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online ma in punjabi

Updated at : April 10, 2024

Online MA In Punjabi

The Online MA in the Punjabi domain is a two-year postgraduate program divided into four semesters. It is designed to teach students about the various facets of the Punjabi language, such as its culture, history, literature, prose, and poetry. Students learn more about Punjab's rich cultural past by studying various subjects, such as literature, poems, history, and language. Students can talk to Punjabi artists and scholars worldwide through video seminars, guest lectures, and cultural events. This program encourages artistic expression, critical thought, and cultural understanding. It also trains graduates to be Punjabi language and culture ambassadors in their communities and beyond.

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No. of Universities


Course Duration

2 - 4 Years


Graduation or Equivalent

Learning Mode


EMI Facility


Online MA in Punjabi Program Overview

The Online MA in Punjabi study aims to give students a complete understanding of the Punjabi language, literature, and society. Through a varied program, students learn about many parts of Punjab's rich past and culture, including writing, poetry, history, and language. Thanks to the program's freedom, students can work on course materials at their own pace and from anywhere worldwide. 

annual-salaryThere are numerous extra advantages to taking this program online learning. In comparison to regular courses, online learning courses are fairly economical. Additionally, this learning method eliminates the extra expense of travel and lodging. Working professionals who want to finish higher education can balance their studies and employment. An online or distant learning setting also has several other advantages. Therefore, enrolling in this course online is useful to the students.

Here is a short brief of the Online MA in Punjabi program: 

Course Particulars


Course Name

Master of Arts-Punjabi

Course Level

Postgraduate Level

Course Duration

2 years, usually divided into 4 semesters

Course Eligibility

Graduation or equivalent

Mode of Learning


Average Fee

Rs. 4,500 to Rs. 6,000 per semester

Why choose an Online MA in Punjabi?

If you want to learn more about Punjab's rich cultural history, getting an online MA in Punjabi can help you in many ways. Because of the program's online format, students can work on course materials whenever convenient for them and from anywhere in the world. However, the program has the same value and weightage as the on-campus regular MA in Punjabi. Virtual lectures and cultural events also allow students to talk to Punjabi artists and scholars, improving the learning experience. Overall, the Online MA in Punjabi is a quick, thorough, and mentally stimulating way for people who want to learn about and enjoy Punjab's rich cultural history.

Who Should Pursue Online MA in Punjabi?

  • Those who are deeply interested in the Punjabi language, literature, and culture and want to learn more about Punjab's rich history.
  • Working professionals who want to learn more about Punjabi culture and language while still juggling their work responsibilities.
  • Students interested in pursuing jobs in education, media, cultural preservation, or community development connected to the Punjabi language and culture.
  • People from all walks of life who want to work with Punjabi artists and scholars and help protect and share Punjab's cultural history.
  • Anyone who wants to learn more about how the Punjabi language and culture relate to other subjects, such as religion, history, sociology, anthropology, and sociology.

When Should I Pursue an Online MA in Punjabi?

You should get an online MA in Punjabi if you are interested in the language, literature, and culture of Punjab and want to learn more about the state's rich history. This program can help you whether you are a new graduate who wants to learn more or a working professional who wants to improve your skills. Also, now is the best time to start this educational path if you want to protect and promote the Punjabi language and culture or if you want to work in school, the media, or cultural preservation.

Key Highlights of Online MA in Punjabi In India

  • The MA in Punjabi course is UGC-DEB approved, and the degree awarded is valid and recognised around the globe. It helps the student gain in-depth knowledge of the Punjabi language and become an expert.
  • The MA in Punjabi program via online mode lasts for around 2 years and is subdivided into 4 semesters. The average fee for this program is around Rs. 4500-Rs. 6000 per semester.
  • After completing this program, the student is exposed to various career opportunities. They also gain an in-depth understanding of the many facets of the Punjabi language, including its historical and cultural background.
  • The program is designed to accommodate the busy schedules of workers and people with other obligations by offering asynchronous learning and different study methods.
  • Students can interact with Punjabi writers, artists, and thinkers worldwide through virtual seminars, guest talks, and cultural events.
  • The program supports learning across fields so that students can look for links between the Punjabi language and culture and other subjects like anthropology, history, and sociology.
  • The program helps students think critically and study by having them critically examine Punjabi writings, literature, and historical events.
  • Students learn about the Punjabi language and culture from the point of view of a global view by working with artists and scholars from different places and cultures.
  • The program allows participants to meet other students, alums, and workers in the field, which helps the Punjabi community make links and work together.

