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DPU Online BBA Review - Good or Bad, Worth It?

Feb 26, 2024 1K Reads

DPU-COL is one of the premier online universities that offer a full-time course in BBA through the online mode. It is a three-year degree course with specializations offered in 5 areas (marketing management, finance management, human resource management, international business management and IT and systems management). The university also offers placement assistance and internships to students. The degree is well-accredited and recognized by bodies such as the UGC-DEB, NAAC, NIRF, AICTE, etc. 

Overview of Online BBA offered by DY Patil Online

DY Patil Online BBA, i.e. Bachelor of Business Administration in online mode, is a three-year course offered at the undergraduate level to students who aim to establish a career in business administration, entrepreneurship, financing, accounting, and so on. An online BBA programs is similar in value and utility to a remote, physical degree, but is delivered completely via the virtual mode to students. Although it is often thought that an online professional course is invalid and not recognized, such an assumption is clearly a myth as more and more prestigious and accredited universities are providing BBA courses online or through distance mode.

Online BBA Course Structure

DY Patil Online offers a full-time, three-year graduation course in Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in the online mode, along with a variety of specializations. Given below is an overview of the BBA course offered at DPU-COL:

Course Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)
Level of Course  Graduation
Approvals and Accreditations
  • Accredited by the UGC-DEB (University Grants Commission-Distance Education Bureau) 
  • Recognized by the AICTE  (All India Council of Technical Education)
  • Ranked A++ by the NAAC (National Assessment and Accreditation Council)
  • Rankling in Top 50 Universities based on ranking by NIRF (National Institutional Framework) 
  • Recognized and accredited by the AIU (Association of Indian Universities)
  • Recognized and accredited by the ACU (Association of Commonwealth Universities)
  • Recognized and accredited by the ISO (International Organization for Standardization)
  • Recognized and accredited by the WES (World Education Services)
  • Recognized and accredited by the ASSOCHAM (Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India) 
Duration 3 Years
Mode Online
  • Marketing Management
  • Human Resource Management (HRM)
  • IT and Systems Management
  • Finance Management
  • International Business Management
No. of Semesters
Course Structure 6 Semesters with 36 courses + project work
  • Completed 10+2 level  (Higher Secondary Certificate) Exam  from a recognized board
  • Having English as one of the subjects in 10+2 level 
Fee Structure
  • Total INR 1,02,200 (INR 16,100 for sem I-IV, INR 16,700 for sem V and INR 21,100 for sem VI) for Indian civilian student
  • Total INR 98,450 (INR 16,100 for sem I-IV, INR 16,700 for sem V and INR 17,350 for sem VI) for differently-abled students or students from Indian Defence backgrounds
  • Total INR 90,950 (INR 16,100 for sem I-IV, INR 16,700 for sem V and INR 9850 for sem VI) for DPU staff or alumni
  • Total $2790 ($445 for sem I, $444 for sem II-IV, $469 for sem V and $544 for sem VI) for international students 
Scholarships and Concessions 
  • Scholarship of 3% on tuition fee for payment of full college fee in one instalment
  • 5% scholarship on the tuition fee for differently-abled and students from Indian defence 
  • 15% scholarship on tuition fee for DPU staff or alumni
Learning Management System (LMS) Pre Recorded and live class lectures, interactive group sessions for peer discussions and dialogues, online sessions with industry professionals to gain professional insights and exposure

Why Choose an Online BBA from DY Patil?

While there are many universities out in the market offering a variety of undergraduate courses in the online and distance mode, one must make an informed choice about their university as it is the first step of one’s higher and professional education.

Why Choose an Online BBA from DPU-COL?

The choice of an online university must be based on the credibility and recognition of the university as well as the relevance of the degree and specialization to one’s future career goals and aspirations. 

Here are some of the key features of DY Patil which can make it a good choice for pursuing an online BBA:

  • Full-time 3 year-long Course

Students who are looking for an opportunity to complete a full-time graduation course but are not able to do so in the physical and offline mode due to various reasons can pursue the online BBA degree from DPU-COL as a full-time undergraduate course.

