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Is IIM Rohtak Online Good or Bad? – Full Review and Facts

Dec 11, 2023 1.3K Reads

In recognition of its research and innovation activities, IIM Rohtak online received the IDA Education Best B School Award in 2018.
The Knowledge Review Magazine ranked it the best B School for Financial Studies in India According to the 2018 NIRF India Rankings, IIM Rohtak placed 27th overall in the Management category and 5th among all IIMs for Research and Professional Practices in Management.

About IIM Rohtak Online

The Indian Institute of Management Rohtak was founded in 2009. Future leadership on a global scale is its aim. The school features a solid administration, top-notch professors, cutting-edge facilities, and efficient teaching strategies. It offers management education with a distinctive viewpoint that covers several topics. Future leaders who can successfully manage and create successful organizations are what it aims to prepare. Also Available | IIM Certificate Courses for Working Professionals

IIM Rohtak provides top-notch management education through regular programs as well as a variety of long and short-term courses in order to fulfill its mission.

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Key factors to remember when applying to IIM Rohtak Online

Education is improving thanks to online degree programs, and many people are now receiving an education of a caliber comparable to that received in a regular degree program at a prestigious university. For working professionals who wish to study, this is excellent news. You have a lot of flexibility to balance your career and family life if you obtain a degree from an online university. To pursue a higher degree, you don't need to put your life on hold. Also Available | MBA Online Courses from IIM

There are a variety of online degree programs available all you need to do is choose the one that best meets your needs. However, while you consider your best possibilities, there are a few things to consider first.

These factors will help you to select the best fit for you. 

Things to remember while taking admissions- 

  • University Accreditation
  • Fee structure
  • Curriculum and faculty
  • Accessibility of LMS
  • Evaluation Method
  • Student Support System
  • Placement Assistance

Now, we will be discussing all the above factors in depth. 

Accreditations of IIM Rohtak Online

It's essential to give this some serious thought. If a university is "regionally accredited," it signifies that it complies with certain requirements. So choosing a program with this accreditation is a good choice. A program can receive federal financing, which is money from the government that aids in helping students pay for university, if it is accredited. You May Interested | Online IIM Courses

The importance of being in an accredited program cannot be overstated, even if you do not desire financial aid.

Now, talking about the accreditations of IIM Rohtak Online- 

Fee structure of the IIM Rohtak Online programs

IIM Rohtak Online Programs are typically less expensive than attending traditional classes. It is cost-effective because you can frequently decide how to pay and there are opportunities to save money or receive scholarships. Furthermore, there are frequently free learning resources available, and you won't need to spend money on transportation to school. Therefore, because it is more economical than regular education. Also Available | IIM Executive MBA Online

But, we should not always choose a program because it has less fee, but university reputation, syllabus is also equally important. 

Courses offered by IIM Rohtak online- 


Executive Certification Programme in Advanced HR Analytics

Rs. 70,000 + GST

Post Graduate Programme in Management for Executives

Rs. 6,95,000/-

Executive Certificate Program in Project Management

Rs. 70000 + GST

Executive Certificate Program in Advanced Supply Chain Management

Rs. 70,000 + GST

Executive Certification Programme in Data Analytics

Rs. 66,000 + GST

Executive Certification Programme in Marketing Analytics

Rs. 60000 + GST

Curriculum and Faculty of IIM Rohtak Online

The course will combine live online sessions with self-paced online learning and in-person (on-campus) instruction
IIM Rohtak Online. You must physically attend the two-day project submission workshop that will be held after the training.

All other sessions and classes will take place online using a digital platform. These classes will be conducted by knowledgeable academics from IIM Rohtak, and they will be in-person so you may talk to the instructors right away.

