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Online/Distance MBA In Operations Management – Course, Admission, Syllabus, Colleges, Eligibility and Career Options 2024

Dec 9, 2023 11K Reads

What Is Online/Distance MBA In Operations Management?

Online/Distance MBA or Master’s in business administration in Operations Management is a 2-years postgraduation course specialized in the subjects related to operations management of any business or organization.

In a world of markets that are growing at a high pace day by day, we all want to win the race and become the best at our work. Every organization has several departments and they want the best results out from their investment.

Have you ever thought about who looks after the function of different departments in a single organization? The answer is ‘Operations Manager’ of the company. Therefore, the role of an operation is one of the complex tasks that require a lot of concentration from the candidates.

It is one of the highest-paid MBA jobs that you can pursue after getting a degree in Operations management. Also, an MBA degree in operations management is becoming a popular choice among students.

If you are a working professional and can’t attend the regular classes for doing the MBA in Operations management then, distance and online MBA in Operations Management is the perfect option for you. Distance and online education can also provide options similar to regular courses. The syllabus and curriculum of the courses in both regular or distance modes are mostly the same.

So, do not hesitate to take admission in online and distance learning if you want to pursue an MBA degree. You can also apply for the part-time MBA that is provided by many universities in the distance mode. Along with this, many universities provide an online MBA option for students to save their time and money.

Precisely, MBA in Operations from distance and online mode provides huge career options for the aspirants. MBA Operations is not only good in the ways of the career but is also called one of the most interesting courses. It also gives you exposure to the main industry of the business world.

Although, every organization needs an operations manager but mainly logistics and supply chains provide more opportunities for them. The subject of the MBA in operations management of the business revolves around the leadership and managerial category.

After completing the online MBA in operations, you will be able to perform various functions like business planning, creation, and management of the available resources by utilizing the capabilities of the employees and marketing the services or products of the company.

Please note that there are few major differences between online & distance education, thereby they are not the same.

– Major differences between them are: NAAC, UGC & NIRF approvals are needed for Online universities whereas UGC-DEB approvals are needed for distance universities.

– Secondly, the examination mode differs, in online mode you give examinations online, in distance mode you give examinations by going to the examination center.

– The third difference is its learning mode, online universities will have LMS (Learning Management System) whereas distance universities will have textbooks sent to you.

*Syllabus, duration, eligibility & job opportunities will remain the same but only fees might differ.

Online/Distance MBA in Operations Management Course Details 2024

There are certain basic details of the course that are really important to know before taking admission in the distance or online MBA course of Operations and Production Management. The details regarding the duration, fees, and terms of the course should be known to the students.

In the table given below, we will be specifying all the necessary information about the Distance MBA in Operations management. SO, have a look at these details.

Degree Masters
Full-Form Online/Distance MBA In Operations
Duration of the Course Course Duration of Distance MBA is 2 Years.
Age Limit No specific age limit
Minimum Percentage 50%
Eligibility/Subjects Required An Honors or a Graduates degree recognized by UGC
Average Fees INR 16,000 – 68,000 per annum

There are many different courses that are available in the field of operations management in distance. In every organization, Operations Management plays a vital role in the production of the company.

The operations manager plays the role of a watchdog in the manufacturing part of the goods, their services, and also keeps an eye on quality control. The main degree courses for master’s in business operations are given below:-

  • Post Graduate Diploma in Operations Management
  • Distance/Online MBA in Operations Management

The various other subjects that are included in the distance or online MBA in business operations are supply chain management, product formulation and design, ordering of goods, warehousing of goods, contacting vendors etc. Here, we are providing some main courses and specialization subjects that are available in this course:-

Business enterprise Transportation
Managerial economics Inventory control
Management strategy
Customer service procedure development
Organizational behaviour
Supply and distribution chain design and operations

Best Specialization for Online and Distance MBA 2024

MBA Airport and Airline Management MBA In Marketing Management
MBA In Information Technology MBA In Rural Management
MBA In Hospital Administration MBA In Hospitality Management
MBA In Construction Management MBA In Supply Chain Management
MBA In Total Quality Management MBA In International Business
MBA In Project Management MBA In HR Management
MBA In Finance  

Eligibility & Admission for Distance/Online MBA in Operations Management 2024

The degree of distance and online MBA program that specializes in operations management is a two-year course that is offered by many universities across India. The demand for MBA has certainly increased in the country but candidates need to fulfil the eligibility criteria to take admission in the Distance and online MBA in Operations management.

