allows students to get into the lessons, do hands-on activities, and learn much about media theory and practice. Because students can choose between full-time and part-time study, they can make their learning fit their needs and plans. The school may also offer accelerated or extended choices so students can finish their degree at a pace that works for them and their personal and business obligations.

Skills Required for Online MA in Journalism And Mass Communication

  • You must communicate orally and in writing to get your point across and keep people interested across all media platforms.
  • Journalists and others working with the public must critically analyse and evaluate material to find reliable sources, spot biases, and write engaging stories.
  • In today's digital media world, being skilled in multimedia production tools and platforms is becoming increasingly important. This allows writers to create interesting content for a variety of platforms.
  • With good research skills, journalists can find accurate information, check facts, and conduct in-depth studies on various topics.
  • In a media world that changes quickly, writers and mass communicators must adapt and be creative in telling stories, solving problems, and gaining people's interest in what they say.

Is any entrance exam required for an Online MA in Journalism And Mass Communication course?

The best thing about getting an online MA is that you don't have to take an entry test. However, here is a list of popular tests that universities usually give or look at as requirements for getting into the MA program:

DU Common University Entrance Test (DUCET/DUET)

CT University Scholarship Entrance Test (CT SET)

Common University Entrance Test (CUET)

Presidency University Bachelor Degree Entrance Test (PUBDET)

Jawaharlal Nehru University adopted Common University Entrance Test (JNUCET/JNUEE)

Recommended Books

Below is a list of the popular books for the Online MA in Journalism And Mass Communication. 



"The Elements of Journalism"

Bill Kovach, Tom Rosenstiel

"Media and Society: An Introduction"

Michael O'Shaughnessy, Jane Stadler

"Writing and Reporting News: A Coaching Method"

Carole Rich

"Digital Journalism"

Kevin Kawamoto

"Public Relations: Strategies and Tactics"

Dennis L. Wilcox, Glen T. Cameron

"Advertising and Promotion: An Integrated Marketing Communications Perspective"

George E. Belch, Michael A. Belch

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Program Fees for Online MA in Journalism And Mass Communication

Starting at ₹ 6,776/month

Program Fee: ₹12,000 - ₹1,70,000

Low Cost EMI Available


The Online MA in Journalism and Mass Communication usually costs between INR 40,000 and INR 2 lakhs, but this depends on the university providing the program. This all-in-one fee system covers tuition, access to online tools, academic support services, and other costs connected to the program. With clear prices and various payment choices, the program aims to make high-quality college education available and reasonable for people who want to work in journalism or mass communication. With College Vidya Compare, you may compare the academic fees of most institutions that offer your program of study. 

Online MA in Journalism And Mass Communication Admission Procedure

  • First, visit the university's official website to start the registration process.
  • Then, complete all the details in the application form (contact details, educational qualifications, etc.).
  • Upload the necessary documents on the portal. 
  • Submit the application and academic fee online.
  • After registration, the university will send a confirmation message and the enrollment number. 
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Education Loan/EMI Facilities for Online MA in Journalism And Mass Communication

Qualified students can get financial help from the Online MA in Journalism and Mass Communication program. This could include scholarships, grants, and loans. Students may also be able to pay their program fees through Equated Monthly Installments (EMI). These financial aid and EMI options aim to help students manage their school costs and make college more affordable for people from various financial backgrounds.

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Is Online MA in Journalism And Mass Communication Worth it?

Suppose you love the media and want to advance in your job in news, public relations, advertising, or digital media. In that case, getting an online MA in journalism and mass communication can be a great investment. This program covers a lot of ground in its curriculum, such as journalism ethics, media law, digital storytelling, and strategic communication. This gives students the information and skills they need to succeed in today's rapidly changing media world.

The program is also open because it is online so students can mix their studies with work, family, and other obligations. This means that people from all walks of life and places can access it. Working with their hands, doing interactive tasks, and working on projects in the real world help students gain valuable skills that companies look for.

The program also offers networking chances for students to meet other students, alums, and professionals in the field. These connections help students grow their professional networks and find new job options. After getting an Online MA in Journalism and Mass Communication, students will have the knowledge, skills, and confidence to pursue fulfilling jobs in the media business. It is an investment in their future that will pay off.

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Job Opportunity after Online MA in Journalism And Mass Communication

Finding a good job with a handsome salary after a bachelor's degree is tough today due to never-ending competition. Getting a master's degree opens up ample opportunities. After completing an MA in Journalism and Mass Communication, one can be:


Public Relations Officer

Education and Communication officer


Marketing Operations Specialist

Radio Jockey


Communication Manager

Sound Technician

Film Maker

Social Media Executive


Top Recruiters for Online MA in Journalism And Mass Communication

Leading media outlets, digital content platforms, public relations companies, advertising agencies, and corporate communication teams are some of the best places for graduates of the Online MA in Journalism and Mass Communication program to find work. These employers like the program's thorough curriculum, useful skills in the workplace, and hands-on learning opportunities. They want to hire grads who can communicate clearly and think strategically so they can make a positive impact on their companies.

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Let's clear up some doubts about Online MA in Journalism And Mass Communication

Yes, you can pursue an MA in Journalism and mass communication in Online/Distance mode.

After completing your MA in Journalism and Mass Communication you can easily secure a job as a content writer, film maker, journalist, public relations officer, radio jockey, social media executive, etc.

MA in Journalism and Mass Communication is a 2yr postgraduate course, it helps students in gaining in-depth knowledge of mass media, press, journalism, public relations, advertisement, radio, etc.

Yes, journalism is a flourishing career. The pandemic only increased its importance as it showed that a journalist is someone who brings truth in a global pandemic as well.

Yes you can consider MA in Journalism and Mass Communication after BA in English(Hons).

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