  • Affordability of the Course

If you are a student looking for a pocket-friendly alternative for BBA in the online mode, DPU-COL can be a good choice for you. The university provides the course at rates affordable by students along with facilities for scholarships in special cases. 

  • Valid and Recognized Degree

DPU-COL is a well-recognized and accredited university which has approvals and  recognitions from a wide variety of statutory bodies including the UGC-DEB, AICTE, NAAC (A++), NIRF (in Top 50), AIU, ACU, ASSOCHAM, ISO in addition to a number of awards and accolades. Thus, the BBA degree obtained from DPU-COL is reliable, valid, recognized and valued nationally and internationally. 

  • Variety of Specializations

The BBA degree provided at DPU-COL comes with five useful specializations highly demanded in professional spheres (marketing management, finance management, human resource management, IT and systems management and international business management). Thus, this course can be a valuable start to one’s career. 

  • Academic Pedagogy

The learning management system (LMS) developed throughout the years to meet the needs of learners along with a well-qualified and responsive faculty makes the course a valuable learning experience and hassle-free experience for students. 

  • Innovative Four-Quadrant Approach to Learning

The course at DPU-COL follow the four-quadrant approach to education, which divides the process of learning into the four domains of (i)instruction (where the students are exposed to the learning materials) (ii)provisions and tools for practice and learning, (iii)Tools and provisions for exploration and knowledge development and (iv)tools and provisions for self-assessment, all of which promote a sense of self-paced learning and self-evaluation. 

  • Opportunities for Placement and Skill development     

The university has its own placement cell which works regularly to provide a variety of internship, project and placement opportunities to students throughout their degree, thus helping them to grow their professional scope and career opportunities. 

Distinct Features of the Online BBA offered at DY Patil Online

While there are a variety of options available online for pursuing a BBA course virtually, here are some of the features of the online BBA offered at DPU-COL that make it a good choice and help it stand out from other online universities:

  • A full-time three year undergraduate course in business administration.
  • A carefully designed syllabus and course aimed at bridging the gap between professional requirements and educational courses, which help students get an extra edge in the competitive world and establish a successful career in the field of management and administration.
  • A variety of options for professional exposure including projects, internships as well as placement opportunities after competition of degree. 
  • Relevant specializations (marketing management, human resource management, finance management, IT and systems management, international business management) which are highly demanded and valued in professional spheres.
  • A well-structured course divided across six semesters, 35 courses along with project work in the last semester to ensure complete 360-degree learning with both theoretical and practical exposure for learners. 
  • An effective learning management system which ensures delivery of quality educational services to students virtually, making the process of learning engaging and convenient for the students. 

Specializations in Online BBA offered at DPU-COL

DY Patil Online offers specializations in five areas of business administration. The specializations for the undergraduate have been selected, keeping in mind the needs of the industrial and professional organizations, and the skills needed by students to gain a competitive advantage in their career pursuits.

Specializations in Online BBA offered at DPU-COL

The offered courses aim to help the students achieve holistic development with enhancing their skills in various domains such as effective leadership, skills for critical thinking and analysis, developing efficient business strategies, creative problem-solving, etc. DPU-COL offers specializations in the following five domains for online BBA: 

Finance Management Marketing Management
Human Resource Management IT and Systems Management 
International Business Management

Syllabus and Curriculum for Online BBA at DY Patil

The course of online BBA is divided into a structure of six semesters, with 36 courses (35 theoretical papers along with project work). The basic syllabus for semesters I to IV is the basic common course for all students irrespective of their specializations. The specialization courses are offered in semesters V and VI. 

Given below is an overview of the syllabus for the online BBA course at DPU-COL: 

Syllabus for Semester 1

Syllabus for Semester 2

Fundamentals of Management Organizational Behaviour
Basics of Accounting Marketing Management
Environmental awareness and Disaster Management Indian Banking System
Basics of Marketing Indian Economy
Introduction to Economics Business Environment
Business English Soft Skills – I

Syllabus for Semester 3

Syllabus for Semester 4

Human Resource Management Management Information System
Introduction to Psychology Introduction to International Business
Business Law Basics of Financial Management
Banking Operations  Entrepreneurship Development
Research Methodology Quantitative Techniques
Soft Skills – II Introduction to Digital Marketing