However, the basic eligibility criteria for a distance and online MBA in operations management are also similar to any other MBA specialization. You can have a look at the eligibility criteria specified for the MBA in operations:

  • Bachelor’s degree in any discipline from any recognized university.
  • Any equivalent qualification with a minimum aggregate of 50% marks.

Subjects in Distance and Online MBA in Operations 2024

The degree of distance and online MBA in business operations and productions gives a huge range of interesting subjects for the students. These subjects not only build up the theoretical base but also help in getting practical knowledge in detail. We are providing a list of these subjects in distance and online MBA operations is given below:

Operations Research International Logistics
Business Statistics
Technology and Innovation Management
Materials Management Project Management
Project Management
Information Technology & Systems Management
Enterprise Resource Planning Marketing Management
Financial Accounting and Management Human Resource Management
Supply Chain Management  

Syllabus of Distance and Online MBA in Operations Management 2024

After you have gone through the subjects of the operations management that are included in the syllabus of the course of distance MBA in business operations management, it is time to go through the main syllabus of the course.

The course is divided into two years and consists of all the relevant subjects regarding the subject matter of operations of a business and the management of productions of the company.

Here, you can see the year-wise syllabus of the distance and online operations MBA program:-

Units Topics Covered Description of Courses
Production Management Integrated Production Management, System Productivity, Capital Productivity, Labor Productivity, Capacity Planning, Location Planning, Job Evaluation, Value Analysis This course is about the basic aspects of Production Management like planning, organizing and controlling.
Operations Management Operations Management and Strategy, Tools for Implementation of Operations, Industry Best Practices, Aggregate Planning This course discusses the basic concepts related to the Operational aspects of Production Management.
Operations Strategy Operations Strategy, Competitive Capabilities and Core Competencies, Developing Operations Strategy, Competitive Priorities, Manufacturing Strategies, Service Strategies This course helps to learn the tools that aid in devising the methods of goods production.
Production Planning and Control Applications of Production Planning Techniques, Operations Research Applied to Production Planning, Optimised Production Technology, Computer-Aided Process Planning, Simulation Techniques, Computer Integrated Manufacturing, PPC in Supply Chain Management This course teaches students advanced techniques for managing operations.
Demand and Business Forecasting Strategic Importance of Forecasting, Methods of Forecasting, Qualitative Methods of Forecasting, Associative Models of Forecasting, Accuracy of Forecasting, Estimation of Demand This course is about the factors affecting Forecasting and teaches qualitative and quantitative forecasting techniques.
Inventory Control Introduction to Scientific Inventory Management, Static and Dynamic Inventory Control Methods, Simulated Inventory System, Multi-Echelon Inventory System, Materials Requirement Planning This course is about Practical aspects and latest developments in the field of Inventory control and management.
Total Quality Management Meaning and Dimensions of Quality, Quality Control Techniques, Quality Based Strategy, Total Quality Management, Total Productive Maintenance, Cost of Quality, Tools of Quality Control, Value Stream Mapping, Statistical Quality Control This course aims at introducing the concept of Total Quality Management and how and why it is so important in the present context.
Business Process Modeling Importance of Business Process Modeling, Business Process, Physical Database Modeling This course focuses on BPM methodologies which aim at improving organizational efficiency and quality.
Project Management Project Management Principles, Project planning, Project process Flow, Project Feasibility Studies, Human Aspects in Project Management, Application of Project Management Software, Contract Management, Project Cost Control, Risk Analysis in Project Management, Project Audit and Project Termination It is an application-oriented course which is designed to provide skills related to starting, management and termination of a project.
Logistics & Supply Chain Management Domain Applications, Supply Chain Management, Bullwhip effect in SCM, Collaborative Supply Chain, Inventory Management in Supply Chain, Financial Supply Chain, Supply Chain Drivers and Obstacles, Organization of the Supply Chain This module deals with the problems and challenges faced in the field of logistics and Supply Chain Management. It teaches the technical and managerial elements related for the smooth functioning of the field.
Operations Scheduling Purpose of Operation Scheduling, Scheduling Strategies, Scheduling Methodologies, Scheduling in Services This course introduces the importance of scheduling in the production or manufacturing process.
Operations Research Linear Programming Problems, Integer and Goal Programming Problems, Dynamic Programming Problems This course focuses on the quantitative aspect of problem-solving and introduces mathematics used for problem-solving.
Quantitative Techniques Theory of Probability, Discrete and Continuous Distribution, Decision Theory, Sampling and Estimation, Parametric Inference, Regression Analysis and Tests of Correlation Coefficients This course provides knowledge about the basic toolkit necessary for decision making.
Enterprise Resource Planning Introduction to ERP systems, Use of SAP 3, Modeling business processes using the tools of ERP software, Configuring an ERP system, Extending ERP system to Suppliers and Customers ERP is considered the backbone of business organizations today. This course helps to understand the functionality of ERP and teaches the use of tools required to understand and tailor ERP systems.

