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Distance/Correspondence B Tech Mechanical Engineering Courses, Admission, Syllabus, Colleges, Eligibility and Career Options 2024 (Valid?)

Dec 9, 2023 12.6K Reads

What is B.Tech (Bachelor of Technology) Mechanical Engineering [Distance/ Correspondence]?

As the Industrial Revolution started humans shifted to mass production through machines. This led to the development of more machinery thus the study and manufacturing gave birth to mechanical engineering. Mechanical Engineering has a major hand in the world of manufacturing, mass production, and employability.

Every major secondary sector of the economy is totally dependent on the proper running of machines which in turn depends on Mechanical Engineering. The engineering of the machines is called mechanical engineering and the professionals with this knowledge are mechanical engineers.

The proper definition of Mechanical Engineering is the study of Mechanism. [Distance/Correspondence] B Tech Mechanical Engineering is the study, design, development, research, construction, and testing of any machines such as tools, engines, and machines.

The branch of engineering that uses applied physics, and mathematics principles with material science to design, analyze, manufacture and maintain mechanical systems. Being one of the oldest branches of engineering b tech mechanical engineering has a wide range of applications which important for a system to work. Mechanical engineering course includes the study of thermodynamics, fluid dynamics, material science, and designs.

As everyday technology is evolving [Distance/Online] B Tech Mechanical Engineering course has also evolved through ages. From the use of manual Lathe Machine to CNC machines, machining has become easier and more technologically oriented. To make the Mechanical Engineering course updated, the use of computers has played an evident role.

Many designing and rendering software such as CAD (Computer-Aided Design) and CAM (Computer-Aided Manufacturing) are used to get more accuracy in it. Software such as AutoCAD, Solid Works, and CATIA are helpful in designing and analyzing the designs.

[Distance/Correspondence] Mechanical Engineering course is a vast pool of engineering that is related to each and every part of our life. From a small screw to your cooling AC every small tool and machinery is a mechanical engineering marvel that evolved through the ages.

Let’s dive into this blog on B Tech Mechanical Engineering/Distance Mechanical Engineering/B Tech in Mechanical Engineering Correspondence Course further to clarify the doubts of yours that are holding you back to become a Mechanical Engineer. Do read ahead:

Correspondence/Distance Learning Mechanical Engineering Course (Valid?)

Correspondence/Distance Learning Mechanical Engineering has the largest search volume on the internet. So College Vidya has included this topic in the blog. Distance Learning Mechanical Engineering/b tech in mechanical engineering correspondence course has been declared invalid by the Supreme Court of India. Not only Mechanical Engineering but every Distance Learning B.Tech course is invalid by the Supreme Court of India.

So AICTE has declared the B Tech Distance Learning Mechanical Engineering course/Correspondence B Tech Mechanical Engineering as invalidCollege Vidya has written this topic so as to spread awareness about the invalidity of the Correspondence/Distance Learning Mechanical Engineering.

There are various institutes that are awarding the degree of Distance Learning B Tech Mechanical Engineering/Correspondence B Tech In Mechanical Engineering which is invalid in all terms. So we are here to make you aware of the false institute and universities.

However, to tackle the problem of the Distance B Tech Mechanical Engineering Course AICTE made provisions about B.Tech for Working Professionals. These courses were also known as B.Tech Evening, Part Time B.Tech, and Weekend B.Tech.

Now AICTE released the latest notification making all B.Tech the same no matter how or when it is pursued. Thus every B.Tech is the same in terms of value irrespective of the mode of learning.

So if you are thinking about going for Online Mechanical Engineering Course in the name of a B.Tech degree it will be a waste of money and time and you will end up both hands empty. Thus if you want to pursue B.Tech Mechanical Engineering after 10+2 or after Diploma in Mechanical Engineering you must go for b tech for Working Professional programs.

Part-Time B.Tech Mechanical Engineering Degree

If you have done a Diploma in Mechanical Engineering this is the most suitable option for you. After doing a Diploma in Mechanical Engineering you have already been through b tech mechanical engineering courses on the basic level.

So if you want to continue the job and get a BTech Mechanical Engineering, Part-time Mechanical Engineering Degree is the one. Part-Time Mechanical Engineering is the course designed for working professionals who are unable to attend the Regular Mechanical Engineering classes.

Part-Time Mechanical Engineering Degree is nothing but evening or weekend batches of Mechanical Engineering. Though named Part-Time Mechanical Engineering, they hold the same value when you will enter the job field. Every curriculum of BTech is the same even the Mechanical Engineering subjects.

