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NMIMS VS Symbiosis Online/Distance University – The Better of the Best

Jan 30, 2023 10.5K Reads

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I am the best! NMIMS VS Symbiosis

An interview is going on with education experts regarding the rapid change in the education system and how the pandemic impacted over it. Education expert was telling the benefits of distance education and how it becomes the New Normal in the field of education.

Meanwhile, the talks were buzzing around and suddenly a student stood up from the audience and eagerly raised his hand to ask a question.

Interviewer- Oh Sir! There’s a boy who wanted to ask his query, can we?

Sure! Sure!- By the Education Expert.

Hey, young man so what you have to ask? Please ask freely without any hesitation.

Young Boy- Sir,  I wanted to pursue distance as I’m a working professional and have already completed a bachelor’s degree in commerce but whenever it comes to talk about distance education I kind of get tangled and insecure at the same time of whether it is worth a degree or valid so that I will get a better job and promotions, hike in my current job.

I feel I’m too confused and need a guide who will take me to the shore. Hope you understand what I’m trying to say, sir.

Educationist- Ha hahaha…. I know, I know! My boy, at your age even I was too afraid of doing experiments or taking any step forward. what if any of my decisions create a blunder. But by the time I learned one of the most important things of life, I.e. Don’t just go with the flow but flow with the change, because change is always for something better in the end.  Also yes education is the one very crucial yet life changing part of life. So we always think not twice but thrice if it’s about doing a course.

But time has changed and with the change of time, our thought process has also changed. Earlier it was a completely different thing distance education but now with time, it has improvised in terms of serving quality of education and setting an example in the surrounding.

Now let’s head on to your question first and then I will clear all the doubts regarding distance education.

Doing a distance MBA Course being a working professional is definitely a smart move or you can move into Distance PGDM courses too, only if it’s from a deserving and best university.

Interviewer- But sir, who will tell the best university? Because all the university says I’m the best!

A girl from the audience stood and asked permission to say something- Sir, can I please?

Interviewer- Oh! Yes please.. go on.

Girl- Sir, After a lot of digging and research even I found out the two of the best distance universities that are actually best in serving management courses. The Names of the universities are NMIMS and Symbiosis University.

Another boy from the audience- oh yeah! Even I find out the same for a distance graduation program in management. But still, it’s two, what to choose? NMIMS or Symbiosis?

Educationist- wait.. wait! I’m here to take your hand. At first, yes guys you all were right these are one of the best universities in management courses.

And now lemme tell you a gist of information about these universities and their courses first.

Talking about NMIMS University

Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies, a university has its headquarters in Mumbai and was established in the year 1981 and now it has its Regional centers in 9 cities named  Delhi, Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Indore, Navi Mumbai, Pune, Kolkata, Hyderabad, and Bangalore. Also Read: NMIMS vs SVU Distance University.

It has been in operation for the last 30 years and is accredited by UGC-DEB with NAAC A+ accreditation. NMIMS has been an illustrious institution when it comes to distance education.

NMIMS runs the distance learning institute under the name of NGASCE, NMIMS Global Access-School of Continuing Education. it is deemed to be a university and provides you revised and updated curriculum by every 6-months.

The best part is NMIMS is one of the best universities serving management courses that are even specially designed for working professionals. The university has 11 specializations of PGDM along with the BBA. B. Com and Diploma Courses.


PGDM is Post Graduate Diploma in Management that enables you to get the job in best in the industry as it is best for its x-factor i.e. Almaconnect, which is actually alumni connect in where current candidates get connected with the previous students and can ask their success stories with the same. Also in almaconnect there are various job opportunities both in India and abroad.

Now we discuss Symbiosis University

(SCDL) Symbiosis College Of Distance learning established in the year 2001. It is AICTE approved and ISO 9001:2015 certified. It became one of the largest distance learning institutes in India. SCDL offers Postgraduate Diploma, Diploma, and Certification courses across numerous Industries.

It is an AICTE approved University that is All India Council for Technical Education which was set up in November 1945, it is responsible to allow universities if they want to change the location of institutes.