Top IIM Online Specialization In India

IIM Online Certificate In Digital Marketing and Analytics

IIM Online Certificate In Project Management

IIM Online Certificate In Data Science and Analytics

IIM Online Certificate In Finance Management

IIM Online Certificate In Advance HR

IIM Online Certificate In Leadership and Management

IIM Online Certificate In Supply Chain & Logistics

IIM Online Certificate In Operations & Six Sigma

IIM Online Certificate In Financial Data


Additionally, you will get access to a self-service learning platform where you can locate webinars, previous assignments, quizzes, class notes, and student comments. You can contact your lecturers at any time during the course to ask questions or to obtain assistance with anything you need.

Some of the top IIM professors who are specialists in their fields will be your instructors at IIM Rohtak Online.

LMS of IIM Rohtak Online Programs

LMS is like a digital library, where the students enrolled in the program can get all the study materials such as lectures, videos, and assignments, they can also submit the assignments, and faculty members can also give feedback there. 

Using IIM Rohtak University LMS is very easy, you will be provided with a username and the password to log in for the first time and then later you can change your passwords for your safety. Also Read | Importance of Learning Management System to Students.

The evaluation method used by IIM Rohtak Online

During the course, there will be regular checks to see how well you're doing. These checks can be in the form of quizzes, assignments, projects, case studies, and other types of tests. They're there to keep you involved in your studies and help you learn.

If you do well in these checks and meet the attendance requirements, you'll get a certificate from IIM Rohtak when you finish the course.

Student Support System at IIM Rohtak Online

Numerous online universities offer a range of services to aid students from the moment they apply until long after they have graduated. Although these services can vary from school to school, the following are some typical ones:

  • Pre-admissions Support: They assist you with the application process before you ever begin.
  • Post-Graduate Alumni Services: They still provide services to alumni after you graduate.

It's a good idea for online students to check with their college to see what assistance they offer as these services can vary by campus.

Talking about the IIM Rohtak online support services so-

  • They also offer a group of professionals who can advise you on how to accomplish your professional objectives and make sure you're headed in the proper direction.
  • The support desk at the school makes it simple for pupils to get assistance if they need it. There is a live chat feature where you may express inquiries and receive prompt responses.

Placement assistance of the IIM Rohtak Online

Online education makes it convenient for students to study anytime and wherever they desire. But it's crucial to make sure that online students also acquire the relevant practical skills and experiences for their professions.

Online learners should be equipped for their careers in order to flourish professionally. This helps in developing their problem-solving, communication, and critical thinking abilities, obtaining practical experience, and comprehending employment trends through job placements.

Do IIM Rohtak online give placement assistance?

Yes, IIM Rohtak has different placement partners 

Why Choose IIM Rohtak Online program?

You will be able to get various advantages you choose online programs provided by IIM Kashipur such as-

Some other online universities that you can consider-

There are also other universities offering the same courses that you can consider-




GLA University Online

Uttar Pradesh


Chandigarh University 



MMU Online University 



Sastra University Online

Tamil Nadu


Vignan University Online

Andhra Pradesh



There are many benefits to selecting an online program from IIM Rohtak online. An accreditation from the esteemed body. You can get  your education with your current commitments thanks to the flexibility of weekend online programs and interactive sessions.

The chance to visit a university offers a well-rounded educational experience. The program is taught by eminent academicians, ensuring a high standard of instruction. Additionally, the opportunity to speak with these professionals can be quite enriching.

Choosing an online degree from IIM Rohtak online,  offers a practical, credible, and well-supported way to advance your education and profession. It's a decision that can help you succeed in your professional journey thanks to its robust curriculum, knowledgeable teachers, and useful support services. 

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Yes, IIM Rohtak provides various online programs.

Different programs are offered by the university such as-

  • Executive Certification Programme in Advanced HR Analytics
  • Post Graduate Programme in Management for Executives
  • Executive Certificate Program in Project Management
  • Executive Certificate Program in Advanced Supply Chain Management
  • Executive Certification Programme in Data Analytics
  • Executive Certification Programme in Marketing Analytics

Yes, University offers various student support services.

Course fee of the IIM Rohtak lies in between 60 thousand to 6 lakhs depending upon the course you choose.

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