Syllabus for Semester 5

Marketing Management Human Resource Management
Introduction to Production Management Introduction to Production Management
Marketing of Financial Services Marketing of Financial Services
Consumer Behaviour Human Resource Planning
Business Ethics and Corporate Governance Business Ethics and Corporate Governance
Introduction to SMEs (Small Medium Enterprises) Introduction to SMEs
Sales Management Training and Development
Finance Management IT and Systems Management
Introduction to Production Management Introduction to Production Management 
Marketing of Financial Services Marketing of Financial Services
Analysis of Financial Statement Introduction to IT
Business Ethics and Corporate Governance Business Ethics and Corporate Governance
Introduction to SMEs Introduction to SMEs
Indian Financial System and Financial Markets Application s of IT
International Business Management
Introduction to Production Management Business Ethics and Corporate Governance
Marketing of Financial Services Introduction to SMEs
Fundamentals of International Business International Institutions and Trade Implications

Syllabus for Semester 6

Marketing Management Human Resource Management
Project Management Project Management
Fundamentals of e-Commerce Fundamentals of e-Commerce
Retail Management Change Management
Event Management Event Management
Advertising and Sales Promotion Industrial Relations and Labour Laws
Project Work Project Work
Finance Management IT and Systems Management
Project Management Project Management
Fundamentals of e-Commerce Fundamentals of e-Commerce
Direct and Indirect Tax Innovation and Technology Management
Event Management Event Management
Long Term Finance Database Management System
Project Work Project Work
International Business Management
Project Management Event Management
Fundamentals of e-Commerce Export Import Documentation and Logistics
International Strategic Management Project Work

To get a detailed understanding about the curriculum structure and detailed syllabus, visit: https://www.dypatilonline.com/documents/BBA-CURRICULUM-FINAL.pdf

Eligibility Criteria for Admission to Online BBA at DY Patil Online

In order to be eligible to apply at DPU-COL for admission to the course of online BBA, the candidate must fulfil two main criteria:

  1. They must have completed their Higher secondary education, i.e. passed HSC (grade 10+2) examination or an equivalent level examination from a board recognized by the university.
  2. Students can have a background in any discipline but they must have English as one of the languages at the 10+2  

Fee Structure for the Online BBA Course at DY Patil

DPU-COL brings students higher educational courses in technical and professional domains at pocket-friendly rates which can be afforded by students from a variety of backgrounds.

Given below is an overview of the fee structure for the online BBA course offered at DPU-COL:

Fee Structure for Indian Civilian Students

Semester  Semester Fee in INR Annual Fee in INR
I 16,100 32,200
II 16,100
III 16,100 32,200
IV 16,100
V 16,700 37,800
VI 21,100
Total Fee 1,02,200

Fee Structure for Differently-Abled Students/ Students from Indian Defence Background:

Semester  Semester Fee in INR Annual Fee in INR
I 16,100 32,200
II 16,100
III 16,100 32,200
IV 16,100
V 16,700 34,050
VI 17,350
Total Fee 98,450

Fee Structure for DPU Staff/ Alumni:

Semester  Semester Fee in INR Annual Fee in INR
I 16,100 32,200
II 16,100
III 16,100 32,200
IV 16,100
V 16700 26,550
VI 9,850
Total Fee 90,950

Fee Structure for International Students:

Semester  Semester Fee in $ Annual Fee in $
I 445 889
II 444
III 444 888
IV 444
V 469 1013
VI 544
Total Fee 2790

Scholarships and Fee Waivers Available at DY Patil Online

DPU-COL has provisions for scholarships on tuition fees for some special cases, details of which are given below: 

  • A scholarship of 3% on the tuition fee is given to students on paying the entire fee in one single installment.
  • A scholarship of 5% is provided on tuition fee to differently-abled students or students who have an indian defence background.
  • A scholarship of 15% on tuition fee is given to students who are DPU alumni or staff.

Admission and Enrollment at DY Patil Online

Once students have made the choice about their preferred online university, another issue that often presents as a major concern is how the admission process is to be carried out, especially for an online course, considering many candidates may have personal constraints making it inconvenient for them to be present in person at a campus for registrations and admissions. 