SCDL has introduced a “Blended Learning” methodology program that includes three steps of learning namely, publishing or printing, providing learning materials like books, virtual e-learning, and interaction with faculty.


It offers live online classes with the availability of a chat section where one can ask questions regarding any topic. The web portal of SCDL is which provides computer-based assistance for students and Campus email ID with 10GB Mailbox.

Hiring Partners of Both University

Now we talk of the collaboration or we can say hiring partners of the Universities.

The Hiring Partners of Symbiosis University are here so that you will be a bit relaxed having a list:-

Symbiosis hiring partner

The Hiring Partners of NMIMS University are here so that you will be a bit relaxed having a list:-

NMIMS Hirting partner

I know Still, you must have doubts about these universities so here are some points to be noted:-

NMIMS University

Symbiosis University

1- NMIMS is UGC-DEB approved University. 1- Symbiosis is AICTE Approved.
2- It is also NAAC accredited with ‘A+’ Grade. 2- It does not have NAAC accreditation yet.
3- NMIMS has its LMS system for providing great learning experience throughout its aspirants be it distance or the regular one. 3- It offers live online classes with live chat options or chats sections where one can ask queries regarding the course or topic.
4- It has numerous hiring partners such as CISCO, KPMG, Microsoft, Marico, etc. 4- It also has many hiring partners named IBM, Wipro, Cognizant, Ranbaxy, Collabra, etc.
5- It has designed PGDM in 11 specializations for working professionals and for the candidates looking for distance education. 5- It is also designed for Working professionals and is the same for the candidates looking for distance education.

NMIMS V/S Symbiosis – Fee Structure

Now fee structure is an important factor so here it is for you including all the courses and fee structure to look out for:-

NMIMS Fee Structure

Course Name Duration

Fee Structure

PGDBM 2-years Rs 86,000
PGDBM (Supply Chain Management) 2-years Rs 86,000
PGDBM  (Operations Management) 2-years Rs 86,000
PGDBM ( International trade Management) 2-years Rs 86,000
PGDBM(Information Technology Management) 2-years Rs 86,000
PGDBM (Human Resource Management) 2-years Rs 86,000
PGDBM (Retail Management) 2-years Rs 86,000
PGDBM (Financial Management) 2-years Rs 86,000
PGDBM (Banking and Finance) 2-years Rs 86,000
PGDBM (Marketing Management) 2-years Rs 86,000
Bachelor’s In Business Administration 3-years Rs 1,31,000
Bachelors in Commerce 3-years Rs 94,000

Symbiosis Fee Structure

Courses Fee


Post Graduate Diploma in Management RS 50,000 (per annum) 2-years
PGDITM Rs 50,000 (per annum) 2-years
CERTIFICATION Rs 9,0000 only 1-year
PG DIPLOMA Rs 50,000 (per annum) 2-years
DIPLOMA Rs 35,000 only 2-years
PG CERTIFICATE Rs 20,000 only 1-year
PG PROGRAM Rs 20,000 (per annum) 2-years

NMIMS V/S Symbiosis – Specializations

List of Specializations of the course distance PGDM of NMIMS and Distance PGDM of Symbiosis:-


Symbiosis PGDM Programs

  • Supply Chain Management
  • Operations Management
  • Marketing Management
  • Banking & Finance Management
  • International Trade Management
  • Retail Management
  • Human Resource management
  • Information Technology Management
  • Financial Management
  • PGDEM (RE)
  • PGDP & HRM


With all the specified information of the universities, me being the educationist has tried to give you complete details of the program. Be its fee structure, programs, approvals, and complete introduction of the program, you can get it all. Now the choice is yours, choose the best, leave the rest.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Symbiosis distance learning distance education from years and it is one of the well known universities in terms of serving education in both regular and distance learning programs having the AICTE approval.

Yes, NMIMS and Symbiosis is a valid university as symbiosis is AICTE approved whereas NMIMS is UGC-DEB approved with NAAC accreditation.

Yes, NMIMS is a worth it university to join for any of the regular or distance learning programs.

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