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Online MA in Punjabi Course Subjects/Syllabus

Here is the list of the subjects that the students get to learn during the Online MA in Punjabi course duration:

Semester I

Semester II

Madhkaali Punjabi Sahit Da Itihaas

Adhunik Punjabi Sahit Da Itihaas

Sahit Sidhant Sanatani Kaav Shastar Atte Punjabi Alochana

Adhunik Pachmi Kaav Shastar Atte Viharik Alochana

Punjabi Natak Ate Rangmanch

Adhunik Punjabi Kavita

Khoj Vidhi

Adhyaapan Yogta

Punjabi Bhasha Atte Computerikaran

Punjabi Pattarkari Ate Anuvad

Semester III

Semester IV

Punjabi Sabhyachar Atte Lok Dhara

Bhasha Vigyan Ate Punjabi Bhasha

Punjabi Galap

Dissertation Or Madhkali Punjabi Sahit Parvasi Punjabi Sahit

Punjabi Vaartak

Pattkatha Lekhan

Term Paper Or Punjabi Nari Sahit

Koshkari Ate Punjabi Koshkari

Rachnatamak Lekhan


Online MA in Punjabi Eligibility & Duration

For applying to the MA in Punjabi program via online mode, the student must fulfil the below-mentioned eligibility requirements:

  • Applicants must have a graduation degree or equivalent with at least 50% of marks in it.
  • The degree must be completed from a UGC-recognized university.
  • Students working in any sector are also encouraged to apply for the program.

Duration of the Online MA in Punjabi

The minimum duration is two years, divided into four six-month semesters. The maximum duration in which one can complete this course is around four years. This extended duration benefits those doing extra things and studying, like pursuing a job, taking an additional course, etc. However, the duration depends on the university providing the program so that applicants can check it on the university's official website.

Skills Required for Online MA in Punjabi

  • You need to be able to speak and write Punjabi to understand course materials, study, and participate in talks.
  • It is very important to be able to critically read Punjabi literature, poetry, and historical works to understand and interpret difficult cultural and literary topics.
  • You must communicate clearly in Punjabi, both orally and in writing, to explain your thoughts, share your study, and participate in scholarly debate.
  • To understand Punjabi literature, history, and cultural practices in their proper context, one needs to have a deep understanding of Punjabi culture, traditions, habits, and social values.

Is any entrance exam required to pursue an Online MA in Punjabi course?

The best thing about getting an online MA is that you don't have to take an entry test. However, here is a list of popular tests that universities usually give or look at as requirements for getting into the MA program:

DU Common University Entrance Test (DUCET/DUET)

CT University Scholarship Entrance Test (CT SET)

Common University Entrance Test (CUET)

Presidency University Bachelor Degree Entrance Test (PUBDET)

Jawaharlal Nehru University adopted Common University Entrance Test (JNUCET/JNUEE)

Recommended Books

Below is a list of the popular books for the Online MA in Punjabi. 



