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Ph.D. After Online MBA [Distance, Part-Time] Possible?

Dec 11, 2023 3.1K Reads

by Pavan Vadapali

Are you someone who is research-oriented & has a passion for academics? Well, a Ph.D. is surely the best option for you! It will help you explore all the details of your particular field & will make you a master in that. Moreover, your passion for research & innovation will be satisfied with the learnings of this doctorate program. So, what are you waiting for? Just go & grab the opportunity you have dreamt of! Wait a minute, are you questioning your eligibility for the same due to a PG degree in an online MBA? 

Well, this blog is going to be a perfect read for you. Let us clear your doubts by addressing all of the questions that have kept you waiting to join a PhD program for working professionals.

An Overview of Ph.D.

Doctor of Philosophy or Ph.D. or PhD is a doctorate-level education that requires a high level of dedication & focus. It is one of the most sought-after degrees among the candidates aspiring to become professors or lecturers at the university level. At most universities, the duration of this program ranges between 5 and 7 years. In some universities, this duration reduces to 3-5 years. Candidates who have completed their postgraduation program in any major are eligible to join this doctorate course.

The common entrance exams conducted in India for the PhD program include UGC NET, CSIR NET, GATE, & IIT JAM. To enroll in a reputed government-approved university for this program, you need to crack any one of these exams with the minimum cut-off marks. To get it from a foreign university, you need to clear the TOEFL & GRE/GMAT exams based on your selected country & course specialization.


After getting enrolled in the course, you need to carry out your course work in terms of research which will be submitted in the form of a thesis/dissertation towards the end of your program. Moreover, you need to clear the viva or the personal interview to get your PhD degree from the university. 

Is Your Online MBA Degree Eligible for a Ph.D. Program?

Online education has taken over the education industry in the past few years. Apart from its positive impact on the learner’s career, there are still a lot of myths associated with it. The number one on that list is that online degrees are less respected in the market & are not considered for higher education.

To settle this argument, we have this simple example of the fact that your online MBA degree does not make you any less eligible for a PhD program. The only thing that matters here is that your online degree must have been completed from a UGC-approved university. With valid documents including a mark sheet, degree, & provisional certificates of online MBA, you can apply for this doctorate-level program. 

Not only in India but international universities also entertain candidates for PhD admission who have completed their online MBA in any specialization.

Top Specializations of Ph.D. After Online MBA

After completing your online MBA program, you will be familiar with the specialization domains with a good future scope & the ones that favor your interests in the business industry. Some of the trending majors in the business field that are quite popular at the doctorate level are listed here. 

PhD in Finance

PhD in Marketing

PhD in Operation Management

PhD in Organizational Behavior

PhD in Management Studies

PhD in Business Economics

PhD in Human Resource Management

PhD in Accounting

PhD in Information & Technology

PhD in Commercial Law

The admission process, eligibility criteria, & duration of these above-mentioned doctorate specializations are the same but differ in terms of fee package & curriculum.

Top Colleges for Ph.D. After an Online MBA in India

There is a range of authentic universities that offer doctoral courses even after an online MBA program. These universities not only help you achieve your professional goals but also provide you with global recognition in the business industry. Based on the entrance exams & specializations offered, you can choose your university for this program.

IIT Madras

IIM Kashipur

XLRI Jamshedpur

IIM Ahmedabad

IIM Lucknow

Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetam

IIT Bombay

KIIT Bhubaneswar

Amity University

Lovely Professional University


Glocal University Agricultural

Swiss School of Business Management

The admission process, fee package, eligibility criteria, curriculum, & duration of the doctorate programs in the business domain differ based on your choice of the university.

Trending Specializations in DBA/Ph.D. After Online MBA

Career Scope of Ph.D. After Online MBA

The most opted career after completing a PhD program even in the business domain is teaching. Nearly 80% of doctorate candidates choose teaching as their profession & the remaining 20% make their way to the corporate sectors.

The addition of a doctorate-level program to your resume will help you attain stability in your career in terms of finances & designation. The in-depth knowledge of research-oriented business strategies will make you an expert in the business industry. 

Your innovative approach to an organizational issue will help you stand out from the crowd of business professionals. Apart from the research field, here are a few top profiles that you can explore upon completion of your PhD after online MBA. 

Research Analyst

Management Consultant



Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Business Development Consultant


The salary package offered to a PhD candidate in India is between 7 to 17 lakhs which varies with their skills & experience in the corporate or academic sector. This package applies to candidates who have completed their doctoral program after their MBA. 

Is There Any Easy Alternative for Regular Ph.D. After Online MBA?

Since we live in an era where digital transformation is at its peak & is creating an impact in almost every sector of the industry, how can we forget about the education industry? Starting from 12th grade to the doctorate program, every level of education is now being offered in flexible modes at authentic government-recognized universities & institutions. These modes include both hybrid & online formats. 

After completing an online MBA program, you can go for two modes of doctorate program, i.e., regular or online. For the regular one, you need to attempt & clear the entrance exams & give a full-time commitment for around 5 years. 

Online PhD courses are introduced by universities to make the higher level of education accessible to all. With a busy work schedule & growing financial needs, everyone can't take up a regular doctorate program & dedicate 3-5 years completely to it. Because of this major reason of time commitment, most of the aspirants step back from taking up this program. 

Thus, universities not only in India but in foreign countries as well are offering online & hybrid doctorate programs with a direct admission process without any tests or interviews. This way these programs become more feasible for working professionals. Moreover, the affordable cost & shorter duration (3 years) attract many individuals who have been planning on a PhD degree for a long time.

At international universities, a PhD in the business domain is referred to as the Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA) which is the highest qualification in business administration. Upon completion of your online MBA, you can even apply for a DBA program at your chosen foreign university.

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Upon completion of your MBA program, you can either go for a job or a regular PhD program or pursue an online/hybrid PhD program along with your job. These choices are available to you even if you have acquired an online MBA from a government-approved university. Moreover, your online MBA degree makes you eligible for a DBA course offered by reputed international universities in regular/online/hybrid mode.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Doctor of Philosophy is one of the highest levels of education for many domains. It is denoted either by Ph.D. or PhD. Both the abbreviations are correct & accepted globally.

An online MBA completed from a government-approved university is valid for enrolling in any Ph.D. specialization at an authentic university.

A Ph.D. degree will help you gain research skills and methodologies that will help you excel in your career. It will help you make your way towards your dream career of becoming a professor.

After fulfilling the specific eligibility requirements, you can apply for a Ph.D. in Human Resource Management at any university.

For Indian Universities, you need to clear UGC NET/CSIR NET/GATE/IIT JAM but for Foreign Institutions you need to clear language tests like TOEFL or IELTS & subject tests of GRE or GMAT.

The three top sectors that actively recruit Ph.D. candidates are Teaching, Research, and Corporate.

Ph.D. in management or business field equips you with a doctorate in business. DBA is Doctor of Business Administration which is quite common at the international level. Both of them are the same except for their terminology in the national & international markets.

Hybrid or Online Ph.D. programs are flexible alternatives to regular Ph.D. courses that can be pursued even after an online MBA.

Hybrid & online modes of Ph.D. programs are globally recognized & add the prefix “Dr.” to your name upon completion.

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