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Success Story of Dr Anuj through Online Doctorate Programs

Apr 23, 2024 1K Reads

Anuj Bhowmick has over 19 years of industry experience and later he decided to pursue an online DBA that helped to bring a wealth of expertise and knowledge to the table. He wanted to understand all the basic to advanced knowledge related to operational and strategic business problems and wanted to equip himself to find solutions to these problems. That was the reason he wanted to pursue a DBA(Doctorate of Business Administration) online, that matched his future aspirations.

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However, many other factors let him pursue a DBA at this stage of his career. After the completion of the program, he applied the skills and knowledge to his workplace as well. Here in this blog, we have mentioned Anuj’s journey in the online Doctorate Degree from SP Jain Global and how this decision nurtured his professional growth and equipped him to deal with business problems. 

Could you elaborate on your professional and academic background?

I completed my undergraduate program in Mechanical Engineering from  Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University situated at Aurangabad in the year 2002. Later I pursued my Master in Business Administration degree specialised in Operations & Marketing in the year 2010 from Birla Institute of Technology located at Mesra, which laid a strong academic foundation. After this, I entered in corporate world and gained over 19 years of experience in  Product Development, Market & Competitive Analysis, Project Management, Operational Marketing and Pricing Strategies and with that, I furnished my skills by learning and implementing. I reached the pinnacle of my career and worked with global clients from India and the Middle East like ARC Group, Hindalco (Aditya Birla Group), Johnson & Johnson and many more. At present, I am heading the marketing and product development department at ARC, where I look after at MEAI region. 

How did you plan to pursue a DBA degree at this stage of your Career?

I was always fascinated by the dynamic and ever-evolving customer behaviour. And I was always passionate about building new products and this motivation kept me driven forward. Also, my zeal to find research-driven solutions for operational and strategic business challenges led me to pursue the DBA program. I feel highly motivated to find research-driven scientific solutions to business problems. I wanted to acquire all the essential skills that align with the emerging technology advancements, that can enable me to advance my career along contribute to the existing knowledge pool. A high burning desire to enhance my skills and knowledge while continuously embracing the ever-evolving landscape of technology and business led me to pursue DBA at this stage of my career. 

Why did you choose SP Jain Global to pursue the DBA program?

After deeply examining doctoral programs that are offered by many global business and management schools, I opted for SP Jain to pursue my DBA(Doctor of Business Administration). There were many options available but this specific program stood out to me because of its competitive curriculum, its focus on scientific problem-solving approaches, helpful guides and faculty members, the reputation of the institute, and the benefit of flexible learning are the influencing factors that helped me to choose DBA from SP Jain Global

How was your experience of the admission and interview process at the institute?

The interview process was so intriguing as it included questions from my academic and professional background. I discussed my past assignments and projects, by highlighting the effect of my decisions on my personal and professional growth. The interview process was smooth and was satisfactory. After the completion of the interview, the admission process was effective and smooth. 

Who is your guide/ mentor and how they helped you with your thesis and research project?

Several faculty members helped me immensely throughout my coursework. During my research and thesis phase, Dr. Seetharam helped me a lot. He played a crucial role in helping me through the entire research and thesis process. His valuable expertise and insights, his accessibility to us while we needed help, and his guidance and assistance helped us to get through the entire process. 

How do you think this degree helped you to get professional growth?

The degree helped me to address the problems and the new challenges from a very different perspective. Also, the methodologies and the tools I acquired during my program helped me to offer effective solutions for everyday business world challenges. The program helped me improve my existing skills and on the other hand, I learnt many new skills as well. I am equally excited about the golden chances this course will provide me and eager to enhance my boundaries of knowledge to get better professionally. 

What are your plans after the completion of DBA?

After completing my DBA degree from SP Jain Global, I wish to continue expanding my skills with my research and getting deeper and advanced knowledge in my field. I am also looking forward to remaining immersed in academia and actively working on knowledge-sharing initiatives, and I am also focused and looking forward to grabbing much more knowledge by learning and exploring. 

Do you also want to mould your career like Dr. Anuj Bhowmick, then you can also enrol in an online DBA. There are many universities globally that offer online DBA to the students. Make sure to opt for the recognised university by checking all the accreditations. DBA can be pursued in online mode and is of 3 to 5 years long. The University offers many specialisations to the students. You can opt for the specialisation that aligns with your career and educational background. Click here to choose the best online DBA university. 

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