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IGNOU MBA 2024: Syllabus, Fees, Eligibility, Admission

Apr 10, 2024 21.6K Reads

The distance education system is famous across the country because of the involvement of technological platforms to provide online learning and self-learning material. The degree of distance MBA offered by IGNOU is valid everywhere and even employers recognize the degrees of IGNOU as valuable.

IGNOU closed its registration window for the Jan 2024 admission on 31st March 2024. IGNOU will soon re-open the registration window for the July 2024 session however, there are some alternatives of IGNOU you can look at. For more details click here.

What Are the Benefits of Doing MBA from IGNOU through Distance Education Mode?

IGNOU provides a plethora of courses in the distance and open mode and students can pursue their higher studies in different disciplines like Management, Commerce, Humanities, Science and Engineering, and more. Although IGNOU offers various programs in the management domain, distance MBA is one of the most famous management courses.

Students can pursue a distance MBA from IGNOU with a specialization in Banking and Finance, Marketing Management, Human Resource Management, Marketing, and more. Distance MBA is a comprehensive program that provides you with an in-depth knowledge of management in different domains.

Students of distance MBA can take admission in the course online and enjoy the privilege of online classes on applications like Google meet and Swayam. Students will also get the printed self-learning study material at their doorstep to have a better understanding of concepts.

Management Courses Offered by IGNOU Distance Education

Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) offers different programs in the management domain that can help you in gaining diverse knowledge of the different managerial domains. The management programs offered by IGNOU are:

  • BBA in Retailing
  • MBA
  • Distance MBA In Financial Management
  • Distance MBA In Operations Management
  • Distance MBA In Marketing Management
  • Distance MBA In Human Resources Management
  • PGDM in Financial Management
  • PG Diploma in Marketing Management
  • PG Diploma in Operations Management
  • Postgraduate Diploma in International Business Operations
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Financial Markets Practice
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Human Resource Management
  • Master of Commerce in Management Accounting and Financial Strategies


MBA in HR or Human Resource is a 2-year degree program that helps students in gaining knowledge and skills related to the management of the workforce. The work of an HR in any organization is extremely significant because he/she recruits suitable employees, manages the entire workforce, and works by keeping in mind all the affairs of the employees.

Students who are willing to pursue a distance MBA in HRM need to complete their graduation in any discipline. Students of distance MBA in HR will get an edge over others in taking up administrative positions in the organizations as it offers subjects like Entrepreneurial Development, Human Resource Planning and Development, Accounting and Finance, Labour Laws, Marketing Management, Economics of Human Resource, and other major subjects that help in understanding the workings of business well.

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However, IGNOU does not offer a Master in Business Administration in Human Resource Management but instead, you will get the option of a PG Diploma in Human Resource Management. The postgraduate diploma in HR offers subjects like Management of Human Resources, Social Processes and Behavioural Issues, Human Resource Development, Human Resource Planning, Industrial Relations, Managing Change in Organizations, Organizational Dynamics, Compensation and Rewards Management, Labour Laws, and International Human Resource Management.

IGNOU MBA in Finance

Master in Business Administration in Finance is a 2-year PG program offered to students who are willing to learn the managerial concepts used in financial institutions. In this program, students get a comprehensive syllabus related to managerial functions and others.

However, IGNOU offers two courses in the Financial Management domain and these are MBA in Banking and Finance and Postgraduate Diploma in Financial Management. Students can browse all the subjects both these IGNOU courses are offering to you and then can decide which is an apt course for them.

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IGNOU offers MBA in Banking and Finance in the semester mode with the subjects like Management Functions and Behaviour, Management of Human Resource, Marketing of Financial Services, International Banking Management, Electronic Banking and IT in Banks, Bank Financial Management, and other major courses that help in gaining diverse knowledge of managerial functions in the financial institutions.

What is the Eligibility for IGNOU Distance MBA Courses?

There are certain qualifications that a student needs to comply with in order to take admission in the distance MBA of IGNOU:

  • Students need to have a graduation degree in any discipline from a recognized university.
  • He/She needs to pass the CAIIB exam of the Indian Institute of Banking and Finance.
  • He/She must have experience of 2 years in the Banking and Financial Services.

How to Apply for Distance MBA in IGNOU? – Admission Procedure 2024

The admission procedure of distance MBA in IGNOU is simple and based on certain eligibility criteria. Students need to apply to the concerned regional center along with the requisite fees and documents.

Students can check the eligibility criteria of any distance learning course from the prospectus on the website. The distance MBA program requires students to complete their graduation from a recognized university, otherwise, the application will be rejected.

IGNOU Distance MBA Fees Structure 2024

The academic fee of the course is Rs. 37,800 and students are required to pay the amount via Bank Draft issued by any of the scheduled banks in the favour of the Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU).

