12 Best Career Options After B Com: What To Do After B Com?
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12 Best Career Options After B Com: What To Do After B Com?

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When selecting which course to pursue, the major factor that one keeps in mind is their future career and its scope. There are various preferred and popular courses individuals select to pursue as their bachelors, one such popular course is B Com (Bachelor of Commerce).

In order to secure a high-paying job in today’s competitive world, B Com is not enough. Students must take further courses to establish a great career in this field. Keeping this in mind we have mentioned the 7 best career options and courses to establish a good career in them after B.Com.

So let’s get started.

#1 Master of Commerce (M.Com)

M.Com is a postgraduate course specially designed for B.Com passouts to give them more tools and in-depth knowledge. This post-graduation course is for 2 years, best for students who wish to polish their skills more and get insight on how to apply their theoretical knowledge correctly in the professional world. 

This postgraduate course deals with subjects like banking, finance, taxation, business management, etc. M.Com is suitable for those individuals who wish to work in the taxation, accounting, or BFSI ( banking financial service and insurance ) sectors. 

This post graduation course prepares students for roles like Accountant, Accountant Executive, Finance Manager etc. Some top recruiters for M.Com passouts include Accenture, TATA Consultancy Service Ltd, Infosys BPO etc.

#2 Chartered Accountancy

One thought that comes across every student who pursues B.Com is that he/she should become a CA. CA is one of the most reputed career options after B.Com. To become a CA one must excel in the 3 stages involved to be a Chartered Accountant and get an internship of at least 2.5 years. 

The course is 3 year long. Individuals who complete this course are eligible to secure a position in companies like Delliote. Some other top recruiters for Chartered Accountants consist of ICICI Bank, McKinsey and Company, Inc, Kpmg Consulting etc.

#3 CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst)

This 2.5 year course is one of the best options for those who are looking to secure good and high paying jobs. CFA is offered by CFA institute and the position itself is globally recognized. 

This course includes a variety of subjects like investment analysis, economics, statistics, portfolio management etc. In Order to become a CFA individuals are required to clear a 3 tier examination. CFAs are swooped away by big brands like JP Morgan, BlackRock, Morgan Stanley,etc.

#4 BAT Business Accounting and Taxation (Business Accounting and Taxation)

Another course to look at after B.Com is Business Accounting and Taxation. This course prepares students for their future roles for accounting and taxation. Carefully designed by industry experts this program equips students with needed tools and knowledge for the industry.  

The course consists of topics like goods and service tax (GST), direct taxation, payroll components ESIC, payroll components etc.  After completing this program one can easily secure a job as tax consultant, corporate legal assistant, company law assistant, and many such promising profiles in the industry. Top recruiters include Accenture, eClerx, and HDFC Bank.

#5 FRM (Financial Risk Manager)

Financial Risk Management is the right choice for those who are looking to get a recognized degree in banking and finance This short 9 month course shows your potential and knowledge of risk management concepts. In order to become Financial Risk Manager one needs to complete GARP’s Financial Risk Management program 

Role and duty of a Financial Risk Manager includes identifying and analysing potential threats and tracking its success in the market. A Financial Risk Manager can work in various sectors like sales, private banking, trading, and marketing.

#6 MBA (Master of Business Administration)

For those with a knack for business, what can be better than an MBA? Master of Business Administration is a 2 year post graduation course which equip students with right tools and in depth knowledge to excel in their preferred specialisation 

In order to enroll for an MBA program students need to clear the CAT, an aptitude test which determines which college the candidate will get into. 

An MBA passout can work as a Marketing Manager, Operations Manager and much more in big organizations like TATA Consultancy, Infosys and Accenture.

#7 CS (Company Secretary)

If you like managing then CS might sound about right. An Company Secretary holds great importance in any organization and is responsible for alot from managing legal aspects of the firm to maintaining the tax records

In order to secure your position as a CS in any organization one must have a corporate law degree. This is a 3 year course which comprises 3 stages: Foundation, Intermediate and Finals.

#8 Banking 

Government sector has immense career opportunities at different levels from the root to become an officer in a government bank, or firm in the finance, accounting and management department of a commerce field. If a candidate really wants to build or stepping in the government department for them this is the best career opportunity after their compilation of B.Com degree from any recognized university that is UGC-DEB approved.

Government banking sector has a good range of opportunities. Let’s dive into the govt exam career opportunities of the monetary world. Where a candidate can apply for different govt based banking exams:

RBI AssistantLIC AAO

Other government exams where a B.Com degree holder can apply for it. To work at the state, central or domestic level of the job. These below mentioned are the other foremost opportunities that a b.com degree must try for:

SSC CGLSSC IDMRailway Ticket Checker ExaminationRRB JE
SSC CPOSSC FCIAssistant Loco Pilot Examination (RRB ALP)RRB NTPC
SSC JERRBRRB Paramedical ExaminationRPF SI, so forth

In order to secure a position in a government department, a candidate must have a B.Com or other related degree from a recognized university that must have 55% or above aggregate marks in their bachelors. 

