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IAS Salary India 2024– Salary Structure of an IAS Officer

Dec 9, 2023 17.5K Reads

Millions of students aspire to become IAS officers, not only do these words bring utmost pride but also the desire to serve our country. There are hundreds of questions that come to one mind before thinking about becoming an IAS officer. What do I study? What qualifications do I need? How long will it take? And so on. One of these questions is HOW MUCH DOES IT PAY? To answer this and many more questions like this we have penned down this blog.

Salary of IAS Officer In India 2024

The basic salary of an IAS officer after the 7th Pay Commission recommendation starts form Rs.56,100 and can go up to 2,500,00 according to time and designation, one thing to remember while looking at the salary is that benefits like TA, DA, and HRA are extra benefits that you get apart from your salary. Also Read: Highest Paying Jobs In India

To get a better insight into the salary of an IAS officer, have a look at the table below: 

Salary of an IAS officer In India Per Month 2024– 7th Pay commission

Pay Level Basic Pay(INR) Number of years required in service Post
      District Administration State Secretariat Central Secretariat
10 56100 1-4 Sub-Divisional Magistrate Undersecretary Assistant Secretary
11 67,700 5-8 Additional District Magistrate Deputy Secretary Undersecretary
12 78,800 9-12 District Magistrate Joint Secretary Deputy Secretary
13 1,18,500 13-16 District Magistrate Special Secretary-cum-Director Director
14 1,44,200 16-24 Divisional Commissioner Secretary-cum-Commissioner Joint Secretary
15 1,82,200 25-30 Divisional Commissioner Principal Secretary Additional Secretary
16 2,05,400 30-33 No Equivalent Rank Additional Chief Secretary No Equivalent Rank
17 2,25,000 34-36 No Equivalent Rank Chief Secretary Secretary
18 2,50,000 37+ years No Equivalent Rank No Equivalent Rank Cabinet Secretary of India

The salary mentioned above is set according to the 7th Central Pay Commission. One might ask what is a pay commission? 

As an initiative for the central government employees, the government of India introduced a pay commission that is responsible for recommending changes in the salary of central government employees according to the time. After the 7th Central Pay Commission the allowances, salary, and other benefits of central government employees increased. Also Read: Highest Paid Jobs In India for Fresher

Level Basic Pay Total IAS Salary
Entry-level (starting salary) 56100 56100 – 132000
Maximum Pay (cabinet secretary level) 250000 250000

Every IAS officer starts with the same pay but with time the pay increases according to tenure and promotions, this is one of the most attractive 

Before the 7th Central Pay Commission increased the pay for IAS officers the pay was as follows:

IAS Officer Salary Per Month In India – Before 7th Pay Commission

Grade Pay Scale Grade Pay of IAS officer Number of years required in service Post
Junior or Lower Time Scale 15600 – 39100 5400 Sub-Divisional Magistrate (SDM), SDO, or Sub-Collector (after 2 years of probation)
Senior Time Scale 15600 – 39100 6600 5 District Magistrate (DM) or Collector or a Joint Secretary of a Government Ministry
Junior Administrative 15600 – 39100 7600 9 Special Secretary or the Head of Various Government Departments
Selection Grade 37400 – 67000 8700 12 – 15 Secretary to a Ministry
Super Time Scale 37400 – 67000 8700 17 – 20 Principal Secretary of a Very Important Department of the Government
Above Super Time Scale 37400 – 67000 12000 Varies Varies
Apex Scale 80000 (Fixed) NA Varies Chief Secretary of States, Union Secretaries in charge of various ministries of Government of India
Cabinet Secretary Grade 90000 (Fixed) NA Varies Cabinet Secretary of India

Additional Benefits which an IAS Officer Gets

Not only an IAS officer gets good pay but also they get additional benefits and allowance for their services. Every government employee enjoys additional benefits; the only difference is that it varies according to their designation. 

A few additional benefits for IAS officers In India 2024 are:

  • DA (dearness allowance) – DA is an essential part of IAS pay as it is enhanced periodically. A DA directly affects the pay of the IAS Officer. 
  • HRA (House Rent Allowance) – according to the location where the IAS officer is posted HRA is allotted, it can range from 8% to 24% of the basic pay.
  • Medical Allowance – The IAS officer gets the additional benefit of medical allowance, which be reimbursed in case of medical treatment. 

Other benefits include Apartment (3 or 4 BHK), Electricity and Water Bill, Free Phone Call, Office Vehicles, Study leave, Abroad Study Option, Transport Allowances, Security Guard and Household Helpers, Pensions, and Retirement Benefits.

Benefits, respect, pride, salary, the desire to work for one’s own country there are many reasons why one considers to be an IAS, but the question with this thought that comes to mind is how do I become an IAS officer?

The eligibility criteria to become an IAS officer is:

  • Candidates should be graduates
  • Candidates will have to apply and pass for the civil Service Main Exam 
  • Candidates must be 21 or above 

The eligibility criteria seem easy but it is not what it seems like. The exam that students not only have to appear for but also clear with good marks is hard and includes everything from internal & international affairs to intensive knowledge on geographical areas. Read: Investment Banker Salary In India

This exam is amongst the toughest exams one can appear for, students are required to study for hours to clear the examination, and still, it is difficult to clear it in one attempt. 