Admission and Enrollment at DPU-COL

To prevent the students from the hassle of this, DPU-COL provides a completely online admission procedure, through which candidates can seek admission in the university easily and in a smooth manner.

A candidate seeking admission is required to follow three main steps for admission:

  • Detail Verification and Initial Registration

The very first step in the admission procedure is the initial registration at the official website of the university (https://idladmissions.dpu.edu.in/login.aspx), where students are required to fill in their basic personal details such as: 

Name Choice of Course
e-Mail ID Mobile Number
Caste Category Government ID proof etc

Followed by this, the candidate is required to submit these details to verify their contact number and e-mail ID with the university website: 

  • Filling and Submission of main Admission Form 

After the initial registration with the university website has been done by the candidate, the next step is to proceed to filling up the main admission form based on which the admission process is to be continued. For this, the students fill up their basic personal details, educational details (along with relevant copies of the documents) followed by uploading of the student’s photograph and signature. Once this is done, the student has to pay the fee (through online mode or demand draft) and proceed to submit the form and fee receipt after confirming and checking the filled-in details. 

The important documents that need to be submitted while filling up of the admission form are: 

Marks Statement for Secondary School Certificate (SSC)  Marks Statement for Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC-10+2) or Equivalent Examination from Recognized Board  
Caste Certificate (when applicable)  Marriage Certificate (for married women in the case of name change following marriage)  
Gazette of India (in case of name change)  Government ID Proof (Aadhar Card/Passport) 
Passport photo of student Signature of Student
  • Confirmation of the Student’s Admission to DPU-COL

Once the student submits their admission form, fee receipts and necessary documents, these are reviewed by the university and if the candidate is eligible to pursue the course form the university, the admission department confirms their enrollment with the university through text message and email. A student receives their login credentials and important links for their lectures and courses. 

How to make Payment to DY Patil for Admission?

For the process of admission, DPU-COL offers three main modes of payment:

  • Virtual Payment Methods: the student needs to make an online payment to the official payment portal of DPU-COL through any one of the following ways:
      • Credit Card
      • Debit Card
      • UPI payment
      • Net Banking
  • NEFT Payment Method: for this, the student can make a payment to the university at the following details:
      • Bank: HDFC Bank Ltd
      • Name of Account Holder:  DPU Centre for Online Learning
      • Branch: Aundh
      • Account Number for payment: 50100436702331
      • IFSC Code: HDFC0000052

Followed by this, the student must mail the details of payment, including their name and name of their course at accountant.col@dpu.edu.in. 

  • Demand Draft: A payment to the university can also be made via a demand draft, the candidate needs to draft a DD for DPU Centre for Online Learning and send it by post to the address: Dr. D. Y. Patil Vidyapeeth, Centre for Online Learning, Sant Tukaram Nagar, Pimpri, Pune – 411018, Maharashtra, India. Additionally, the student must fill their names and name of course behind the DD.

The Learning Management System (LMS) at DY Patil Online

DPU-COL has an efficient LMS that is tailored to enable students to have an engaging learning experience during their course completion and ensure seamless education at their own pace. The courses and their curriculum are carefully structured and designed so as to provide professionally valued courses to students through interactive lessons, lectures, e-learning tools and assessment measures for self-evaluation. 

DY Patil Vidyapeeth Online

Some of the key features of the LMS at DPU-COL are: 

Lecture Videos and AudioVisual Aids (both Live and Pre Recorded modes) Group Discussions and Sessions for Peer Interactions 
Recorded Lectures from Industry Experts Virtual Sessions and Interactions with Industry Professionals 
Podcasts Simulation Tools
Tools for Self-Assessment Online Textual Materials and Content
Quizzes Digital Library

Four-Quadrant Approach to Learning

Moreover, the learning process is based on the four-quadrant approach, which seeks learning in four main phases and through four main areas:

Quadrant 1: Learning Through Instruction and e-Tutorials

This aims to ensure learning in students through pre-recorded and live lectures by professors and faculty, along with other sources of learning such as simulation measures, practical activities in virtual laboratories and so on. 

