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Online/Distance MBA Airport and Airline Management – Course, Admission, Syllabus, Colleges, Eligibility and Career Options 2024

Dec 9, 2023 11.5K Reads

What Is Online/Distance MBA In Airport And Airline Management?

Online/Distance MBA or Master’s in business administration in the airport and airline Management is a 2-years postgraduation course specialized in the subjects related to international management of any business or organization.

As the Indian economy is rising up, the mode of transportation of people is also upgrading. The airline and Airport Industry in India is rising at an exponential rate. With government focus through the UDAAN scheme, it gave the boost not only to major airports but also to the regional airports.

In the coming decade, the whole landscape of the Airline and Airport industry will change. There has been a rise of Domestic and International Flights by 500%. Though Airports are developed by the government the Airline and Airport Management is still majorly run by private players.

Every industry needs management for its proper functioning of it. Thus, an online MBA in Airport and airline management plays a vital role in the proper servicing and function of airports and flights.

Online/Distance MBA (Airport and Airline Management) is the study of management of every activity of the Airline and Airport industry. Distance MBA in Airport and Airline Management covers every aspect including the marketing, operations, financial, and other important factors that contribute to the proper function of any airport and airline.

Subjects taught in MBA Distance and Online Education (Airport and Airline Management) cover all the important managerial factors that are required to cater a world-class travelling experience to the customers, generate revenue, and proper operation of the airline companies on and off-air.

Management of Airports is an important task as it involves a variety of operational tasks including hospitality, crowd management, luggage management, finances. These things are covered in the course when you opt for a Distance Learning MBA (Airport and Airline Management).

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After completing an MBA in Airport and Airline Management you are exposed to a lot of work opportunities that pay you well along with a work-life balance. Let’s explore every aspect of Distance/online MBA Airport and Airline Management to answer every query that is arising in your mind. If we are unable to answer your query by the end, we are just a call away. Happy Reading……

Please note that there are few major differences between online & distance education, thereby they are not the same.

– Major differences between them are: NAAC, UGC & NIRF approvals are needed for Online universities whereas UGC-DEB approvals are needed for distance universities.

– Secondly, the examination mode differs, in online mode you give examinations online, in distance mode you give examinations by going to the examination center.

– The third difference is its learning mode, online universities will have LMS (Learning Management System) whereas distance universities will have textbooks sent to you.

*Syllabus, duration, eligibility & job opportunities will remain the same but only fees might differ.

Distance/Online Learning MBA In Airport And Airline Management Courses Details 2024

The curriculum of Airport and Airline Management is the study of the airports and airlines and their proper management to produce a maximized output. It inculcates skills of managing and supervising the airport operation, marketing, and maintenance of airports and airlines and all the aspects of air transportation.

The course is divided into 4 semesters which are generally completed in 2 years. But Distance/online Universities emphasize learning at your own pace thus the 2-year degree can be completed in 5 years. The whole course is made in such a way that it covers all the aspects for a proper running of the airport starting from basics.

Online/Distance Learning MBA In Aviation Eligibility & Admission 2024

There is an added advantage when it comes to Distance/online Education. As Distance Education is the education for all, the eligibility criteria for the Distance Learning MBA in airports and airlines is very minimal and easy.

If the student wants to pursue a Distance/online MBA (Airport and Airline Management) he just has to graduate from a recognized university. There are no criteria of cut-off for taking admission in the Distance Learning MBA (Airport and Airline).

Also, for the admission in Distance/online Learning MBA (Airport and Airline Management), there are no tests conducted. One can directly apply to Distance Learning University and take admission in Distance MBA programs.

Graduation from any recognized university irrespective of any stream is the only and must eligibility criteria for distance Education.

Distance/Online Learning MBA In Aviation Fees Structure 2024

The initiation of Distance/online Learning was done with a motive to provide affordable higher education to every corner of India. Distance/Online Learning MBA in Airport and Airline is way more affordable than the regular one.

Most distance/online colleges and universities have an affordable fee which is many times less than the regular program. The fee of the program is ranged between 20,000- 90,000. The fee includes the examination fees, the learning material fee, the tuition fee, and the fee of the learning management system.

Best Specialization for Online and Distance MBA 2024

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MBA In Information Technology MBA In Rural Management
MBA In Hospital Administration MBA In Hospitality Management
MBA In Construction Management MBA In Operations Management
MBA In Total Quality Management MBA In International Business
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MBA In Finance  

Distance/Online MBA In Airport And Airline Syllabus/ Subjects 2024

The whole syllabus is divided into four-semester that is taught in 2-5 years.

