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What is Correspondence M.Tech? – Admission, Syllabus, Colleges, Eligibility and Career Options

Jan 30, 2023 10.8K Reads

What Is M.Tech Correspondence?

M.Tech or Masters of technology is a 2 years post-graduation course in engineering. The students must have completed a bachelor’s degree in technology to pursue the M.Tech course. M.Tech is an engineering degree that is awarded in a specific branch of engineering specialization.

M.Tech is offered through both the regular learning method and the corresponding education method. M.Tech through correspondence is also known as a distance course which originated for the students who want to pursue higher studies after completing BTech but have no time to go to the colleges and take regular classes.

There is no need to attend daily classes during the correspondence course. The students can do self-study and attend online classes if needed. Some of the colleges also provide 3 years of Executive M.Tech for a working professional course which is designed for the students who are involved in some working professionals and want to upgrade their career.

The course is created to pitch the growth of the research and development sector, educational sectors, technical industries, etc. M.Tech is the most popular postgraduate engineering degree course among the students who have completed their bachelor’s in engineering and want to apply for higher education to enhance their career through the master’s degree.

M.Tech through Correspondence makes it possible for the students to become professional engineers without attending regular classesThe course is created to give students practical exposure to conceptual knowledge. 

The course will also train the students to implement theoretical knowledge into practice to innovate new thingsM.Tech correspondence offered to aspirants to impart skills rather than knowledge that will help the students to do work more efficiently in technical industries.

M.Tech correspondence degree holders have many job opportunities in various technical industries at higher postsPost Graduation students have a very successful future. The students can apply in the IT industries, Banking jobs, Public sector jobs, Business organizations, research and development sectors, etc.

The demand for M.Tech degree holders is high in the industrial sectors. After completing the correspondence M.Tech course students even can apply generally in any firm. If any student wants to pursue a further degree like a Ph.D. in any specialization branch of engineering from a top university in India or across the world they can apply for that after completing the M.Tech correspondence degree.

The students will attain practical knowledge during the M.Tech course that will help the student through a lifetime as a student who has practical knowledge will never face failure in life.

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M.Tech Correspondence Course Details

M Tech correspondence course is specially created for the bachelor degree holders who want to pursue higher studies in any specific specialization of engineering but due to some circumstancesthey could not attend the traditional classroom method of education.

The subjects of the correspondence M.Tech course are similar to the regular M.Tech course and designed to provide detailed knowledge of the technical subjects of any specialization to the aspirants so that they can enhance their career and can become a professional in their stream.

There are also many specializations of the M.Tech correspondence course from which the student can choose according to their interest and choice. The course will also train the students in some special skills like communication skills, project management skills, leadership skills, teamwork skills, critical situation solving skills, etc.

Syllabus of Distance M.Tech

The curriculum of the course of the correspondence M.Tech is consists of various interesting subjects in the field of engineering.

The course structure consists of 4 semesters in and the syllabus for each semester is given below. List of the semester-wise syllabus of correspondence M.Tech here:-

Semester I

Semester II

Computer Networks Formal Models in Computer Science
Advances in OS Advanced Algorithms
Advanced Database Management System Advanced Computer Architecture
Computer System Performance Analysis Cloud Computing
Fundamentals of Computer and Introduction to C programming Elective 2
Elective 1 Project Phase-I (6-week duration)
Seminar Seminar

Semester III

Semester IV 

Information Security Embedded Systems
Elective 3 Project Work Evaluation and Viva-Voce
Elective 4 Optical Networks
Project Phase-II Advances in DIP
Evaluation of Project Phase-I Computer graphics and visualization

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Eligibility Criteria For Distance M.Tech

If any student wishes to apply for the correspondence M.Tech then, the student needs to fulfill some eligibility criteria that are required for admission in the correspondence course.

Sometimes, students are confused about the academic requirements that are needed for admission to the M.Tech correspondence course. So, here are the eligibility criteria for the candidates who are looking for admission in the distance M.Tech:-

  • Aspirants who have passed their B.Tech/B.E degrees with an average of 50% marks from a recognized university by UGC or AICTE are eligible for a correspondence M.Tech course.
  • Students who want to gain more knowledge in the field of engineering and want to become professional engineers should apply for the correspondence M.Tech course.

Top M Tech Correspondence Entrance Examinations

The only entrance examination for the correspondence course is Graduation Aptitude Entrance Test (GATE). After clearing the GATE examination the student will be eligible to take admission to any engineering college whether it be IIT or NIT or any state college in any specialization of engineering branch.

Even the students have the option to take admission to the regular engineering colleges after clearing the GATE examination. GATE is the online-based examination for which students need to do high-level preparations but if their basics are clear they can crack GATE examinations very easily.

For applying to GATE, the students need to prepare for the topics which are Quantitative aptitude, Verbal Aptitude, Analytical Aptitude, Spatial Aptitude. The examination is conducted every year for admission to M.Tech / Ph.D. / ME.

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M.Tech Correspondence Admission Process

Admission for the M.Tech correspondence program depends on the university. Most Indian universities and institutes admit students based on the GATE score or most of the universities will allow direct admission for the correspondence M.Tech course.

Students have to fill the application online form of the university or institute which is generally available on the university or institute website then they need to upload the relevant documents on the university’s portal.

They have to apply by paying a certain application amount that can be submitted by Credit card / Debit card / UPI / Net banking. There is also an option for drafting a Demand Draft of the fees in the favor of colleges.