The academic fee is to be submitted at the beginning of the session and students need to submit the amount at the concerned regional center. Additional charges, Rs.1050 are to be submitted via Demand Draft issued in the name of IGNOU.

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IGNOU Distance MBA Prospectus 2024

Students can find the common prospectus of the university at the official website of the IGNOU. At the website of IGNOU, students will find the option of common prospectus 2023 and they need to click on that option to get the entire prospectus that includes all the nitty-gritty regarding the courses offered, fees structure, Eligibility Criteria, and other related information.

Students will find all the necessary information about the university including its achievements, prominent features, detailed information about the programs offered by the university, eligibility criteria, and also the applications of IGNOU’s online lectures like the IGNOU e-content mobile app and others.

IGNOU Distance MBA Syllabus

The syllabus of IGNOU Distance MBA is comprehensive and includes all the managerial concepts of different domains. The entire curriculum or program structure is divided into the semester mode instead of the yearly mode.

Students have to pass the 21 subjects of the program and they get the choice in electives or students need to choose the elective subjects and they will give exams of only those subjects which they have chosen.

S. No. Subjects of the First Semester (January-June)
1 Management Functions and Behaviour
2 Management of Human Resources
3 Economic and Social Environment
4 Accounting and Finance for Managers
5 Management of Machines and Materials
6 Marketing for Managers
7 Information Systems for Managers
8 Quantitative Analysis for Managerial Applications
9 Managerial Economics
10 Organisational Design, Development, and Change
11 Strategic Management
12 Marketing of Financial Services (Elective)
13 International Banking Management (Elective)
14 Electronic Banking and IT in Banks(Elective)
15 Risk Management in Banks
16 Ethics and Corporate Governance in Banks Research Methodology
17 Project Work (equivalent to two courses)
S. No. Elective Subjects offered in the second semester (July-December)
1 Bank Financial Management (Elective)
2 Security Analysis and Portfolio Management(Elective)
3 International Financial Management (Elective)
4 Management of Financial Services (Elective)

IGNOU Distance MBA Study Material

IGNOU makes study material available for both students and teachers on different platforms. There are repositories like eGyan Kosh and mobile applications of IGNOU like IGNOU e-content mobile app which help students in getting the study material along with the other information related to the program.

Students can browse the curriculum of any program with the help of the IGNOU e-content app. The web portal eGyan Kosh provides the study material of more than 2500 courses and video programs of the same courses. Students of IGNOU get the leverage of browsing the study material of different subjects in one place only.

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Specialization Courses Offered by IGNOU Distance Education

IGNOU offers you plenty of specializations in the management field in order to impart knowledge of the managerial concepts of different areas. Here is the list of all the specialization courses of management offered by IGNOU:-

  • Distance MBA In Financial Management
  • Distance MBA In Operations Management
  • Distance MBA In Marketing Management
  • Distance MBA In Human Resources Management
  • PG Diploma in Human Resource Management
  • PG Diploma in Financial Management
  • PG Diploma in Operations Management
  • PG Diploma in Marketing Management
  • PG Diploma in Financial Markets Practice

IGNOU Distance MBA Placement

The Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) has its own Campus Placement Cell which was established in the year 2005. The cell undertakes all the placement-related activities and helps students in getting meaningful job opportunities.

The cell was formed to provide campus placements and to resolve placement-related problems of all the students of every course.

However, the Campus Placement Cell (CPC) of the university conducts placement drives, job fairs, employability enhancement activities at the regional centers of the university.

The campus placement cells of distance universities actually encourage students to pursue their education in the distance mode and help them in getting a secure future as well.

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About Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU)

Indira Gandhi National Open University is the second university of India that established distance education as a legal form of education after Dr. B.R. Ambedkar University. IGNOU is now India’s top distance learning university and it is currently offering more than 227 programs inside and outside the country.

IGNOU is a central university established in 1985 under the act of Indira Gandhi National Open University Act 1985. The university is run and controlled by the central government and the enrollment of students has crossed the mark of 4 million. IGNOU was established to disseminate education in different corners of the world via distance and open education. Students not only get a valuable degree but also the benefit of online learning with the help of various online platforms.

Indira Gandhi National Open University provides Undergraduate, Postgraduate, PG Diploma, Diploma, and Certificate courses worldwide. The university provides around 227 courses with 21 schools and 67 regional centers. The university serves education even in islands like Lakshadweep, Pondicherry, and Andaman & Nicobar Islands. IGNOU has a decentralized process of providing education as it has five zones and these are North, South, East, West, and North-East.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

The university conducts exams twice a year and students can give exams of their concerned program in the months of June and December.

A student needs to be available for the minimum time period set by the university, for instance, a master’s or bachelor’s degree student needs to be available for at least one year of the program.

IGNOU refunds fees only when the university denies admission due to any reason. But in case of the cancellation of the program from the student’s side, the fee will not be refunded.

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