Quadrant 2: Learning Through e-Learning tools and Practice

This quadrant is focused on materials for learning being provided to students such as pdf documents, e-books, virtual textual materials, audiovisual and animated aids etc., to ensure learning in a holistic manner and through multiple modalities 

Quadrant 3: Learning through Real-Life Examples

This section of learning is concerned with relating the theoretical learning of students with actual examples from real life through various case studies, open source internet sources providing relevant information, articles etc.  This section is mainly aimed at ensuring self-paced learning of students as well as practical application of business management principles.

Quadrant 4:Self-Assessment

This area of learning is for the students to assess the extent of their learning and insights gained from the course, which can be done through a variety of self-assessment tools and provisions of the LMS including quizzes, assignment tasks, doubt clarifications, query sessions etc.  

What is the Evaluation and Examination Procedure at DPU-COL for online BBA?

As already described, the basic course structure is a six-semester system with 36 courses and a project in the last semester (six courses per semester and 5 courses with project work in the last semester). 

There are two main assessment criteria at DPU-COL: 

  • Formative Assessment: this includes an assignment task which includes objective (multiple choice questions) and descriptive questions (long-answer questions). This is 50 marks. 
  • Summative Assessment: this includes the term-end examinations which are held twice in a year (once per semester) at a designated examination centre in the online mode. This examination also includes objective (Multiple Choice Questions) and descriptive (long-answer questions) areas of assessment for students. This is also 50 marks.

The qualification criteria for the same is that a student must score at least 40% in their formative and summative assessments as well as 40% in each of them separately. 

For an in-depth description and more details pertaining to the examination and evaluation procedure for the online BBA programme, visit: https://www.dypatilonline.com/documents/BBA-CURRICULUM-FINAL.pdf

Professional and Placement after completion of Online BBA from DPU-COL

DPU-COL ensures that students pursuing an online degree do not merely complete and obtain a degree in BBA but also ensure that the learning is holistic and 360-degree, giving students not only the theoretical knowledge but also the requisite professional skills and exposure to advance one’s career in business management after graduating from the university.

For this, the university has an actively functioning placement cell that works under the DPU-COL authority to exclusively handle placement concerns for the online branch of D. Y. Patil University. 

Professional and Placement after completion of Online BBA from DPU-COL

The cell provides assistance to students for internship opportunities, projects and placement by partnering with renowned organizations and big corporate houses, which provides an excellent head start to the professional careers of students during and after their graduation. 

Some of the major organizations that the placement cell of DPU-COL has collaborated with includes:

Kotak Bank Byju’s Learning
Fab India Path Finder
Dr. D.Y. Patil Hospital American Express
Spiro Lifecare Private Limited Kurl-on

Career Prospects after Completion of Online BBA from DPU-COL

BBA is a valued professional course that gives students the scope to get meaningful professional exposure and job opportunities just after graduation. Thus, students completing the online BBA course from DPU-COL can develop career prospects in various areas as shown below: 

Specializations Career Prospects 
Marketing Management
  • Public Relations
  • Marketing Management
  • Account Management
  • Social Media Marketing
Human Resource Management
  • HR Coordination
  • HR Analysis
  • Recruiter
  • Training and Development Roles
Finance Management
  • Cash Management
  • Investment Banking
  • Finance Consultancy
  • Banking Associate
IT and Systems Management
  • IT Manager
  • IT Consultant
  • Technology Manager
International Business Management
  • International Brand Management
  • Business Management
  • Digital Marketing
  • Export Management
  • Human Resources Domains  

Pay Scales for common Jobs after Online BBA

Job Roles after BBA Online

An overall idea about the average pay scales for various job opportunities available after a BBA degree is given below: 

Job Posts/Professions Average Pay (INR)
Public Relations Officer 19,00,000 PA
Account Manager 678813 PA
Social Media Manager 4,10,000 PA
HR Analyst 5,00,000 PA
HR Coordinator 2,88,000 PA
IT Manager 9,10,000 PA
IT Consultant 9,39,252 PA
Finance Consultant 6,46,700 PA
Cash Manager 2,20,000 PA
International Brand Manager 14,34,358 PA
Export Manager 397680 PA

DPU-COL Online BBA Reviews

Curriculum Review: The curriculum for the online BBA course offered is well-planned and divided across six semesters along with project work, and gives students professional exposure along with a concrete knowledge base, which is helpful for the achievement of future career goals. 

