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CNBC Coverage on Reimagining the Education System Digitally

Dec 9, 2023 10.3K Reads

After the new education policy which was introduced in the Union Budget 2022, online mode of education became a topic of discussion, to cover the same CNBC invited Mr Mayank Gupta, founder of College Vidya and Prof. Anil D. Sahasrabudhe, chairman of AICTE to clear the questions related to the future of virtual learning and his take on it. 

NOIDA: Evolution and digitalization can be seen in every sector now. Everyone is now moving towards a new and more accessible world. This shift was also seen in the union budget 2022, when talked about education policy more and more focus was given to the online mode of education. Online and distance mode are not new and have been helping students for a long time now, it is in this period where it gets the most recognition. 

The ongoing pandemic is one of the major factors due to which this shift has been possible. With the start of the pandemic everything from shopping to learning shifted towards a new digitalized era. Every College and university went from regular to online mode which taught students the importance and advantages of this mode of education. 

To discuss about the matter on hand further CNBC invited Mr. Maynk Gupta the founder of College Vidya an unbiased educational portal dedicated towards online universities. In this interview session Mr Gupta talked about his take on this whole matter.

When asked if he sees online mode of education to be the main and only mode of education in the coming future Mr Gupta was quick to reply that online education will have an upper hand after 10+2 and in masters level due to its flexibility and the need of upskilling in today’s time. However the main mode of education should and will be regular for students till their 10+2 as it not only educates them but helps in their overall development as well. 

‘There might be a possibility where a hybrid mode of education will be introduced where students will be called to classes but will also get the opportunity to learn in a virtual environment. The pandemic helped the students in recognizing and accepting the value of online education. The myth that went around for decades about regular mode being the only and most effective way of studying for students was proven wrong in the last few years where every student successfully gained knowledge in their respective fields and classes through this virtual mode or learning’ Mr Gupta adds  

The union budget 2022 also focused on the need of upskilling and reskilling in order to survive in this fast paced world. When talked about this Mr Gupta shared his opinion on how Online Universities are the only way to keep learning and evolving in every sector as it is more flexible and a better option to manage things altogether. 

After this interview session few things that are very clear are :

  • Online mode of education is soon going to take over the primitive mode of education 
  • Upskilling and Reskilling are the only 2 ways to keep up with the evolution
  • Virtual environment for learning is the reality now

Entire Discussion On Digital University & Online Education At CNBC Awaaz

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