​Salary offered after Distance and Online MBA in Operations

After completing the course and getting a master’s degree in operations, you can earn a good amount of money from your job. The salary of the candidates also depends on the experience and qualifications of the candidate.

If you are a graduate and have a master’s degree from a college/university then, it will add value to your profile and will help in getting a good amount salary in your pocket.

If we talk about the average salary of an Operations Manager having an MBA degree in operations management and with good communication and leadership skills, then it is around 30,000- 65,000 INR per month in India.

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Best Colleges for Online/Distance MBA in Operations Management

Best Colleges for Online/Distance MBA in Operations Management

The list of the colleges that are providing the distance and online courses and master’s degree of MBA in the specialization of Operations Management is given below:-

IGNOU, New Delhi Suresh Gyan Vihar University
Symbiosis International Lovely Professional University
ICFAI business school, Hyderabad WeSchool
Sikkim Manipal University, Sikkim University of Madras
Amity University  

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Career Prospects after Distance and Online MBA in Operations

If you have completed the distance MBA program and you are confused about your career then, there is no need to worry. There are hundreds of career prospects that are available for MBA degree holders in Operations management.

Operations management is quite an interesting field as the duty of an operations manager carries the entire task of regulating the production unit and the departmental operations that are carried out in the company.

Here’s the list of job opportunities that any Operations management MBA holder can pursue in their career:-

Operations Analyst Corporate associate Portfolio manager Credit risk manager
Finance analyst Supply Chain Manager Logistics Manager Consultant
Inventory Control Manager Operations General Manager Brand and Sales Manager

Top Companies for MBA in Operations Field

Many big and multinational companies have vacancies in the posts of Operations Manager time-to-time.

The list of these companies that provide a great salary package for the students is given below:

Vodafone Airtel Maruti Suzuki Genpact DTDC
Vodafone Taj Hotels ITC group of hotels Tech Mahindra Infosys
Maruti Suzuki Idea Cellular Flipkart Wipro Amazon

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Yes, the distance program is now equivalent to the regular program of education and is equally valuable.

Any student having a bachelor’s degree in any discipline from an affiliated college can apply for MBA in Operations.

Yes, there are many jobs available in this field like Operations analyst, operation manager, logistics manager, financial manager, and many others.

The average salary of the candidates working as managers in Operations and productions is between Rs 5.0 lakh to 10 lakh per annum.

There is a huge demand for MBA holders in any specialization like Operations, Human Resources, Finance, Marketing, and International Business Management.

Sometimes, the job of operations becomes quite stressful due to long working hours and taking care of everything happening in the firm.

Some basic needs that an operations manager should have are given here:

  • Strong communication
  • Good motivational skills
  • Negotiation skills
  • Exceptional organizational skills

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