These subjects are taught in3 years for working professionals as they have a diploma in Mechanical Engineering and have cleared the base of Mechanical Engineering subjects in the first year. The Part-Time Mechanical Engineering course certainly adds an extra advantage to your resume when you have a Diploma in Mechanical Engineering.

Know More – Part-Time B Tech: The Ultimate Guide 2024

BE (Bachelor Of Engineering) Mechanical Engineering

The four-year course of Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering course or BE Mechanical Engineering is the course that will somewhat the same as B.Tech Mechanical Engineering. Posing very little between each other some universities in India offer BE Mechanical Engineering. BE in Mechanical Engineering is more on the theoretical side while B.Tech Mechanical Engineering focuses on the practical approach.

The syllabus/subjects of BE Mechanical and BTech Mechanical Engineering is identical to the maximum extent. There is a very small difference between BE Mechanical Engineering and BTech Mechanical Engineering on the syllabus and curriculum.

The graduates of BE Mechanical Engineering are focussed more on continuing higher studies such as ME and then Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering. But both degrees are equally treated in the job market and have been approved by AICTE. BE in Mechanical Engineering a highly valued degree that will give a certain kick start to your career.

Online Mechanical Engineering Course

Online Mechanical Courses in India are the same as the correspondence/distance Mechanical Engineering Courses. We have discussed in the above sections of the blog that Correspondence/Distance or Online Mechanical Engineering Courses are declared invalid in India. To get a valid BTech Mechanical Engineering Degree, you have to physically attend the classes. So Online Mechanical Engineering courses are not valid in India.

But due to the ongoing Corona Virus pandemic, universities have shifted to the online mode of teaching. Online Mechanical Engineering courses are duly held by the universities so education keeps ongoing. Till the pandemic gets over Online Mechanical courses are held by every university portal for continuing education and learning.

AICTE notice has clearly stated that Online Mechanical Course is invalid because BTech Mechanical Engineering has labs in its curriculum and practical knowledge is a must. So Online Mechanical Engineering course is not declared valid in terms. Beware of the universities and institutes that offer Online Mechanical Engineering Degree Course because that degree will be just a piece of paper and nothing more.

Online Mechanical Engineering courses degree are not valued in the national and international job markets. Also, you cannot pursue higher studies in BTech Mechanical Engineering because the degree is invalid.  So, there is a difference between Online Mechanical Engineering Degree Courses and Online Mechanical Engineering classes.

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Mechanical Automobile Engineering

One of the sub-branches of Mechanical Engineering, Automobile engineering course is the part of the branch that deals with the functioning, designs, manufacturing, and production of automobiles. The detailed study of automobiles is called Mechanical Automobile Engineering.

The study and analysis of Engine, chassis, performance, etc of consist of Mechanical Automobile Engineering. This includes a detailed study of the strength of the material, ergonomics, fluid dynamics and statics, engine emissions, engine cycles, prototyping, and transmissions of vehicles.

Mechanical Automobile engineering degree also includes designing the vehicles and prototypes for testing and analysis purposes. Software like Auto CAD, ANSYS, Solid Works is used to design and test the models of vehicles.

The job has a vast field to explore as every day the Automobile sector is going towards newer and better technologies. This includes green fuels, electric vehicles, braking systems, and Emission norms. Also, the better alternative to fuels has also led to research and development of Mechanical Automobile Engineering.

The job aspects of B Tech Mechanical Automobile Engineering is very vast and interesting. Companies like TATA, Suzuki, Ford, Volkswagen, Toyota have many offers for the engineers passed from Mechanical Automobile Engineering. Posts like Service Engineers, R&D engineers, Design Engineers are some of the profiles where knowledge of Mechanical Automobile Engineering is used to get a good salary.

[Distance/Online] B.Tech Mechanical Engineering Courses

B Tech Mechanical Engineering Courses [Distance Mode] are categorically divided into eight semesters over 4 years to give a deep knowledge about the understanding of machines. These courses are fabricated and planned for Mechanical Engineering to study the design, development, research, construction, and testing of any machines such as tools, engines, and machines.

The branch of engineering that uses applied physics, mathematics principles with material science to design, analyze, manufacture and maintain mechanical systems. Also use of computer software such as AUTO CAD, Solidworks, and CATAI to impart the design knowledge through computers.