So what should the candidates do to become IAS Officer In 2024?

IAS is a position that comes with high responsibilities, these responsibilities require candidates to be well aware and educated which makes it essential for them to do an intensive study about every subject that requires time. Preparing for a competitive exam while attending a regular college is hard as regular college requires a lot of one’s time.

That is why almost every aspirant completes their graduation from an online university and with that prepares for their exam. Read: Best Job In the World.

This is a brilliant idea with just one flaw that aspirants don’t give much thought to about which university to do their graduation from. 

This is where college vidya comes in, our experts have done intensive research on online universities to help such aspirants to get the best online university which doesn’t distract them from their study and as a plus point educates them with quality knowledge which helps them in their UPSC examination. 

The UPSC main examination includes optional subjects in which aspirants can choose any subject in which they have expertise.

This optional subject can be a game-changer so it is advised that aspirants select subjects in which they hold intensive knowledge. Read: Data Science Salary

Most of the students choose subjects they graduated in meaning that graduation plays a vital role in their dream of becoming an IAS which makes it mandatory to pursue their graduation from a good university with a course that will be helpful in the competitive exams as well. 

Mentioned below is a list of UPSC optional subjects:

Agriculture Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Science
Anthropology Botany
Chemistry Civil Engineering
Commerce and Accountancy  Economics
Law Management
Mathematics  Medical Science
Mechanical Engineering Philosophy
Physics Statistics
Zoology Psychology
Sociology Public Administration

Any aspirant who clears the main examination is called for a personal interview round in which what they have done in graduation, where they have done their graduation from and questions related to that comes up so it is important that students don’t rush while making this important decision.

All these specializations are offered by many online universities, with college vidya aspirants can choose the top online university which offers these courses and impart quality education to students. Every university with college vidya is UGC/DEB approved, has top ratings, offers quality education, provides a wide range of course options, and much more benefits. 

Online Courses To Pursue Graduation

The eligibility criteria to become an IAS officer includes being a graduate but don’t have any specific criteria of which discipline the graduation should be from. This means that students can do their graduation in any discipline be it BA, BBA, BCA, or any other course. 

Course Eligibility  Fees Duration (In Year)
Online BBA 12th Pass out 10950 to 25000 Per Semester Min -3 | Max- 6
Online B Com 12th Pass out 7000 to 18000 Per Semester  

Min -3 | Max- 6

Online BA 12th Pass out 1200 to 8500 Per Semester  

Min -3 | Max- 6

Online BCA 12th Pass out 11000 to 10950 Per Semester  

Min -3 | Max- 6

Many students prefer doing their graduation in Bachelor of Arts as it offers multiple specializations like Hindi, English, Journalism, Psychology, etc. the eligibility criteria of BA is also easy to fit in, it requires students to have their 10+2 from a recognized board with 50% or more.

Another favorite course of IAS aspirants is BBA, bachelor of business administration this course also comes with multiple specializations and the eligibility criteria for this course is also the same as BA. Both these courses are demanded and available in all modes of education regular, distance, and online. Read: Cyber Security Salary Beginners and Experienced.

Be it BA or BBA IAS  aspirants can do their graduation in online mode to manage their time and focus on their preparation while getting their degree. Chandigarh University is one of the top universities that provide BA in online mode and is famous amongst many candidates, aspirants who wish to pursue BA can check out Chandigarh university while those who wish to pursue BBA can have a look at NMIMs and Jain University.

To Wind It UP

To summarise, many individuals aspire to become IAS officers and bring pride to their families, to their nation. This is a role that comes with many responsibilities hence it makes it a goal that is hard to achieve, that’s why students dedicate a lot of their time to this dream. Like many questions that come with this decision, one recurring question is about the salary package. An IAS officer gets 56,100 in their starting phase, with time and knowledge this package increases. Not only do IAS officers get handsome salary packages but they also get multiple benefits as bonuses which makes their life a little easier.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

The entry-level/ starting salary for an IAS officer is 56100. The salary starts at the same pay but increases with time and designation going forward. 

Aspirants can pursue any course for graduation, however, many students choose BA, BBA, BCA, etc 

Due to the changing time, many universities offer education in Online mode. However, only a few of them provide quality and value to their students. Few universities that provide quality education and rank on top according to the student ratings are Chandigarh, NMIMS, Jain, UPES, IGNOU, and DU SOL. 

At the initial stage, the district administrative machine comes under the IAS officer. As time passes and the performance improves the IAS officers can become Cabinet Secretary, head of PSUs, and also can represent India Abroad

Yes the IAS officers receive stipends/salaries during their training period.

Aspirants who want to become IAS and want to know about all the information related to IAS can visit the UPSC official website https://www.upsc.gov.in/. Here at this website aspirants can go through minor to major news or information related to IAS.

Every query is essential.

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