"Punjabi Sahit Di Sampuran History"

Dr. Ganda Singh


Bhai Kahan Singh Nabha

"Punjab di Mitti Da Tavshil"

Prof. Gurbachan Singh Talib

"Punjabi Lok Geet"

Surjit Singh Hans

"Sikhan Di Bhagat Mala"

Prof. Sahib Singh

"Punjab History Conference Proceedings"

Various Authors

"Punjabi Bhasha Te Punjabi Lok Sahit"

Dr. Sadhu Singh Hamdard

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Program Fees for Online MA in Punjabi

Starting at ₹ 6,776/month

Program Fee: ₹24,000 - ₹24,000

Low Cost EMI Available


The fees for the Online MA in Punjabi usually run from INR 40,000 to INR 1 lakh, but they can be higher or lower based on the university offering the program, the length of study, and any extras offered. This all-in-one fee system covers tuition, access to online tools, academic support services, and other costs connected to the program. With College Vidya Compare, you may compare the academic fees of most institutions that offer your program of study.

Online MA in Punjabi Admission Procedure

To apply for the online MA in Punjabi program, one needs to follow these simple set of steps:

  • Step 1: Visit the university’s official website and register on the admission portal.
  • Step 2: After successful registration, start filling out the application form by entering the information asked in the form.
  • Step 3: The next step is uploading the required documents, photographs, and signatures in the prescribed format and size.
  • Step 4: Finally, pay the fee to secure the admission seat.
  • Step 5: After the application process, the concerned university verifies the application form and confirms the student's admission.
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Education Loan/EMI Facilities for Online MA in Punjabi

For students in the Online MA in Punjabi program, EMI (Equated Monthly Instalment) options may help them pay for the program over a more doable period each month. This choice saves students from paying the whole fee simultaneously and gives them financial freedom for different budgets. By giving EMI options, the program hopes to ensure that more people can get a good education in Punjabi, allowing them to achieve their academic goals without worrying too much about money.

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Is Online MA in Punjabi Worth it?

Whether or not an Online MA in Punjabi is worth it relies on the person's goals, hobbies, and situation. This program has many perks for people interested in Punjabi language, literature, and culture. In the first place, it gives a deep understanding of Punjab's rich history, culture, literature, language, and customs. This information can be emotionally and mentally enriching and help people feel more connected to their cultural roots. The program also allows students to study at their own pace and from anywhere globally. This means that working adults, parents, and people with other obligations can use it.

Also, getting an online MA in Punjabi can help you get jobs in education, the media, culture preservation, community development, and other fields. Today's international world needs people who can think critically, communicate effectively, and understand other cultures. Graduates have these skills and more. In addition, the school allows students to meet Punjabi scholars, writers, and artists, improving the learning experience and growing career networks.

Ultimately, getting an Online MA in Punjabi relies on how much you love the subject, your job goals, and your situation. The school can be worth it for people who want to learn more about Punjab's rich cultural heritage and make a difference in the field. It can help with personal growth, career development, and cultural preservation.

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Job Opportunity after Online MA in Punjabi

After pursuing the MA in Punjabi program, students have various career opportunities. These include jobs in education, media, publishing, and film industries. The program aids the student in acquiring all the expertise essential to succeed in this sector.

The student is qualified to work as a Punjabi instructor in the academic field. Additionally, one might employ creative thinking skills by working as a content writer for various enterprises. The market currently has a large demand for language translators, and one can also work in this field.

The job profiles on which one can work after completing the Online MA in Punjabi program are as follows: 


Cultural Advisor


Voice Talent Associate

Tourist Guide

Language Screener

Content Writer

Foreign Language Interpreter

Top Recruiters for Online MA in Punjabi

Program graduates have a deep understanding of Punjabi language and culture, which prepares them for jobs in academia, the media, cultural preservation, community development, and other areas connected to Punjabi heritage. 

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Let's clear up some doubts about Online MA in Punjabi

Yes, the Online MA in Punjabi program is UGC-DEB approved and recognized around the globe.

Yes, when applying for jobs, a degree earned online is treated equally to a degree earned on campus.

Yes, pursuing MA in Punjabi in the online mode offers various benefits like managing their studies along with gaining work experience.

The student can make a career in the education sector, writing and publishing sector, translation services, media, and film industry.

The minimum qualification for enrolling in the MA Punjabi course is to have a graduation degree from a recognized university.

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