If you have done a Diploma in Mechanical Engineering this is the most suitable option for you. After doing a Diploma in Mechanical Engineering you have already been through mechanical engineering courses on the basic level. So you will skip the first year of Btech Mechanical Engineering as you have covered the basics of Mechanical Engineering in the Diploma of Mechanical Engineering.

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[Distance/Online] B.Tech Mechanical Engineering Eligibility Criteria

To apply for BTech Mechanical Engineering a student must have the following eligibility criteria:-

  • The candidate should have completed class 10+2 from a recognized board.
  • The candidate should have studied Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics in class 12th.
  • They should have scored at least 60% marks in class 12th. Some relaxation is provided to the reserved categories usually by government institutes.
  • The candidates who have done a 3-year diploma in Mechanical Engineering from a recognized university can apply for b tech lateral entry or working professional programs.

Top entrance exams for [Distance/Online] B Tech Mechanical  engineering

B Tech Mechanical engineering is one of the most demanded programs in engineering. It is high on demand always and got many competitions. One of the most important and known exams for entrance in any engineering program is are IIT, JEE Mains, Nits, and other state engineering entrance examinations such as UPTU, MHT, KCET, etc.

Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) offers various undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral (Ph.D.) programs across the whole world. You can give these exams after giving examinations of 10+2 and the aspirants who want to enroll themselves with the[Online/Distance] B Tech Mechanical Engineering programs.

[Online/Distance] B.Tech Mechanical Engineering Subjects/Syllabus

The entire b tech [online/distance] Mechanical course is divided into 8 semesters over 4 years. You will have to go through to various semesters exams and study various subjects that will make you perfect knowledge of mechanical engineering. Here is the list of b tech mechanical engineering subjects that you will have to study in [Distance/Correspondence B Tech] Mechanical Engineering Degree Program:-

Semester 1 Semester 2  
English Mathematics
Mathematics Physics
Physics Programming Language
Chemistry Electrical Technology
Engineering Graphics Electronics and Communication
Value Education
Semester 3 Semester 4
Mechanics of Solids Fluid Dynamics
Applied Thermodynamics Dynamics of Machinery
Theory of Mechanics Mechanical Engineering Design
Machine Drawing Electrical Machines and Control
Computer Graphics Numerical and statistical methods
Mechanics of Solid Particles
Semester 5 Semester 6
Fluid Machines Internal Combustion Engines
Heat and Mass Transfer Mechanical Vibrations
Advanced Mechanical Engineering Design Production Technology
Industrial Engineering and Management Computer-Aided Design
Advanced Solid Mechanics
Semester 7 Semester 8
Measurement and Instructions Advanced Fluid Mechanics
Energy Conservation Equipments Computer-aided manufacturing
Operations Research Automobile Engineering
Industrial Tribology Finite element manufacturing
Mechatronics Ergonomics
Waste Heat Utilization Composite materials
Noise Engineering Power Plant Engineering
Refrigeration and air conditioning Environmental Engineering
Utilization of non-conventional energy
Fracture Mechanics
Advanced Mechanics

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Final Year Project for [Distance/Online] B.Tech Mechanical Engineering

The final year project of [distance/correspondence/online b tech] Mechanical Engineering is the last milestone before a student graduate to become a Mechanical Engineer. The student will have to make project that must be working model of the seven semesters that he has studied. To get a degree in B Tech Mechanical Engineering the final year project submission is the must .

This final year project has the maximum weightage in the last semester. The project exam is followed by viva about the project and the report on it. Some of the top B Tech Mechanical Engineering final year projects that students can pursue are:

  • Robotics
  • Mechatronics
  • Industrial Automation
  • Pneumatic Automation Projects
  • Remote Controlled Automated Material Handling
  • Electronic Fuel Injections System

[Distance/Online/Correspondence] B.Tech Mechanical Engineering Degrees

Mechanical Degree of BTech is awarded to the student after the completion of all semesters. A student has to clear all the internal exams, Practical Exams, and external exams of all semesters.

In the final year after the submission of the project, the B Tech Mechanical Engineering degree is completed. A student is either awarded BTech Mechanical Engineering or BE Mechanical Engineering depending on the university.

After the completion of the Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech.) Mechanical Engineering Degree, a student is a certified engineer and is ready to work in the technical fields of Mechanical Engineering. Students also have options to pursue higher education such as M.Tech or MBA after the completion of a Mechanical Engineering Degree.

A diploma holder of Mechanical Engineering has to follow the same procedure with a little bit of difference. He is given admission directly in the second year and rests the procedure is the same to obtain a Mechanical Engineering Degree of BTech or MTech.

