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online executive program in operations

Updated at : February 23, 2024

Online Executive Program In Operations Management

Operations management has taken on a critical role in maintaining competitiveness and efficiency in today's dynamic corporate environment. The need for qualified people in operations management is at an all-time high as organizations expand to meet new customer needs. Thanks to the advent of Online Executive Programs in Operations Management, working people no longer have to sacrifice their time or schedules to further their education and careers.

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Operations Program Overview

Online Executive Programs in Operations Management are one-year comprehensive programs designed to provide working professionals with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in a career in operations management. In addition, the course is designed to equip professionals with a comprehensive understanding of the principles and practices involved in managing the day-to-day operations of a business. All organizations depend on the operations on their premises and have a vital role in the profit-making process. Every company has various departments, and they perform different functions that are related to their operations.

The program covers various topics, including operations and supply chain management, project management, Lean Six Sigma, quality management, business analytics, information technology, and strategic management. By completing an Online Executive Program in Operations Management, professionals will be well-prepared to advance their careers in operations management across various industries.

The flexible online format allows the applicant to complete the course curriculum at their own pace and schedule, making it an ideal choice for working professionals who want to enhance their skills while balancing work and other commitments. Many online executive programs in operations management emphasize hands-on, real-world experience. Case studies, simulations, and industry-relevant projects will provide participants real-world knowledge they may apply immediately in their jobs. 

Key Highlights of Operations In India

  • Online executive programs in operations management are short-term programs available for working professionals to improve their leadership and managerial skills.
  • Online executive programs in operations management offer a comprehensive overview of the principles and practices involved in running a successful business.
  • These programs instil basic knowledge of Enterprise Resource Planning, Procurement & Service Operations Management. 
  • The curriculum is designed to provide students with the skills and knowledge necessary to make data-driven decisions and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of business operations.
  • Key highlights of these programs include a flexible learning format, which allows students to complete coursework at their own pace and on their schedule.

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Operations Course Subjects/Syllabus

During the course duration of Online executive programs in operations management, one gets to learn various facets of the operations field in an organization. But there are core topics that one gets to learn during the course curriculum; these are

Strategic Management

Operations Strategy

Project Management

Lean Six Sigma

Quality Management

Business Analytics

Operations and Supply Chain Management

Operations Eligibility & Duration

  • All applicants require Bachelor's degrees (or their foreign equivalents) from an internationally recognized institution. A bachelor's degree is desired but not required and may be earned in business, engineering, or management.
  • Three to five years of similar work experience is often necessary. It is important to review the prerequisites of each program since some may have special experience requirements.
  • Proof of English Language Proficiency through Standardized Tests such as the TOEFL or IELTS may be required for overseas candidates or non-native English speakers who do not meet the minimum program requirements.

You can finish the Online Executive Program in Operations Management in as little as three months or as long as twenty-four. This flexible timetable allows learners to arrange their coursework around their other obligations. This curriculum is flexible enough to allow you to learn at your speed, whether that's quickly or over a longer period, while still meeting your other professional and personal commitments.

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Program Fees for Operations

Starting at ₹ 6,776/month

Program Fee: ₹50,000 - ₹3,25,000

Low Cost EMI Available


Usually, the cost of enrolling in an Online Executive Program in Operations Management is anywhere between one and two lakhs. The program's cost might vary widely depending on its popularity, length, and the school that offers it. Investigating whether or not the program offers financial assistance, scholarships, or payment plans can help make it more affordable for a wider range of students.

Operations Admission Procedure

The admissions procedure is very selective to ensure that those admitted to the Online Executive Program in Operations Management have the requisite skills and experience. An online application may be required of potential students; it may ask for information such as the applicant's academic history, work history, English language proficiency scores (if relevant), recommendation letters, and a personal statement outlining the applicant's professional aspirations and reasons for applying to the program.

The review procedure may also include interviews in some programs. After carefully considering the information provided, admissions officers make their final selections and notify successful candidates. Candidates should carefully examine the program's admission requirements to ensure they satisfy all criteria and deadlines. 

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Education Loan/EMI Facilities for Operations

The growing number of universities that offer an online Executive Program in Operations Management demonstrates a commitment to widening access to higher education. As a result, they may provide forms of financial aid, including grants, scholarships, and payment plans. These options help students afford their education and encourage them to continue their studies. To ensure qualified persons can attend the program without undue financial restraints, prospective participants are advised to explore these possibilities, as eligibility requirements and availability may differ among institutions.


Is Operations Worth it?

There are several good reasons why an online executive program in operations management could be something you should consider. First, operations management is essential in almost every sector, and businesses are always looking for qualified individuals to help them improve productivity, save expenses, and streamline operations. Developing your knowledge in this area can make you more marketable to prospective employers, leading to better pay and more exciting employment prospects.

In addition, online executive programs allow you to learn what you need to know without sacrificing your existing work or personal obligations. The ability to quickly apply what you've learned in the classroom to your work life is a huge perk of today's educational landscape.

The emphasis on real-world applications and problem-solving skills in such courses means graduates are well-equipped to enter the workforce. Online networking events are also helpful since they allow you to meet people in your field worldwide. This can lead to new job chances and partnerships.

In conclusion, enrolling in an online Executive Program in Operations Management will greatly improve your employment prospects if you want to succeed in this fast-paced and crucial industry. Investing in your career development is a smart move because it may boost your happiness and success at work.

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Job Opportunity after Operations

Individuals have many employment options after completing an operation management certification course. These professionals are in high demand across various industries as they are equipped with skills to ensure the smooth functioning of a company's day-to-day operations. Students who complete operation management certification programs can expect to work as:

Operations Analyst / Manager

Production Manager

Operations Consultant 

Supply Chain Manager/Analyst

Portfolio manager

Logistics Manager

Quality Assurance Manager

Process Improvement Specialist 

Top Recruiters for Operations

Multinational firms, including Apple, Amazon, General Electric, Procter & Gamble, IBM, and Walmart, are among the most popular employers seeking graduates of Online Executive Programs in Operations Management. Strong operations management abilities are in high demand at these organizations since optimizing supply chains, enhancing production processes, and increasing overall efficiency are all priorities.

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Let's clear up some doubts about Operations

An online operations management program for executives provides learners with the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively manage the operations of a business.

Topics covered in online executive programs in operations management may include operations strategy, supply chain management, project management, quality management, inventory management, and operations planning and control.

The length of an online operations management certification course can vary, but most courses take between 6 and 12 months to complete.

Requirements to enroll in an online operations management certification course may vary depending on the provider, but most programs require a graduation degree along with relevant work experience.

The cost of an online operations management certification course can vary depending on the provider and the length of the course. But the average fee ranges from Rs. 30,000 to Rs. 50,000.

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