This is the list of subjects/syllabus that a student goes through to complete the Distance/online MBA in Airport and Airline Management:-

Management Accounting Human Resource Management
Principles and Practices of Management Corporate Finance
Organizational Behavior and Design Marketing Management
Quantitative Techniques for Management Operations & Production Management
Managerial Economics Research Methodology
Business Communication International Business Management
Computer Application in Management Management Information Systems
Environmental and Disaster Management Indian Ethos and Business Values
Strategic Management Project Management
Entrepreneurship & Managerial Skill Development Business & Legal Environment
Training and Development Competency Mapping and Talent Management
Airline Finance Aviation Safety Management System and Accident Investigations Goal
Airline Operations Airline Marketing Management
Aviation Law Research Project

Duration For Distance/Online Learning MBA In Airport And Airline

Generally, an MBA in aviation is completed in 2 years. It has 4 semesters and the whole curriculum along with the research project is to complete in the allotted time. But when you are pursuing a distance/online MBA in aviation you have some extra time to complete your degree program. In Distance/online mode, you are given a time of generally 4 to 5 years to complete a distance/online MBA program.

Benefits Of Online/Distance Learning MBA In Airport And Airline

The Distance/online MBA in Airport and Airline has ample benefits over the regular MBA and it can be easily seen. Here are some of the benefits of a Distance/online Learning MBA in Airport and Airline Management over the regular MBA. Here are some of it:-

Benefits Of Online/Distance Learning MBA In Airport And Airline

  • Pace your Degree Program- Distance/online MBA enables you to complete your degree program at your learning speed. You are not bound to complete the whole curriculum in the limited allotted in the regular mode. You have a flexible time to complete the whole course of 2 years in 5 years.
  • Affordable Program Fee- The distance/online MBA program is way more affordable than the regular ones. The fees of distance mode are many times lesser than the regular program. Distance Programs provide the degree of the same value and recognition at a lesser cost.
  • Industry Relevant Updated Curriculum- The online and distance Education curriculum is updated according to the changing trends of the industry. This makes the syllabus and learning of Distance MBA compliant to the industry. Students get a better understanding of and manage the industry.
  • Earn and Learn at Same Time- When you pursue an online MBA you have the option to gain experience and knowledge at the same time. You can pursue online MBA and work at the same time. Thus when you pass out from MBA you will have the right knowledge along with the experience to succeed in your career.

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Top Distance/Online Learning MBA In Aviation Colleges

The course of Distance/online Learning MBA in Airport and Airlines are offered in various colleges in India. Here is the list of some of the best Distance/online Learning Colleges that are providing MBA in Airport and Airline Management:

  • Jaipur National University
  • Himalayan University
  • Subharti University
  • NIMS University
  • MKU University
  • Kalinga University

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Career Prospect For Distance/Online MBA In Airport And Airline Management

There are various fields and positions on which a distance/online MBA in Airport and Airline pass-out students can successfully apply. Not only in the Aviation industry the MBA holder can also apply in fields such as Administration, Retail, Export and Imports, Tourism and Travel, Security Management, Waste Management, etc.

Career Prospect For Distance MBA In Airport And Airline

The online MBA from Airport and Airline Management has a plethora of options working in the industry that requires operational supervision, maintenance management, other operational tasks in the Aviation Industry.

There are various posts that an MBA graduate is fit for after completing the whole course of Distance/online MBA. Here are some of the posts explained in detail:-

  • Airport Manager: Airport Manager has vast job profiles that have responsibility for the hassle-free operation of an airport. This job is highly paying in nature but requires many real-time decisions.
  • Customer Business Manager:  The role of the Customer Business Manager is to capture the customers through customer strategy.
  • Airport Representative: The airport Representative has the responsibility is to handle VVIP and guests and make all the necessary arrangements for them including transportation.
  • Zonal Business Managers: The zonal managers have the responsibility to meet the target of airlines of different zones and have to handle various teams of sales.
  • Ground Duty Manager: They handle all the man force that is dedicated to ground duty. They manage free-flowing operations such as inspecting, stores, luggage management, hospitality, etc.
  • Customer Care Managers: They handle and manage the team of the customer care executive who handles the customer redressals, queries, and problems.
  • Client Servicing Managers: The Managers that manage the services delivered to the client are part of it. They are responsible for delivering excellent services to their clients.

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Other profiles that a Distance/online MBA graduate in Airlines and Airport Management holds are Business Development Executives, Research Analyst, Customer Facility Manager, Tour Coordinator, Retail Sales Executives, etc. Every profile has a good salary package along with perks provided by the airline companies.


The blog must have painted a clearer picture in your mind about the Distance/online MBA (Airline and Airport Management). The career after completing his highly illustrious.

As you have studied management in Airline and Airport Management you option in multiple domains that require the same job profiles such as operation management, retail management, sales and marketing, and client servicing. To sum up the whole blog in minimal words, you will have a flying career after you have completed MBA in Airline and Airport Management.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

MBA in Airline and Airport Management is the managerial study to manage the airline industry. This includes the management of operations, customers, hospitality, marketing, and sales. You will get insights into the airline industry and how it works.

The best course in Airport management is a Master’s in Business Administration. This course will give you a deep understanding of the airline industry and knowledge about various managerial aspects of it.

There are various subjects in airport management including Airline Finance, Airline Marketing Management, Airline Operations etc.

After completing MBA in Airline and Airport Management you have the best job as you will be holding managerial positions with a good compensation package.

To get a job at an airport you can pursue Distance MBA from Airline and Airport Management and you will be employed at the airport.

There are various jobs available in airlines such as Marketing Management, Sales, CRM, Client Servicing etc.

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