Top M.Tech Correspondence Specializations

The specialization courses are broadened during the M.Tech correspondence course. The specialization that the student had pursued during the BTech course is scattered in other specific specializations related to that specialization

For example, if a student had cleared his or her BTech in Mechanical Engineering after BTech the student can get higher education in the specialization of Mechanical that is provided in the M.Tech course. Some of the specializations of M.Tech through correspondence are listed here:-

M.Tech in Automobile Engineering M.Tech in Mechanical Engineering M.Tech in Marine Engineering
M.Tech in Aerospace Engineering M.Tech in Industrial Engineering M.Tech in Aeronautical Engineering
M.Tech in Civil Engineering M.Tech in Mining Engineering M.Tech in Biomedical Engineering
M.Tech in Petroleum Engineering M.Tech in Ceramic Engineering M.Tech in Mechatronics Engineering
M.Tech in Chemical Engineering M.Tech in Metallurgical Engineering M.Tech in Biotechnology Engineering
M.Tech in Transportation Engineering M.Tech in Environmental Engineering M.Tech in Tool Engineering
M.Tech in Electronics Engineering M.Tech in Textile Engineering M.Tech in Electronics & Communication Engineering
M.Tech in Telecommunication Engineering M.Tech in Electrical Engineering M.Tech in Structural Engineering
M.Tech in Construction Engineering M.Tech in Robotics Engineering M.Tech in Computer Science Engineering
M.Tech in Production Engineering M.Tech in Communications Engineering M.Tech in Power Engineering

Top M.Tech Correspondence Colleges

In India, several colleges are providing the best master’s level courses in the field of engineering. Students have a great opportunity for upgrading their future if they apply for higher study courses in the field of engineering and the IT sector.

It becomes hard for the students to choose which college is the best for getting a higher education. The student can go to websites like College Vidya to find which college is best for them. Here is the list of the name of the colleges that are offering the course of M.Tech correspondence course:-


Top Colleges For Distance/Correspondence  M Tech


1. Annamalai University Tamil Nadu
2. Indira Gandhi National Open University New Delhi
3. Shobhit University Meerut
4. SV University Surat
5. Lingayas University Faridabad
6. Karnataka State Open University Mysore
7. Mahatma Gandhi University Kerala
8. Birla Institute of Technology and Science Pilani
9. National Institutes of Technology (NITs)  
10. Nalanda Open University Patna
11. International Institute of Information Technology Hyderabad
12. Institute of Chemical Technology Mumbai
13. Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs)  
14. JNTU Hyderabad
15. PEC University of Technology  
16. Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology New Delhi
17. Manipal Institute of Technology  
18. DY Patil College of Engineering  

What Is The Difference: M Tech Correspondence Vs MBA?

M.Tech or MBA is a never-ending debate for the youngsters. It becomes hard to choose whether to go for the M.Tech course or MBA course after completing the bachelor’s course. Both the courses are different in terms of subjects, curriculum, and also in the terms of career opportunities

While M.Tech takes the students to the lane of engineering, MBA takes the students towards the passage of business and management. Both the courses have their qualities. As we all know that a master’s degree is necessary for the growth of a career.

So it depends upon the interest of the students whether to go with the technical courses or to go with the business and management course.

What After M Tech Correspondence?

There are a lot of prominent job opportunities available for M.Tech graduates which differs on the specialization of engineering that the student had chosen. Students have many career prospects that are available for the M.Tech Correspondence degree holders in the field of engineering and related industries.

The students can get a good job profile along with a great amount of salary after completing the M.Tech correspondence course. Here’s the list of job opportunities that are available after an M.Tech course that an M.Tech degree holder can pursue in their careers:-

Computer Science Engineers Research Analyst
Assistance Engineers Mechanical Engineers
Project Managers Electronics Engineers
Research Associate Professors
Executive Engineers Mining Engineers
Software Engineers Electronics and Communication Engineers
Senior managers/engineers  

M Tech Correspondence Course is Valid?

M.Tech correspondence course in any specialization of engineering is not valid as it does not have the approval of the All India Council for Technical Education and University Grant Commission.

The engineering course is all about theoretical and practical knowledge. Theoretical knowledge can be learned through distance learning but it is difficult to get practical knowledge through distance education.

The students can get technical knowledge only by face to face learning and theoretical knowledge is not sufficient to become a professional engineer. So AICTE and UGC have discussed this problem and declared the online/ distance learning M.Tech courses as invalid courses

College Vidya does not promote any invalid courses. We are writing this blog because the students search for the M.Tech correspondence course on the internet several times. We are giving them information about the course and its invalidity which will help them in the future.


In short, the M.Tech course through correspondence is not valid and does not have any existence in the job market. The course has also been declared invalid by the University Grant Commission and All India Council of Technical Studies.

Students who are looking for a correspondence course can pursue the M.Tech for working professional courses which are valid and also help them to upgrade their careers.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

The M.Tech course from the correspondence is an invalid course. The UGC and AICTE declared this course invalid as it is hard to get practical knowledge through online classes. If you get the degree of the M.Tech Correspondence course you are not allowed to work in any technical industry.

No, M.Tech through correspondence is not approved by the AICTE as it consists of both practical and theoretical knowledge and practical knowledge can’t be attained through a correspondence course.

No, IIT institutes do not offer the M.Tech correspondence course. IIT only provides regular education in engineering.

The duration of the M.Tech correspondence course is 2 years divided into 4 semesters of 6 semesters each.

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