#9 CMA (Certified Management Accountant)

Always dreamt to work in reputed MNCs or big firms then this certificate course after your compilation of B.Com degree is a best course to provide a certificate in managing the financial accounting, strategic management or handles the accounts of an individual, organisation of a government or private sector. CMA demonstrates the study of financial planning, budgeting, forecasting, financial reporting decisions, cost management, corporate finances, risk management, investment banking, professional law, ethics and much more. 

The course duration of this course is 6 to 8 months depending upon the institutes of different universities. If you possess this certification of CMA, you can open a bunch of career opportunities for yourself in the finance and management world from public, public or non-government expertises. This CMA course is always in demand 

#10 CIB (Certificate in Investment Banking)

CIB course is one of the demanding courses that is done after the completion of a B.Com degree course or other related course. This certificate course is designed to assess all the banking, finance, or other monetary sectors of the banking and investment professionals. 

The course of CIB focuses on these respective key areas of banking, finance, investment banking, financial analysis, banking and corporate actions, restructurings, listing, fundraising, IPO, acquisitions, transactions, LBO or so on. The duration of the course starts is 6 months and it’s up to 1 year, the duration of the course depends upon the colleges to universities to impart the knowledge of banking and their respective sectors. 

After completing the CIB certificate course, a candidate can build their career into investment banking, equity research, private equity, hedge funds, private wealth management, asset management, corporate finance, strategy and government departments as well. 

#11 Digital Marketing 

In recent times digital marketing has boosted the level of digital platforms such as, E-commerce, products, goods, services or even the digital media platforms as well to promote their product. If you are looking for a creative field then becoming a digital marketer is a best and foremost career option for you.

After completing a B.Com degree you can even start your own new venture, business or to continue with the family business in helping them to work in a commerce based policies, services to take your business at a top in a strategic, managing, way of the finances and accounting. Through this course you can also learn the importance and benefit of taking your business to the digital platform in  this digital world.

You can get multinationals as well as a native career opportunities in digital marketing. The digital marketing course duration is of 3 months to 1 year all depending upon the institute or university from which you are planning to pursue.

The course study of digital marketing studies SEO, SMM, SEM, PPC, Email Marketing, Web Designing, Content Marketing, and so on. This digital marketing course is one the foremost and demanding courses not only for the B.Com degree holder but also for almost every field student who starts their career in a creative and his/her own way. 

#12 B.Ed (Bachelor of Education) 

After completion of your bachelors degree in B.Com you can opt to pursue a B.Ed degree course. It is the best career for candidates who are keen towards teaching or lecturing professionals. B.Ed is a two year degree teaching program that is explicitly designed to allow students into an academic profession. 

If you have scored 55% or above aggregate marks in your b.com degree or other specialization. You can pursue a career in education. After completion of B.Ed you can apply in different schools, institutes, colleges or universities to teach as per your selected B.Ed specializations.

Usually the B.ed program inclined the study of pedagogy, education and child psychology, education policy, leadership, instructional technology, special education, lesson planning, curriculum designing, etc. choosing a career in education is the best and securing field to teach or shape the future of young minds. 


Hope this detailed blog on 12 career options after completion of a B.com degree has opened your mind. In which field you want to pursue your career. We have covered the best and top rated career fields after bachelors in commerce. Determine your career choice based on the interest in which you start your profession likely to pursue after your graduation. 

These careers do wonders in your life. Just you need to build greater knowledge for your better future to face this competitive world in the present scenario. If you are inclined towards accounting, you can check out the list of 12 best career options after a b.com degree.

Though, you can check more related blogs on career guidance to clear all your doubts and get the best of best career option suggestions as per your respective field such as Arts, Commerce and Science stream. Happy reading!


⭐What are the top five career options after B.com?

Though, B.Com stream has a vast level of career opportunities. Students can apply into these professions CA (Chartered Accounting), CS ( Company Secretary ), Banking, MBA (Masters of Business Administration), and M.Com (Masters of Commerce).

⭐Is maths a compulsory subject for commerce related job opportunities?

Yes, of course. Mathematics is such a major subject in commerce. To manage all the monetary or other related work mathematics plays a crucial role in it. 

⭐In which field commerce students make their career?

A B.com degree holder can build or seek career opportunities in finance, accounting, management or banking to utilise their skills and knowledge related to commerce.

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