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Success Story of Dr Jigna through Online Doctorate Programs

Apr 23, 2024 1K Reads

Dr Jigna Srivastava completed her GMBA in the year 2007 and later she pursued her DBA in 2017 from SP Jain Global. Success is different for different people and even for a person, success is usually a constantly achieving goalpost. Over her professional journey of over two decades, she encountered many hurdles, but still achieved many milestones successfully. Currently, she is known as a knowledgeable leader in STEM-related topics. Due to her exceptional knowledge and expertise, she has earned respect in the field. For her, all her achievements made her humble in many ways. 

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The most essential traits that helped her in achieving DBA are numerous. But the most important among all these reasons is the hunger to gain more knowledge and passion towards work. To get the exceptional image of being an expert in her field, being consistent with upskilling is quite essential to keep yourself updated with the changing times.

Today, the world is very global, digitally connected and very dynamic and getting future-ready is the need of time for young and aspiring candidates. So, she says that continuous learning with excellent work can make you master for success

She achieved this by training herself, learning from experts and professionals getting training from professional courses and reputed universities. After her formal education of 12+4 years, she joined the corporate world in the year 1999 and professionally did pretty well. 

She says that hands-on experience is the best teacher and guide. Also, companies and organisations give plenty of time to train their employees. Even after professional training and guidance, still,  there is a lag in excelling in the skills as per the changing future requirements. Due to this, she returned to the formal learning course after her graduation. 

In the year 2006, she joined the SPJain School of Global Management to pursue 1-year GMBA a full-time course that focussed on intensive courses in IT management that was specially designed for experienced people.  This course helped her to get better at the managerial and business skills for IT Management.

It helped her to introduce herself to the world of Enterprise Architecture Consulting and IT strategy. She also says that her experience of meeting professionals and experts was amazing. It also helped her to know more about the nuances of the global markets from an industrial and IT perspective. 

After a decade Jigna realised that digital technologies will rule the future businesses and IT landscape. So, she decided to enrich her industry and IT knowledge with digital transformation knowledge. After understanding a couple of available options, from digital technologies courses, she finally enrolled in the DBA(Doctorate in Business Administration) Online in 2017. 

The DBA from SP Jain School of Global Management is quite rigorous and a scientific course and it is very convenient for working professionals as it helps them to meet their learning goals. Her perspective on looking at data and information changed after pursuing a doctorate program online. DBA’s scientific research approach helped me to change the way of seeking business problems and IT solutions. With excellent guidance from the teachers and faculty members, she managed to complete her DBA successfully. 

The research gave her the chance to interact with the  C-level executives and Senior strategists who are working on digital transformation initiatives in respective companies in the telecommunication industry. This also motivated Jigna in many unparalleled ways and helped her to learn from these experiences. 

After her DBA, she worked with great business leaders and top companies that helped her to get many new experiences in digital transformation and strategic initiatives. Recently, she started her venture DT Simplified which highly focuses on providing advisory, consulting and training services in the digital transformation field

She also gives some suggestions to the new DBA aspirants. She says that it is essential to learn the skills and expertise through new channels and options. She is an avid reader and keeps herself updated with the new developments that are taking place in digital technologies and related fields. She also takes regular training through different digital courses and training programs in the emerging technologies field.

She also adds that it is crucial to challenge ourselves to think about how the developments can be used for the upliftment of society, industries and business. This is essential and highly inspiring for Jigna to use the skills on practical grounds. 

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