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is dayalbagh educational institute online good or bad
Home University Reviews Is Dayalbagh Educational Institute (DEI) Online Good or Bad? Full Review and Facts

Is Dayalbagh Educational Institute (DEI) Online Good or Bad? Full Review and Facts

Jan 22, 2024 1K Reads

Dayalbagh Education Institute established a Distance Education Program in the year 2004 to benefit the students who are not able to attend the regular courses. The Dayalbagh Education Institute is Deemed to be a University located at Dayalbagh, Agra UP.

The motive behind establishing the Distance Education Program is to extend the benefits of its high-quality innovative, and value-based education to all sections of society, especially the urban sections and women residing in remote, backward, and tribal areas.

About the DEI Online

The Distance Education Program, Dayalbagh Education Institute is a recognized institute approved by the University Grant Commission and Distance Education Bureau for offering various distance programs to the aspirants.

Difference Between Online Education & Distance Education

Indira Gandhi National Open University has also recognized the university for providing distance education. The university is also accredited with an “A+” Grade by NAAC for providing quality education to the students.

The DEI and its study centers will communicate with well-equipped laboratories, workshops, and cutting-edge networking technologies including EDUSAT satellite interactive terminals and Polycom-based internet connectivities.

Key Factors to be Considered Before Applying for the DEI Online

We often get confused if our degree from a distance university will be valid or not. I would like to inform you that, yes, your degree from an Online university will be completely valid. But there are a few conditions. Do not worry, the university you choose should be government-recognized. Only then will you be considered valid. But how to check if the university is government-recognized or not? In this article, I will tell you all the factors that need to be checked before finalizing your distance university. Some of the factors that need to be considered are mentioned below: 

  • University Accreditation
  • Fee structure
  • Curriculum and faculty
  • Accessibility Of Study Material 
  • Evaluation Method
  • Student Support System
  • Placement Assistance

Now, we will be discussing all the above factors in depth.

Accreditations of the DEI Online

Checking approvals is important because it makes sure that the university that you thinking of getting admitted to is accredited and government-recognized. Various bodies like UGC, DEB, AICTE, NAAC, etc recognize these universities. 

Moreover, talking about the approvals of the DEI Online is one of the recognized universities.

Recognitions of DEI Online

  • UGC
  • DEC  
  • NAAC A+

Recognitions of DEI Distance

Courses offered by the DEI Online

Various postgraduate and undergraduate courses are provided by the Distance Education Program of Dayalbagh Education Institute. All the courses offered by the university are valid and acknowledged by the University Grant Commission and Distance Education Bureau.

All the courses that are been offered by the DEI Online are mentioned below: 

  • Bachelor of Business Administration-Management
  • Bachelor of Commerce (Hons)- Commerce
  • Bachelor of Arts (Honours)- (Social Science)
  • Master of Arts-Theology
  • Master of Commerce-International Business

The Fee Structure of the DEI Online

Are the courses offered by the university affordable or not? This is a key factor to check when taking a step forward toward your higher education, although, the fees of distance universities are lesser but still knowing the exact figures can help you a lot with the planning. 

Moreover, the fee structure of DEI Online is affordable, furthermore, you can also pay in installments. Like semester-wise, or year-wise. This function makes it easy for people to invest in their future. Check the table below to know the fee structure of the programs offered by the university. 

Programs Offered 


Bachelor of Business Administration-Management

INR 5000-10,000

Bachelor of Commerce (Hons)- Commerce

INR 5000-10,000

Bachelor of Arts (Honours)- (Social Science)

INR 5000-10,000

Master of Arts-Theology

INR 5000-10,000

Master of Commerce-International Business

INR 5000-10,000

Curriculum and Faculty of DEI Online

Is it important to check this factor also? We do not generally check this factor, but do you know it is very beneficial to check it, by doing this, you can easily know the qualifications and industry experience of the faculty who is going to teach you the subject. 

Moreover, the faculty at DEI Online is known for having experience in the relevant industries. Furthermore, they are also experts in teaching you in distance mode. 

Talking about the syllabus at DEI Online includes theoretical and practical subjects to better understand the course. 

Accessibility Of Study Material at DEI Online

The study material includes:

  • Printed lessons
  • e-lessons recorded on DVDs

DEI Course Coordinators, in collaboration with qualified staff and experts from various institutions, industries, and even abroad, form teams to develop and prepare these materials. The printed material undergoes editing and review processes.

For certificate programs, Dayalbagh Press, equipped with its printing press, prints the books. Some books are available in English, Hindi, Telugu, and Tamil languages.

For University-level programs, the material is provided in digital format.

To ensure relevance, the material is reviewed and updated every five years.

Student Support System at DEI Online

Applying or enrolling becomes easy with this support. Now you might have a question. How? The answer is very simple, if, while submitting the application form, you face some technical issue, or if you have any questions regarding the course or anything, by using this service, you can easily resolve all your problems. 

Talking about the DEI Online, you can easily connect with the concerned department of the university, there is a toll-free no, and an email ID. This allows you to connect with the university to resolve all the issues that you might face in the future. Some of the student support services are mentioned below: 

  • 24x7 Counselling
  • Helpful & Friendly Admin Staff
  • Toll-free Contact No
  • E-mail ID
  • Easy access to the Campus

Placement assistance of the DEI Online

The Distance Education Program, Dayalbagh Education Institute provides placement assistance to those students who want to work after getting the degree. The students can go to the head office of the university to get the placement assistance facility.

The university has placed a Training Officer who trains the students with some relevant skills that are required to crack tough interviews that are taken by the top leading companies. The university also organized some job fairs.

These job fairs are conducted at some specific locations. Students from nearby Information Centres are invited to attend interviews at the Job Fair where 20 to 40 companies visit and conduct interviews, just as they do at the campus and hire a large number of students. Students also get a chance to appear in multiple interviews if they do not qualify for one company. 

Why Choose DEI Online

You can avail of numerous advantages if you choose to apply for DEI Online programs. Some of them are mentioned below: 

advantages of dayalbagh educational institute

Some other online universities that you can consider

If in case you cannot qualify for DEI online, then do not worry, you can still apply to different universities that offer you the same level of education. Some of them are mentioned below: 

Other Distance Education Universities

Kakatiya University Distance Education

University of Calicut Distance Education

LPU Distance Education

Kerala University Distance Education

CCE UPES Distance Learning

Sri Padmavati Mahila Visvavidyalayam - DDE

Bharathiar University Distance Education

Swami Vivekananda Yoga Anusandhana Samsthana

Amity University Distance Education

Andhra University Distance Education

Kalyani University Distance Education

Madras University Distance Education

Punjabi University Distance Education

Annamalai University Distance Education

Rabindra Bharati University Distance Education

Chandigarh University Distance


Dayalbagh Education Institute Online is denoted as deemed to be a university by the State Government for serving the best education to the students. The university is the best university to pursue distance courses as it also provides placement opportunities to the aspirants. All the details about the university are mentioned above in the blog to solve all your queries about the university. 

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Yes, Dayalbagh Education Institute provides distance education as it offers many distance undergraduate and postgraduate courses.

Yes, the Distance Education Department of Dayalbagh Educational Institute is a recognized university by the University Grant Commission and Distance Education Bureau.

Yes, distance education courses have equal value as the regular courses in the job market and students can upgrade their careers by pursuing distance education courses.

Yes, Dayalbagh Education Institute is accredited with an “A+” Grade by the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC).

Yes, Dayalbagh Education Institute, DEP provides placement assistance to distance learners.

Yes, Dayalbagh Education Institute, DEI provides placement assistance to distance learners.

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