Faculty Review: The faculty is well-qualified, and trained, with years of experience which renders them knowledgeable and well-equipped in their areas of specializations. The faculty is cooperative and responsive and students can easily seek clarifications or reach out to the teachers for any other of their concerns. 

LMS Review: DPU-COL provides one of the most efficient and evolved LMS tp students so as to enable a pleasant and enriching learning experience, focusing both on self-paced learning and self-assessment along with providing them opportunities to interact with industry professionals and experts through webinars. Also Read | DY Patil Online Good or Bad?

Similar Online BBA Universities In India

Some other online universities that offer a course in BBA include: 

University  Location  Approvals
NMIMS Online Mumbai UGC-DEB, NAAC A+
Chandigarh Online University Chandigarh UGC, NAAC A+
IGNOU Online Multiple regional branches including Ahmedabad, New Delhi, Gangtok, Hyderabad, Varanasi etc. UGC-DEB, NAAC
Manipal Online Jaipur UGC, AICTE, NIRF
Manav Rachna Online University  Faridabad UGC-DEB, NAAC, NIRF
Hindustan Online-Centre for Open and Distance Education Chennai (and other branches) UGC-DEB, AICTE NBA, NAAC, NIRF
Amity Online University NOIDA UGC-DEB, NAAC, NIRF, AICTE, AIU, ACU 

D.Y. Patil University-Centre for Online Learning (DPU-COL)

The D. Y. Patil University-Centre for Online Learning (DPU-COL) is a branch of the prestigious D. Y. Patil Vidyapeeth, Pune (DPU) (2003). It is a well-accredited and recognized university solely dedicated to cater to educational needs of students through the online mode. It was created with the main goal of delivering knowledge and higher education to students completely through the online mode. This venture comes in the wake of the changing and evolving needs of students across the world along with trends such as digitization of education.  

DPU-COL is a prestigious and renowned online university which aims to make higher education easy and hassle-free for learners, giving them access to quality educational and professional courses online. This eliminates the inconvenience of relocation for many students as well as allows diverse learners to complete these degrees without giving up other important engagements.

DPU-COL has carefully designed curriculum and courses to bridge the gap commonly encountered by students between theoretical knowledge and professional skills and competencies, when they enter professional pursuits. DPU-COL has developed a quality learning management system (LMS) with a variety of learning tools and pedagogy to enable students to gain knowledge and develop their skill sets to become more competent for professional endeavours.  Apart from the degree course in online BBA, students can also seek a certification programme in digital marketing, an online certificate program in healthcare as well as full-time MBA online courses from DPU-COL.

So, if you are looking for a good and valued BBA degree in the online mode, DPU-COL can be a good choice for you!!

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Yes, the Centre for Online Learning of D. Y. Patil University (DPU-COL) offers a full-time 3 year undergraduate BBA course.

Yes, the online BBA offered at DPU-COL has the specialization of human resource management (HRM).

The total fee for online BBA for a regular Indian civilian is INR 1,02,200 (scholarships available for students from a defence background, differently abled students and DPU alumni or staff).

Yes, there is a 3% scholarship on tuition fee when the entire fee is paid in a single installment, 5% scholarship on tuition fee available for differently-abled students or those from Indian defence background, and a 15% scholarship on tuition fee for DPU alumni and staff.

Yes, since the degree and university is recognized by national accreditation bodies such as UGC-DEB, NAAC, NIRF, AICTE and others, the online BBA degree obtained from the university is completely valid and recognized both nationally and internationally.

The D. Y. Patil University-Centre for Online Learning (DPU-COL) offers online full-time courses.

The online BBA offered at DPU-COL offers five specializations, marketing management, finance management, human resource management, IT and systems management, and international business.

Yes, DPU-COL has an active and functional placement cell which provides opportunities for internships, projects and placement to the students that they can pursue while completing and after completion of their courses.

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