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[Distance B.Tech] Mechanical Engineer Career

After being a Btech Mechanical Engineer, you are exposed to a vast pool of jobs in the market. Some of the career a Mechanical Engineer can pursue are:

  • Jobs In Top Private Firms: As you become a Mechanical Engineer you have the opportunity to become a Research and Development, Design, Manufacturing, System Management, etc. In the evergreen industrial sectors such as energy, manufacturing, automobiles, etc. there is always a need for mechanical engineers. Top companies that hire Btech Mechanical Engineer are TATA, Reliance, Havels, Maruti, Hero ,Honda, Adani, etc.
  • Jobs In Government Sector: Mechanical Engineers are required in the government sectors. In government sectors such as CPWD, PWD, Electricity Boards, Indian Railways,The Indian Army, etc. recruit Mechanical Engineers.
  • Join PSU’s: Top Maharatna {ublic Sector Units like NTPC, ONGC, BHEL, IOC, etc have a heavy entry for the Mechanical Engineers. The PSU’s offer good salary packages along with lucrative perks.
  • Higher Studies: After Btech in Mechanical Engineering graduate can pursuer higher studies. He can enrol in MTech after clearing GATE exam. Also MBA is an option for the next level of studies.

[Distance B.Tech] Mechanical Engineer Salary 

In India, a Btech Mechanical Engineer is subjected to a good salary package along with perks. On average a Mechanical Engineer gets a starting salary up to 5lakhs/annum. The career of Mechanical Engineers rises as he starts gaining experience. As day by day, the need for Mechanical Engineers is increasing the salary status of Mechanical Engineer.  So what are you waiting for? The sky is the limit.

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Diploma in Mechanical Engineering

A student who has done 10+2 from science can go for Diploma in Mechanical Engineering. This course is a job-oriented course that doesn’t take a toll on your pocket. Diploma Mechanical Engineering also opens up the path for B.Tech lateral Entry programs that will give a boost to your career. So a career in after Diploma in Mechanical Engineering is worth pursuing.

Best University for B Tech Mechanical Engineering

Some of the best institute/ University for Btech Mechanical Engineering are listed below:-

  • IIT’s
  • NIT’s
  • Jamia Millia Islamia
  • BITS Pilani
  • Abdul Kalam Technical University (UPTU)
  • SRM University
  • VIT, Vellore
  • Lingayas University
  • UPES University, Dehradun
  • SV University

Know More –AICTE Validates Distance B.Tech Degrees

NOTE: B.Tech in distance education mode is invalid as declared by the Supreme Court of India. But distance BTech has the highest search volumes on the internet, that's why college vidya has covered. The motive to cover distance B.Tech. is not to promote it but to spread awareness about the invalidity of distance B.Tech.College Vidya does not promote engineering distance education by any means.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

As per the AICTE and UGC guidelines, distance/correspondence courses in engineering are invalid.

College Vidya aims  to spread awareness amongst the people that all engineering courses through distance/correspondence are invalid as engineering courses needs regular face to face classes.

You can enroll to any of  the best university for the course which offers regular/evening/ part-time course in B Tech Mechanical engineering degree.

For Mechanical engineering one has to pass out its 10+2 from PCM as a main subject.

The best courses for tech Mechanical  engineering are as follows: 

  • Robotics Course
  • Mechatronics Course
  • Tool Designing
  • Piping Design

The average fee structure for bachelor of Mechanical engineering degree is upto Rs.1,81,500.

The btech Mechanical engineering course for B. Tech is of 4years of duration and for M. Tech it is 2 years course.

Mechanical engineering courses need to understand the field work and to observe how thing work.

The Mechanical engineering course is of 4 years for undergraduate and 2 years for postgraduate.

Mechanical engineering is all about the fieldwork and observing things of how it works. It is not hard if you’re interested in the same field.

Mechanical engineering course is not hard for the aspirants who are interested in the same field.

Mechanical engineering course is one of the oldest and broadest course in engineering which has been chosen immensely throughout.

Mechanical engineering course is all about is the study, design, development, research, construction, and testing of any machines such as tools, engines, and machines.

Yes, Mechanical engineering is a good course for aspirants interested in designing, research and development, analysis of machines.

There are numerous courses in Mechanical engineering from which some of them are mentioned here for your reference.

  • Robotics Course
  • Mechatronics Course
  • Tool Designing
  • Piping Design

Mechanical engineering course is of 4 years for undergraduates and 2 years for postgraduate.

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